Betting Sites Not on GamStop

When registering with gamstop, it is not just casinos that are restricted, but sports betting sites are forbidden too. That is, all UK gambling establishments that use the UKGC as their regulatory body. See our hand-picked list of Non gamstop betting sites and Non UK Bookmakers:

Non UK Betting Sites

List of Sports Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

Your one-stop guide to finding the very best non gamstop betting sites in UK

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List of The Best Betting Sites Not On Gamstop UK 2024

Players who have signed up on online bookmakers registered with gamstop in haste or now have gambling under control will find it is not easy to get the restriction lifted even after the selected period has passed. This is why many players are looking for non gamstop betting sites or non-UK casinos. The best football betting sites not on gamstop have proven to be as exciting as those registered with gamstop too.

Here at Just UK, we have compiled a list of the best UK betting sites not registered with gamstop in 2024:

  1. Seven Sportsbook
  2. Lady Linda Sportsbook
  3. Casigood Bookmaker
  4. Spin My Win Betting
  5. Orion Spins Sports
  6. Chilli Reels No Wager Betting
  7. MyStake Bookie
  8. Fancy Reels Sportsbook
  9. Milky Wins Bookmaker
  10. Casper Bookie
  11. Orion Spins Bookmaker
  12. Platinum Sporsbook

What to look for at non Gamstop UK Sites Before Signing Up

Just like with non gamstop sports betting sites, there are many factors to consider when finding the right sports betting site for UK players. Sites without gamstop approval are also great places to play games with a low minimum deposit, high betting limits, and no gamstop program.

Each will have a different criterion for what makes the best non-UK bookies. The best Betting Sites not on gamstop are not different from other ones you know before.

However, it is not always as easy to find non gamstop bookmarkers for UK players. Here are some of the key factors we take into consideration when rating a non UK online bookie.

Variety of Sports at bookmakers out of gamstop scheme

Firstly, any non gamstop bookies offer a good variety of sports betting markets such as Premier League football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, etc. For non uk based live sports sites not on gamstop it is especially important to have local events for UK punters. We make sure that all the non gamstop betting sites mentioned accept uk players, include relevant games and great welcome bonuses, free bets, credit card deposits, have a low minimum deposit, and follow responsible gambling guidelines to deal with gambling addiction.

The Amount of Sportsbook Deposit Bonus

Sites without gamstop approval for uk players can also be advantageous in many ways. The welcome bonuses and first deposit bonuses at non gamstop sites are not as large as those of non gamstop casinos however that doesn't mean there aren't huge bonuses and free bets floating around. The deposit bonuses available at these non gamstop uk sites don't dry up either after the welcome, you’ll always get a free bet. At Just UK, we list the best non gamstop UK bookies with the best welcome bonuses, the best terms, and also some gamstop free betting sites that accept uk playesr.

Available Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Just like at new non gamstop betting sites, it is equally as important at non UK betting bookies to provide efficient payment methods and banking options. Online bookies and betting sites not on gamstop also follow a similar path. The sites not on gamstop listed feature a wide range of deposit and payment methods that are ideal for UK residents. While PayPal may not be available, they will include Visa, Mastercard, Paysafe cards, Neteller, Skill and many more.

Many online casinos and top gambling sites have tried to make things easy for UK gamblers in recent times. All are safe and trustworthy for non gamstop bookmakers.

The Level of Security at Non UK Online Gambling Sites

You can never be too careful when giving personal information online, especially on betting sites. This also includes non gamstop betting sites. That is why we ensure that all non UK online gambling sites operate to the highest standards. Using the latest 128 SSL encryption technology. Most Sites without gamstop approval have great betting odds and they are also safe places to play games if you don’t suffer from gambling addiction.

License From a Reputable Body

While the non-UK bookies not on gamstop that feature on Just UK don't have a UKGC license or Gibraltar one, they do still obtain one elsewhere. Regulating bodies for bookmarkers not on gamstop can include Curacao and MGA.

The Quality of Customer Service Offered

Importantly, many sites not on gamstop offer a 24/7 live chat available in English. We opened a betting account and tried and tested some of these online gambling sites and betting features to see who provides the best point of contact.

Go to The Casino Section

It is common for land-based bookies to have some slots and electronic roulette. This is because British punters may like to pass the time whilst waiting for the results to come in. It is the same for online non uk sports betting sites too. We find the best non uk gambling websites offering the highest quality casino section with many welcome bonuses and free bets.

Mobile Betting is Available now

Last on this list but by no means least is mobile online gambling apps for bookmarkers not on gamstop. It's 2024, we want to play on the go. Not only do we understand this, but most betting sites not on gamstop and software providers alike also understand the essence of making online gambling more enjoyable for everyone, including professional gamblers. So, we didn't have much trouble with all the great casinos and many online betting sites not on gamstop offering fully optimised mobile online gambling apps and sites.

Types of Betting Sites not on Gamstop That Will Interest You

There are plenty of uk sports betting options available at non gamstop bookies. Although not on gamstop, we find the best non uk online bookmakers not on gamstop featuring all the most popular sports amongst UK players, including live betting markets like rugby union betting and traditional sports.

Football betting

Football is the UK's most relevant sport, possibly the world's, with many looking at it as the National sport in the UK. You will find them on most sports betting sites. This also makes it extremely popular amongst non gamstop bookmakers. Check this Electraworks casino page. All the best bookies have great betting options for premier league football.

Tennis betting

Tennis has always been a top rated sport among bookmakers. You will find tennis sportsbooks on non gamstop bookmarkers all year round. All our non uk bookmakers not on gamstop cover the major tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open, and the French Open.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the non gamestop betting sites around and is still thriving in the UK. This is why you will find it at most uk non gamstop bookmakers. As well as top races such as The Grand National, The Kentucky Derby, and The Royal Ascot, these non gamstop sportsbook offer smaller races too. All year round.

Cricket betting

What is technically the UK's national sport found on several betting sites not on gamstop, cricket sportsbooks are extremely popular amongst UK punters, especially at an online betting platform.

Basketball betting

Basketball doesn't seem like the obvious choice when it comes to UK sports, so it's not a common sport on betting sites not on gamstop. It is still one of the most popular sports bets you will find on a non gamstop betting site. We make sure our sites include top basketball betting options.

In the UK we love our sports, with Rugby being another great game on betting sites not on gamstop. Whether it is Rugby League or Rugby Union you prefer betting on, our best non gamstop bookmarkers offer it all.

Why play at a non Gamstop UK betting site? Check Out Top Reasons

There are quite a few advantages of playing at a non-UK based betting site. So, if you find yourself regretting your decision to self-exclude all casino activity by signing up with Gamstop. These bookmakers not on gamstop not only offer a way to bet again but there are some perks to them too.

✔️Not on Gamstop – This itself is the obvious advantage of non gamstop bookmakers. UK punters can freely sign up and start betting at a non Gamstop bookies without any problems even after a self-exclusion. Sites without gamstop are also great places to open a betting account and play games with flexible conditions. But of course, this can also be a disadvantage of playing as they will allow you to do so even after self-excluding.

✔️Bonuses and Promotions – Another perk of betting at a non-UK best betting site is the many attractive first deposit bonuses, promotions, and free bets. You can find all that from the best non gamstop bookie available too.

Bookies not on gamstop

✔️Many Live Sports Events – The market coverage at non gamstop new betting sites is enormous. Offering an extraordinary range of favoutate sports from all over the world for these non gamstop bookies.

✔️Accept punters from around the world – This is important for UK bettors looking for non gamstop bookies to play at. It means that British punters will be able to register and place bets on popular sports on their favourite non gamstop sportsbook. See this page for more info.

✔️No limit betting – Non-UK based and Non gamstop bookmarkers don't have the same rules and higher betting limits as UKGC bookmakers. Therefore there is flexibility on these non gamstop sites. This means you can bet online and play without limits on betting amounts for any of the non gamstop bookies you choose after opening a betting account there.

New Non UK Bookmakers Not on Gamstop to Look Out For

Getting a reliable and reputable betting site such as Fortune Clock bookmaker will help you achieve a lot as an online gamer.  betting on sports is as popular as ever. Therefore, there are always new non gamstop bookmakers entering the industry. With the UK Gambling Commission having strict guidelines, many operators are choosing an offshore regulatory body for their licensing needs. An advantage of having an offshore gambling license for bookmarkers not on gamstop is that they are faster and cheaper to obtain. This means that new non Gamstop bookies just keep on coming. Many of these new non gamstop sites will compete to be as good if not better than the best betting site already existing competitors. This means they can come with higher bonuses, a great first deposit bonus, credit card deposits, instant withdrawals, a low minimum deposit, esports betting, free bets, competitive odds, diverse live betting markets, new features, better graphics, and more for the ultimate betting experience. Here we bring you the newest and best UK betting sites around.

Pick 7 Bet

At Just UK, we ensure that we have all forms of gambling covered including bookmarkers not on gamstop. A one-stop place for all information regarding casinos, betting on sports, various non gamstop bookmakers, and everything gambling related. This includes new gambling crazes and betting options. So, it wouldn't be right if we didn't take a moment to mention the latest betting craze to take over the UK. Pick 7 Bet.

Pick 7 Bet is everywhere at the moment. You may have seen it advertised on TV or at online betting industry sites. With ITV 7 leading the way, you're sure to see it pop up soon if you haven't already. In this section at Just UK, you will find all the information relating to Pick 7 Bet, what it is,  how to get involved, and get gambling winnings for the ultimate betting experience.

What is Pick 7 Bet and how do I play?

First of all, let's start with the Pick 7 Bet. Pick 7 Bet to put it simply, is a free bet that gives players a chance of winning huge jackpots. These jackpots can be from £10,000 to £50,000 and can even get up to £250,000 depending on which Pick 7 Bet competition you enter.

Pick 7 Bet is a horse racing competition and is organised in conjunction with the bookmaker's Sky Bet. These races are usually available to watch on TV, ITV more specifically on a Saturday. For those old-time gamblers, you may remember the original ITV 7 bet which existed in the days even before the National Lottery.

Seven pick bet competition

On the day of the event, 7 horse races will be selected for the competition. Making these 7 races the pick 7. To enter, players simply need to pick 7 horses to win from all of the 7 races that day to win prizes. It's as easy as that. Select all of the 7 winning horses to win big prizes.

As you can imagine, winning the jackpot is not an easy task. However, the competition is completely free and there are even some consolation prizes. For example, with the ITV 7 bet, if no one wins the jackpot, a consolation prize of £1000 will be awarded for best effort.

Where can I play Pick 7 Bet Online?

There are several places where you can enter the Pick 7 Bet competition. And this number is just growing and growing with all the latest online betting sites not on gamstopand and betting shops wanting in on the action.

The biggest and most popular place for Pick 7 bets in the UK has to be ITV7. Leading the way with their fierce competition. To enter with ITV7, simply sign up and select 7 horses from the chosen race cards. And of course, hope they are all winners for a chance at the jackpot. Considering it is completely free to enter, well, there is nothing to lose. This is a no-brainer for those UK horse racing fans.

Sky Sports Betting

Sky Sports is another great place to enjoy a pick 7 bet. With their pick 7 games known as the Sky Sports Selector. It is pretty much the same as the pick7 bet. Keeping in theme with the ITV7 bet, players need to choose 7 winning horses from the races selected by Sky Sports. The jackpot is slightly different at Sky Sports, with the prize pool starting at just £1000. However, if no winners, the prize pool will roll over, having reached a whopping £58000 at one time. See also the Fantasy Sports page.

Another one from Sky Sports is the Sky Sports Super 6. Slightly different from the original Pick 7 bets, the Super 6 is not a horse racing bet but rather football-based. Super 6 from Sky Sports is extremely popular, possibly even more than the ITV7 bet. It takes place every Saturday and players can win up to a huge £250,000.

Final Note on top gambling sites outside the UK

These days you will see the Pick 7 bet symbol everywhere. With all of the best online casinos and reliable non gamstop online bookmakers offering this great competition. Or at the very least their special version or variation. All Pick 7 competitions will be completely free so will never cost you a penny. Pick 7 Bet, although a free bet for players, is still a competition for gamblers who love their horse racing. So, players need to be able to have a little flutter too. This is why so many online casinos and the best non gamstop betting sites are great places to get involved with Pick 7 Bet. Check out our top betting sites not on gamstop for your pick 7 bets at Just UK. There is nothing to lose.

Why Is Football betting on non gamstop gambling sites Very Popular Amongst Players Worldwide?

Football is the most popular sport worldwide and finding it on non gamstop sites is a no-brainer. Every championship and league attracts viewers and fans from all over the world. As soon as the referee blows the whistle of a match, the streets are empty of pedestrians and cafes are full of supporters and viewers.

One of the most important reasons for the global popularity of football on non gamstop betting sites is the ease of practice and the lack of special physical characteristics. Where short and tall players can play on the same pitch with no difference. Also, they both can be the best players in the world, like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as far as non gamstop sportsbooks are concerned.

Football betting not on gamstop 2024

Football has become the appropriate game for all social classes because it can be played anywhere. It does not need covered halls, a specified stadium, or a specific ball. This is what made it a “popular game”; meaning that the rich do not have an advantage over the people with low income, and distinction is for skilled players only. No wonder you can play your favourite games on any betting site of your choice.

Origins Of Football

Football originated in Britain during the nineteenth century. During its budding, its main income source was betting. At that time, teams of each company were competing and the workers of each company were betting on their teams at a specialized betting agent.

This agent collects bets and then gives profits to the winning bettors while keeping a profit margin for himself as well as his teams.

It was the first time that people with low-income workers tried sports betting. Because horse racing was restricted to the aristocracy only. The profit was tempting; If the worker bet with a day's wage and won the bet, he would receive an additional day's wage while he enjoyed watching his colleagues playing soccer!

Over the following years, the popularity of football increased, especially with the launch of the World Cup championship. With non gamstop online bookmakers readily available nowadays, it gets even more interesting.

Non gamstop bookies have been legalized in Britain and elsewhere in the world. Even today, football still attracts more followers than any other sport at gambling sites.

How Do UK Sports Sites Not On Gamstop Start? And How to Maximise Your Winnings

The basics of betting sites not on gamstop are easy to learn, require little knowledge, and offer great payouts. However, there are a lot of things you need to know if you want to make steady profits without gamstop restrictions playing at a non gamstop bookmaker UK.

In this guide we will help you learn the betting basics, how to beat the odds in gambling sites not on gamstop, and what is the best betting strategy. It is important to know all these things before you start.

Pro bettors understand that the competitive odds and markets of reliable bookmakers not on gamstop are as diverse as they are profitable. If there is a virtual sports betting site where you can maximise your winnings without gamstop restrictions, a non gamstop bookmaker is a good prospect. So, they choose a specific style of wagering. Moreover, they clearly understand the basics and rules of non gamstop sportsbooks and do not rely on luck only.

What is The Best Strategy To Win In Bookmakers Not On Gamstop?

To win in companies not on gamstop, you should analyze data of specific sports matches or tournaments to conclude the best prediction. However, you should know that there is no specific strategy in bookmakers not on gamstop that guarantees you permanent winning, but these strategies will help you in the long run.

The more accurate and comprehensive info you gather about a match, the more likely you win your sports bets. That is one strategy for non gamstop bookies.

For example, the Egyptian youth team traveled to Tunisia to face the Libyan national team in the North African Youth Championship.

Covid influence on FIFA

However, news has spread that many Egyptian team players have been infected with the Coronavirus. In this case, you must bet immediately on the Libyan national team to win the match, because the Egyptian team is expected to withdraw and return to his country or the match will be canceled by a decision of FIFA. Thus, the Libyan team will be the winner, and this happened already!

So, gathering info from newspapers and online sports betting companies is a strategy and it is the basis for any successful strategy. In addition, to understand the betting site, there are 5 other factors that you can consider as your strategy before registering in new sports betting sites not on gamstop.


Analyze Performance, Patterns, & Statistics

Before playing a game at any of the non gamstop betting platforms, analyze the performance, patterns, and statistics. You don't have to be an expert to win at companies not on gamstop. You can maintain a certain level of success if you follow the simple advice on this page and spend enough time trying to find the right betting chances. Of course, there are no winning guarantees on any of the non gamstop sports bookmakers, but if you do all of that, you'll already be ahead of most bettors!

If you want to have the best winning chances in any non gamstop betting site, you must analyze team performance and their playing style. That is, to understand the way each coach plays and the capabilities of each player. You should also take a look at the different stats that deal with possession, the number of corners and shots on the goal, the players who receive cards, and more.

Try All Bets Types And Also Take Advantage of Free Bets

If you want to be a professional bettor, you should place bets and try all betting options and live betting markets, especially for bookmarkers not on gamstop. Even by a few pennies to see if this bet suits your style or not. Also, you can place bets on sports events and take advantage of the free bets that bookies offer on non gamstop online sports betting companies to try new betting options with competitive odds, but without losing money.

Take Note of The Average Number Of Corner Strikes Betting

One of the newer live betting markets of the online gambling industry is the corners market. This bet may sound strange, but if you research enough you can make great payoffs if you place bets in this market! First, keep track of how many corners a team has scored over the last 10 or 20 matches. Then determine the average corner count, and then bet on the next team match.

If you aren't sure where to start, check things like the team's offence stats, defensive tactics, and the weather conditions. Factors like these can inspire you with the best prediction. As we have already indicated, following the correct approach backed by accurate data will enable you to reach good profits on an online gambling site.

Maximise The Double Chance Betting

Before playing on any betting site, ensure to take your chances when you place bets. The Double Chance bet will be an excellent choice for you if you hate risk! You can apply it for sports events at an online gambling site without gamstop too. This bet covers two out of three results. So, you have a probability of winning up to 66.6%. However, this bet will not give you high winnings as it guarantees the player very high odds. Therefore, you will need to bet a large amount to be able to win a good amount of money on a non gamstop bookie.

Bet On The Team's Top Scorer

Another strategy is to place bets on the team's top scorer on your favourite betting site. Harry Kane is one of the best scorers in the English Premier League and he is the main scorer for the club Tottenham. So, if Tottenham plays against a team with a weak defense, Kane is likely to record at least one goal!

One of the best sports betting sites not on gamstop strategies is to bet on the influencer players. It is a simple strategy and it can significantly increase your winning chances while playing at betting sites not on gamstop. However, betting on the team's top scorer or any other special bet will not be as clear as it sounds, and yet it offers very high payouts if used correctly.

Place Small Bets In UK Betting Sites Not On Gamstop

The best betting sites not on gamstop depend entirely on your balance. The last thing you should do when you open a betting account and place bets is to put all your eggs in one basket! You must place various bets on different betting sites not on gamstop and sports events, and divide your money on these bets, this will greatly enhance your winning odds.

Bet On The Goals Number

Winning at a non gamstop bookmaker is not easy. Although new betting sites not on gamstop may seem to you that betting on a team to win a match is the easiest and surest type of bet, this wager is not very good in many cases! For example, the opposing team can score an unexpected goal in the last 10 minutes, and you lose your bet.

So, you should consider creative bets that have higher odds, such as betting on the goal average that will be scored in a match.

All you should do is work on your research before placing this bet at a gambling site not on gamstop and find out things like the average team goals per match and its gameplay. Such info can significantly increase your odds as a player on any betting site.

Using these strategies will help you immensely enjoy your betting experience on a gambling site not on gamstop. However, remember that betting sometimes depends on luck, but this does not mean that you should change your strategies.

Essential Tips To Win In a Gambling Site Not On Gamstop

A gambling site not on gamstop uk is not complicated. It is full of fun. Whether you are aiming to make big profits from a gambling site not on gamstop in the long run, or if you just want to enjoy some excitement. Maintaining good betting habits will give you a lot of benefits, and keep your gambling activities within their healthy limits. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these tips for bookies not on gamstop:

Set a Specific Budget at a Sports Betting Site Not on Gamstop

For non gamstop betting sites in the UK, learn to set a specific budget. Football matches, like any other sport, cannot be accurately predicted. For example, never had all sports bettors determined a World Cup winner before the start of a championship. Rather, they differ greatly in their predictions as a result of their different views and analyses of teams.

For instance, did anyone expect Germany to beat Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup?! If someone had asked before the match which of the teams would expect to win, anyone would have said straight away Brazil! This team achieved a record number of wins in the World Cup and has a group of great players, and yet Germany won seven goals! So whenever the issue of playing at a virtual sports betting site comes up, understanding the dynamics of gameplay might change.

Control over Sports Betting Events

While you cannot control the match's events, you can control the amount of your bet on a non gamstop bookie. Thus, you should set a budget for betting and not exceed it under any circumstances. So, you never bet money that you cannot afford to lose. Football betting should never go from being a fun field to something that burdens your life and causes you big problems. So any virtual sports betting site you are using, set your budget on time. It does not matter your skills or your confidence or if this is your “last bet”, you should not exceed the proposed budget at an online bookmaker under any circumstances.

Stick to What You Know

There are countless championships and leagues held in non gamstop sportsbook all over the world. When it comes to the tournaments on your favourite betting site, you might think you are familiar with all these tournaments, but this is not true! As we mentioned earlier, a simple piece of information can change the whole scenario of the match. So, it is best that when engaging at non gamstop gambling sites, stick to teams that you know well.

Ignore Social Media Mentors

There are hundreds of mentors on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. And Those who direct beginner and intermediate punters to bet on certain options. However, a very small percentage of them can be considered true experts, and rarely do both offer helpful advice on how to navigate their way on a betting site!

They offer suggestions for how people can go about bookies not on gamstop, although there is no harm in their suggestions, they are not providing a valuable service. No beginner or intermediate bettor has won regularly using their advice.

Anyway, following these mentors is a lazy approach! You can do without them in the long run if you learn to form your predictions based on strong logic and this is the direct path to success if you want to maximise winning on sites not on gamstop.

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Non Gamstop Bookies in the UK: Infographic Table
🇬🇧 Betting Sites not Gamstop Reviewed 30+
🇬🇧 Reviewed Sports betting Sites 40+
🇬🇧 Best Bookmakers without Gamstop 10+
🇬🇧 UK Self Exclusion No
🇬🇧 Top non gamstop betting site Amigo Wins
🇬🇧 Best Games Football, Cricket, Horse Racing
🇬🇧 Sportsbook Bonus up to 200%

Non Gamstop Bookies in the UK: Infographic Table

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Frequently Asked Questions – Sports Betting Sites Not On Gamstop


What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is an online service enabling people to self-exclude from all gambling activity. This will stop them from being able to play at a casino or online sportsbook registered with Gamstop.

Are all Non UK Betting Sites on Gamstop?

There are several non-UK betting sites, also making them not on gamstop. Be sure to check out the list of the top-rated non-UK based betting sites.

Are non gamstop Non betting sites safe?

There is no fear of engaging on betting sites without gamstop if you know the right and best betting site to choose. All the non-UK betting sites mentioned on JustUK are reputable and trustworthy.

What is Pick 7?

Pick 7 bet is most popular for horse racing but can include other sports too, like football. Entering is easy, all players need to do is select 7 horses they think will win the 7 chosen horse races. Pick 7 Bet runs daily at many places online.

How much is it to enter Pick 7 Bet?

That's the best part. Pick 7 Bet is completely free! It costs nothing to enter but the prize pool if winning can be huge.

Where can I play Pick 7 Bet?

Pick 7 bet is available at many betting sites without gamstop limits. ITV7 is the most popular, leading the way for this type of competition. Check out all the best places to make a Pick 7 Bet at Just UK.

What Is the Easiest Soccer / football betting not on gamstop?

The easiest soccer bet on a site not registered with gamstop is Moneyline. This bet requires you to determine the outcome of the match from 3 results (home team win, away team win, draw). You don't have to specify the average goals, the players who scored them, or anything else. Just select the match result. However, this is one of the bookies not on gamstop that does not give the winners much profit.

How Can I Bet on a Match?

You can bet on any match by selecting the market (option) you want to bet on. Then select the betting value, and press the confirm button. After that, the bet value will be deducted from your balance and placed in the bet slip in your account.

What Payouts Can I Get?

The winnings you can make after opening your betting accounts from bookies not on gamstop range from 50% to 90% of your betting amount. The profit value varies depending on the risk of the bet. If the chances of your bet winning are high, you will get a low payoff. If the chances of your bet winning are low, you will get a higher payout.

What Are the Betting Sites Not on Gamstop Bonuses?

Non gamstop new betting sites offer a huge range of bonuses that include the following types: (welcome bonus, reload bonus, ACCA bets, insurance bonus, free bets, cashback, draws for winning fabulous gifts, and a friend invite bonus). These bonuses set by each online sportsbook make the game more fun and attract more players.