How to Get Around GamStop?

If you have subscribed for GamStop and want to get rid of this scheme before the exclusion period ends. There are plenty of ways you can use it! The easiest one is to pick one of recommended non GamStop casinos from our website! These casinos don’t have all features of the British casinos only, they also surpass them in many advantages! For example, they offer slots games with in-game features and free spins. Support cryptos and credit cards. Offering VIP programmes. These features make signing up for an offshore casino attractive for all UK players whether you are a GamStop member or not! To know all the advantages of the non GamStop casinos you can take a look at this page. Besides, in this guide, we will provide you with the most important tricks and methods that you can use to get back to playing again in the local UK casinos.

How to Get Around GamStop

Casinos that got around Gamstop

Tips and Ways around the Gamstop for UK players

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1. Play at a Non UK Casino

The ideal solution to enjoy gambling without restrictions is playing at non UK casinos that are not linked to GamStop! Although these casinos do not have a local license, they do have the licenses of other trusted bodies such as the Malta Gaming Commission, Gibraltar Commission and Curaçao Gambling Board. These casinos outperform the British sites in many advantages. For example, they support credit cards, provide VIP schemes, and offer games with enticing features.

2. Find casinos that Don't Require Player Data Verification

Although most casinos require verification of players' data by sending photographs of personal documents such as ID, passport, or driver's license. In addition to a utility bill to prove the residential address and a photo of your financial method.

In fact, all online casinos require players to complete this procedure to verify their account ownership. Through these documents, GamStop casinos can detect that the player has registered in this self exclusion programme and thus ban his account.

Therefore, the theoretical solution may be to sign up for casinos that do not require this procedure. But, of course, all UK casinos are required to follow the KYC protocol. Thus, the ideal solution here is to sign up for a casino not on GamStop! So, if the casino asked for your personal documents or not, you will not face any problem!

3. Play at a Crypto Casino!

Casinos that accept cryptos offer much higher flexibility not only in terms of payments but also in accepting players from all over the world. However, the UKGC hasn’t yet admitted crypto transactions, so there is no UK casino accept virtual currencies payments at the current time. This brings us back to what we said earlier that you should choose a casino not on GamStop!

traditional casinos do not apply to the GamStop protocol, so you will be able to play there

4. Play With Another Account

If you have a relative or a friend who is interested in casino games and have an active account on one of the UK casinos, you can ask him to share this account with you to be able to play your favourite games easily. However, this is action is against the terms and conditions of any UK casino!

5. Use the VPN to Bypass the Ban

The VPN apps change your IP address and your residence address also, so you can enter the casino inside or outside the UK. However, you should read the casino terms and conditions first and make sure that it accepts using the VPN apps.

6. Play at Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

This method may seem very inconvenient and you will miss out on the most important advantages that you can get from virtual casinos! Online casinos offer you the ability to play anytime and anywhere with ease and complete privacy. While traditional casinos require you to dress up, go in and pay big for a short gaming session! However,

7. You Can Wait Until the End of Exclusion Period!

If you didn’t find a suitable solution, you can be patient until the exclusion period ends, so you can return to your preferred UK online casino

Cons of Bypassing GamStop!

cons for casinos not on gamstop

Before thinking about how to go around GamStop programme, you should specify the reasons that originally motivated you to participate in this scheme; If you participated in this scheme because you doubted your gambling behaviour but now you feel that you can control it, you can resume playing! Gamstop contact details are listed here. But if you signed up for this scheme, because you have a real problem with gambling, it is better not to skip it.


Pros of Bypassing GamStop!

pros for casinos not on gamstop

The main advantage of getting around GameStop is to resume playing despite the self exclusion barrier! If casino games are your entertainment, then you will be able to play on the weekend as always! Furthermore, you will not have to sacrifice anything! As the non GamStop casinos have all features available in the UK casinos.

In this guide we have discussed the methods that you can use to go around GamStop. Some of them can work such as playing at new casino not on GamStop or going to brick and mortar casinos. While others may not work like playing with someone else's account or using a VPN app. you can choose the most suitable way to bypass the GamStop restriction, but one can play at the non UK casinos.

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