How to Bet on UFC at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

How to Bet on UFC at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

Bet on UFC? MMA is one of the combat sports that has become very popular in recent years. So, it is not surprising that the demand for MMA betting is growing tremendously at non GamStop sports betting sites.

In this article, we will discuss the most important rules of the UFC betting sport, and share with you all of the different types of bets that you can make during a UFC fight. However, keep in mind that it is unlikely that you will find all the betting markets available in one place. So, we advise you to choose one of the reliable sports betting sites that we recommend to you on our platform.

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What Is UFC?

MMA is an acronym for “Mixed Martial Arts”. Exactly as the name indicates, this sport is a mixture of a wide range of martial arts.

The most famous promotion of the MMA is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization. The UFC has been the ultimate proving ground for MMA athletes who dedicate themselves to rising to the top. This American federation was created to promote competitions where fighters can play in different styles. This is also what distinguishes MMA from other martial arts as it is not based on footwork and striking punches only as the ability to fight on the ground and arm locks are just as important.

There are also some other federations that organize MMA fights. To participate in a certain tournament, the fighter must be a member of the organizing association. The disadvantage of this is that some fighters cannot fight against each other because they are not allowed to play against players from another organization due to contractual obligations, just like in wrestling.

Besides the UFC, Bellator MMA, World Series of Fighting, and Championship One are other leading organizations within the sport of MMA.

In the UFC match, two participants compete against each other in a ring or a cage, depending on the type of competition. Athletes compete against each other in three rounds of five minutes. However, in the main events, the match includes five rounds of five minutes. Between rounds, fighters have one minute to catch their breath.

What Are The Different Ways to Win a Fight in the UFC?

Battles can be won in several ways, which are:

  • Knockout. The traditional fight-ending and winning criterion in many combat sports. It is a heavy blow to the head that renders the opponent unable to continue boxing causing losing consciousness and possibly other injuries.
  • Decision Victory. This is the most common way to win UFC fights. If the fight continues to the end, neither of the athletes can be declared the winner, which may sound initially unfair. So, there are three judges who evaluate each fight and score each fighter up to 10 points in each round, while the opponent must get less points, to win the round. A fighter has to win at least 2 rounds to win the match.
  • Submission. This occurs when a fighter yields to his opponent as a result of any painful holding position, such as an arm choke, wrist lock, or twisting.
  • Technical Knockout (TKO). The ending of a fight by the referee, the fighter's corner or the doctor. 
  • Forfeit. A fighter can forfeit the match before the fight if he is injured and unable to fight.
  • No contest. If one or both fighters are constantly breaking the rules, a no contest can be called.

As you can see, one MMA match can end in many ways. So, it is very difficult to predict the winner or the way the match will end. The fighter can be very favoured and still lose in the smallest of ways. For a neutral viewer, this is fun, but if you decide to bet on the UFC, it can also cause some stress.

Famous UFC Fighters

Even if you don't know anything about the UFC, you can't ignore Conor McGregor, a former multi-time UFC champion who even held that title in multiple weight divisions for a while. This Irish fighter is the most famous person to ever step into UFC. McGregor started his professional career in 2008 and has only had four defeats since then!

There are also many other famous fighters in the Netherlands who participate in UFC. The best Dutch player right now is Gegard Musasi, who is the current Bellator Middleweight Champion. Previously fought in the UFC, DREAM and Strikeforce.

Another famous UFC fighter is Alistair Overeem. He fought for the title in the UFC heavyweight division. However, unfortunately, he never became a UFC champion. This player has both Strikeforce and DREAM titles in his trophy cabinet.

Among the women, Germaine de Randamie is a well-known name within the UFC betting. She is the first female fighter to win the UFC featherweight title, a title she later relinquished.

How Can You Bet on the UFC?

Whether you are new to sports betting in general or have never bet on UFC before, the following steps will surely help you break-ground and place your first bet confidently.

Register With a Trusted Non GamStop Bookmaker

Non GamStop sports betting sites offer a wide range of sports that you can bet on, including, of course, the UFC. To register with one of these sites, all you have to do is go to the site and then click on the green “sign-up” tab. Then, fill out the registration form.

Choose MMA/UFC From the Sports Menu

Navigate to the bookmaker main menu, then search on UFC/MMA tab and click on it.

Pick a Match to Bet on

When you get to the UFC section, it's time to choose the match you want to bet on. 

Confirm Your Bet & Wait For the Result

If you're confident of winning, click the confirm bet button. Now all that remains is to wait until the end of the game and hope your prediction is correct.

UFC Betting Options

Just like betting on tennis and cycling, there are several ways to bet on UFC. Below, we will discuss the most prominent of these types.

Please note: UFC matches can be very unpredictable. This means that they take on high risks, but they can also offer very high payouts.

Moneyline Bets (To-Win)

This is the simplest and most popular way to bet on sports. The concept is very simple; You bet on the winner of the event, regardless of the method of victory, the time it takes, or any other variable.

Over/Under Rounds

You can also bet on the number of rounds in UFC betting. As already mentioned, a fight in MMA lasts three rounds (with some exceptions), each of which lasts five minutes. This does not mean that each match must last three rounds; sometimes the game may end after only 2 rounds (or maybe even a few minutes). Consider, for example, a (technical) knockout.

This provides an additional option for sports betting. With over/under market, you bet on the number of rounds the game lasts. Who wins is not important in this case.

Proposition Bets

Special bets are not stable markets like moneyline or over/under, they are suggested events that you can bet on their occurrence or non-occurrence. There are still plenty of ways to bet on this sport and they include:

  • What is the duration of the match (in minutes)?
  • What is the number of takedowns?
  • How does the battle end? (By decision, by knockout or surrender).

As you can see, these events are really hard to predict. Thus, bookmakers offer the highest odds for them. Also, many non GamStop sportsbooks allow punters to combine multiple props to create an ACCA bet, which increases the potential profits considerably.

On some non GamStop sites, it is possible to bet before and during the match. This way you can place additional bets on the course of the match. This can increase your profits, but also increase your risk of losing. However, you can bet more accurately on the outcome, because you can see who is enjoying the game.

UFC Non Gamstop Betting Strategy

As with many other sports, many people wonder if you can get rich by betting on sports. The answer to this question is a big no!

There is undoubtedly a small group of people who make huge sums from sports betting, but this is not the norm. Most non GamStop bookmakers determine odds based on the large amounts of data they have about the event that regular gamers can't gather or analyze.

So there is no guarantee of a profitable strategy when betting on the UFC betting. However, there are ways to reduce the risk as much as possible. These still don't offer a guarantee of winning, but they do give you more certainty.

The main way to form a strategy is to watch a lot of UFC betting matches. This is how you gain the most knowledge and learn more and more about this world. It is worth noting that not all UFC matches are televised. At the moment, Discovery + / Eurosport is the only one that broadcasts UFC matches, but they require a paid subscription.

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