How to Stop Yourself From Gambling Online

How to Stop Yourself From Online Gambling?

Although gambling is primarily a fun and exciting activity, this is not true for all players. Some vulnerable gamblers are prone to gambling addiction. To protect this group players, the UKGC and other licensing commissions have developed integrated policies to protect people at risk of gambling addiction.

Players can use self exclusion programmes that prohibit them from accessing all gambling sites with a single request. Also, they can exclude themselves from one gambling site using the internal exclusion tools available at all licensed gambling sites.

Despite the effectiveness of these methods, the first line of defense to protect players from gambling addiction is the will, responsibility and desire for change. If the player does not have these things, he will surely find a way to feed his addiction.

On this page we will give you all the info you need to know about the self exclusion tools at online casinos and sports betting sites.

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What Are the Self Exclusion Tools Available in Online Gambling sites?

In general, all online and land based casinos offer their customers self exclusion tools. What is more important is the timing of using these tools. The sooner the problem gambler uses self exclusion tools, the better for him and his family, of course.

Among the self exclusion tools that are widely available at online casinos are:

  • Time limit
  • Deposit/ withdrawal Limit
  • Play session limit
  • Complete self exclusion from the site

To activate any of these options, all you have to do is log into your account. Then, send an email to customer service with a request for the service you wish to activate. However, the self blocking process is not that smooth in some casinos.

Considering that problem gamblers contribute between 15% and 50% of casino profits, this means that problem gamblers are an important category for all online casinos. So, despite their plight, some sloppy casinos try to get these players back by sending them promotional messages via email or phone. Other times, the support agents may request additional details about the player's problem or a health document issued by a psychiatric institution or specialist physician. Of course, all of these practices are unreliable and only aim to keep the online gambling addicted as an active player.

Self Blocking Programmes

Specialized blocking software can block user access to all gambling sites, servers and apps at once.

This method is great for blocking kids and teens from online casinos, sports betting sites, lotto sites, bingo, and poker platforms

 There are two types of blocking software available for use which are general blocking software and gambling specific blocking software.

In the next section, we'll take a closer look at these two programmes and their ratings to determine which one is right for you.

Gambling Specific Blocking Software

Gambling specific blocking software allows you to exclude yourself from all gambling sites at once.

For example, the GamStop scheme blocks your access to all sites that hold the UKGC license. As for Net Nanny, it blocks all websites that contain gambling related keywords in their server address. In addition, this programme enforces safe searching.

The most notable types of gambling specific blocking software available for use are:

  • Gamban
  • GamBlock
  • GamStop
  • Betfilter
  • BetBlocker

How to Avoid the Problem Gambling?

Gambling can be a fun pastime. With a little luck, you can win a good amount every now and then. However, you need to make sure that the gambling does not get out of hand and that you are always in control. This way, you can have fun without incurring unnecessary losses. Participating in BACTA self exclusion programmes is not the only way. There are also a number of tips that can help you prevent a gambling addiction problem and keep your behavior in check:

If You Like to Gamble, You Must Keep It Under Control!

It is important to set limits from the start. All trusted non GamStop casinos offer you different mechanisms to achieve this goal such as the max deposit, the time limit, and the losses limit.

Use a Prepaid Card or E-wallet

For example, you can deposit a certain amount each month. Thus, you can always be sure that you will not exceed this value under any circumstances.

If You Don't Want to Play Anymore, Delete Your Casino Account

This decision can be taken as a precautionary measure to prevent the problem of gambling addiction.

Ask For Help From a Friend/ Partner

You can ask your friend or partner to manage your bank card or e-wallet for you if you feel your will slips. It is also important to fill in the time you previously spent gambling differently. If you succeed in changing your lifestyle this will help you to avoid getting back into excessive online gambling again.