How to Bet on the BBC Personality of the Year

How to Bet on the BBC Personality of the Year?

The BBC Personality of the Year award started in 1954. During the next 67 years, it has been very popular among UK citizens and abroad as well. So, it makes sense that this event is very popular at online bookmakers and traditional betting shops as well.

The winners of this event are announced in December of each year. Meaning that this bet is long-term, and so it offers big profits.

Although trying to predict the Sports Personality of the Year can be difficult as this title covers both individual and team sports, the profits are worth risking. Also, there are side categories of this event that you can easily predict such as the Team of the Year.

If you want to find out more info about the BBC Personality of the Year award keep reading this guide!

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How to Bet on BBC Personality of the Year (SPOTY)?

Although BBC Personality (SPOTY) is a British-based event that takes place yearly, It is available on every online sports betting site! Simply because it is preferred by a large base of British bettors as well as punters around the world. In addition, this event indicates the results of many other titles and championships.

On most of the bookies, you will find a dedicated page that shows the odds of the favourites and underdogs. Although the selection area can be very large, sports betting sites narrow it down because the winner of the title must have won a championship during the year. For example, the race driver who receives the Formula 1 title is a favourite. Likewise, the player who receives the Golden Boot. And the most prominent player on the rugby team and snooker. So, the range of choice is not as unlimited as you might imagine.

Furthermore, the betting odds will make it easier for you to discover which player is closest to winning the title; Bets on the favourite player who has the highest odds will offer lesser payouts, and vice versa as well.

It is worth noting that all bookmakers allow you to discover your potential winnings through the betting calculator before confirming your bet. So, it will be easier for you to lay a bet.

What BBC Personality of the Year Bets Are Available?

Although most eyes are on the outright winner, it is also possible to bet on other BBC personality of the year awards like the Team of the Year, Coach of the Year, World Sport Star of the Year, Helen Rollason Award, Unsung Hero, Young Unsung Hero, Young Sports Personality of the Year, Expert Panel Special Award.

In the next section, we will discuss the most prominent titles in more detail.

  1. The Outright Winner

The outright winner is the player who will be awarded the BBC Personality of the Year title. Overall, this prize is the most prominent in the BBC Sports Personality list. Betting placed on this title offers high payouts, but not the highest at all.

  1. Team of the Year

All British football, cricket and rugby teams in all leagues, people, compete for the title of Team of the Year! Although that deciding the best team in all sports may be hard, it is measured by the achievements and championships that the teams won. Therefore, from this perspective, it is easy to determine the best British sports team. For example, you can make a shortlist for all British sports teams that have won championships during the current year and pick the most brilliant team of them.

  1. Young Sports Personality of the Year

This title is the most difficult of all for sports bettors because it is awarded to athletes under the age of 17! Of course, it is very difficult to keep track of the performance of these young players because their matches are not as competitive as the adults’ competitions. However, the odds of the Young Sports Personality of the Year are very high. This may be reason enough for you to follow the Young Athlete's competitions!

How to Place a Bet on the BBC Personality of the year?

Although prediction can be a difficult task, placing a bet is easy for all players, even for the complete novice! all you need to do is choose a bookmaker not on GamStop and create a new account. Then select the nominee and enter your bet amount to know your expected winnings and then activate your bet! Note that the sooner you place your bet, the higher odds you will get.

Depending on the bookmaker you wager at, betting on this event may be available since the beginning of the year or a few weeks before its launch.

In addition, as the BBC Personality of the Year gets closer many bookmakers promote special bonuses and limited-time offers that you can obtain. Mostly, these bonuses can be free bets, insurance, or even cash reward on your next deposit. You can use this offer to apply the matched betting strategy and get certain winning odds. See also BBC on GAMSTOP: it's defective!