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beIN Sports Experiencing the largest piracy operation in history!

The beIN Sports Group, previously known as Al Jazeera Sports, is the exclusive owner of the sports matches broadcast rights in the Arab world and many other regions. This has made it a target for piracy operations since its inception. The most prominent example of piracy on Bein Sports is the BeoutQ channel group that appeared for the first time in July 2017. its broadcasts began in the first ten months in modest quality. Then the broadcast witnessed an accelerated development. Enabling viewers to watch thousands of live matches, whether via satellite or online, with much less subscription fees!

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beoutQ (Be Out Qatar) say on its website that it is a Cuban Colombian company. They also said that their main target is ”breaking the monopoly, for people to enjoy watching”! While some sports experts considered that BeOutQ as “the largest content piracy in the history of the intellectual property!”. On the other hand, beIN Sports has not been able to make any progress to stop hacking its intellectual content. Since BoutQ broadcasts match online where there is no censorship, legal accountability, or law to regulate the broadcast!

How does BeoutQ piracy work?

At first, BeoutQ experts obtain the original broadcast of the beIN Sports channels group using the company's signal receivers. Then the experts redirect the broadcast again, but with a delay of between 7 and 10 seconds. In this interval, hackers alter the beIN logo with the BeoutQ logo, then they redirect it to the satellite and Internet. The anti-piracy device in beIN Sport disables pirated broadcasting and sometimes succeeds in jamming it, but boutQ experts solve these technical issues quickly to restore the broadcast! Therefore, BeIN Group has finally used the transparent animated logo that always appears on the screen and which cannot be covered or erased from the broadcast. The beIN group experts also identify the original signal receivers that are being used on piracy and stop them. However, the hackers immediately replacing them with other receivers in a kind of cat-and-mouse game.

What Regions Does BeoutQ Cover?

The BeoutQ hacking group was not limited to the Arab region only, they have spread to further regions, even the regions that the BeIN group don't available in! The main feature that enables this company to reach all countries is its IPTV tech. BeIN Sports tried to overcome this issue by creating a “black hole” by configuring hundreds of IPTV lines that contain more than 2 million channels. These channels broadcast everything. Sports, movies, series, cooking. Thus, when a hacker searches for a signal to rebroadcast it, this signal may stop at any time! However, this trap did not hinder the BeoutQ experts! Because they re-broadcast one channel through 8000 to 10,000 lines at the same moment. So, if the broadcast stops suddenly on one or two lines, it will continue on the remaining lines. Thus, BeoutQ broadcasting will not affect! Undoubtedly, beIN Sports has had huge harms! It has had to lay off 300 employees which are 18% of its total staff. Also, it has drastically reduced its sporting events coverage. In addition, it invested more than one billion dollars in arbitration against this BeoutQ to obtain financial and moral compensation for the damages it caused. However, two years have passed on the case without any results! Plus, the affiliated company, OSN, has reduced its sports broadcasting volume. This has led to a drop of 80% from their subscriber base! The BeoutQ group is a unique model of piracy that has almost no precedent! Because it reached many regions of the world and continued for a long period.

Unremitting Efforts To Stop Piracy

Thanks to the governments and football federations pressure, their broadcast started to decrease, and the quality has decreased dramatically. Also, the experts of beIN Sports making regular jamming on their stream. In other words, watching sports matches through this service will not be the best option for you! Since there is another safe and non-hacking service that does not violate the broadcast by watching the live broadcast of matches through sports betting sites.

Watching matches on sports betting sites

Believe it or not! You can only pay one dollar to watch any live match in HD quality! In addition, this dollar will not be deducted from your account, but rather you can bet with it on any of the day’s matches, and if you win your bet, you will take it back and get a profit on it! Some sports betting sites do not require customers to place a bet; all they require is to have a positive balance to watch any match on your smartphone, tablet or computer! Among the sports betting sites that offer live broadcasts of matches: *Betfinal *Melbet

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Subscribing to beIN Sports may be very expensive, especially if you used to watch sports matches in various places. Also, subscribing to BeoutQ is supporting one of the biggest piracy operations in history! In addition, this service has many jamming, interruption and may stop at any moment! So, the most suitable option for watching live matches is the sports betting sites. On these sites, you can enjoy watching any local or global match through your phone, tablet, or computer. All you need to do is charging your account's credit with at least $1 during the past 24 hours. You can use this amount to bet on any match and if you win you will get your betting value plus your payout!