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AskGamblers: Slot Reviews, News & Independent Forum

AskGamblers is one of the best-known online non GamStop casino comparison sites in the UK. Who are the testers and can you trust the reviews from AskGamblers? We took a close look at the website.

AskGamblers is one of the largest online casino comparison sites in the world. In addition to detailed test reports, you will find information about bonus offers as well as general casino news and a player forum on The website also helps players file complaints, whether they are problems with payments, the online casino bonus or the software. To date, AskGamblers says it has helped players get back over $50 million. However, this information has not been confirmed by an independent testing agency, so we cannot guarantee its veracity.

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The Story of AskGamblers

AskGamblers' roots go back to 2005. To finance his law studies, a Serbian student with a passion for design and web development was looking for a part-time job. Through a friend, he finally found a job in a casino – as a waiter – but quickly realized that waiting tables was not his passion. By chance one morning after the night shift he ran into the boss of the casino and before he knew it, he was offered a job as a web designer at the casino's headquarters.

From then on everything happened very quickly. The Serbian student quickly learned the advantages and disadvantages of online casinos and decided to set up a website that tested new casinos and made it easier for players to keep an overview. That was 2006 and the birth of AskGamblers.

Over the next few years, AskGamblers rose sharply during the iGaming boom. The comparison site quickly established itself as one of the leading test portals and won several prizes at the so-called iGB Affiliate Awards from 2014 to 2016. AskGamblers now had 30 permanent employees when the takeover offer from Catena Media came along.

Acquisition of AskGamblers by Catena Media

Just over 10 years after its founding, AskGamblers was purchased by Swedish affiliate Catena Media for the incredible sum of 15 million euros. To date, no single comparison site in the gaming industry has paid more money.

Catena Media, which was only founded in 2012, has developed into the largest lead generator in the iGaming industry within just a few years and with the help of investments worth millions. The company now has over 400 employees in 38 countries and refers over five million customers to online casinos every month.

AskGamblers was not the only website that Catena Media took over in recent years. In 2016, the Swedish company paid €13 million for British sports site and a further €13 million for Just a year later, Catena Media also acquired Squawka for $1.3 million, as well as in August 2018. The price for the latter comparison site was not publicly disclosed.

The popular website AskGamblers offers everything casino enthusiasts should know about online gambling. In addition to English, the website can also be navigated in six other languages and is very clear.

Professional Slot Reviews

The AskGamblers website is primarily visited by people who want to find out more about a specific slot game. Casino fans are offered countless slot reviews here, so they can get excellent information in just a few minutes. The best thing about the website, however, is that most slots can also be tried out in demo mode. Here you will not only find further information about the best-known slots such as Starburst , Mega Moolah and Book of Dead , but also about lesser-known games that you can only find at a few gambling providers. The fact is that there is hardly a slot machine that hasn't been written about on AskGamblers.

Casino Forums for Everyone

AskGamblers offers casino fans a platform to discuss casino games, gambling providers, game developers and much more. You can easily get to the forum page via the main menu, which is located at the top of the screen. Users can not only participate in existing discussions, but also start a thread themselves.

News From All Areas

At AskGamblers you can find extensive news from the world of iGaming that is almost unavailable anywhere else. Casino fans can find out everything about new casinos, the biggest wins, the best promotions and even news about AskGamblers. The Big Win News section in particular is clicked on very frequently. Here players will find a list of casino games that have helped the luckiest casino enthusiasts win big. This list is continually updated so that you can always keep an overview of the most promising slot games. For every win there is a story that tells more about the winning amount, the player and the game.

What Players Say About AskGamblers?

You're probably wondering whether you can really trust a website like AskGamblers. We looked at the feedback on Trustpilot and found that AskGamblers continues to receive a lot of praise. The site has been rated 299 on Trustpilot and 75 percent describe AskGamblers as “Excellent” and another 6 percent as “Super”.

However, there are also critical voices and a third of all users rated AskGamblers as “bad”. Here is an excerpt from the negative reviews.

The voices from the negative camp primarily criticize that AskGamblers sympathizes too much with the online casinos and therefore not enough with the players.

It must be said at this point that in some cases comparison sites like AskGamblers (and us) receive a commission from the gambling companies when we refer players to them. However, it is too far-fetched to conclude that an established comparison portal only recommends an online casino because of the payment.

When it comes to reviews, you shouldn't forget that online casinos are a very sensitive topic. A player who has lost large sums of money and becomes aware of this casino from a comparison site is of course quickly inclined to leave negative feedback out of frustration. The same applies to those who win a lot of money. In the euphoria, you may praise a site like AskGamblers or ours disproportionately effusively.

Despite some negative reviews on Trustpilot and the fact that AskGamblers is backed by a large company like Catena Media, the comparison site is good for players. There you will find important information about bonus offers, payment methods, payout durations and feedback from real players. In the AskGamblers Forum you can also exchange ideas with like-minded people, which is not always easy in the digital world. When it comes to online gambling, you may not necessarily want to post it on Facebook under your real name.

AskGamblers & Co. are a good way to easily find reputable online casinos in the UK and not fall victim to a black sheep. We can therefore generally recommend the site to you, although of course we also hope that you also like our test reports.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When was AskGamblers launched?

AskGamblers was founded in 2005 by a Serbian student to finance his law studies. In 2016, he sold AskGamblers to Catena Media for 15 million euros.

What does AskGamblers specialize in?

AskGamblers primarily tests online casinos in Europe. You can also find information about bonus offers, general casino news and help with filing complaints with online casinos on AskGamblers.

Can I trust AskGamblers?

Yes, AskGamblers is a trustworthy website. Although there are also voices that criticize AskGamblers for siding with online casinos too often, the reviews on Trustpilot are mostly positive.

What AskGamblers alternatives are there?

There are many comparison sites for online casinos on the Internet – like ours – and each one has advantages and disadvantages. We recommend reading as many reviews as possible on different sites before choosing an online casino.