Casinos that Allow Reversing Withdrawals

Casinos that Allow Reversing Withdrawals

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In recent years, this growth has been fueled by the development of cryptocurrencies, higher internet speeds, improved smartphone capabilities, and an increasing number of games available.Despite the excitement and fun that online casinos bring, managing your bankroll is just as important as playing.Reversing withdrawals allows players to cancel pending withdrawal requests and continue playing with that money instead of making a new deposit. While this feature offers flexibility, it also raises questions about the consequences of responsible gaming.

Best Casinos that allow Reversing Withdrawals

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What is a Reverse Withdrawal?

Reversing withdrawals occur during the period in which online casinos suspend withdrawal requests; this period ranges from one day to a week, depending on the casino rules, the value of the withdrawn amount and the payment method.

Please note that this period may be extended if the player requests a withdrawal of their winnings on weekends or public holidays. During the withdrawal period, some casinos offer players the option to cancel the withdrawal and return the money to their casino account.


  • Get your money into your casino account instantly without having to wait for withdrawal.


  • It may encourage gamblers to continue playing with the money they originally wanted to withdraw, and if they lose that money, their psychological state will be negatively affected.

Casinos That Allow Reverse Withdrawals

Many reputable non GamStop casinos offer the option to cancel withdrawals.

These platforms often offer this feature as part of their flexible banking options. However, the availability of this feature may also depend on the jurisdiction and the specific payment method used.

For example, the UK Gambling Commission does not allow casinos it licenses to enable this feature.

Here are the best non GamStop casinos that allow reversing withdrawals:

Suspending Payouts As a way to Increase Casino Revenue: A True Story

Today I would like to tell you about my own experiences with a provider that is considered to be fundamentally reputable – namely Zeslots – and their behavior in payout issues.

It started with a deposit of €30. I played haphazardly, without a specific goal. At first I just played slots – I tried everything possible. Finally I got an account balance of just under €200. I just like playing live games and ended up at a low stake blackjack table. What can I say, it went like hell and after just 2 hours I had around €1,000.

€1,000 is, for me at least, a terrible amount of money. I decided to pay out €700 and continue playing with around 300. Well, you already know the rest of the story – nothing came of it. But there was now €700 to be paid out. The request was made on a Sunday evening around 10:00 p.m. I expected Leo to receive payment (bank transfer) on Wednesday. But nothing happened. The amount was still in the account, cancellation possible, pending payment.

I wrote to support via email. They told me that there was a very high volume of reversing withdrawals and that the amount would be in the account at the end of the week. I had no reason not to believe this and waited.

Secretly (thank God, only secretly) the family shopping trip was planned for the next weekend. But nothing happened. On Monday I had the faxes thick and wrote via live support. “The colleagues are completely overloaded – but the payout would definitely be in the middle of the current week.” – OK, I was angry, but I waited until Tuesday evening. Then composure was over – I canceled and sat down at the Blackjack table again.

The anger in my stomach and the dynamics of the Blackjack cards finished me off within 60 minutes.

For about 2 weeks I intensively asked myself the question again and again: “Do you have a problem with gambling?” In the end I was able to answer this question with a clear “No”. However, the loss hurt me extremely.


Non GamStop casinos that offer this feature must also ensure that they provide adequate responsible gaming options. By understanding the pros and cons and being responsible with your money, you can get the most out of your experience.