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Dubai Online Casinos Page presented by Jason Farrell. Unless you have been living under a rock these past few weeks (even years), you will know that Dubai is the ‘place to be’. Dubai is the number 1 hotspot for holiday makers. This is especially true for UK travelers. Recent months saw a huge increase in UK holiday makers jetting off to already popular Dubai. Since the UAE came off the quarantine list, we have seen airports full of Brits flocking to Dubai.

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Dubai Online Casinos

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Here is the list of the best Dubai casinos in February 2024:

  • Betfinal Casino
  • Mr. Play Casino Arabic
  • Regent Casino
  • Betobet Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Haz Casino
  • MelBet Casino

Since the outpour of Brits, the UAE have announced that all passengers traveling from the UK must present a recent negative Covid19 test or enter quarantine. Although this doesn’t phase many UK holiday makers (unless they’re positive of course). With Brits escaping both the cold weather and strict lockdown restrictions from the UK in exchange for sun, fun and freedom.

It is not just UK holiday goers that are filling up Dubai, but there is a whole community of British expats that have opted for a new life in the UAE. There is an estimated 240,000 Brits living and working in Dubai enjoying the benefits of a sun filled life. And it is no surprise with the allure of a tax-free salary. However, for UK gamblers, whether holidaying or living life as an expat, gambling can look a lot different in Dubai. Here at Just UK, we want to prepare you for all you need to know about gambling in Dubai. Offering a full, extensive guide on where you can find the best places to gamble in the UAE and the best online casinos in Dubai.

What does Gambling look like in Dubai?

If you are in or traveling to Dubai, there are many things to and many places to visit. But if you are taking a stroll looking for the casino in the Dubai Marina. Or staying at the Atlantis resort looking for the Atlantis Casino Dubai like the Atlantis in the Bahamas. Well, you are quite simply not going to find them. In fact, during your time there you are unlikely to stroll past a casino in Dubai or Dubai betting site. Not a legal one anyway. Although gambling has a rich history in the middle east, gambling in all its forms is generally illegal in the United Arab Emirates.

There are a couple of exceptions however, with certain major cities allowing some forms of gambling. And Dubai is one of them allowing horse racing. Although this does not make it a free for all. The strict gambling laws are still very much in place for most of the local residents, as well as for casino betting. Horse Racing betting is permissible at just 2 race tracks within the city. The Nad Al Sheba racecourse and the Jebel Ali racecourse. Making it extremely exclusive and only accessible for some. There is another racetrack, famous for its Dubai world cup each year. This is held at the Meydan Grandstand, but betting is not permissible at this track. A foreign concept to racetracks across the rest of the globe.

All other forms of gambling is strictly prohibited. This includes casinos. In Dubai, and the rest of the UAE for that matter, there are no casinos. Even at the popular Atlantis resort. The Atlantis resort in the Bahamas is renowned for its lavish casino. Although being of the same group, the Atlantis resort Dubai does not match up in terms of gambling. While a UK player may stumble across an illegal underground casino, it is not advised for a number of reasons. The main one being that if caught gambling at such an establishment, it carries a heavy punishment, more than just a slap on the wrist.

What does this mean for gamblers in Dubai?

If you’re lucky enough to get into one of the exclusive horseracing events held throughout the year in UAE you may on occasion be able to have a punt. Horserace betting is a favourite pastime in Dubai, even though it is not strictly legal. Therefore, it is more than likely you will find a local lad taking bets and offering odds. Although unless you are a local yourself or a British expat that knows exactly who you are dealing with. It is probably best to steer clear.

The same goes for casinos. Land based casinos are strictly prohibited by law. Betting shops also. So, you will not find a local bookie on each street corner like you would in the UK. So, if you find yourself in or near a Dubai casino, or any casino in UAE, know that it is operating illegally. It will look shady enough. As mentioned, it is advisable to stay well clear of any land-based casino in Dubai. For legal reasons as well as safety and security.

Due to the strict laws and legislation around gambling, locals and UK players alike must turn to online casinos in order to meet their gambling needs. Many online casinos and betting sites do accept players from UAE or UK players living in Dubai. It doesn’t mean players are limited in choice either. There are plenty of great Dubai online casinos accepting UAE players. These UAE casinos tend to be online gambling sites operating as Independent casinos. The best part? As we’ve stated many times throughout the Just UK site, the independent casinos always make the top of the list as the best online casinos.

New Casino in Dubai

Playing online in Dubai is the same as playing in any other country. Except you must be a little smarter about it. So, if you do have that big win, I wouldn’t go bragging about it to any Tom, Dick or Harry. It is still illegal after all. Not to worry though, there are plenty of workarounds. With many casinos accepting Dubai players. These casinos tend to operate independently. Some may hold a license with licensing bodies such as MGA or the Curacao Gaming Authority.

Although there are many casinos accepting players from the UAE. It may still be an idea to use a VPN. Using a VPN allows players to not only hide where they are playing from, which is less of a problem as our best Dubai casinos happily accept UAE players. But they also allow you 100% privacy when playing, meaning no prying eyes. Hence why it’s called a Virtual Private Network. In fact, we would highly advise using a VPN when gambling in Dubai. If you need help or advise when using a VPN, be sure to check out our VPN casino section for all you need to know. Once you have downloaded your VPN, simply sign up and register with one of our best Dubai casinos and you will be able to start playing instantly.

Why play at a Dubai Casino?

There are several reasons why players will opt to play at a Dubai Casino. Just like your favourite Independent or non gamstop casinos. There are some great benefits to playing at a Dubai casino. Here will we take a deeper look into the benefits of playing at a Dubai casino and why one of our top UAE casinos may just be the choice for you.

Dubai Casinos are often independent casinos or will hold a license with an alternative licensing body. Alternative to the UKGC that is and their heavy restrictions that come with it. While the United Arab Emirates do not have their own government licensing body, there are many other nations out there that do. Regulators could include MGA, Curacao, Kahnawake and plenty more.

This is the first and most obvious reason to play at a Dubai casino. Being an independent casino or holding a license from one of these countries, means that Dubai casinos can accept all players. From all over the world. Allow players from Dubai the freedom to register and play at one of these top UAE casinos.

Plenty of Providers

Another advantage of playing at a Dubai casino is the top game providers on offer. Dubai casinos are not limited to how many game providers they can work with. Therefore, masses of great games with a huge selection to choose from. Gambling in Dubai just got a lot more fun. Certain providers however may have some location restrictions even though the casino itself will not. So make sure to use a VPN when playing. You will not only protect yourself from outside eyes but it will also open up a whole new world of gaming options.

Let’s not forget the difficulty of having a language barrier. For our readers who are not UK players. And perhaps a Dubai native. You may find that many of the non gamstop casinos we present do not offer your chosen language. While they do generally come in a range of languages. Arabic is not always top of the list. Playing at a Dubai casino means Dubai players can use the casino site in their native language for maximum comfort. It can even help those UK expats trying to improve their Arabic.

If that wasn’t reason enough, just the mere fact that Dubai and UAE online casinos give players the opportunity to gamble. They are VPN friendly casinos so players can enjoy casino sites such as 888 Arabic freely and without worry. Especially when it can sometimes feel impossible whilst living in Dubai. It is not like the UK with casinos on every corner. Where you can spend a few pounds at the drop of a hat.

What to expect from a Dubai Casino?

As you can see there are a number of great advantages to playing at an online casino in Dubai. But you may be wondering what makes a Dubai casino differ from a regular casino? Will I still find my favourite games at a Dubai casino? Let’s take a closer look at all the individual aspects of a Dubai casino and exactly what you can expect when playing.

Bonuses and Promotions at Dubai Casinos – كازينو العرب

Similar to new non gamstop casinos, casinos that accept players from Dubai generally offer high bonuses and promotions. The gambling industry introduces fresh, new casinos constantly making for strong competition. This goes for brand new casinos starting out as well as older, already established casinos. So new and old Dubai casinos alike, need to offer bigger and better bonuses if they want to make it in the Dubai gambling world. These Dubai casinos offer huge, over the top welcome bonuses to greet new players. However, it doesn’t stop there. Match bonuses, reloads, weekly special offers and free spins are just some of the great bonus offers you can expect to see in a Dubai casinos promotions page.

Rewards Programmes for casino in UAE

If you are a gambler and have gambled in a top casino such as the Ritz or Aspinall’s in London, the Bellagio, or MGM in Las Vegas or even the Atlantis in Bahamas. You are sure to have come across players throwing around huge amounts of money. As we all know, Arab players are amongst some of the highest rollers around. Therefore, it is vital for Dubai and UAE casinos to offer serious rewards programmes to their players. Casinos in Dubai, albeit online, want their players to feel the same luxurious, VIP experience when playing with them. This means rewarding players for their time, loyalty and well, money.

Rewards systems can include loyalty schemes with a loyalty points accumulation. Most Dubai casinos will have different tiers, so the more you spend, the more points you can earn. Casinos in Dubai are also known for having amazing cash back and real cash back offers. Once player hit an easily obtainable VIP player status. They will be able to claim high cash backs for their play on the occasions there are no winnings. Meaning players will always have a second chance to get their money back. The best part? This money is totally withdrawable.

Deposit Options at New Dubai Casinos

Gambling in Dubai is not always as easy as gambling in the UK. With the strict gambling laws in Dubai, you won’t find a casino at the Dubai Marina. However, the best online casinos make gambling in Dubai possible. And depositing options are a huge part of making gambling in Dubai possible. These top Dubai casinos ensure payments are swift and easy for players. Here are some of the payment method you can find at a UAE casino.

💱 Credit/Debit Card 

This is the most popular deposit method of any online casino. And online payments in general for that matter. UKGC casinos have issued a ban on credit card deposits causing problems for UK players. At Dubai casinos, credit card deposits are not a problem. However, when it comes to players from Dubai, things may be a little trickier as there are heavy gambling laws in Dubai and throughout the country. For UK players holidaying in Dubai or UK expats this is not an issue. Just simple use your UK cards to deposit. But for Dubai locals, some of the banks and card providers may not allow deposits to online gambling sites. In this case

💱 E-wallets

E-wallets are another popular deposit method for online casinos, especially casinos for Dubai players. These are online wallets, that allow players to make a deposit through their services. We have all heard of PayPal, right? Well, that is an online e-wallet. While PayPal generally do not allow their services to be used on gambling sites. There are plenty of other e-wallets available for depositing at Dubai casinos. The most common being Skrill or Neteller but you are sure to find plenty more. Both Skrill and Neteller are very similar and are equally easy to use and trustworthy as PayPal. These are a great option for playing at a Dubai casino as they offer an extra level of security to your online gambling.

💱 Prepaid Cards 

Prepaid cards or e-vouchers are another great payment option for Dubai casinos. A prepaid card is like a voucher. You can buy them in store or buy a virtual card online. You simply purchase the card and enter the cards code or card number when making a deposit. Although not the most common deposit method with regular casinos. This is a fantastic option for those who may feel wary about gambling at a Dubai casino. Depositing with a prepaid card is completely safe, secure, and most importantly private as you can make a deposit without using any of your personal details. Paysafe cards, Ecopayz and Visa prepaid are among popular choices.

💱 Cryptocurrencies 

Some say the days of cryptocurrencies has come and gone. However, this could not be further from the truth. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is stronger than ever. And still growing. Especially when it comes to gambling in Dubai. Depositing via a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin allows players to deposit with complete anonymity. Depositing at a Dubai casino anonymously is extremely appealing for all Dubai casino players. At the moment, Bitcoin and Etereum deposits are available at Dubai casino. But watch out as more cryptocurrencies become available for depositing at online casinos in Dubai.

Dubai Online Casinos

Accessibility and Comfort when Gambling in a Dubai Online Casinos

Here at the JustUK Club, we believe that access and comfort go hand in hand. If you do not have the right tools and the casino is not accessible on a certain device for example, then you are not going to be playing in comfort either.

No need to worry when playing at a Dubai casino. They are leading the way with their innovative online casino sites. You will find Dubai casinos are available on several devices. So, you can play straight from your smartphone as well as any tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. They offer a fully optimised mobile version for those playing on a smartphone or tablet. And the good news is that players will not need to compromise their gameplay at all. As all the great games will be available on mobile too. It is not like previous years, where playing on your phone meant missing out on many top games. Dubai casinos also work on all the latest software’s be it iOS, Android, Windows and more. Meaning players can always play their favourite games, whenever, wherever.

Not only can players access UAE casinos from any device, anywhere throughout the country. They will also be able to access the casino in Arabic as well as several other languages. Meaning no matter where you are originally from. When playing out of Dubai, you can enjoy the casino comfortably in your mother tongue.

Games at Dubai Online Casinos

Ever been on a cruise? Played at the Hard Rock casino in Florida? If you have, you will remember that there is an abundance of slot machines, with very few tables in sight. In fact, the hard rock casino in Florida do not even offer a single roulette table. This is not as uncommon as you may think. With hundreds of slots only casinos out there. While we all love a spin of the slots every now and then, it is not always enough. Especially for Arab players playing from Dubai. It is table games that are generally more popular in Arab countries. Players do not need to worry about game choice when playing at a Dubai casino. You will find everything and more at these top online casinos.


– Slots will always take up the most room in any online casino lobby. The same goes for Dubai casinos. 3-reel slots are available as well as 5-reel, video slots, progressive jackpots and more. Always offering a wide range of slot machines in just about any and everything theme imaginable. Whether you prefer a classic fruity, underwater theme, animals or even fantasy lands. Dubai casinos will have it all.

Table Games

– Table games do not get overlooked at online casinos in Dubai. With all the best sites providing a category dedicated to just table games. This way, players don’t need to sift through the masses of slots in order to find what you’re looking for. Table games on offer at Dubai casinos include all the classics such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Pokers. There are less classic but just as popular table games like Pai Gow and Sic Bo. And if that is not enough, all these great table games will come in multiple variations too. So, if you are a roulette or card player, you’re sure to find a great table to suit you.

Live Casino

– Live Casinos are extremely popular amongst Dubai casino players. These allow players to get a true and authentic casino experience whilst gambling in Dubai that you are not going to find anywhere else within the UAE. Once entering the lobby, you can pick from a wide range of tables to sit at. Just pick your game, be it Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat or one of the other great live casino games available. Once you’ve chosen your game, you can choose which dealer you would like to play with, or you can base it on the range of table minimums and maximums on offer. Depending on your playing level. Some live casino game providers even offer tables in Arabic especially for Arab players from Dubai casinos. So, keep an eye out for those.

Software Providers at New Dubai Casinos

Seeing as gambling in Dubai and the rest of the UAE is generally forbidden. It comes as no surprise that there are some game providers that also do not allow their games to be played from Dubai either. However, there aren’t as many as one might think. With plenty of the best software providers still operating in Dubai casinos. This leaves a lot of choice for Dubai players. And hey, even if your favourite provider is restricted. You will be using a VPN anyway so there is really no need to worry. Here is a list of just a few of the best game providers you can expect to see operating in a Dubai casino.

Dubai Online Casinos
SA Gaming

Dubai UAE Betting Sites for British Tourists

Racing, Horseracing, and other sporting events are and have always been extremely popular in the United Arab Emirates. But unlike many countries across the globe, it is not a hot spot for gambling and betting activities. In fact, quite the contrary, with betting on such events strictly forbidden. So, while you can enjoy some great sporting events, watch the horses, or even attend the Abu Dhabi grand prix. Placing a wager on what you think the outcome will be, is definitely not allowed. With heavy repercussions for anyone and everyone involved in such gambling activities.

This is hard for gamblers. Being right in the heart of some of the best sporting events in the world and not being able to place a bet. Enter Dubai betting sites. Dubai betting sites work the same as Dubai casinos. Strictly online as no betting shops are allowed anywhere in the country. Once again, we would advise to use a VPN when registering and using a Dubai betting site. The VPN will give ultimate privacy and security when choosing to play with an online Dubai betting site.

How to find the best Dubai Betting Sites

Once again, that is where we come in. Doing all the hard work so you do not have too. But do not worry we love it. Sifting through hundreds of online betting sites to find first and foremost, where accepts Dubai players. Then we go through the key factors to see which is the right choice for you. While many of the most important aspects of finding the best Dubai betting sites are the same as finding the best Dubai casino. It does vary slightly with certain key elements. Click here for more information on sports sites and list of handpicked bookmakers.

● Sportsbook

Of course the biggest factor to take into consideration when registering with a Dubai betting site is the sportsbook itself. It is important for the best betting sites to have a large variety of sports available to bet on. It should include a number of sports and sporting events as well as both local and international events.

● Sportsbook Bonus 

The welcome bonuses are generally not as large as with a Dubai casino. In fact, not even close. But considering the terms and massive difference between placing one bet and getting through a wagering, the welcome bonuses are still pretty good. The best Dubai casinos that also offer sports betting will give a welcome bonus both for the casino and then another one for betting. This means players can get the best of both worlds with double the bonus.

● Payments 

Payment methods are just as important as the sportsbook itself when it comes to betting sites in Dubai. There is no use in waiting for your favourite match or race, only to have trouble making a bet. Therefore, it is crucial for the best Dubai betting sites to offer fast and reliable payment options so players can deposit and withdraw with ease.

● Mobile 

Does the Dubai betting site have a mobile version? Well, it should in this day and age. We all do everything on our phones nowadays. Oldies included. Be it messaging, shopping, banking, or playing games. So why wouldn’t we want to gamble on our phones too. The best Dubai betting sites all have a fully optimised mobile version, or an app allowing punters to keep track of their bets and the match or race they have bet on. No matter where you are.

● Customer Care 

Need some help? You should always be able to find some to answer all of your questions when gambling online. We make sure that all the sites we feature on our best Dubai betting sites have a helpful team on hand to help whenever you need them.

Sports at Dubai Betting Sites

Sports are huge in the United Arab Emirates and it is home to some of the biggest sporting events in the world. For many people, UK players will know this especially, gambling and sports go hand in hand. Here are just a few of the many sports you can bet on at a Dubai betting site.

● Football 

Not only the UK favourite, but it is also a very popular game in Dubai and of course all around the world. It is only natural football betting will be on the list. Find new page for Online Casinos in Qatar.

● Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the UAE. This is largely down to the expatriate population. Believe it or not, not from the UK though. More from Southeast Asia. Not to mention, the locals in Dubai have too grown to love the game.

● Boxing

Boxing is already a huge, well established industry. Yet somehow, it is still managing to grow in popularity. With fans around the world staying up all hours of the night to watch certain fights. Bet on your favourite at a Dubai betting site.

● Horseracing 

Horse Racing is one of Dubai’s favourite pastimes. From the local racetrack to annual horseracing events. Now Dubai natives can bet on their horse with the help of a top Dubai betting site.

● Formula 1 

Home to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, it is safe to say that formula 1 racing is huge in UAE. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix alone attracts thousands of people each year. It is normal that many fans will want to place a wager on the outcome.

Dubai Online Casinos

What does the future hold for Dubai Gambling?

While the United Arab Emirates may be one of the friendlier countries within the middle east. Welcoming other nations with open arms, it holds and maintains a diverse population. As well as opening up for business for people around the world. They are still an extremely religious country. And with it being the religious component of the county that is responsible for the illegality of gambling in UAE, we don’t see the gambling laws in Dubai changing any time soon. While this could change one day, it will be a day very far away. With the country still holding strong religious beliefs and having a strong economy so they do not need to rely on gambling for a boost. It may not happen in our lifetime.

How To Pick The Best Dubai Casino?

Many online casinos are available in the UAE. Regardless of the restrictions faced by internet gambling sites in the UAE. All the Dubai casino sites featured on our list are safe and trustworthy. You can learn more info about these casinos by reading the reviews we provide.

How to pick the best Dubai casino justuk
How to pick the best Dubai casino justuk

In these reviews, we cover games, bonuses, financials, customer service, and other factors that affect your gaming experience. We are fully aware of the Emirati gamblers needs and want to help them. Therefore, on this page, we provide you with all the basic info that you need to know. Also, you can view reviews of Dubai casinos. If you have any further inquiry, you can write us by e-mail as well.

Reviewing Standards of Casino In UAE

Casino in UAE reviewing process is not easy! When choosing an online gambling site, it is necessary to consider many standards that affect the game-play experience, namely:

The casino license

Quality of games

Payment methods


Customer support

Below we will explain in detail the criteria we use when choosing Dubai betting sites.


The trusted casino business begins with obtaining a license from a legal committee. This license allows the casino to operate legally and it indicates the casino credibility and its commitment to fair gaming policies.

The license is also an indicator of the transparency in financial operations and the quality of the casino software.

The online gambling sites in the UAE that we recommend to play in are licensed by many committees such as the Malta Gaming Authority, UKGC, and Curacao gambling board.

Games’ Quality

Another aspect that we focus on when evaluating Dubai betting sites is the quality of games. Our recommended casinos offer you offer various types of casino games such as:



Scratch cards



Video poker

Live dealer games

When you review the Best casino in Dubai, we shed light on the game library, the betting limits, and the friendliness with portable devices. Also, we consider the software providers. Ideally, the casino should cooperate with top tier studios like Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming. Some premium Dubai casinos like (888 casino) offer exclusive games developed by linked companies such as (Dragonfish). Other casinos prefer to deal with new game developers to provide a modern game library. Since the available gaming options are quite large. All Dubai casinos offer players the demo variants to try any game for free before risking real money.

Conclusion on games

In general, every casino offers a huge range of games. Whether you are a blackjack fan or a roulette fond. You will be able to have fun and profits from your favourite games.
Thanks to the recent development in the online gambling industry. you can enjoy playing your favourite casino games on your smartphone. Without sacrificing the game quality. This gives you the chance to play your preferred games on the go even if you don’t have time to sit in front of your desktop and access the Dubai casino.

The best mobile gambling sites in UAE are compatible with the operating systems of all mobile devices out there. This means that you can play casino games on iPhone, Android, Windows phone, and Blackberry.

Payment Methods

The best UAE casino sites offer a wide variety of payment methods for their players. You can use a wire bank transfer which takes 1 – 2 working days. While if you want to use a faster method, you can deposit and withdraw using MasterCard and Visa. Also, players can use EWallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.


UAE casino sites offer many bonuses for Emirati players. Including a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, and free spins. Thanks to the available bonuses offered by online casinos in the UAE. You can enjoy playing your favourite games and win real money with less risks and without issuing more deposits!

Customer Support

Of course, you will not face a problem every time you play in one of the casinos. However, it is important to make sure that the casino provides its players with the support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can reach them through various means such as live chat, hotline, and email.

Gambling laws in UAE | Are there casinos in Dubai?

The UAE prohibits all forms of traditional gambling! Under Emirati law, anyone who gambled exposes himself to a two-year prison sentence or a fine of 20 thousand dirhams! While the person who runs a gambling place is punished with imprisonment for up to 10 years!

However, the law has not prohibited online gambling. The UAE government, or any government in the world, does not own the mechanisms that enable them to monitor users' activities online. So, the online casino guarantees you the highest level of privacy and security!

Age verification

When registering for an online casino, you must make sure that it accepts Emirati players. You must be committed to gambling according to the laws of the casino country. These laws state that the player must be 18 years of age or older, use his own payment methods, and give the casino correct and accurate data.

Despite the strictness of the UAE law towards traditional gambling, in May 2020 the prizes for the first edition of the Emirati lottery (Emirates Lotto) were awarded, in which the Syrian player Roger Al-Fraih and another Pakistani player won 500,000 dirhams each!

The legalization of the UAE lottery may be a sign of hope for players in changing the strict legislation towards gambling and betting. Especially with the great wave of openness that the UAE and all Gulf countries are witnessing at present.

Privacy and security in UAE online casinos

Gambling at Emirates online casino can be fun, profitable, and safe if you can ensure that the casino you are playing in guarantees that your personal and financial info is secure.

If you are not able to obtain accurate data about the security that the casino offers to its customers. You can choose another casino to participate in, or contact customer service before creating a new account.

Trusted casinos use the highest encryption protocols that convert your personal and financial data into complex codes. So, no one can read or decrypt it. You can ensure that the casino is using encryption techniques by using the padlock symbol next to the casino link in the address bar, and the presence of the word (HTTPS) before the link.

Registration process

In the registration form, the casino will ask you to enter a nickname, which is the name that will appear to customer service agents, live casino dealers, and other players. Your real name will never be shown to them!

Reputable casinos offer games from well-known companies (Microgaming, Playtech, and Cryptologic) and if you see any of these company names in the casino then that means the casino is trustworthy!

You can also maintain the security and privacy of your data using a strong password, face print, or fingerprint.

You can also get the highest level of security by using a VPN service that changes your device's IP address and give it another address in another country. There are some free VPN services such as (Opera VPN) and paid services such as (Express VPN, and Norton VPN).

Types of UAE online casinos

Online casinos are also referred to as “virtual casinos”. Because they give you the chance to play, bet and win real money online without having to go to a real casino!

These casinos offer you a higher percentage of winnings and odds than land-based casinos. They publish pay-percentage reports for the games they offer with transparency and clarity.

There are 4 types of online casinos. Namely; live casinos, mobile casinos, and casinos that offer sports betting options besides games.

Live Dealer Casinos – Dubai UAE

All Live Dealer games are presented by a real dealer who manages the game. Deals the cards. Throws the roulette ball. Congratulates the winning players!

At the begging of each live game, you will see a digital programmed interface that you can place your bets on. Then you can watch the live show and get in touch with the dealer or other players using the live chat feature and the dealer will respond to you directly during the stream.

Real Money Games

Dealers use real cards and a physical roulette wheel in the live broadcasts. Thus, these games are very similar to the traditional casino games, and there is no possibility of cheating or prejudice!

In the live casino, various table games are offered such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Since these games are competitive and depend on skill, the live casino is the perfect place to enjoy them. As you will compete against a dealer and real players. Also, you can apply any of the betting strategies as if you were in a traditional casino!

In addition, the live casino section on any casino showcase great game offers such as Monopoly. These games are based on the idea of ​​the wheel of fortune that the dealer rotates until it stopped on one option. If you were lucky enough to bet on this winning option, you will win your bet and get the profit!

The betting limits on live games start at $1. While the maximum bet on a single spin is up to $15,000 at some of the VIP tables!

Mobile casino UAE

In the recent period, most casino players have moved from playing on the computer to playing through smartphones. Due to the development of their capabilities. Their advanced operating systems. The compatibility of the size of the screens with the casino games.

The mobile casino gives players the ability to play at any time and from anywhere. Provided that you are connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network or through phone data. Also, it guarantees players the highest degree of safety and privacy thanks to the multiple security technologies they have.

Tablet or Smartphone Casino

All online casinos offer an HTML5 interface that you can access from your smartphone's browser. whether it is running on Android or iPhone. This interface guarantees you to enjoy casino games for real money or for free without sacrificing the graphic and audio quality of the games, functions, or betting options. In short, you can keep your favourite games in your pocket.

If you have enough space on your smartphone, you can download the casino app. Through this app, you can enjoy games, make deposits and withdrawals, get in touch with customer service, get bonuses, and operate any of the other casino functions.

It is worth noting that there are many online casinos that offer mobile players special bonuses. You can get notified of them via phone messages, e-mail, or app notifications.

Dubai Betting Sites

Lots of online casinos offer you options to wager on all sports. In addition to non-sports areas as well such as eGames, politics, and weather conditions!

However, football is always the most popular sport in the world. You can get the best winning odds from the football championships such as World Cup, European Nations Championship, Asian Nations Championship, African Champions League, Club World Cup. Dubai betting sites also offer local UAE leagues such as Gulf Arab League, President's Cup, and Emirates Cup.

While random guessing can pay you a lot. Experience and knowledge always help you to make a profit in the long run from Dubai betting sites! Therefore, you should bet on one or two sports at most and follow their news constantly. Read the reports and analyzes that are published in the sports newspapers online to get the best odds. Also, should commit to gambling within your own budget and not exceed it under any circumstances. Instead, you can take advantage of the that the Dubai casino offers!

Dubai betting sites give you a great chance to place live bets on sports matches. In addition, many sites offer you free live streams of various sports matches.

Betting types

There are many betting options that you can place on matches, such as:

Determining the winning team

Predicting the final score

The result of the first or second half

Determining the starting line-up

Players who will score the goals

Scoring time

Users who will suffer injuries

Players who will get Yellow /red cards

Average shots on goal / corners / penalties.

We recommend Emirati players to start with one or two types of bets such as (determining the winner of the match). Then players can expand their betting choice.

Sports betting is based on a basic rule that the higher the risk, the greater the profits. Also, the lower the risk, the lower the profits.

For example, if Fujairah FC faces Barcelona, ​​all the odds will indicate that FC Barcelona will win. So, the winning percentage from betting on Fujairah Club will be lower and if you bet on them, you will get low winning chances, but you can get very high winnings if the team wins. So, it is imperative that you rely on accurate odds and stats and not let emotions dictate your betting options!

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Insteresting numbers for reviewed brands in Dubai for Brits.
🇦🇪 Number of Dubai Casinos / UAE 7+
🇦🇪 Min. Deposit $10 – 20
🇦🇪 Dubai Arabian Games 30+ Poker, Roulette, Slots, Bingo
🇦🇪 Payments Visa Credit Card, Master Card, BTC, AMEX
🇦🇪 Top Dubai Casino Betfinal Casino
🇦🇪 Gambling License Curacao, MGA
🇦🇪 UAE/UK Accepted Yes
🇦🇪 Reviewed Dubai Casinos 10+
Infograph table for Dubai Casinos

FAQs about Casinos in UAE

Is it safe to play at an online casino in Dubai?

Playing at an online casino in Dubai is as safe as playing at an online casino anywhere else. Be sure to read through our guides and reviews so you can choose a reputable online casino and gamble safely.

Are there any land-based casinos in Dubai?

No, unfortunately at the moment there are no land-based casinos anywhere in Dubai. In fact, there aren’t any anywhere within the UAE. Therefore, players will have to stick to gambling online in Dubai.

Which deposit methods shall I use at a casino in the UAE?

There are several safe and secure deposit methods available to players at UAE casinos. We advise to use untraceable deposit methods when gambling in the UAE. Check out our guide on depositing in the United Arab Emirates.

Can I claim bonuses at UAE casinos?

Yes, you can. In fact, some of the biggest and best bonuses around are coming from Dubai and UAE casinos. Offering lucrative promotions to all players.

Is horserace betting legal in UAE?

There is horse betting that is permissible in the UAE. However, it is only allowed at a minute number of locations. Other than horse or camel racing. No other sports betting is legal in the UAE.