Klarna Payment Method at Non GamStop Casinos

Klarna payment is a credit app available in 17 countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, and Canada. Through this app, users can make purchases of goods and services online without paying the total price in advance. When a user initiates a purchase, he pays 25% of the cost and receives his order directly. Then, he makes 25% payments every two weeks until the full cost is covered. See alternate page UKash here.

klarna payment method on gamstop

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Klarna not on GamStop Casinos UK

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Klarna service started in 2005 in Sweden to facilitate online retailer shopping. During the past 15 years tech has evolved significantly. Smartphones and tablets appeared. Internet speeds increased, especially the wireless connections. Mobile wallets usage is on the rise across the globe, and what’s more, cash is no longer the king! The users’ reliance on cashless services has flourished even in countries known for their preference for tangible spending like Germany.

All the regular payment methods have been actively discouraged. On the opposite side, relying on the modern payment methods is thriving even in developing countries.

Klarna benefited from the advantages of the digital era to make its services simpler, safer, and more seamless.

Klarna serves more than 90 million active users in 17 countries. This service is available across 250,000 retailers in 17 countries around the world. The average number of transactions processed by Klarna is 2,000,000 payments per day. This service offers direct payments, instalment plans, and credit facilities in a very seamless one-click experience.

Many large companies have put their trust and investments in Klarna, such as Visa, Sequoia Capital, Ant Group and Atomico, among others.

The question here is, can punters use Klarna at non GamStop casinos? We will answer this question and more others in this guide!

What Is Klarna?

Klana is a Swedish fintech company that offers many online financial services, including post-purchase payments. With this service, you can shop anywhere online, make your order, and pay later with no stress! So, you can take advantage of discounts, limited time offers, and free shipping offers without making post payments.

This company managed to achieve its greatest success in Sweden before expanding to other countries. Starting from 2011, Klarna took control of 40% of all e-commerce sales in Sweden. In 2021, the company stated that its total capital reached $31 billion.

This remarkable success encouraged it to expand in other EU countries, such as the UK, Germany, and Italy.

How Does Klarna Payment Method Work?

Klarna is a “Buy Now, Pay Later” model service available on more than 250,000 online stores, market places, and e-commerce websites. This Swedish payment solution aims to make payments easier and simpler for all sellers and buyers. On the user side, he will get a free credit without interests or administrative expenses to purchase what he loves through online stores and get it immediately. As for the retailer, he will get a serious buyer who will not abandon his cart.

Just as a buyer needs to stick to his budget and pay small amounts over a long period, the online seller wants more completed orders! As we do more online shopping, every online retailer wants to ensure that its buyers complete the purchase process and take away their orders from the cart! So, he integrates many payments methods to attract more buyers.

To illustrate how this service works, for example, let’s say that you want to buy a washing machine which cost £400.00. However, you don’t have its total price at the current time. If you’re a Klarna customer, you can choose this service on the check out to pay 25% of the purchase cost upfront (£100). Then, you will get the washing machine on the same day. The remaining cost will be added to your Klarna account balance and split over 4 interest free payments charged every 2 weeks. However, keep in mind that if you didn’t pay the Klarna debit at time, your Klarna account would be subject to a late fee. Besides the standard payment plan, consumers can pay the total purchase amount in 30 days. Also, they can pay smaller portions over 6 to 36 months but with interest and fees included. Try out one of the casinos not on gamstop with £10 deposit only.

How Does Klarna Outperform Other Payment Methods?

There are many other payments methods that work with the “Buy Now, Pay Later” style like AfterPay, Affirm, QuadPay, Sezzle. However, Klarna outperforms them by offering multiple payment plans and the mobile friendly app.

The main problem with online shopping is that 70% of consumers abandon their carts for many reasons, including:

  • They don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a new account.
  • The checkout process isn’t handy
  • The online seller doesn’t accept a suitable payment option.
  • Users are afraid to supply their banking card data.

Klarna solves all these issues and encourages customers to close the deal without making an initial payment.

When a user makes a purchase through Klarna, the service immediately pays the merchant. Then, it adds the purchase amount to the consumer balance and informs him of the payment schedule.

Like any credit service that offers instalments and pay later plans, Klarna performs a quick credit check on the user, which take 1 – 3 working days. This check does not affect the consumer’s credit score. It is a regular standard procedure which doesn’t affect the credit score, while buyers who purchase high-cost items will be subject to an extensive credit check.

As we have mentioned before, if the payment is made on time, there are no fees. However, if the consumer chooses an extended instalment plan, the service will provide him financing in cooperation with WebBank. The annual interest rate here is 20%, and shoppers who miss the instalment payment are charged an extra fee of up to $7. The worst thing is that the user does not pay several instalments. In this case, Klarna blocks his account and file a report to the debt collection agency.

Klarna Payment Plans

Although Klarna offers several payment methods, it always encourages its customers to spend wisely. Whatever consumers buy, they will pay for their purchases sooner or later. In addition, Klarna does not like late payments and respond to them by suspending the consumer account.

You can pay the total purchase amount in the next 30 days or break down the cost over three digestible payments free of interest. Also, you can create a virtual single use card that you can use at any online or offline retailer who accepts Mastercard payments

Pay in 3 Installments

Originally, the purchase amount spread over four payments, but the first payment is paid at the point of purchase. Thus, you will have three payments due every two weeks or in 30 days, depending on your choice.

Klarna Payment in 30 Days

Don’t miss any discount or offer even if you don’t have the price of what you love as you can get it now and pay within 30 days later. No interest or fees, and your credit score will not be affected if you pay within the stipulated time.

Creating a ‘One-time Card’

Besides the above options, Klarna users can create a one-time virtual Branded MasterCard that can be used at any virtual or land-based store that accepts Mastercard payments. Among the services you can use this card are:

  • Pay household bills
  • get groceries
  • Buy gift cards
  • Pay government bills
  • Covering medical expenses
  • Deposit at online casinos and sports betting sites
  • Buying drugs and alcohol


How Does Klarna Work?

With the Klarna app, you can make any purchase without paying the total cost upfront. You will only pay 25% of the total purchase when initiating an order and receive your items immediately. Klarna will cover the remaining cost and inform you of the payment schedule. Typically, you will be subject to a series of three 25% payments over a month. For Klarna to ensure that users will pay their payments on the due dates, it requires them to link their bank card to their account before using the app.

Does Klarna Affect Credit Score?

According to its official website, Klarana does not run a credit check every time a consumer uses the app to make a purchase. However, as a credit service, it is supposed to help its clients make the appropriate financial decisions for their circumstances. So, it conducts credit checks from time to time. The checking process is very simple and unobtrusive as it matches the consumer’s data with the data available in the credit report to assess his credit eligibility and financial standing. In addition, the service does not perform a credit check upon registration or when downloading the app, but it may do it when the comsumer make a purchase.

Klarna may affect your credit score only if you apply for a long term financing option. In this case, the service will perform a credit check with credit rating agencies to assess your credit level and the likelihood of a consumer to repay the debt on time. This check will be visible to other lenders and may affect your credit level if you do not make two or more payments on time. In addition, you may be asked to confirm some additional data about your current financial status.

Who Accepts Klarna?

Over the past 15 years, Klarna has incorporated 205,000 retailers and counting. Klarna companies are not available through digital medium only, as you can use this service in-store also. Below are some of the most popular Klarna shops:

  • Adidas
  • H&M
  • JBL
  • LG
  • Lenovo
  • Nike
  • Diesel
  • Hurley
  • Vaio


How Does Klarna Make Money?

Klarna doesn’t place any additional charges over the standard payment plans. So, how do they get paid to stay in business? Basically, this service charges retailers a fixed fee of $0.30 on every purchase. In addition to a variable fee of between 3.29% to 5.99%. Although these fees may seem high to you, they are close to the other financial methods. Also, Klarna believes that retailers are willing to pay these costs as it helps them increase their sales volume and enjoy fewer abandoned carts. According to its own statistics, it boosts consumers’ ability by 45% to buy the products they want. Furthermore, sellers offload credit risk to Kalana and get their full payment amount directly on checkout.

Despite the great features offered by this service, it has been criticized for encouraging users to put themselves at high risk levels and get debts they could not afford to pay. In February 2021, the British government announced its intention to include the prepaid services sector of the Financial Conduct Authority.

How Can I Make a Purchase by Klarna?

To make purchases by Klarna you must first provide the following data:

  • Your phone number
  • Email
  • Residence address
  • A valid debit/credit card with a sufficient balance

The company recommends that users get their first purchase to their Klarna registered residence address, which increases the chances of their purchases.

All purchases info and payment data with Klarna is sent to consumers via email. So, if you have changed your email, you should contact the support service as soon as possible to update your info.

Can I Use Klarna at Online Casinos & Sports Betting Sites?

Klarna’s popularity has boomed in Britain and other EU countries, and now it enjoys a large user base.

With a daily transaction volume of 2,000,000, online casinos and sports betting sites are scrambling to support this method to get more players. Overall, instant, and fee-free deposit transactions make Klarna a great choice for many gambling devotees, especially those who don’t like to share their bank or card details.

How to Deposit by Klarna at Online Casinos and Sports Betting Sites?

Klarna is one of the easiest and simplest ways you can use to make your deposits at online casinos and sports betting sites. At first, you need to make sure that the casino accepts Klarna by navigating to the cashier section. And look to see if its logo is shown or question the customer service, after which you can apply the following steps:

  • Go to the cashier page of the casino or sports betting site and select Klarna.
  • Select your residence country.
  • Enter your account info on the Klarna service.
  • Input the deposit amount, then the transaction will take place immediately.

You can also shorten these steps by using your Klarna Prepaid Card to make your deposit.

It worth noting that Klarna isn’t operational at non GamStop casinos and offshore betting sites. So, its better to consider an alternative payment method.

Klarna Advantages: Is It Worth Getting Excited About?

The most notable feature of Klarna is that it relieves you of credit card interest and fees entirely. You are free to choose between pay the full purchase amount in 30 days or spread the cost in three small installments. So, you can feel more comfortable instead of using regular credit. Furthermore, this payment method engages hundreds of retailers around the world to provide a wide range of options for all buyers. Besides the ability to buy now and pay later, you can get exclusive deals, special gifts, discounts, giveaways, and other benefits. Don’t worry to miss any of these offers as Klarna notifies its users via email.

Klarna Payment Disadvantages: Are They a Deal Breaker?

Like with any other payment method, whenever there are benefits, there’s also some downsides. Practically speaking, Klarna is not a suitable payment method for players at online casinos and sports betting sites. Firstly, this method is very slow in comparison with the rest of payments solutions. Therefore, it will not help you to get bonuses, limited time promos or place in-play bets. Furthermore, this service does not support withdrawals and cannot be used outside the 17 countries in which it operates. The most obvious drawback in Klarna is that this method lends the purchase payment and therefore the user will gamble with money that he doesn’t already own and has to repay it back later, while if he misses two or more instalments, he will be subject to additional interest and fees. Of course, no one wants to take on a dollar in debt for gambling!

Debt risk

Savvy shoppers use Klarna in a responsible manner to catch what they love in seasons of limited time offers, free shipping, and price drop. That way, they can get what they love at a lower price and break this price into a series of small and digestive payments. So, they will not exceed their monthly shopping budget and still can get what they want. In other words, Klarna isn’t for everyday purchases. Unlike debit and prepaid cards, when you use Klarna you will have a debt that you must pay off on time. In fact, however, Klarna does not want you to pay it on time because, in this way, it will get more interest and fees. So, Klarna companies entice consumers with offers, discounts, and gifts to make more purchases.

For this reason, Klarna has been subjected to a lot of criticism as it encourages consumers to get themselves into high level of debt. As you know, too much debt can turn a good debt into a bad one.

It Is Not the Fastest Way of Transactions

When you use Klarna to make your deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, it will take some time for your transactions to be processed. Initially, you should create a new account on the Klarna app and link it to your bank card. Then, you can order the one time virtual prepaid card of the value of your choice, after which you can use this card to make a deposit at the casino or sports betting site. Why taking the long way? Just use your credit/ debit card to make an instant deposit!

Players Must Have a Bank Account

Klarna will not lend you money without linking your bank account or card in the first place. Some of gambling patrons don’t have banking account and prefer the prepaid solutions, while other players may not want to use their bank account for gaming purposes to maintain their credit score.

Don’t support withdrawals

According to the anti money laundering protocol applied by all credible casinos, the casino must direct the withdrawals to the same method that the player used to make his previous deposit. Since Klarna is neither a bank card nor an e-wallet, users cannot use it to cash out their winnings. Therefore, you must use an rapyd payment casinos which likely will be the bank transfer.

Not Available Worldwide

Klarna is not like VISA or Mastercard which are available at any online and offline avenue. It is only available in 17 countries.

Doesn’t Available at Non GamStop Casinos

Since that Klarna is available only in 17 countries, it does not cover countries where casinos outside of GameStop operate such as Curaçao, Cyprus, and Malta.

Customer Support at Klarna Payment

Klarna UK offers perfect and free customer service that is available 24/7 even on bank off days. You can initiate a conversation by clicking on the live chat tab then you will be connected to a human agent directly. Also, you can reach the support service through email and phone call. In addition, you can check out their FAQ page which contains answers to the most common questions about all topics, including accounts, payments, financial transactions, instalment payments, and other important matters.

Klarna Payment Protection

Some parts of Klarna code are written in Erlang, a programming language created by Ericsson for parallel apps. This language is very scalable as needed, and because its use is limited, it cannot be hacked in any way. However, recently on 27 May 2021, Klarna exposed some users’ accounts to some other users, then it stated that this incident is caused by a glitch. In addition, this method doesn’t expose any of your data with the casino or any other party.

Klarna UK Alternatives

The advantages of Klarna don’t offset its many downsides. So, better to stick to a more convenient and simple option which takes the nature of gambling transactions into account. As you know, the online payment methods are on rise in every country and there are many more mobile wallets, payments gates, and eWallets are launched several weeks somewhere around the world. So, you enjoy the luxury of choice between a loads of different payment solutions. Next, we have outlined the most common payment methods which you can use at online casinos and sports betting sites without GamStop seamlessly.

The methods mentioned below don’t include any of the Klarna disadvantages. On the contrary, you can use them in both directions, deposits and withdrawals. In addition, you will not take any debt as most of them take funds out of your account immediately. On top of that, you will not have to wait for a long time to clear funds in your casino/ bank account.

Credit and Debit Cards

As easy as cash payments, banking cards allow you to shop at land-based and online stores, make purchases, and transfer funds to your loved ones easily. These tiny cards weighing just a few grams have forever revolutionized the digital payments industry. At the time of this guide, more than half of the world’s population use the banking cards. Although there are many brands that issue banking cards, Visa and Mastercard are the most known worldwide.

When you use a debit card at non GamStop casino the money will be deducted from your bank balance and transferred to your casino account. If you utilize a credit card the payment amount will be credited to your account as a debt. That can be dangerous for many players since gambling is not a basic need to borrow money for.

Since gambling is addictive, some well-known licensors are considering banning credit cards usage from online casinos and bookmakers and allow only credit cards, wallets, and bank transfers. However, the credit cards are still available at the most of gambling portals wholly legally.


The ewallets is a virtual version of banking cards which allow users to make seamless payments at land based vendors to world renowned shopping gates. Usually, these wallets are usable on mobiles. So, they offer a native mobile apps for both Android and IOS devices. Also, they have a web platforms which user can access from handheld devices and PCs equally. To use an E-Wallet, you should set up an account and link it to your bank card, then you can conduct deposits and withdrawals at non GamStop casinos, pay bills, enjoy shopping, transfer money, and buy gift cards. As you can figure out by its name, this kind of payment solution stand as your wallet but in a digital form.

All ewallets are completely safe and offer minimal risk of fraud compared to bank cards. When you use an ewallet, you wouldn’t need to expose your card or bank account details with the seller or any other party. Besides their safety, all online wallets are easy to use, offer rapid transactions, and they are available for all internet users around the globe. Some of the most common eWallets at online casinos are: (Skrill, EcoPayz, and Neteller).

Pay by Phone

In some countries around the world, users can make their deposits on gambling sites using mobile wallets. For instance, the UK gamblers can use local mobile wallets like Boku to transact at the online casinos and sports betting sites that holds the UKGC license. This kind of payment method offer limited transaction limits, charge low fees, and can be use through the dedicated app. However, they have many downsides as they aren’t available at casinos without GamStop, don’t process withdrawals, and available at a few casinos and sports betting sites only.

Instant Bank Transfers

Although it is an old transaction method and not as popular as cards and wallets, bank transfers are still catering to older people punters. To use this method at non GamStop casinos, first you need to get contact the customer care to get the casino bank account details. Also, they may provide you with a one-time transaction reference code. Then, launch your bank app, click on the hamburger button, choose the transfer option, and past the casino details into the boxes provided.

When withdrawing your winnings, contact the support and order them to send your cash out to your bank account. The processing time is an obvious downside here as users will have to experience patience for a time of between 3 to 7 working days for the process to complete.

Also, you can consider the instant bank transfer systems like Trustly, iDeal, and Giropay which offer faster transactions but with higher fees.

Digital Currencies

As crypto fever continues, digital currencies get enviable growth levels. Before 3 – 4 years, they have been featured as a joke on the financial blogs. Now, each coin, even the least popular, make a growth of between 100% to 500% annually! Despite all this momentum, they haven’t achieved a mainstream use yet whether at onling gambling industry or any other industry based on the internet. So, many gambling portals still don’t feature them like ewallets and banking cards. Online casinos without GamStop, however, increasingly accept virtual currencies and offer crypto depositors special set of bonuses and promos.

The most common coins at the current time are: (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin).


The popular “Buy now, pay later” payment system treat the dilemma of abandoned carts at online stores. Also, it offer users the ability to get their orders without pay in full upfront. In fact, the abandonment rate of shopping carts is about 70% of total shopping orders which is something retailers want to decrease in anyway. Klarna also provides instant financing, and multiple installment interest- free plans. At the time of this text, this trendy service operational in more than 250,000 online stores. Also, it has 90 million active users in 17 countries. By using this service, customers can pay only a small portion of their purchase at checkout. Then, the remaining cost will be spread on three digestive payments which would be billed every two weeks.

Klarna makes money by charging sellers fixed and variable fees upon every payment. In return, the seller will get his total payment in checkout and offloads the credit risk to Kalana. For consumers, they wouldn’t pay any extra charges if they use the 3 installments plan, Klarna payment in 30 days, or the one time card. However, if they use the finance option, they will be subject to fees and interest.

Despite its great features, it is not at all suitable for players who want quick, easy and debit free methods.





Klarna FAQ's


Does Klarna Available at Casinos Without GamStop?

No, at the current time Klarna is available only at UK licensed iGaming portals.

Does Klarna Charges Additional fees for Gambling?

No, if the player makes his payments at time, he will not charged extra fees or interests.

Does Klarna a Healthy Option For Online Gamblers?

No, Klarna and any other finance method encourages, indirectly, profligate spending. That can lead to increased debt burden especially among players who have an addictive tendency toward gambling. So, it is better to use it in online shopping and only when needed to take a debt.

What Are the Countries that Accept Klarna?

Klarna is Sweden based company, which is operational in 17 countries, including the UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, and Netherlands.