Is GamBan an Effective App

Is GamBan an Effective App?

The UKGC is one of the most prominent gambling commissions in the world. Although it is not the oldest regulating body in the world, it the most important one on the scene due to its high standards. Therefore, it supports many self-exclusion schemes and apps to reduce the problem of gambling among British players. Although online casinos, sports betting sites, bingo and poker networks pay 21% in taxes on their winnings, it is important not to focus on the financial benefits only and overlook people who are in danger of gambling addiction. Therefore, the UKGC announced in 2020 that all UK casinos must include GamStop service to keep their license active. Although this move was a bit too strict, it did create a safe umbrella for players who choose to put themselves out of gambling. The gambling problem affects many people in their work, academic performance, and social life. This is completely different from experiencing an accidental loss while betting on your favourite slot! As addicts can waste all their money, borrow, and steal to recover their losses or escape from their psychological problems! The UKGC is currently studying supporting the GamBan Blocker programme which was launched in 2015 to tackle the problem of gambling addiction.

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What Is the GamBan App?

The GamBan app offers many innovative solutions to help reduce the gambling addiction problem. If you know someone who suffers from gambling addiction, you can recommend this appl to control this problem. GamBan app is very easy to use, it is like any other app you can download on your smartphone or tablet via Google Play Store or App Store. Also, it got a lot of positive testimonials, reviews, and feedback from users inside and outside the UK. The app gives all users a trial period of 7 days to test it before subscribing to one of the paid plans. To offer more protection to British gamers, Gamban has partnered with GamStop to provide stronger solutions to players. In addition, GamStop recently announced that it will offer an additional service for scheduling players' credit cards debt. On the other side, the UKGC decided to ban credit cards at all British gambling sites. In fact, this is a very smart decision that benefits both players and banks, also it encourages pre-paid apps. It is worth noting that GamBan is a paid and not a free app like GameStop. The monthly subscription is between £2.49 and £24.99. One subscription will cover all your devices. Also, you will get the GamStop benefits even if you didn’t create an account on this service.

Is There a Way to Sign Up For Free?

Unluckily, players cannot use the GamBan app for free. However, the app gives its users a free trial week before making any payment. GamBan is available to users from all over the world, while GamStop is available to British player only. However, the GamBan app includes all the services of GamStop. Furthermore, you can use it to select sites that you want to exclude yourself from.

Is It Possible to Gamble After Subscribing to Gamstop or Gamban?

Although addicts are better off completely quitting, they may feel like betting on some slots from time to time! However, they will not be able to access the UK casinos. In this case, the only solution would be to sign up for a new casino not on GamStop and not on GamBan! There are some standards that you should rely on to choose a suitable casino, namely:

1. Find a Casino outside GameStop

As we have already mentioned, the British Gambling Commission has required all British casinos to sign up to Gamstop. So, you will not find a UK casino out of this programme. Thus, the best way to go around GamStop is to play at a casino with a license from one of the following commissions: – Curaçao Gaming Control Board. – Gibraltar Commission. – Cyprus Gaming Commission. – Malta Gaming Authority. Sometimes you may find a casino not on GameStop but it does not have a license from any of the above-mentioned parties. In this case the casino may be new to the scene and still working on licensing procedures. So, you can check its reliability by using other standards such as the games, the payment methods, and the quality of the support.

2. Learn About the Casino’s Bonuses

It is important to play at a casino that offers you the most value for your money! In fact, bonuses are the magical method to get more profits with less or no risk at all. Also, they allow you to try new games.

3. The Casino Must Apply Responsible Gaming Protocol

When you want to stop playing, you may find it difficult. So, the casino must offer various self-exclusion options such as: – Deposit’s limit. – Temporarily suspending the account. – Account deletion. – Stop promotional emails.


Gambling addiction is a very serious problem not only for the individual but for society as a whole! However, the primary responsibility depends on the player’s decision. In the current time, there are many methods that you can use to support your decision such as subscribing to the GamStop or GamBan programme. But, if you want to return to gambling again in a healthy manner, you can sign up for a non-UK casino but first make sure that you have chosen a good casino that offers a decent bonus package and applies the responsible gaming protocol.