Love Island Betting Odds

Love Island Betting and Bookmaker Odds

Love Island is an excellent mix of reality shows, TV series, romance and travel stories. For short, Love Island is a British dating game show. This series first aired in 2019. However, it is a revival of the popular series of the same name that aired in 2005 and 2006 on ITV.

For the British in particular, this series has been very successful and influential in their popular culture. In 2018, it was the most watched programme on ITV2. In 2020, it became the most watched programme ever among viewers from 16 to 34 years old. Although this introduction has so far been impressive to any producer or person working in the media, the drama of this series has spread to real life and caused many tragedies, which prompted many to demand its cessation and the accountability of those responsible for it! So far, in just four years, eight people associated with the show have committed suicide!

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For sports bettors, Love Island is little more than a TV show. Since its events are not based on a pre-written scenario, thinking about the following events opens the door to predictions and bets. In this guide, we will give you all the info you need to know about this series, how to bet on it, rather than on bet at non Gamstop casinos, and which options have the highest odds of winning.

What Is the Format of the Love Island Series?

As the series name indicates, the story here is about love stories on an isolated island. This island includes a group of contestants – “the islanders”.

The islanders live in isolation from the outside world in a villa in Mallorca. To continue in the villa (or series), each member must associate with the other residents, whether it is for the purpose of Love Island, friendship or money. The ultimate and biggest goal in this series is to get a suitable partner to win a whooping prize of £50,000.

On the first day of the season, the island members get married based on first impressions only. However, the couple can decide to stay in the relationship or swap partners. Remember that the prize for a successful marriage here is £50,000! One of the laws of Love Island is to eliminate any single and get him off the island. So, a person must find a suitable second half!

The audience plays a significant role in the events of this series. Therefore, sports bettors should not ignore the overall impression of the series if they want to win their bets. For example, the inhabitants of the island can be dumped by public voting via the love island app. Likewise, a potential couple can also be nominated by the public through the app. Couples who get the fewest positive votes or the most negative votes risk being eliminated from the series. Moreover, the public ultimately chooses the couple who receives £50,000.

How Does the Love Island Process Work?

During the first series of the series, Thursday’s episode was presented live by Caroline Flack. However, many viewers and critics felt that, due to this episode, there was an unacceptably large outside influence on the events as many expulsions took place and many were replaced by the island’s inhabitants. Consequently, the public lost their relations with the members of the island. Therefore, from the second series onwards, the Love Island franchise has cancelled the live episode (with the exception of the final episode only).

Participants can communicate with other members only through text messages. These messages often contain challenges, elimination or recoupling. For more drama, the islanders participate in plenty of games and face many challenges. Winners get personal prizes, and sometimes they can even win dates.

Although the events of the series are available to watch daily, most viewers prefer watching the weekly episode that includes a summary of the most prominent events that occurred in the villa. Since it’s a viewer’s favourite, it always has unseen footage too!

What are the betting odds available?

For some, Love Island is just a TV show, while for others, it is a spectator sport. As for punters, they consider this series, like any sport, a way to exercise their sense of prediction! It is clear that the third team already has a large fan following as “love island bet odds” is a popular search term on Google. Some say it is filmed at Bahamas, where you can play great casino!

This means that a lot of people are already willing to bet on the outcome of Love Island. Who do you think will win? In the next part, we will give you an overview of the odds of each pair as well as the odds of winning from the best non GamStop bookmaker, Richy Fish.

Gemma and Luca

Gemma and Luca might be the two people who stick with each other the most. Perhaps the best moment that brought them together was when they said “I love you” on the balcony. However, their relationship soured after Luca’s angry reaction to Gemma’s conversations with Billy during Mad Movies. After this incident, Luca found himself in trouble with many viewers as many called for his exclusion. The odds of this duo winning are 6/10. If you bet on them €10, you will get €110.

Dami & Indiyah

Although this duo was unlikely to win at the start of the season, they slowly but surely, are once again advancing to the fore, especially after they both showed off their superb parenting skills with each other in the Baby Challenge. Most of the viewers think these were the couple best moments.

Just like Luca, the viewers were disgusted with Bloody’s behaviour towards Tasha, while Indiyah has always been a huge favourite on the show and many already love her, viewers were nevertheless disappointed with the way Dami treated her when they brought back different people as potential partners.

While Dami spoke badly to her, Indiyah didn’t say anything to him. It’s also important not to forget that the pair were in the bottom three in the last dump. However, it seems viewers want to keep and root them as a couple. The probability of winning is 7.5/10. If you bet on them with €10, you will get €150.

Tasha and Andrew

This couple looks very baffling. In terms of positive signs, they paired up from the very first moment of the season. Perhaps the best moment they brought them together was when Tasha asked Andrew to be friends. However, this sentence is very confusing! Lots of love stories started like this, while many other Love Island stories were killed by that phrase as well! In terms of negative signs, this duo has been in the bottom three multiple times. However, this couple has undeniable winning potential. If you bet on either of them on non GamStop betting sites with a value of €10, you will get €110.

Ekin-soo and Davide

If you like the enemies-to-lovers theme, you will fall in Love Island with this couple. Even if you don’t like this theme, you can’t deny the great harmony between this duo and they, indeed, have great chance to be in the final. Even though they’ve gotten really tough on each other in the past, they always find a way to get back together again. Viewers dubbed them the “divorced couple” due to their antics. This duo has the highest chance of winning ever, which is 9/10. If you place a bet of only €10 on Ekin-soo and Davide win, you will only get €12.22. This is because their odds of winning are very high.

Where can I bet on Love Island?

Many people think that betting sites only offer sports and virtual sports, but this is not true! If you dig deep into the offshore bookmakers, you will find that they offer everything from sports to series, celebrity news, politics and weather! Especially for betting on TV series, the popularity of this bet has risen dramatically in recent years.

What are the different markets you can bet on Love Island?

There are a plethora of betting options available on Love Island, from betting on which couple will win the entire show to who will end up as “best male” and “best female” in the series.

If you want to bet on this series or any other TV show, it’s best to wait two to three weeks before picking the winning pair. This way, you will have more time to get to know the characters and pairs.

Who are the best bookies to bet on Love Island?

As with most sports betting markets available, F1 betting sites without GamStop are by far the best option available to punters. Overall, Richy Fish is one of the best sports betting agents ever. In addition, Jimmy Winner, Papaya Wines, and Gamblii also offer excellent value for money. So, it is worth following these sites and choosing the one that offers you the best service ever.


Although there is no sure winner before the final, all of the contenders are close. Almost all of them fit into pairs. However, only one couple will win. So, it’s confusing! If you have a strong intuition about the winner twosome, you can bet on it at one of our recommended non GamStop darts betting sites.