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Alderney is one of the inhabited islands of the Channel Islands, part of Belwick Guernsey, which is independent and self governing but belongs to the British Crown. This island is 5 km long, 2.4 km wide, and 8 square km in area. This means that it is the third largest of the Channel Islands in terms of area.

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List of Best Alderney Non GamStop Casinos


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If you have ever been to this love island, you will not encounter anything that catches your eye. Three miles of arid land and coastline swept by rabbits. However, Alderney has a secret that only online gamblers can reveal!

According to the official website of the Alderney Gambling Agency, this island is one of the high tech centres of the global gambling industry. This agency is proud that the gambling sites it licenses see much more traffic than those licensed by its three European maritime rivals, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Malta.

In this guide, we will give you all the info you need to know about Alderney casinos without GamStop. So, if your GamStop exclusion period has not expired, please read this guide to find all the info you need to know about Alderney licensed casinos.

What Is the Alderney Gambling Control Agency?

The Alderney Gambling Control Agency was established in May 2000. This agency is independent and regulates all electronic gambling activities on behalf of the states of Alderney.

This body ensures that its regulatory and supervisory approach is in line with all international standards.

The first task of the Alderney Gambling Control Agency is to ensure the integrity and fairness of the gambling services.

The main objective of the Alderney Gambling Control Agency is to protect the interests of players from any criminal influences.

Furthermore, the committee provides support, advice and help services to both casinos and players alike to ensure that the interests of each party are protected and protected.

The aspects of interest for the Alderney Gambling Control Agency include issues such as financing, game fairness, platform software, protection of transactions, and other aspects as well.

In 2021, the Alderney Gambling Control Agency made a £2m profit of the winnings to the island’s bank account 2021. The previous year the agency made £1.74m to the island. This means that it has not been completely affected by the pandemic.

The funds generated by this committee are allocated to spend on many areas such as:

  • Developing the services provided to the citizens of the island.
  • Improving the efficiency of the infrastructure used by companies and banks.
  • Implementation of economic development initiatives.
  • Enhancing spending on and developing the virtual gambling industry.

This committee works closely with the Guernsey Financial Intelligence Unit and the Financial Services Agency to maintain strong oversight of non GamStop casinos with the aim of upholding ethical standards, avoiding cross border crime, and mitigating the risk of money laundering.

At the same time, the state agreed to change gambling laws and increase penalties for regulatory violations.

Why Non GamStop Casinos Flock to the Alderney License?

Although there are a lot of gambling Agencies on the scene at the moment, Alderney agency has a lot of great features such as:

Non GamStop casinos that have a license of Alderney have a real global reach. This means that the site will be able to reach a wide range of players both within the UK and abroad. At the same time, the Alderney Gambling Agency has the mechanisms in place to protect all players both in the UK and abroad and can impose fines or take legal action against dealers who fail to meet licensing standards.

At the time of writing, there were over 1,000 licensed companies in Alderney. The International Monetary Fund even indicated in one of its reports that most of the companies registered in Alderney are casinos without GamStop. Also, the report found that electronic gambling license holders had more than 10 million customers who made transactions worth £6 billion.

In economic terms, the gambling industry without GamStop is the most significant contributor to the island’s economy, followed by finance and tourism. Alderney’s main attraction for gambling companies is that they are zero tax, and have a solid infrastructure. Also, they have support teams that specialize in tackling any problem the international gambling companies may encounter. For both start ups and large corporations, tax rates of 15% are excellent.

Thanks to the massive growth in online gambling since the turn of the millennium, many well known companies are now licensed in Alderney, such as:

  • Gala
  • Unibet
  • SkyBet
  • PKR
  • Party Gaming
  • Bwin
  • Boyle Sports

What Types of Licenses Does the Alderney non Gamstop Casinos Offer?

The iGaming industry is complex. So, the Alderney Gambling Control Agency offers multiple licenses to cover different aspects of online gambling.

Over the past years, the Alderney Gambling Control Agency has worked to develop its methods for monitoring casinos without GamStop.

Furthermore, the agency has been able to maintain a very good reputation in the online gambling business in the UK and around the world as well.

Casinos without GamStop that hold Alderney licenses have a great reputation thanks to the investigation processes and the high standards that this agency imposes.

The Alderney Gambling Control Agency offers different licenses depending on the choice or the needs of the company. We can classify commission licenses into two main types:

  • B2C Licenses. This license allows its holders to interact with customers.
  • B2B Licenses. Hosting providers and game creators can obtain this license.

What are the licensing requirements of the Alderney Gambling Agency?

Obtaining an online gambling license from Alderney is not entirely easy. However, the agency assigns a personal assistant to any company seeking its license. First and foremost, a casino without GamStop that wants to obtain an Alderney Gambling Agency license must be large, reliable and also stable. If it is a start up company, it will have to submit a long list of papers and files to prove its worth for the casino license.

After initial approval of the license application, the company is required to pay a deposit of £10,000. This is followed by an initial round of inspection, during which the committee will conduct a thorough audit of every aspect of the casino business without GamStop. Of course, it doesn’t end there!

The casino must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that all the software it uses and the games it hosts are fair.

The committee is not satisfied with that either, as it tests the internal procedures of the casino to ensure that it is unambiguous.

It will be a huge plus for the casino if it obtains certification from one of the approved testing houses such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs. This is further confirmation that all the games offered by the casino are fair.

Taxes on Alderney Casinos

As noted above, taxes are one of the advantages that Alderney generally enjoys because the agency does not impose corporate taxes, value added taxes, or any other fees. In general, all taxes are set to be no more than 15% of the company’s total profits.

How to File a Complaint in a Casino With an Alderney License?

You can always file a complaint with the Alderney Gambling Control Agency through the company’s official website. It is important that you do not forget to first submit your complaint to the casino and get a number for that complaint if you fail to get any solution. Then, you can approach the Alderney Gaming Agency. It is important that you use the contact form and attach the relevant screenshots and your complaint number to the following email: ([email protected]).

The committee will then investigate the complaint and decide the appropriate course of action, which is often mediation between the player and the casino, to resolve the issue.

If the problem is recurring, such as illegally disrupting player withdrawals, Alderney Casino without GamStop will have to face dire consequences.

However, it is important that you do not approach Alderney Gaming Agency with every little thing that makes you unhappy with your casino experience. Instead, try to settle the issue directly with the casino itself. Try this method, and it will work most of the time. In addition, the Alderney Gaming Agency has a long response time as it does not have a dedicated team to respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

What Are the Advantages of Alderney Casinos not on gamstop?

The safety of your money and personal data is undoubtedly one of the basic conditions that players want to check before signing up for any online casino without GamStop. Fortunately, a casino can only obtain an Alderney Gaming Agency license if it has the highest standards of fairness, safety and protection. Therefore, GamStop players prefer casinos that hold an Alderney Gaming Agency license. In the next part, we have collected for you the most prominent advantages of Alderney casinos.

Totally Confidential

Non GamStop Alderney casinos must adhere to the strictest protection protocols to protect users’ personal and financial data. So it does not fall into the wrong hands. This means that your data is impossible to fall into the wrong hands.

If the casino does not use these protocols to protect the data of its customers, it will not receive the license of the Alderney Gaming Agency.

Protect players’ money

Non GamStop Alderney casinos are required to separate their operating capital from players’ deposits/ withdrawals. Therefore, the agency requires them to open a separate bank account to process users’ deposits/ withdrawals through it. So, even if the casino is at risk of imminent bankruptcy or its operations are running at a slow pace, players can still cash out their deposits easily.

Fair & Random Games

In order for a casino without GamStop to obtain a license from the Alderney Gaming Agency, the board must first test the games it offers to ensure that they contain an RNG component to always generate fair and random results. Furthermore, it is important to announce the return ratios to the players. RTP is transparent, so every player knows what they can get from each game.

Wide Range of Bonuses

Alderney casino sites do not have to pay any corporate taxes, gambling fees or even VAT, for that matter. All they have to pay is income tax which has been pegged at 20%, with a max of £220,000/year.

This also means that Alderney casinos have deeper pockets to offer massive welcome bonuses, big no deposit bonuses, and many other rewards.

Language & Currency Compatibility

Since the Alderney license enjoys wide acceptance among gamblers around the world, many non GamStop casinos that hold this license have a high level of compatibility, both in terms of language and currency in particular.

What Features Does the Alderney eGambling License Offer?

There are many advantages that casinos without GamStop can get when obtaining an Alderney license, and the most prominent of these advantages are:

  • Players Trust. The Alderney Gaming Agency license gives users a strong reason to trust sports betting site or a casino.
  • International recognition. Because you hold a reputable and widely recognized license, software creators and other B2B companies will not mind working with you.
  • Cost effective. The government does not impose capital taxes, value added taxes, or any other taxes. The maximum tax is always no more than 15%, while some other countries charge casinos a tax of up to 55%.
  • Risk Based Regulation. Companies only need to comply with regulations relevant to their operations.

Alderney Non GamStop Casinos Bonuses

If you visit one of the local casinos, the most you can get is a free drink, a special offer, or even a modest dinner. These gifts are modest compared to the bets you have placed. However, it makes perfect sense.

Casinos don’t like the idea of ​​spending so much money in order to lure you in because you’ve already come! Furthermore, the atmosphere and designs of land based casinos are designed to attract players and keep them playing for a long time. However, on the contrary, Alderney casinos without GamStop race to get the players’ attention by offering them bonuses and promotions.

Many Alderney casinos without GamStop offer their players unique welcome bonuses. Sure, it’s not just the first bonus you get. All Alderney casinos without GamStop strive to build a long term relationship with their players, so they offer to reload bonuses, no deposit offers, free spins bonuses, and cashback bonuses.

All gambling sites know that the big players are a completely different segment so they offer them special programs and schemes that you can sign up for to get customized bonuses, birthday bonuses, and much more.

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus is intended for new players, or more precisely, the “first depositors”. In the past, Alderney casinos without GamStop only offered one bonus on the first deposit with a max of €100 or maybe €200, but due to the intense competition between brands, they are now offering triple or quintuple bonuses to new players. However, this is free money. There are a set of terms that regulate the process of obtaining and using the bonus and the games.

Reload Bonuses

New Deposit Bonuses are incentives intended for loyal players which they can get after taking advantage of the welcome bonus. Right after depositing money into your account you can get this attractive offer. However, the reload bonus is not as big as the promotions for new players. Nevertheless, this bonus still provides loyal players with a great chance to grow their balances and get more chances to win and win.

Game Rewards

In-game bonuses are a form of winning as well as they are free of wagering requirements. However, these bonuses are not added to your cash or bonus balance but rather give you an edge in the game, a good offer or give you more time to play without placing more bets. Thus, you can easily double your chances of winning. These offers are only for slot games. The most popular forms of in-game bonuses are free spins, wild and scatter symbols, gambling round, and other offers.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses offer its players a small amount of cash that you can get without making a deposit. However, you have to open a new casino account to get this offer. This way, you can test the casino and the games it offers for free. However, most no deposit casino bonuses come with above average wagering requirements. So, it can be difficult to withdraw the entire bonus amount.

VIP Rewards

As marketing science says, 80% of the returns come from 25% of users. So, casinos without GamStop offer their high rollers special offers that come within the framework of an integrated VIP programme. All casino players qualify for Level 1 of this scheme once they sign up. After that, players can reach the next levels easily when collecting the required number of points by betting on casino games or making deposits.

Top Five Alderney Non Gamstop Casinos

Our site’s complete list contains more than fifty casinos without GamStop. However, we know for sure that no player has the time or effort to read our reviews about these casinos, so here we are going to shorten this list to just five. Thus, the selection process will be easier for you.

All of these casinos have reliable licenses from well known agencies. In the next part, we will give you a quick overview of each casino so you know exactly what you can expect from each site.

Damslots Casino

Although it is still very new to the online gambling arena, it is one of the best casinos without GamStop ever. This casino offers its newcomers two welcome offers to choose from. The casino games library contains more than 2500 unique games. Damslots casino platform works flexibly on both smartphones, tablets and desktops. Customer service at this casino operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can get in touch with the support agents through many channels. Besides, this casino offers its players fast and secure payments and gives them the freedom to choose among the many payment methods. Some of the best games in this casino are:

  • Aztec Sun: Hold and Win
  • 3 Coins: Egypt
  • 777 Gems Respin
  • Baccarat Mini
  • Eye of Gold
  • 777 gems
  • Pearl Diver
  • 3 Coins
  • Miss Cherry Fruits
  • Road 2 Riches
  • Buffalo Win
  • Lucky Cat
  • Baccarat
  • The King of Heroes
  • Blackjack
  • Fishing frenzy slot
  • Fishing War
  • Atlantis Bingo
  • Balloon
  • Bonus Roulette
  • Gonzo’s Gold
  • Starburst XXXtreme
  • Reef Raider
  • Piggy Riches
  • Silverback Gold
  • Tasty Street
  • 108 Heroes
  • Wild Scarabs
  • Break Da Bank Again
  • Dolphin Quest
  • Eagles Wings
  • Magic Fruits
  • Magic Hot
  • Wild Jack 81
  • Wild Jack
  • Sizzling 777
  • Burning Reels
  • Back To the 70`s
  • Colin the Cat
  • Hungry Shark
  • In the Forest
  • Magic Target

Voodoo Wins Casino

Voodoo Wins Casino has a lot of strengths that set it apart from other online casinos. First of all, this casino has an organized interface, easy to use and high quality. You can access the casino platform with any device connected to the Internet. This casino started in 2022, and yet it has all the features that put it in the ranks of the best global gambling sites at the moment. This casino does not focus solely on gaming but offers “a lot of everything”! Besides casino games, players can also enjoy sports betting. Some of the best games in this casino are:

  • Wild Crowns
  • 15 Golden Eggs
  • Aloha King Elvis
  • Lucky Ladys Charm
  • 15 Dragon Pearls: Hold and WIN
  • Book of Sun Multichance
  • Dolphin’s Pearl
  • Scarab Riches
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe
  • Thunder of Olympus
  • Book of Sun
  • Book of Ra Deluxe
  • Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win
  • Bonanza Billion
  • Candy Monsta
  • Sizzling Hot
  • Dig Dig Digger
  • Lucky Dama Muerta
  • Fishing Kingdom
  • Baccarat Deluxe
  • Baccarat
  • GOGO Spinner
  • Dice
  • Lustrous Ocean

Jimmy Winner Casino

Jimmy Winner Casino offers all the elements needed to deliver a high quality gaming experience to the players. It is very rare to find a casino that offers such variety as Jimmy Winner Casino.

Here you will find games from top notch creators such as:

  • NetEnt
  • Leap
  • Play’ n Go
  • NextGen

Thanks to these software solutions, gamers can access a wide range of great games.

To make it easier for players to access the games, the casino has split its catalog into several sections to make it easier for players to access their favorite games.

The casino offers an easy to use and fast downloading interface that you can access on both Android and iPhone devices alike. This casino is licensed by the Curaçao Gaming Agency and offers great bonuses to its players, with an impressive 525% welcome bonus of up to €3,000. The customer service at this casino operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the best games in this casino are:

  • The Money Game
  • Almighty Sparta
  • Lucky Streak 3
  • Cash Tank
  • Buffalo 50
  • Red Cap
  • Rainbow Lands
  • Night Club 81
  • Valhalla
  • Welcome To Hell 81
  • Wins & Replay
  • Vegas Hot 81
  • Tetrimania
  • Mystery Jack
  • Jack On Hold
  • Jackpotjoy Builders
  • Highschool Manga
  • Haunted Hospital
  • Hot 777
  • Dino Reels 81
  • Criscross 81
  • Bell Wizard
  • Beach Party
  • Hot Party
  • Magic Hot
  • Wild Jack
  • Sizzling 777

Winner Casino

Winner Casino has the biggest welcome bonus ever in the online gambling industry, where new players can get a series of welcome bonuses worth up to €10,000. The casino library contains a wide range of games from top creators such as NetEnt, Betsoft, and IGT. The highlight is that players can enjoy all the games in free mode before betting on them with real money. Some of the best games in this casino are:

  • Lucky Drink In Egypt
  • The Ghost Walks
  • The Ghost Walks
  • Jewel
  • 2 Kings of Africa
  • 3 Butterflies
  • 777 Heist
  • 777 Diamonds
  • Casino Mania
  • Aztec Glory
  • Book of Jokers
  • Goblin Run
  • Arcane Reel Chaos
  • DJ Mario
  • Dessert Mario
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Black Horse
  • Vegas Hot
  • Super Hot
  • Magic Fruits
  • Lucky Queen
  • Fire Bird
  • Highway to hell
  • Miami Beach
  • Wild Girls
  • Triple Star

Papaya Wins Casino

If you want to sign up for a new and cool casino, you should consider Papaya Wins Casino. This casino first started in 2022, and although it is still new to the scene, it provides an enjoyable and smooth gaming experience for all gamers.

New players receive an excellent welcome bonus of up to 3,000 euros. After getting this great bonus, players can get a lot of deposit bonuses and great daily offers. The casino library has more than 2,500 great games. Besides this huge amount of games, players can enjoy sports betting. The customer service at this casino is unbeatable, and there are plenty of banking solutions. Some of the best games in this casino are:

  • Arcane Reel Chaos
  • Diamond theft
  • 888 Gems (3×3)
  • Age of Knights
  • Book of Dracula
  • Candy Bears
  • Wizard’s Spell
  • Clovers of Luck
  • Burning Ice
  • Clash Of Gods
  • 5 Reel Drive
  • A Tale of Elves
  • Betrick: Scratch
  • Bingo Machine
  • Book of Aztec Select
  • All Ways Hot Fruits
  • 20 Mega Dice
  • 20 Mega Fresh
  • Catrina: Amor Eterno
  • Clover Up
  • Sparta

Enjoy All casino games for free at Alderney Non GamStop Casinos

Perhaps the most important question in your mind now is what games are most popular in Alderney casinos without GamStop. Certainly, the most popular type of casino slots in Alderney without GamStop are slots or video slots.

These games are very popular among both novice and professional players alike as they are easy to understand and do not depend on any skill or strategy. Furthermore, these games do not have any rules that you have to memorize or remember. You can also enjoy live casino games that give you the ability to enjoy your favourite games against real dealers. In addition, you can enjoy special game offers that can offer you huge prizes in the blink of an eye.

If you are looking for the highest paying casino games, then video poker games could be the right type for you. These games have a poker hand arrangement, but are based on the usual interface of slot games. If you are a lottery fanatic and dream of winning a big prize, you can try the progressive jackpot games. However, remember that your chances of winning are still very low!

Other Users’ Experiences

Of course, non GamStop Alderney casinos do not allow players to post their opinions on the site or on the experience they have had on the casino platform but accept that feedback, inquiries, and complaints may be directed through customer service. However, you can find out what players are saying about the casino through forums and trusted review sites like ours.

There is a common saying that an experimenter is an honest advisor. However, while some players may complain about this or that (due to the nature of the business), it is important to be very careful if there are complaints about money withdrawals, confiscated accounts, or the procedures of the KYC complex.

Since there are many casinos on the scene at the moment, it is best to avoid such casinos. Do not forget that there is nothing to force you to sign up for gambling sites without an unreliable GamStop, considering that there are dozens of sites for all players at the moment.

You Can Save a Lot of Time

We cannot compare land based casinos to Alderney casinos without GamStop in terms of the time, effort and cost required to start playing.

If you want to play in a land based casino, you have to devote several hours of your day to just this task. These hours may turn into several days if you have to travel to another city or country. Furthermore, you have to stick to the dress code, get in your car, log in and wait in a long line to buy chips.

Next, you have to look for an empty seat in the game you want to bet on.

Only after that, you can start your gaming experience. The passion for playing may make the road less difficult. But the unfortunate thing is that you’ll have to repeat the whole process when you get home! Of course, this seems ridiculous when compared to playing in a casino without GamStop, which takes less than a minute to get started. Thus, you can save a lot of time, money and effort when choosing to play at non GamStop Alderney casinos.


Another common concern with people when considering Alderney casinos without GamStop has to do with how safe and reliable the casino they decide to play at.

At some point, players may feel that they may not be getting a fair gaming experience in the casino. Certainly, nothing is 100% guaranteed in life. However, it is not important that you “maximally” guarantee that the casino you choose to play at is completely safe and fair. Nevertheless, it is best to choose to play at a safe non GamStop casino if fairness is your primary concern.

All the games offered by licensed casinos offer games that give fair results as they contain RNG that is verified and regularly checked.

This ensures that all casino games are completely randomized. Generally speaking, any casino that holds a Curaçao Gaming Agency or Alderney Gaming Agency license has no possible means to manipulate the RNG even if they wanted to.

If the casino manages in any way to change the RNG of their games, this won’t last long because the licensing agency will check this. If any fraud is detected, they will immediately cancel the casino’s license.

Bigger Game Selection

Another great advantage of choosing Alderney casino without GamStop is that you will enjoy the variety of games it offers that you will not find anywhere else. Although land based casino players do not complain about the variety of games, the options available at non GamStop Alderney casinos are hundreds of times greater. Here, you will enjoy not only the standard versions of slots games, table games and card games. Also, you will find plenty of variants of each game. You will be able to find all this in just one place.

Latest Innovations

Last but not least, non GamStop Alderney casinos have an intense pace of innovation. In order to launch a new game, the land based casino has to spend millions of money to buy this game. However, on the contrary, Alderney casinos without GamStop tend to release more new games constantly. Furthermore, casinos are also updating their old game selection to attract new players and keep registered players interested as well.

In terms of innovations, Alderney casinos without GamStop have a leading role in attracting new players and providing them with a better experience. So, as soon as something new comes out, Alderney casinos without GamStop will immediately adopt it.

Are There Any Drawbacks to the Alderney Games Agency License?

For gamers, there are no drawbacks to the Alderney Gaming Agency license. However, for non GamStop casinos, there are some things they should take into account. First, the cost of licensing can be too high for some companies. Furthermore, the duration of the license is long, up to four weeks.

Alderney Non Gamstop Casinos: Conclusion

With everything discussed in this guide, you should have a good idea of ​​what to look for. Licensing and protection protocols are the first factor you should focus on when looking for an Alderney casino without GamStop. After that, you can discover bonuses. These offers are supposed to make your stay at the casino more enjoyable. So, don’t be shy about taking advantage of them if the conditions are favourable. Secondly, it is important that you discover different games every time you play in the casino, even if it is for free. Most important of all is that you enjoy the gaming experience you get from Alderney casino without GamStop!

Betting News

What is the advantage of the Alderney eGambling license?

Choosing an Alderney license offers a wide range of benefits to both players and non GamStop casinos alike. As for the players, they can completely trust the casino. For casinos, you get great benefits from a proper tax system and transparent conditions.

What is the Alderney Gambling Control Agency?

The Alderney Gambling Control Agency was established in May 2000 and as such, is the oldest in the gambling industry. The purpose of this body is to monitor online gambling. Also, it provides advice for both casinos and players.

How do I contact the Alderney Gambling Control Agency?

Players can easily communicate with the Alderney Gambling Control Agency via live chat, phone call, and email. However, we believe the easiest way is to contact our support agents via email ([email protected]).

Are Alderney Casinos Without GamStop Legitimate and Reliable?

Of course, they are! These casinos have gone through strict licensing procedures to check their reputation, services, and the strength of their protection measures.

What should you look for when choosing an Alderney casino?

There are a few pointers that can guarantee you a fair and high quality gaming experience at Alderney casinos without GamStop. These indicators include RTP, customer service, and fair game terms also.

What games are available in Alderney casinos without GamStop?

Alderney casinos without GamStop offer a wide range of games, including slots, table and card games, card games, live casino games, and other genres also.

What payment methods can I use to make my deposits at Alderney casinos without GamStop?

Besides bank transfers, users can conduct their transactions using various bank cards and e wallets. Furthermore, players can use cryptos as well. When choosing any payment method, remember to bear in mind the ease of conducting transactions and fees.