How to Bypass GamStop?

Bypass Gamstop? According to the stats of GamStop, up to 20% of players have attempted to bypass GamStop before the end of their cooling off period. Of course, this does not mean that the GamStop scheme is a failure or that it is not working for what it was designed for, but simply that there are a lot of people who participate in it without knowing what it is for. For example, online gamblers forums are full of complaints from players who believe that GamStop is a scheme designed to keep them away from one particular site and not all British gambling sites.

How to Bypass GamStop

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Although all these reasons indicate that the user did not read the terms and conditions of GamStop before subscribing to it (which is the unfortunate feature of our time). This will not help him to cancel his subscription to the service! There are some gambling sites available on the internet that advise players to use sneaky ways to bypass GamStop such as using someone else’s account or using a VPN app. However, these methods are unsafe when your money is at stake because they simply violate the terms of all British gambling sites and new non GamStop casinos.

Since all gambling sites are required by legal gaming commissions to implement the KYC protocol, the player must not use their real ID, at which point they will be banned from participating in GamStop!

Does this mean that there is absolutely no hope of playing again?! Of course, no! All players can enjoy playing it easily and safely and get their winnings as well without any problems, even with a GamStop subscription. In this guide, we’ll show you how!

What is GamStop?

GamStop was launched in 2017 and is a leading charity launched to help problem gamblers control their online gambling behaviour.

The service is optional, completely free, and only available to residents of the UK. Once you sign up for this service, you will be denied access to all gambling sites and apps operated by licensed gambling companies in Great Britain. Of course, the subscription to this service is optional, which means that your casino will not recommend you to subscribe to this service, but you will only find the unique logo of this badge located in the bottom margin of the home page of the gambling site.

When subscribing to GamStop, the service will ask you to provide four basic data. Note that for the success of the self exclusion system, you must complete these data accurately and comprehensively, as follows:

  • Date of Birth
  • Current address and zip code (it is important that you enter any addresses you have lived in previously).
  • Your email (it is important that you enter any email you have used in the past).
  • Your smartphone number (it is important to record any mobile phone numbers you have used in the past).

Immediately after registering with GamStop, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. The e-mail will likely include more info about your current situation, how to contact support and even similar apps that you can register with to stay away from gambling. If you want to get more info about the scheme, you can contact the support department, and you will get a response within a max of 24 hours. If your GamStop subscription has not expired, you will not be able to play on the UK sites.

Can You Bypass GamStop?

You may have had a bad day in the past that led to self exclusion, or you may have been involved in a problematic game. In which case, the first thing that comes to your mind might be to sign up for a GamStop.

In fact, this is not an ideal decision since GamStop caters to a special group of gamblers, players who have a problem with gambling addiction which affects their financial freedom, financial security and the stability of their families.

So, for any player who asks: “Can you bypass GamStop?” Unfortunately, there is no way! However, if you don’t mind subscribing to unlicensed UK gambling sites, you can check out the list provided on this page which includes the best offshore sites which do not require reverse GamStop at all.

The second and seemingly intuitive way is to wait until the end of the self exclusion period. After that, you can send a message to GamStop and make a formal request to deactivate your account.

This process will include a period of 24 hours. After that, you can resume gambling at UK casinos. Sometimes, to stop GamStop it may take a little longer as the casinos need to check if your bacta self exclusion has expired.

The third method (which is a highly improbable adventure) is to provide data that is different from the data you registered with on GamStop, including:

  • Date of Birth
  • Current address and zip code
  • Mobile number

As for the address and the mobile number, it is possible to change them, but for the date of birth, it is certainly difficult!

How to Gamble With GamStop?

According to GamStop, the service admits that it contains a serious loophole, which is that the player must constantly update his data and thus stay away from gambling.

If this condition is not met and you use up-to-date data on a British gambling site, you may be able to sign up, deposit, play and win without any risk!

It is very likely that addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers will change over time. So, not updating your data means that your self exclusion will be less effective. However, exploiting this vulnerability is risky since the GamStop database includes immutable data such as name and date of birth.

Thus, even if you manage to sign up and play at a British casino, you may not be able to withdraw your winnings because the casino will ask you to receive your winnings by submitting your personal documents.

The best way to beat the Game Stop is to live with it. If you are wondering, “how to gamble with GamStop?” The simple answer is simply: play at offshore casinos. This way, you can enjoy a safe, fair and trouble free gaming experience as well.

Why Are UK Players Joining GamStop?

The idea behind GamStop is very simple as the player creates a new account when he discovers that he has problems with gambling and would like to distance himself from online casinos.

Once the problem is resolved and the time has passed, he can go back to playing at British slots without any problem, but the problem is that the player wants to resume playing before the predetermined period has passed. However, players do not create a GamStop account with a clear mind or when they feel they are at risk of gambling addiction.

The most common reason to participate in GamStop, in general, is the claims of family members, which causes players to choose the longest period of self exclusion. Therefore, once they sign up for GamStop, these players think of ways and means to undo or get around it. In addition, there are plenty of other reasons for players to sign up for GamStop, including being frustrated or feeling sorry for the money they’ve lost before.

It is also possible for players to create accounts on GamStop not knowing how this scheme works, or they think that it includes one or a few online casinos, which is a serious mistake.

How Popular Is GamStop?

To answer this question, we first need to understand the reasons why players gamble online. Although gambling is a fun and exciting way to try your luck, it takes a dangerous turn for some players who think that it is a quick and convenient way to get rich, a substitute for work or even a means of making a living.

In fact, these concepts are largely fueled by the media. News of rags-to-riches stories and mind blowing stories from real life winners of lotto, WSOP tournaments, and progressive slots only make matters worse!

Since all casino games have a fast pace, a problem gambler can suffer heavy losses in just one playing session. To rescue players who are at risk of gambling addiction, GamStop was established.

During the year 2020, due to the spread of the epidemic and the restrictions of the lockdown that has prompted all people around the world to stay in their homes for longer periods, the number of GamStop registrants has increased significantly, but there is more than meets the eyes as search engines show that most of the searches related to GamStop were mostly about how to cancel a self-exclusion subscription!

Although GamStop has gained a lot of traction lately, many people don’t seem too keen on continuing to stick to their self exclusion state. The problem with self exclusion is that there is no easy way to cancel it. If you have already subscribed to GamStop, you will be stuck until the end of the exclusion period, which is a problem for most people who subscribe to GamStop.

How Do You Live With GamStop?

Believe us when we say this, we understand what you can feel when you want to spin the slots’ wheels or when you want to bet on a hand. However, you can’t because your self exclusion period isn’t over yet.

The main problem with GamStop is that the minimum self exclusion period is six months, and it can be up to 5 years. Sure, this can be a big problem if you want to keep playing for the first month.

If you are wondering: can you bypass GamStop? The answer would be there is no way to bypass GamStop exclusion. If you are banned, you are banned; There is no other option that you can use later.

The founders have created a foolproof way to stay committed to your self-exclusion decision. However, the founders overlooked the fact that there are plenty of gamers out there who would use GamStop when they weren’t addicted to gambling in the first place. In such a scenario, you might think that a message to GamStop Customer Service would be enough to cancel your self exclusion, but it is certainly not that easy and your request will simply be rejected.

The founders of this scheme believe that no reason simply cannot be convincing to cancel a user’s account. Assuming that everyone in GamStop is essentially addicted to gambling, their addiction would force them to do anything just to keep playing. Although this is true for some people, it is certainly not true for others.

The only safe way to bypass GamStop is by playing at offshore gambling sites. Although these sites lack the UKGC’s licence, they do hold a licence from other EU countries.

What Are the Risks if you bypass GamStop?

To bypass GamStop comes with risks that must be taken into account before you sign up for an offshore gambling site. The player may fall back into addiction again. Furthermore, the player may return to the addiction again and returning to gambling may cause problems in his daily routine.

Therefore, we advise all of our readers to retake the gambling addiction test before resuming playing again, and if the player finds that their gambling urges are free from the addictive urges, they can resume playing safely. In the next part, we have summarised for you the top 4 negative points associated with the GamStop exclusion.

The Problem Lies in the Player’s Idea About Gambling

There are some false beliefs that can turn an ordinary and successful person in their professional and social life into a gambling addicted, such as:

  • Belief in the ability to change the outcome
  • Magical thinking
  • Superstitions
  • Rituals
  • Betting systems
  • Chasing losses

It is important to consider that gambling is a paid leisure activity, just like going to the movies or having dinner out. Although the joy of gambling lies in getting a profit, it is also important not to ignore the joy of the experience itself. So, if you lose or win, you should have fun. The winnings you get from gambling will inevitably be less than your losses because the house always wins in the long run. Although these concepts are logical and easy to understand, a person who has had a gambling problem in the past may be affected by returning to their betting habits again. Therefore, he must get the necessary psychological support before he returns to gambling again.

Addiction Can Cause Problems in Your Daily Routine

If you have been involved with GamStop from the beginning to overcome gambling addiction and now want to bypass GamStop to reduce the problems associated with it, this will affect everything in your life.

It is possible that your job performance will deteriorate, there will be problems with your daily routine, and you can stop going out and taking care of yourself. Furthermore, gambling addiction can have a serious impact on your relationships with people close to you, such as your friends, parents and partner.

Hard to Stop

Another downside to gambling is the difficulty of stopping. In fact, the more you set and break barriers, the more addiction gets stronger, eats up more money, and causes more damage to your finances and relationships. Every time you start playing again, it can be hard to stop.

Financial matters – Losing money

Of course, the most common problem resulting from gambling addiction is losing money. If you are not able to control your gambling addiction, you may lose all your wealth.

Are There Alternatives to GamStop?

Surely by now, you know how bypass GamStop is, so you might definitely consider using GamStop alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives available to all users, including the following services:

One way or another, it is possible to undo any of these apps after registration and before the end of the self exclusion period. On the other hand, for players who are addicted to gambling, it is better to register with all these apps at the same time as a precaution against the risk of gambling addiction.

How Do I Get Back to Betting If I Registered With GamStop?

Unfortunately, if you sign up for the Gamstop self exclusion system, you won’t be able bypass Gamstop. So, there are only two things you can do on your part. The first and most obvious is to sit back and wait for the period to bypass. Otherwise, you can sign up for a casino or sports betting site outside the UK, which is the best way to help you get around GamStop.

Is There Any Method for Reversing Self Exclusion?

The first thing you should know is that there is no method that can help you remove the self exclusion before it expires.

If there is a simple way to do this, then the entire platform is useless. This means that, for example, if you choose to exclude yourself for five years, you must wait five years to be able to play again.

That’s why we always recommend our followers choose the shortest self exclusion period.

This way, they can easily resume playing after 6 months, which is a sufficient period to contain and overcome the negative effects of gambling addiction.

After this period, you can resume to gamble again. If you notice that you are still addicted to gambling, you can self exclude yourself again for six months. Yes, this is allowed as you can choose as long as you want. However, on the other hand, if you opt for a one year self exclusion period, you can’t make it shorter and opt for six months instead.

This is not an option offered by GamStop which is a downside to the service as well.

In general, players deserve to be able to return to their particular favourite pastime if they clear their gambling addiction before their self exclusion period ends.

After all, gambling is a fun hobby and the only hobby that can help a player make a big profit. In general, all hobbies require you to pay money for fun. However, the great thing about gambling is that it also gives you a profit. There are plenty of ways to include the opt-out process in the scheme without any side effects.

Can You Bypass GamStop Using Other Apps?

Although the GamStop system is already strict, British gamers are still finding ways to get around this service.

First of all, it should be noted that the strict procedures of the GamStop service are only valid in the UK. So, if you travel abroad for vacation or for any other reason, you can resume playing freely at British gambling sites. Also, there are many ways to bypass GamStop, including using VPN apps, logging in with unused personal details, or logging into the casino through a friend or a family member’s data.

With the exception of playing in international casinos, all of the previously mentioned methods will not provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience, and they have negative aspects that may hinder you from withdrawing your winnings later.

Bypass Gamstop: Top 5 Offshore Casinos

The only option to bypass GamStop in complete safety is to play in the offshore casinos. These sites have a lot of great features compared to the British sites. Although non GamStop sites do not hold a UKGC licence, they have the licences of other EU gaming agencies such as the Curaçao Gaming Control Board, the Malta Games Commission and the Gibraltar Commission as well. Thus, you can get the same level of reliability and security as if you were playing at a British gambling site. In addition, you will get a wide range of special benefits. For example, you can get profitable bonuses. Furthermore it. You will find a great selection of games that you can enjoy in free mode or for real money. You can also take your favourite games anywhere with you as they are compatible with all hand-held devices.

Jammy Jack Casino

Jammy Jack Casino first came onto the scene in 2022 and held the Curacao Gaming Commission licence. Although it is one of the newest gambling sites available on the scene at the moment, it has all the necessary attributes to be the best site without a doubt. Newcomers at this casino get a huge welcome bonus which can have a max value of €3,000. There are also plenty of special offers available for registered players. The casino library contains more than 5,000 high quality sources from well known studios such as:

  • Betsoft
  • Fazi
  • GameArt

To facilitate making deposits and withdrawals, the casino supports many payment methods. You can contact customer service through live chat, email and phone calls as well.

Winner Casino

Winner online casino was launched in 2009 and is the oldest casino without a GamStop. This means that he possesses an impeccable reputation and great fame in the online gambling arena. Winner Casino players receive a five stages welcome bonus of up to €10,000.

The casino library contains more than 300 high quality games developed by top notch gaming studios. New players here get a great welcome bonus of up to €2,000. There are also plenty of recurring offers and loyalty rewards available to all players registered on this platform.

Jelly Bean Casino

JellyBean Casino promises to have a sweet gaming experience! This new casino has an innovative personality that combines delicious sweets with lucrative casino games and works smoothly on both smartphones and tablets. This fantastic casino holds the licences of the Curaçao Gaming Control Board and the Cyprus Gaming Authority.

Furthermore, the results of all the games offered by the casino are verified by GLI. Since it was launched in 2018, this casino obviously has a modern and easy to use platform as well. All new casino players get a great welcome bonus package that can be worth up to €2,000. There are also plenty of weekend deals and loyalty rewards available on this platform.

Richy Reels Casino

Richy Reels Casino has a lot of great features as it offers all newcomers a €10 no deposit bonus. After taking advantage of this offer, you can get a 100% triple welcome bonus of up to 1,000 euros. There are also plenty of offers and rewards available for frequent players. The casino games library contains an impressive selection of games from major international studios such as NetEnt, NextGen, and Play ‘N Go. Since this casino is compatible with smartphones, you can take your favourite games with you wherever you go.

Hawaii Spins Casino

Hawaii Spins Casino started a very short time ago. However, he managed to build a huge base of loyal players in a very short period. This site holds the licence of the Curaçao Gaming Control Board, which means that it is safe and reliable for all players.

The casino library contains a huge selection of games brought in from top distinguished developers such as:

  • NetEnt
  • NextGen
  • Play ‘N Go
  • Novomatic
  • Wazdan

New players at this casino get a great welcome bonus of up to 3,000 euros. There are also many other offers available to loyal casino players.

What Are the Misconceptions that Fuel the Problem Gambling?

There are many irrational beliefs that can be invoked to support continued gambling. The main idea is the gambler’s misunderstanding of the randomness of casino games. Gamblers try to explain things irrationally in order to fuel their addiction to gambling. For example, problem gamblers think that a long losing streak means winning is close, but it only means that the gambler has already lost a lot of money and may not win anything until he goes bankrupt! Others use a certain strategy which leads them to place more and more bets. In the next part, we collected for you most of the false beliefs that a person addicted to gambling falls into.

The Ability to Change the Game’s Result

People who are addicted to gambling believe that their winnings came through their own efforts, not through pure randomness. Therefore, they believe that the gains they have achieved were due to them and came from their own effort, and the losses are their fault, and they are able to overcome and compensate for them.

Magical Thinking

Here the problem gambler believes that his winnings came by adopting a particular strategy.

Myths & Rituals

This is especially prevalent in Las Vegas casinos, where gamblers believe that certain things or even pieces of clothing can help them win!


Gamblers believe that by learning a betting system, they can beat the house edge. However, all playing systems that involve raising or lowering their bet result in inevitable failure.

The Embodiment of the Gambling Device

This belief is very intriguing as the gambler here believes that the game is intentionally punishing, rewarding, ridiculing, or even angering him. Therefore, it is necessary to leave it for a while or return to it again, or perhaps play on it for a longer period so that its “mood” changes.

Near Win

“Near-misses indicate that a win is imminent.” This belief that winning was very close to the gambler. This belief stems mainly from the graphics of the slot games, which suggest that a win was very imminent. Therefore, the player places more bets in the hope of ‘that easy win’.

Hot or Cold Slots

The belief is that if a game has not paid for a while, it will pay soon, or if it paid it will not pay again in the near future.

“Chasing” Beliefs

Believing that you can recover your losses by placing more bets.


The frustration of not being able to gamble can be very upsetting. In addition, the strict mechanism of GamStop does nothing to help with this. You see, a lot of people think that GamStop has its own problems. The absolute best solution is to try offshore gambling sites.

This solution has no downside as sites outside GamStop have a lot of attractions. However, it is important to remember that the UKGC launched this self exclusion system to protect you from gambling addiction. So, make sure you don’t go back to playing until you have fully recovered from the negative effects of gambling.

List of Authority websites that review non gamstop scheme

FAQ About how to bypass GamStop

Is there anything special about GamStop sites?

Yes, there are special features for GamStop sites. These sites are operated by British gaming companies. Accordingly, they hold the licence of the UKGC. As this service is part of UKGC policy, its physical offices and operational capabilities are located in Britain.
This means that after you participate in GamStop, you will not be able to participate in British gambling sites (except for lotto platforms and syndicates only).

What about GamStop coverage?

GamStop covers online casinos, bookmakers, poker platforms and bingo networks. The platforms not covered are only lotto sites and lotto syndicates. Since the full list of platforms is limited only to UK casinos only, the service does not cover offshore platforms.

How does GamStop work, and what happens once you sign up?

No gambler from the UK will be able to access the casinos within the given time frame. When you try to play at any casino, GamStop will send you a message that the sign-up failed. It goes without saying that it is absolutely impossible to hack or break this system.

What happens when you sign up for GamStop?

GamStop will freeze all your accounts on British gambling sites. Furthermore, you can’t access any UK gambling site. However, you will have the option of withdrawing the funds available in your accounts on these sites. You can also contact the customer service of British casinos.

Is GamStop available online only?

Since the service prohibits all gambling activities operating in the online domain, it does not apply to traditional casinos. Perhaps this negative point is another loophole in the self exclusion system

What are the self exclusion periods of GamStop?

There are three periods of self-exclusion available:Six months
One year
Five years
After selecting the cooling-off period, you will not be able to resume your gaming activities. Remember that GamStop is a self exclusion scheme that works as long as you are willing to use it. Therefore, you can renew your control over your gambling behaviour by installing more self exclusion programmes.

Does registering with GamStop affect my credit rating?

In fact, online gambling cannot affect your credit rating. The simple reason behind this is that GamStop is nothing more than an intermediary between you and the online casinos. This makes it impossible to share any of your financial data with any third party, including banks, of course.

How to contact GamStop customer service?

It is easy to contact GamStop support agents as there are many contact methods available. Although the system does not provide a live chat service, you can get in touch with support agents by email. With these options, British players can facilitate the decision to self exclusion.

How to bypass GamStop?

The ideal way to bypass GamStop without any negative consequences is to use one of the other exclusion apps like:GamBlock

How to bypass GamStop ban?

In accordance with the GamStop terms and conditions, it is impossible to bypass Gamstop registration in the programme.