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Are Online Casino Players Data Kept safely?

For any online gambler, safety is their number one concern. From the nineties until now, there is a belief among many that online casinos and sports betting sites steal players' personal data and sell it to marketing companies and third parties. This distorted view does not reflect the fact of the online gambling industry. There may be some unsafe casinos. However, you can easily recognize them as well. Also, most online casinos use the latest encryption protocols to protect your financial and personal data from hacking and espionage.

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In fact, some players' beliefs about hacking and ID theft online have roots that stretch back into the 1990s. At that time, security and encryption tech was not as advanced as now. Therefore, hackers had many foibles that they could exploit to access users' data. These days the Internet was a place where anything could happen! Therefore, not many companies moved to it; Today, the situation has changed by 180 degrees, thanks to the security protocols that all websites use to protect users' data.

How To Check The Website’s Safety?

When entering any reliable website, you will find the word (HTTPS) on the address bar. This word indicates that the site uses a security protocol and it protects users' data from hacking. In addition to that, you will also find the lock sign in the address bar which refers that the site uses SSL and TSL protocols to protect your financial data.

Over the past two decades, these protocols have created a safe setting for users, gaming companies, and online casinos. In this article, we will discuss the security measures that online casinos and sports betting sites use to protect customers data.

Legal Licenses Guarantee Your Safety!

Trusted casinos hold licenses from legal bodies of the European countries such as:

• Malta
• Gibraltar
Isle of Man sites not on gamstop
• The United Kingdom

You can check the licenses that the casino holds easily by looking at the bottom margin of the home page. If you find a legal committee stamp, you can click on it to see the license data.
For a casino to obtain a legal license, it must apply to the legal body, after which the committee's teams test all aspects of the casino separately, and the test includes the following aspects:

• Checking the fairness of the games.
• Ensure that the casino applies safety protocols.
• Review the casino terms and conditions to ensure that it considers the players' interests.

This license committee performs this test before the casino obtains the license. Then they repeat the test regularly to ensure that the casino still adheres to the licensing standards. Further, players can resort to the licensing committee to escalate any problem they encounter in the casino. There are many previous incidents in which players were able to obtain their rights after resorting to the licensing committees

Casino Games Results Cannot Be Rigged

There are two main types of games that online casinos offer:

• Programmed games that depend on the RNG protocol.
• Live games that are streamed from real casinos.

The first kind is the video games that contain graphic and sound effects that mimic the games in mortar and brick casinos. Each RNG game has a specific (RTP) payout percentage which indicates the number of profits that players can make in the long run from a game. It often ranges between 95% and 99%.

The RNG protocol ensures that you will get a random result every time you bet on a casino game. Likewise, licensors and independent bodies monitor these games to verify the fairness of their results.

Whereas, live games are played in a real atmosphere, and the dealers in these games use real mechanics. For example, when you play blackjack in a live casino, you will find the dealer is using real cards and mixing them before each round. Likewise, if you bet on a roulette game, you will find the dealer using a real wheel and ball.

The Security Protocols Of Online Casinos

In every trusted online casino, players make transactions every few seconds. Thus, it must provide a safe and reliable setting for players to make their transactions easily and safely. Among the most important measures taken by the casino to maintain the safety of your financial and personal data are:


Firewalls prevent unwanted traffic from reaching the site's servers. Hence, hackers are unable to access your data. Firewalls are like the tech that bank cards use when you wrongly enter the CVV code more than once. In this case, the use of the card is suspended for a certain period.

SSL Protocol

This protocol creates an encrypted connection between your device and the site's server. That is the data that you transfer travels across the web in the form of complex puzzles that can only be deciphered by the casino's server. You can confirm the presence of this encryption by looking at the address bar; If you find the green lock sign, you can be sure that the site activates this protocol.

Multiple Payment Methods

If the casino can support a wide range of bank cards, e-wallets, digital currencies, and prepaid cards, then it will surely be safe for users' financial and personal data.

Customer Support

If the casino has customer service that works 24/7. You can get in touch with it through live chat, e-mail, and phone calls. As it will be a reliable and safe casino for your financial and personal data.


Players Feedback In Gambling Forums

In this article, we discussed all the security measures that online casinos use to secure your financial and personal data. These sites use the same protocols that military and banks use to protect their data. For that, the online gambling industry is now worth over $ 55 billion a year! Besides, these sites deal with legal licensors, game companies, and banks to provide a safe gaming experience to users around the world.

Like any other online business, casino players express their opinions and reactions about the casino in various global gambling forums, in which you can read the comments to learn about the quality of the gaming experience that the casino offers.