Betting on Horses at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Betting on Horses at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Betting on Horses at Non GamStop Bookmakers? Your passion for betting may just take you to the intriguing world of equestrian sports. In this world, we see jockeys have incredibly strong bonds with their horses and a deep understanding of their traits and moods. The jockeys are in charge, but in the end, it's the horses that have to do all the running and jumping job, the jokey mission is to point the horse from the starting gate to the finish line only. Thanks to the high speeds and the relatively short distance the horses run, the race is over after a few minutes. So you don't have to wait 90 minutes like with football. In addition, every meter of the race is exciting, every meter the horses run matters; one hitch or wrong line and the competition is already too far ahead to win. That's what makes this sport so interesting for betting. In this post, we will cover the rules of horse racing and how to bet on this exciting sport.

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Betting on Horse Racing on sites that are out of gamstop

Short track trotting, long track or races on a grass track: everything has its charm. If you like to follow the equestrian sport, you will automatically come to a point where you sometimes want to place a bet. Horse racing and betting go hand in hand. Even the ancient Romans fanatically placed bets as soon as their horse-drawn chariot drivers entered the racecourse.

In ancient Rome, the betting offer was still limited. That has now changed, especially if you choose a non GamStop bookmaker. This betting office focuses solely on horse racing. As a result, the range within this one sport has expanded enormously. This applies to both the online betting options and the racecourses. 

Betting Odds on Horses

Betting on horses is immensely popular. Horse racing is fast, exciting and also relatively easy for the layman to understand.

In addition, the payout percentage in horse racing is quite high in comparison with other sports.

For every euro you wager, approximately €0.75 is paid out. Although this means that everyone makes an average loss, this loss is relatively small.

By limiting yourself to low-risk bets, the odds of winning are even higher.

When betting on horses, there are four types of bets that are most common. First, you can bet on the winning horse (also called “straight bet”), betting on a horse's first, second or third place (place bet).

In addition, you can also bet on the first and second place of two horses (duo bet). Finally, you can bet on the first, second and third place of three horses (trio bet).

Bet on the Winner

Betting on the winner is the standard bet in all sports, including horse racing. While a different horse can win every race, some horses have a better chance than others.

Horses that have the greatest chance of winning offer the least payouts: if you win, you will be paid a relatively small amount compared to winning a bet on an underdog horse.

Place Bet

The place bet is one of the least risky horse racing bets. This bet requires you to predict the horse that will finish in first, second or third place. In some smaller races, only first and second places are included in this bet.

While the probability of loss is relatively small when placing this bet o a favourite horse, the winning payout is also relatively low.

Duo, Trio & Quartet Bet

In a duo, you don't only bet on the winner, but also the number two of the race. Obviously, this type of bet carries a higher risk than the previously mentioned bets.

An extension of the duo bet is the trio bet, in which the third place must also be correctly predicted. Here too, the risk of loss is high and the potential profit is high too.

Finally, sometimes a quartet bet is offered at non GamStop bookmakers, in which the first four places have to be guessed correctly.

Couple Place

A less risky variant of the duo bet is the couple's place. It is a bet on the finishing of two horses in the top three, regardless of the order and exact position within the top three.

Double Winning

For the real risk seekers, double winning or one of the “V bets” is the most interesting choice. Double winning means betting on the winners of two consecutive races.

Also, you can bet on the winner of V4 (four races), V5 (five races), V64/65 (six races), V75 (seven races) and V86 (eight races). Obviously, the chance of winning increases as more races have to be correctly predicted.

If one race result is incorrectly predicted, the entire bet will be lost. However, double bets offer the highest potential payouts among all horse racing betting types at non GamStop bookmakers.

Group Bets

Why bet on just one race when you can link multiple races together? Especially for gamblers who like to divide their expertise over several matches, there are bets. Here you look at four, five, six or even seven consecutive races. Your task is to indicate which horse wins from all those races.

Alternatively, you can just pick up to seven matches where you bet on the winner again and again, but the winning odds of these group bets is are really low.

Please note that you have to meet a very important requirement when you choose this challenging bet. Every prediction on the bet slip must come true, otherwise, you lose the entire bet. However, the winnings are immense, you can easily get back an amount of 100 euros or more for every euro wagered. 

Before Placing Your Bet Take a Look at the Race Card 

Statistics are the most important aspect that bettors should consider before placing their bets. This also applies to equestrian sports. Non GamStop bookmakers offer the so-called “race cards”. Here you will find all the important info. For example, consider the age and weight of the horse. You also want to know who the trainer is. Even the shape a horse is in is shown on the race cards. Also, you can see exactly where the horse has finished during its last races.

You already notice: you must study these race cards carefully. In addition, also look at the surface, the way of starting and the place from which the horse starts. This all matters if you want to win your bet.

Types of Horse Racing not on gamstop Bonuses

In the previous part, we discussed the most important types of bets available for horse racing bets. As you can see the odds are not very attractive as the chances of losing seem high even if the bet offers modest winnings. However, bonuses would make the winning odds better since they are risk-free offers that give you more chances of winning. In the next part, we will provide you with the most prominent bonuses and welcome offers that you can get from non GamStop sports betting sites:

Welcome Bonus

Customers of non GamStop sports betting sites can get excellent welcome offers that cover the first deposit or the first several deposits they make. Sportsbooks offer their welcome bonuses in matching percentages to deposit amounts. For example, a 100% welcome bonus of up to €100. So, the higher the value of your deposit the more bonus funds you will get. The max value of the welcome offer can be from €100 to €200. Most likely, this offer is not only valid for betting on horses and players can use it to bet on all sports offered by the sportsbook.

Free Bets

Players can get free bets from €10 to €50. Non GamStop bookmakers offer this bonus on multiple occasions. Also, sometimes they offer free bets as a no deposit bonus as well. However, this bonus comes with wagering requirements and other conditions just like all other casino bonuses.

Risk Free Bets

Risk Free Bets is an offer by non GamStop sports betting sites on a particular race so that you can get your bet back if you lose it. However, the refund is not directly withdrawable to your bank account. You must first fulfil the wagering requirements and other conditions before submitting your cashout request.

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