Gam-Anon Problem Gambling Service Review

Gam-Anon Problem Gambling Service Review

If you have a gambling problem and you want to offer a solution to your partner, relative or friend who has a gambling problem, congratulations, you are already halfway to recovery. Acknowledging the problem is only half the solution. Fortunately, today there are many organizations dedicated to providing free support to people who are addicted to gambling. One of the free services you can turn to in the UK is GamAnon UK.

Gam-Anon is a fellowship for men and women who have also been affected by this problem and gathered to share their experiences, strength and hope with each other. This means that the fellowship does not provide treatment mainly to those who suffer from the problem of gambling addiction, but to their relatives and acquaintances in the first place

This service provides its patrons with assistance and comfort and teaches them how to understand the problem of gambling and the extent of its impact on their lives. In this review, we will learn more about this service and how it works. Review prepared by

What Is Gam-Anon?

At the addiction centre Gam-Anon, they like to do things slightly differently than others. There are no admission, but day treatments. No impersonal reception, but the director himself welcomes you. No large groups, but a group of five. And most importantly: no months-long waiting list, but immediate help. And recovery? At Gam-Anon, you do that with you and your loved ones.

No Other Addictions

They are an addiction service that only treats gamblers who want to stop gambling. Why? Because they believe that they can help you the very best. After all, every addiction is different and needs its own approach. And because they work in small groups, you recognize yourself better in the stories of other gambling or game addicts. They are convinced that they can help you faster, better and more effectively.

What Can You Expect From Gam-Anon?

Gam-Anon offers you a specialized addiction treatment programme and their experience experts support and guide you in quitting. The most important thing to them? Maximize your chances of recovery. Working together on recovery and being strong in life again.

On your first visit, you have an intake interview with the practitioners. Their case manager will then discuss the administrative part with you. Receiving the various documents needed to treat you and other practical matters. Prior to your first visit, you will get an email from them stating what you need to bring and with whom you have an appointment for the intake.

How Do They Do That?

As specialists in the field of gaming and gambling addiction, they help prevent problems and want to improve addiction treatment. Becoming addicted is not a conscious choice. Coming and staying in recovery, on the other hand, is.

They help you to restore and balance respectfully so that you can regain control of your life. Your thinking, feeling and acting change positively. You start from your own strength.

GamAnon UK Fellowship Review

The GamAnon UK Foundation is an organization that offers help to people who have a problem gambling and to people who have problems with the gambling behaviour of someone they love. This takes the form of structural group meetings of anonymous gamblers and the gamblers' relatives.

Gambling addicts can drive their own lives and those of their loved ones into an extremely worrying situation.

Finances are in a bad state: plundered savings accounts, sky-high debts, and mortgages that people can no longer afford. Gambling addiction also has a social and emotional impact. For example, feelings of fear and guilt are the rule rather than the exception. At least as much damage has been done to partners and other loved ones. When such difficulties arise, gamblers and their loved ones look for a solution. People often end up with a GamAnon UK group. Although the situation can be very worrying, GamAnon UK group members can eventually lead a normal and healthy life again.

GamAnon UK meetings are organized every week in many places and virtually in the UK and Ireland.

There are group meetings for people with a gambling addiction: the meetings of the Anonymous Gamblers. In addition, separate group meetings are organized for people who want to learn how to deal with a loved one's problematic gambling.

What are the goals of Gam-Anon?

Gam-Anon can offer you a new way of life as it has 4 main goals that it strives to achieve and they are:

  • Encouraging and understanding the gambler and not issuing judgments against him.
  • Know how to understand problem gambling and how it affects our lives.
  • Provide assistance to people who have a gambling problem.
  • Using carefully designed programs and suggestions to rebuild our lives again.