Masked Singer Betting: Date, Jury… All About Season 5

Masked Singer Betting: Date, Jury… All About Season 5

Masked Singer Betting? Masked Singer betting has begun since season 5 is officially in the works. The following episodes of the show are in preparation. However, the first channel has announced a change on the side of the jury; Vitaa and Chantal Ladesou will not be back for the fifth season.

In season 5, only Kev Adams and Jeff Panacloc return to lead the Mask Singer investigation. They will be accompanied by singer and winner of Star Academy 3 Elodie Frégé and actress Michèle Bernier. A fine team who will once again have to guess which celebrities are hidden behind the show’s extravagant costumes. Check here also best betting and casino sites not on Gamstop.

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Who Are the Stars of Masked Singer? 

The identity of the Elephant is revealed in the finale of Mask Singer 4: the character seems very linked to social networks. He is a singer. He shares a common point with Kev Adams and has “broken records”. Finalist of Mask Singer season 4, we discover that the Elephant is that of the singer Keen’V.

The Identity of the Turtle Revealed in the Finale of Masked Singer 4

A “self-taught” and “traveling” star, the Turtle seems to be linked to Canada. He explains that he is at home on stage and has “cumulated a lot of titles”. We could see a chess game in his tape recorders but also hear the song “I come from the South”. The winner of the 2022 edition, the Turtle was none other than Amaury Vassili.

The Identity of the Bride Revealed in the Finale of Masked Singer 4

The Bride revealed several clues about her. She has “always liked to parade” and appreciates that viewers welcome her to their “little skylight”. The Bride announces that it has been seen by “millions”. The number 92 is associated with his portrait. She explains that she had a “failed date” where she was not chosen until later. The Bride has five rings on her fingers of several different metals. We discover in the final of Mask Singer season 4 that the sportswoman Estelle Mossely was hiding in the costume of the Bride.

The Identity of the Monkey Revealed in Masked Singer Episode 7 

The Monkey is a woman who “performed in front of 75 million people.” She participated “in the beginnings of something that would become huge”.

She explains having been crowned with gold but also able to rub shoulders with stars like Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, and Vincent Cassel.

In his magneto, we could also see the face of Nikos Aliagas, the number 2022 and a Spanish flag. We discovered in episode 7 that it was Alizée.

The Identity of the Bear Revealed in Masked Singer Episode 6

The Bear enjoys singing in a band: “I love being surrounded, on the air, at the cinema or on stage.” However, he specifies that “the first time you saw me sing, I was alone, during a competition”. We note that the Bear shows a police badge and a breakfast in a tape recorder. In his costume, we can see that he is associated with the world of cooking: with cutlery, an apron and a chef’s hat. We discovered at the end of episode 6 that it was Christophe Beaugrand.

The Identity of the Knight Revealed in Masked Singer Episode 5

“The Zenith, we took advantage of it.” Le Chevalier explains that he shared the stage “with legendary artists”. He also explains that he traded “the podiums for the stage”. In his magneto, we could see many flags including that of Japan, Brazil, the United States, and Thailand. Laury Thilleman’s face also appeared in her presentation. In episode 5, Laurent Maistret was unmasked in the Knight’s costume.

The Identity of the Dalmatian Revealed in Masked Singer Episode 4

The Dalmatian was among the stars about whom the investigators had a precise theory very early on. And they were right, it was indeed comedian Christelle Chollet. Several clues already led us: The Dalmatian is used to the stage. “An SOS helped me and allowed me to impress the gallery.” It has also been seen paired with a pink helmet and a red phone. We also knew that she had been able to sing with many stars.

The Identity of the Pharaoh Revealed in Masked Singer Episode 4

The voice of the Pharaoh was very recognizable in Mask Singer this year. Kev Adams, in particular, immediately recognized Francis Huster. The actor was well and truly hidden behind the mask as several clues suggested, particularly around his acting profession but also his passion for football.

The Identity of the Mouse Revealed in Masked Singer Episode 3

The actress and author Laetitia Milot had to be found under the mask of the Mouse in Mask Singer season 4. Many clues evoked her love for writing but also her profession as an actress. Investigators had found Laetitia Milot before her revelation to the public eye.

The Genie’s Identity Revealed in Mask Singer Episode 2

The sports commentator Yoann Riou had to be found under the Genie’s costume in Mask Singer. Without really making too much of an effort to hide his true identity, Riou was quickly discovered by investigators and the public in episode 2.

The Identity of the Koala Revealed in Mask Singer Episode 1

Appearing for the first time in episode 1 of Mask Singer season 4, the tennis player Marion Bartoli was hidden under the costume of the Koala. Several clues led us on his trail: “you saw the Koala fight, howl.” Koala’s costume probably also corresponded to a reference to Australia and the associated Grand Slam tournament. Leonardo Di Caprio had also attended the final of the US Open 2013, which she won.

Masked Singer Betting: How to Win Money From Your Favorite Show?

Although Masked singer is a popular programme in the UK, a limited number of bookmakers offer betting options on this show. This is mainly because sports betting sites focus on football and other sports. It is not common to bet on TV shows or dramas. However, you can enjoy betting on this programme at betting sites without GamStop, and here are the most prominent betting markets on this programme:

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