Female Hairdresser Lost $81,000 After 4 Hours Gambling Session

A Female Hairdresser Lost $81,000 After 4 Hours Gambling Session!

The 39-year-old hairdresser has been struggling with compulsive gambling for years, but with the global pandemic, increased loneliness, anxiety, stress. And more time spent alone, she finds herself gambling at an unprecedented pace.

The year 2020 was not easy for the whole world, but for Christine Tolaini it was particularly difficult!

Christine Tolaini wasn't eating well or sleeping properly, and it wasn't easy for her to stop and find help!

After 4 hours of gambling, Tolaini used over 20 credit cards and lost over $81,000 even though she had won the jackpot!

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Loss of Two Years' Salary in 4 Hours of Gambling!

The Mirror has published the shocking story of Christine Toleini, a 39-year-old British hairdresser. She lost two years' salary in just four hours of playing. However, Christine Tolaini had been a gambling addict for years. And had sought professional help in August 2017, but, she failed to stop. See more of sites not on gamstop UK at main page.

In one day Toleini played for 4 hours. During this session, she hit the Rainbow Riches jackpot, however, she continued to play. And lost over £70,000 (more than $81,294).

The newspaper says Toleini spent more than £100,000 gambling over five years. Some of this money was from her savings, some from her salary, while the third part was from her credit cards!

Toleini used not one credit card but more than 20 cards and had £60,000 in debt!

This means that Toleini has to work on two fronts – the first is to bring a case against the online casinos to prove her gambling addiction. And thus drop her bank card debts. The second front is recovery from gambling addiction.

The newspaper reported that Toleini had turned to help several times but had been frustratingly unable to find adequate support for years.

The last time she decided to get help was when she maxed out the limits of all the credit cards she own.

“Most of the formed gamblers who attended Gamblers Anonymous sessions were men”. Toleini said but then added: “More women have started attending the meetings.”

Toleini Is Not Alone, More Women Are Struggling With Gambling Addiction in the UK!

Recently, more and more news has been circulating about women's gambling addiction. However, correlation does not mean causation; Just because more women seek support does not mean that more women are developing addictive gambling habits.

According to the latest report published by GamStop, 70% of self-excluded players are males, while 30% are women. Although males are still the overwhelming majority, the percentage of females is growing.

GambleAware published another report that showed that 25% of female gamblers ages 18 to 49 said they spend more money on gaming.

What Makes Problem Women Gamblers Gamble More?

Christine Tolaini's story raises one question: What drives problem gamblers to resume gambline even after they are sure they are addicted to gambling?

In fact, psychological problems are the main driver behind gambling addiction.

With the spread of the Corona epidemic in 2020, people were spending more time alone. They gamble more than they should, and therefore they are exposed to more losses, and this leads them to gamble with more money.