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Betting Sites Without KYC? Although online gambling is ultimately a form of entertainment and offers players a lot of chances to win, the KYC process is one of the obstacles that any player can encounter. Initially, when creating the account, the bookmaker does not ask players to verify his details, but when asking to make the first withdrawal, the sports betting site asks players to send a photo of their ID or passport. Also, another picture of proof of address, such as a household bill or phone bill. There are many objectives of KYC guidelines, including fraud prevention, blocking minors, and prevention of money laundering.:

betting sites without verification kyc

List of Betting Sites Without Verification

Your one stop guide to finding the very best Betting Sites Without KYC in UK

Despite the lofty goals of this exercise, it often hinders players from enjoying their favourite games because customer service may be late in reviewing the data provided. In addition, they may reject an image simply because it is not clearly visible or for any other reason.

If you don't want to go through this hassle, you should register for one of the reputed betting sites without KYC. Certainly, this is not an easy task as the KYC implementation is compulsory for all UK-based bookmakers, but if you still have plenty of options to play safely without submitting KYC. In this guide, we will discuss all the info you need to know about betting sites without KYC that you can play freely whether you are on GamStop or not.


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What Is the KYC Check?

KYC is a mandatory procedure required by organisations that handle users' financial and personal data, such as banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions. This process is necessary to identify the customer. It may be requested periodically if there is an update to the customer's data or if the organisation senses an odd pattern in their behaviour. For example, making deposits greater than his average limits.

This exercise is imposed on the authorities concerned with its implementation by the central law enforcement institutions. If these bodies discover that one of the parties fails to implement the know your customer examination, they will be punished by imposing heavy fines on them.

Virtual gambling law in the UK states that players must give proof of ID on registration or before making the first withdrawal.

KYC Check Procedure

For many users, the process of providing personal info or financial data can be intimidating. Even if a sports betting site is reliable and trustworthy! There is always the possibility of hacking or data theft on the Internet. In addition, players may fear the effects of their gambling behaviour on their credit score if the betting site shares their data with credit reporting companies. Of course, all of these concerns make perfect sense, so it's always a good idea to sign up for gambling sites without KYC.

Although there is no licensed sports betting site that condones the KYC procedure, you can sign up for one of the overseas sites or sites with an offshore license. It's not about any concessions. The idea here is that it works differently from British bookmakers. The gaming agencies that license these sites do not set stringent conditions for KYC exercise. Therefore, these sites can completely delay or cancel the KYC of player data.

The Main Advantages of Betting on Gambling Sites With No KYC

Although you might think that offshore sports betting sites are a “second alternative” for the British sportsbooks. Quite the opposite, betting sites without KYC offer many unique features over their British rivals. Here are the top reasons you might sign up for one of the betting sites without KYC.

Personal Data Privacy

There are many reasons you shouldn't share your documents with any bookmaker. On top of that, you never know how the site handles or stores your data. The biggest fear is sharing it with third parties for marketing or educational purposes. Sometimes, the privacy policy of the bookmaker may be updated without notifying you! Also, you may prefer to avoid onerous checks or just want to keep your private data confidential. For all of these reasons, joining one of the gambling sites without KYC is the right choice for you.

Crypto Acceptance

It is like herding cats to find a UK bookmaker that accepts crypto payments due to the impossibility of verifying the user's ownership of the crypto wallet. Since KYC of all user data is a condition of the UKGC license, UK bookmakers will not accept cryptos either now or in the future. Conversely, betting sites without KYC accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among other coins.

Preserve the Credit Rating

One of the players’ biggest concerns about the personal data KYC procedure that sports betting sites ask for is their credit rating. This is because betting sites may share your financial data with different banks or credit reporting agencies, and your betting habits may negatively affect your credit rating. For example, if you ask for a loan, it may be refused, which is one more reason why users prefer betting sites that don't need KYC.

Accept Players From Restricted Countries

If you live in a country that prohibits virtual gambling activities or has strict laws, such as the UK and the Netherlands, then betting sites without KYC will be the ideal alternative to enjoy an enjoyable, profitable and hassle-free betting experience. See also no verification casinos.

How Do We Rate Betting Sites That Don’t Need KYC?

It is not easy to choose a betting site without ID as there are more than 10 thousand bookmakers on the internet in the meantime. Certainly, these sites differ in everything from the signup process, rewards, payment options, and above all, protection and reliability. Therefore, we take the process of reviewing betting sites without KYC very seriously and only recommend bookmakers that passed all our tests. The most essential standards we depend on while analysing bookmakers are the following:

Safety & Reliability

Essentially, Betting Site without an ID should be a safe place for all players. HTTPS and SSL protocols are indispensable for us to ensure that players' data and financial transactions are transmitted securely and without any human intervention. Furthermore, the betting site without ID must hold a license from one of the legal bodies such as:

Accepting Self Excluded Players

Accepting self excluded players is a crucial advantage of betting sites that don't need KYC. Those players cannot sign up for any UK licensed site, and for them, the only way to keep playing is to sign up for an offshore bookmaker! Fortunately, this feature is essential for all gambling sites without KYC. However, accepting excluded players is a double-edged sword as these sites are not suitable for players with unhealthy urges towards gambling. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take the problem gambling test before breaking your cool-off period.

Offer Casino Games Along With Sports Betting

Of course, having a lot of options is a plus when gambling online. Instead of signing up for an online casino and another sports betting site, it is better to register at one platform that offers you all these options! In addition, betting sites without KYC offer bonuses for casino games and sports betting. Thus, even if you do not like casino games, these free bonuses may give you an incentive to try out these games.

Best Betting Sites That Don't Need KYC

There are many betting sites without KYC on the scene at the moment, and since choosing between these sites can be an uphill struggle for novice players, we decided to recommend you the best 5 betting sites without KYC that offer both sports betting and casino games. Each site has its own set of features and in the next section is an overview of each site’s innings. If you want to know more info about any site, you can click on the review link included in the summary.


Casigood is one of the newest gambling sites in the iGaming scene. This site appeared in late 2021 but managed to top our list of the best sites not on GameStop ultra-fast! This site offers its players an extraordinary welcome bonus on the first 4 deposits with a maximum value of €5,000. Furthermore, loyal players can participate in the ongoing battles and buy lottery tickets to qualify for winning mega jackpots. The sportsbook section has a radiant and easy-to-use design. On the left side, you will find a list of all the available sports. In the middle, you will find the best upcoming sports that you can bet on. On the right, you will find the live bet and bet slip widgets with which you can calculate the value of your bet and see the potential winnings. Among the most prominent sports available on the site are:

If you want to know more info about Casigood, click here!

Lady Linda

We are always searching for new brands that offer innovative features, and we think that Lady Linda is one of them! However, don’t be misled by the site’s name! Although the brand’s name might make an impression that the site is intended for ladies. It accepts all players, gents and ladies; even players under 21 are welcomed! When you step into the site for the first time, you will be amazed by the vibrant and colourful theme. The website will retain your interest with multiple welcome bonuses covering casino games, crypto deposits, and sports betting. After exploiting the welcome offer, you will have an uninterrupted bundle of offers. To quench the sports bettors thirst, the site features three sections, namely:

  •     Sports
  •     Live racing
  •     ESports

These three sections offer round-the-clock events that you can bet on. If you want to know more details about Lady Linda, click here!

Orion Spins

Although the name of the casino may suggest that it specialises in casino games only, it offers all gambling options. The newcomers will enjoy a behemoth welcome offer covering the first four deposits. Also, those who are currently registered will enjoy a sheer number of incentives. What was so unique to us is the 1x wager which is very below the industry’s average. The site contains two sections for betting (sports and cybersports) that perfectly cater to the punters’ needs. Some of the best high-profile championships that you can bet on are:

  •     UEFA Champions League
  •     Premier League
  •     NHL
  •     La Liga
  •     Europa League
Chilli Reels

Chilli Reels is a great and exciting site for casino game lovers and sports bettors alike. For us, the gambling site couldn't be any better! Casino game lovers will find a versatile collection that includes both modern and classic games. As for sports bettors, they will get the other half of the cake! The sports betting section shows popular sports and covers them in great depth. For example, you will find the English Premier League matches and the matches of the Brazilian League! Players on this site will get fast deposits and withdrawals. In addition, both new and loyal players will get many generous offers and rewards. If you want to know more info about Chilli Reels, click here.

Pulp Casino

Pulp Casino is also a very new gambling site on the scene as it was launched in the last quarter of 2021. However, it stole the limelight from the famous gambling sites very professionally. This casino offers its players a plethora of generous offers and bonuses that include casino games and sports betting. In addition, players get first-class professional customer service and a mobile friendly platform that works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices. Sports coverage is perfect, betting odds keep pace with the industry average, and there are great chances to win cash every day. If you want to know more info about Pulp Casino, click here!


On this page, we have explained the KYC exercise. Also, we looked at all info you need to know about betting sites without KYC. These sites can be great for all users especially excluded players, those who have concerns about the impact of gambling on their credit rating, and even people under the age of 21 who want to bet on sports or play casino games. In addition to that, we have also covered the top 5 gambling sites that offer both sports betting and casino games.

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FAQ About Betting Sites Without Verification

Why Do Sports Betting Sites Require My ID?

Because licensing agencies require them to do this exercise. Sports betting sites have to ensure that you are (+18) using your correct data and not impersonating someone else. In addition, applying this protocol reduces fraud, which mainly results from anonymity, and prevents bookmakers from being used by criminals in money laundering or other anti-social activities.

 Is There Any Risk in Signing up for Betting Sites Without KYC?

There is no risk involved in signing up for Betting Sites without KYC. These sites are completely reliable for all players, holding licenses from offshore legal agencies. Also, they apply all protection protocols to protect your personal and financial data from hacking or leaking. Because these sites operate in better and freer legislative environments, they can overlook or delay the KYC procedure.

Do Best Gambling Sites With No KYC Accept Cryptos?

Yes, most betting sites that don't need KYC accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins.

What Sports Are Available at Betting Sites Without KYC?

Gambling sites with no KYC feature all types of sports, from football and handball to modern virtual games.