Are Non GamStop brands the Best Option for UK Players

Are Non GamStop Operators the Best Option for UK Players?

We receive many questions from British players who want to try non GamStop casinos but they have concerns about the possibility of ban, the potential impact on credit score, or fear of fraud. Although we have previously answered all these questions in detail in our detailed guides, we have decided to provide brief answers to all these questions here.

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Is There Anything that Prevents British players From Playing at Non GamStop Brands?

The short answer is: No! All UK players, whether they are on GamStop or not, can play at any of the non-UK casinos. Generally speaking, British casinos are not different in any way from non GamStop casinos.

Offshore casinos hold statutory licenses issued by reputable gaming commissions, including:

These committees impose the same conditions as the UKGC. Furthermore, these sites use the same security and encryption protocols as British casinos.

Offshore casinos also deal with the same game providers whose games you can find in British casinos. Thus, there is no worry or fear of being defrauded or scammed. However, even though the mainstream of non GamStop casinos includes safe and reliable sites, there are some black sheep that you should avoid at all costs.

We are here to recommend the best casinos without GamStop ever and warn you about other unreliable sites.

Will a VPN Bypass GamStop?

Although VPN apps are effective in avoiding targeted bandwidth throttling, it will not help GamStop players access UK casinos during the self-exclusion period.

GamStop shares players' personal data (full name, email, date of birth) to block them from accessing gambling sites again. Thus, when using any of the VPN apps, all that will change is your location, but your full name or date of birth will not. Thus, the gambling site will quickly detect that you are a GamStop registrant and will ban you from accessing it.

Furthermore, for gamblers in, it is not recommended to use apps that change geo locations since most of the UK casinos already ban them. However, on the contrary casinos without GamStop allow their use.

We have reviewed the terms and conditions of most of the trusted non-GamStop casinos and did not find that they prohibit the use of apps that change users' IP address. However, this does not apply to British casinos. Next, we have provided the terms of VPN use in some UK casinos:

Virgin Games

“Illegal Wagering is Void: We do not accept liability for any breach by you of the applicable laws of your country of residence, including but not limited to, adjustment of a VPN (virtual private network) in an attempt to appear to reside in a territory from which we accept users, the creation of end user accounts using fraudulent and/or stolen user details or the attempted use of the Website as a means of criminal depositing funds obtained from, illegal or fraudulent activities.


“PROHIBITED PRACTICES: if you are gambling with us whilst located in any territory other than the UK (including if you use a VPN or any similar technology to disguise your location);”

British CasinosNon UK Casinos
VPN AllowanceNoYes

Can You Still Gamble With GamStop?

If you want to play during your self-exclusion period, this means that signing up for GamStop was not a good decision in the first place! However, this does not mean that you have to wait until the end of your self-exclusion period to resume gambling; you can place bets through your partner or friend's account. However, this method is prohibited by British casinos. Also, it may create a conflict between you and your friend/partner if you win the jackpot!

The obvious solution that does not have any downsides is to play at any of the independent casinos easily. All you have to do is choose any of the sites we recommend on our site and play there. The task will not require you more than 4 minutes and you will be ready to start playing immediately.

Does GamStop Affect Credit Score?

The definitive answer is no! GamStop goal is to help people with addictive tendencies towards gambling and it does not harm their banking. However, borrowing money excessively to place more bets can hurt a player's credit score. Therefore, we always advise our readers to avoid using credit cards when playing at online casinos. In addition, the player should always set a budget and not exceed it under any circumstances.

GamStop doesn’t affect players’ credit score


In this article, we have answered all the questions that concern you about bypassing GamStop registration. Although you can't resume playing at British gambling sites, you can play at offshore casinos. Furthermore, they can freely use the VPN to play there. On the other hand, registration with GamStop does not affect the user's credit rating.

Finally, we always advise our readers to choose one of the gambling sites we recommend to enjoy a fair and trouble-free gaming experience.

If you have more questions that we haven't answered here, you can leave them in a comment below. Either way, we will respond quickly!