WSM Casino

WSM Casino

  • Match bonus is offered
  • You can play the best slots from well-known and popular game developers
  • The Wall Street Memes Casino offers numerous sports to bet on

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T&C applies

T&C applies.


  • Minimum deposit of €1.00
  • Over 5,000 different casino games
  • Easy and quick registration without KYC
  • Accepts over 10 different cryptocurrencies, including new ones
  • Offers casino games and sports betting
  • Payout only possible from €10


  • Monthly inactivity fee of €5.00
  • Does not accept traditional payment methods
  • €30 minimum deposit for the bonus

About Casino

WSM Casino Review

After Wall Street Memes coin had a decent launch and the presale was a complete success, the project is going one step further and presenting its own crypto casino. Today we're taking a closer look at the WSM Casino and taking a closer look at whether it's worth registering and what you can expect as a new customer. We'll guide you through registering, depositing and showing you which casino games can be played at Wall Street Memes Casino.


  • Minimum deposit of €1.00
  • Over 5,000 different casino games
  • Easy and quick registration without KYC
  • Accepts over 10 different cryptocurrencies, including new ones
  • Offers casino games and sports betting
  • Payout only possible from €10


  • Monthly inactivity fee of €5.00
  • Does not accept traditional payment methods
  • €30 minimum deposit for the bonus

What Exactly Is Wall Street Memes ($WSM) & What Is WSM Casino?

To understand what WSM Casino is, you have to understand the project and what is behind it. Wall Street Memes emerged from the Gamestop Saga and quickly became a popular project and coin, with a community of over 1.1 million users. It is a fight against the giants of Wall Street and capitalism.

Through WSM, ordinary people should have a chance to grab a piece of the pie and enjoy a little financial freedom. So much about the project and the story behind it. What can you say about WSM Casino? It is a crypto casino with easy registration without KYC and a great selection of casino games that can be played without restrictions.

Wall Street Memes Casino is a GamStop-free gaming company and has a gaming license from Curacao. This enables unrestricted WSM Casino experiences, such as deposits over €1,000 and no €1.00 bet limit per spin. This short description says a lot about what WSM Casino is and what you can expect as a player. An unrestricted and great casino experience.

WSM Casino Bonuses & WSM Casino Rewards

In our Wall Street Memes Casino test we also looked at the bonus offers and what rewards you can secure as a player. As with almost every online casino, you can secure a welcome bonus at WSM Casino. Unlike most providers, there is a rakeback bonus here and not a direct match bonus of 100% or more. This means that you should read the bonus and wagering conditions carefully as they are different and different.

What we rated negatively in our WSM Casino review is the minimum deposit of €30 to activate the bonus. This is above market standards and quite high. In addition, the bonus is paid out in stages. Every time the deposit is wagered 6x, 10% of the bonus is released. There is a total of 14 days for the implementation, which in turn means that you have to actively stay on the ball if you want to achieve the implementation. This can make WSM Casino experiences negative, but it is no reason not to use the bonus as such.

WSM Casino & Sports Betting at a Glance

Wall Street Memes Casino wants to unite the world of sports betting and non GamStop casino. That's why these two areas are offered at WSM. After registering quickly and easily, you can choose between sports betting and casino and change the area at any time.

The casino section offers a wide range of casino games from well-known and popular developers as well as a great live casino section. Here you can play with live dealers and experience a real casino feeling.

There are numerous sports available in the sports betting area that cannot be found at licensed betting providers. This includes eSports, virtual sports and sports such as MMA, futsal and many others. The special thing about it is that leagues and betting markets from all over the world can be found. This means you can not only put your luck to the test, but also your knowledge and skills to successfully place bets in sports betting.

Is There a Welcome Bonus at WSM Casino?

Every online casino offers a welcome bonus. No matter whether it is a casino with a GGL license or a casino with a foreign license. It has to be said that the welcome offers can be very different. In most cases, a so-called match bonus is offered.

This means that you get 100% or 200% bonus credit on your deposit. The maximum amount is then decided by the casino operator. At WSM Casino you get a slightly different welcome bonus with a 200% rakeback. With this bonus, like with cashback, you get a small part of your stake back.

Are There Free Spins at Wall Street Memes Casino?

Many users are looking for different bonus offers in order to have more fun and test their luck. We looked at the bonus offers from WSM Casino and could only find the welcome bonus. This means that there are currently no bonuses for regular customers.

The free spins come as a package with the rakeback and can therefore only be received on the first deposit. If you are looking for a separate free spins bonus, you won't find it at WSM Casino. In our Wall Street Memes Casino Review we were able to secure up to 200 free spins. For the 200 free spins you have to deposit more than the minimum requirements. So more than €30 when activating the bonus.

WSM Casino Games

Let's move on to an important section in our Wall Street Memes Casino review, the casino games. An online casino is characterized by its large selection of games. It is important that there is a variety of different types of games and not just slot machines. Since our Wall Street Memes Casino experiences were very positive in this regard, here is a brief overview of all available casino games.


Every online casino offers this type of game. Slot machines take up most of the offerings and come in many different shapes and colors. At WSM Casino you can play the best slots from well-known and popular game developers. These include providers such as NetEnt, Relax Gaming, Evolution, Nolimit City and Pragmatic Play.

Table Games

Wall Street Memes Casino also offers a wide selection of table games. Most of the table games can be found in the live casino and, according to WSM Casino experiences, are a lot of fun. Table games include games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and many others.

A very popular game is roulette. It is one of the oldest casino games in the world and is offered in almost every online casino. Roulette offers many ways to win and usually has a high RTP if played carefully. What we liked in our WSM Casino test is that there are numerous roulette variations that further modify the game and make it more fun.

Probably the most famous card game next to poker. In blackjack you try to collect 21 points and play against the bank (the dealer). At WSM Casino you can play many different types of blackjack, giving you hours of fun and activity. As with roulette, the RTP is also high here, which is why blackjack is popular.

Another card game that provides a lot of fun. Baccarat is one of the oldest card games and is offered in almost every non GamStop casino. Although WSM Casino does not offer any intense variations of baccarat, you can still play the popular card game without any problems.

Live Casino

An online casino cannot miss a live casino. In the live casino you can try out different games together with other players and chat with them in live chat. You also get the feeling of being in a real casino because the games are played by live dealers. You can then also talk to them. Popular games include Blackjack, Roulette and CrazyTime.

WSM Betting Offer

Our WSM Casino review also refers to the sports betting area, as this is a vital part of the WSM Casino experience and is simply part of it. Before we get to the betting offer, it is important to mention that the welcome bonus can be used in both areas. You don't need to activate two bonuses to play in both areas of WSM.

The Wall Street Memes Casino offers numerous sports to bet on. These of course include well-known sports such as football, basketball and tennis, but you can also find numerous less well-known and represented sports. UFC, Futsal and eSports are just a few of them. In total, you can place bets on over 35 different sports in the WSM sports section.

Many bookmakers and betting providers focus on top leagues and ignore lesser-known and less popular leagues. This is not the case with WSM. Here you can bet on third, fourth and worse leagues worldwide. This means you can bet on the Premier League or opt for the second Premier League or the Academies U18.

What should never be missing from a great betting provider? The live betting area. Here you can bet directly on matches that are still ongoing. When it comes to live betting, there are many different betting options and opportunities that you can take advantage of. Bets on results or changes in the score in the last minutes are popular.

WSM Casino Security and License – Is WSM Casino Legal?

So that we can provide a complete Wall Street Memes Casino review, we also looked at the security of the casino. Above all, we wanted to know whether playing at WSM Casino is legal and whether you can have your winnings paid out.

This does not automatically mean that it is an illegal casino. The casino provider has a license in Curacao and is registered. This means that it is reputable and you can register without any concerns. We have read the data protection declaration and did not find any passages where personal data could be at risk.

Which Casino Software Does WSM Casino Use?

An online casino is only as good as the games it offers. That's why it's always important to look for the software that is offered in a non GamStop casino. There are many reputable and good software developers who have brought some of the best games to the market. These include developers such as Pragmatic Play, Nolimit City and NetEnt. At Wall Street Memes Casino you can play games from over 35 different software developers.

Step-by-step Instructions for Registering at WSM Casino

Let's take a look at registering at WSM Casino together. As mentioned, this is simple and can be completed in just a few steps. This is a big advantage of the best crypto casinos, which you should take advantage of.

Step 1: Start Registration & Create an Account

In order to play at WSM, you need a customer account, which can be created quickly and without any problems. To do this, go to the WSM homepage and press “Register” in the upper right corner. If the website is in a different language, you can simply change it at the bottom of the website. Many different languages ​​are available.

After you press “Register”, a window will open from the left where you need to enter your email address, password and username. Optionally you can enter a promo code if you have one. As soon as all data has been entered, you can press “Register & Play”. The registration is now complete and you are a new customer at WSM Casino.

Step 2: Make Your First Deposit & Activate the Bonus

Once the new account has been created, you can continue with the second step. That would be depositing credit so that you can play the numerous casino games.

If you navigate to the payment section, you can use over 10 different promising cryptocurrencies for deposits. To start the transaction, you select which coin you want to transfer and how much. You will then receive a wallet address that you must use for the transfer.

You open your crypto wallet and send the selected coin in the specified amount to WSM. As soon as the transaction is completed, you will receive your credit and can start playing. If you don't have any coins, you can buy them directly via WSM. The instructions are simple and you just have to follow the steps.

Step 3: Start playing and enjoy Wall Street Memes Casino

Finally, you have to have your own Wall Street Memes Casino experiences and decide whether playing here is worth it or not. What is positive is the large selection of casino games. All you have to do is choose a game and start playing.

As a customer of WSM you can also switch between sports betting and casino, which is of course a big advantage and provides a lot of variety.

WSM Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Anyone who decides to register will certainly ask themselves what payment methods are available. Since it is a crypto casino, you can mainly deposit and withdraw using various cryptocurrencies.

In total you can find 13 different coins, ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to altcoins. The WSM Casino also accepts your own coin that can be used to play.

Anyone who looks at the WSM Casino can see directly at the end of the website which cryptocurrencies can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Each of these coins can be used free of charge and offers fast deposits and withdrawals.

The following coins can be used at WSM Casino:

  • WSM Coin
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • USD Coin
  • Binance (BNB)
  • Solana (SOL)

If you don't own cryptocurrencies, you can buy coins through the WSM Casino. The purchase can only be completed with a credit card. You can use Visa or Mastercard to do this.

WSM Casino Fees and Costs

In our WSM Casino Review we also looked at the fees that customers can incur. We have also created a short overview table where all fees are listed. It is important to mention that fees for transactions are non-existent and are not claimed by WSM.

Nevertheless, customers incur transaction costs due to cryptocurrencies. Depending on the blockchain and coin used, there may be so-called gas costs that customers have to bear.

We would like to explain one metric. Anyone who deposits money and does not play but wants to withdraw the credit must pay a fee of 8% or at least €4.00. In this way, WSM Casino wants to prevent money laundering from being carried out.

WSM Casino App

A casino app can ensure that you can play on mobile devices on the go without any problems. Casino apps and downloadable software were in demand many years ago and there was hardly a casino that didn't offer an app. Now things look a little different. Many casinos do without a native app and ensure optimized websites that can be accessed and used via smartphones etc.

Wall Street Memes Casino is one of these providers. The website is optimized for all devices and browsers and you can use it like a normal casino app. You can use all the functions of the desktop version and therefore deposit or withdraw money, play casino games, contact support and much more. In our WSM Casino test we tested the optimization and can say that no native app is required. Enter the website in your mobile browser, log in and play all games as you would on PC.

WSM Casino Customer Service & Support

What can you say about WSM's support and customer service? We tested this thoroughly and examined it closely. It was important to us that support could be reached quickly and offered competent help. A feature that cannot be missed these days is the live chat feature.

This means you can establish contact and sort out your concerns within a few minutes. WSM Casino has a live chat function for support and you can use this even without a customer account.

If you have any questions before registering, you can simply ask them and quickly receive competent help. The support was very friendly, helpful and courteous in our WSM Casino test. In addition to the live chat, you can reach customer service via email or use the FAQs area, as many questions have already been answered here.


As you can see in our Wall Street Memes Casino review, there are numerous reasons why you should try WSM Casino.

Of course, it is not the best online crypto casino, as there are certain disadvantages, but they are not so serious that we would recommend against registering. The range of games is huge and you will find over 5,000 different casino games that you can play without restrictions.

Our personal WSM Casino experiences were positive and that is why we can recommend the provider. Nevertheless, we recommend doing your own Wall Street Memes Casino test before you deposit large sums and are then dissatisfied.


What is Wall Street Memes Casino?

It is a crypto project that has started its own crypto casino. You can play numerous casino games or place sports bets in the sports betting section.

Is WSM Casino reputable and safe?

After thorough testing and a deeper look at WSM Casino, we can say that this is a reputable and safe casino provider. The casino is licensed, offers the best casino games and secure payment methods.

Can you buy crypto to play with Wall Street Memes?

As in most crypto casinos, you can also buy cryptocurrencies directly at Wall Street Memes Casino. Although the purchase cannot be made directly via WSM, it is a secure payment method to quickly obtain coins that can be used for deposits. A credit card is required to purchase the coin. This can be either a Visa or a Mastercard.

Can you play at WSM Casino without betting?

If you are not sure whether a deposit is the right way, you can try out numerous slots in demo mode. Depending on the slot, you get plenty of credit and can use it as if you were playing with real money. Some bonus features can be purchased and tried out.


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Casino Features

  • Match bonus is offered
  • You can play the best slots from well-known and popular game developers
  • The Wall Street Memes Casino offers numerous sports to bet on

  • You can place bets on over 35 different sports in the WSM sports section
  • The casino provider has a license in Curacao and is registered
  • Registration is simple and can be completed in just a few steps