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Casinos in Jersey? Jersey is part of the insular archipelago that lies in the English Channel and consists of several islands, namely Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm and some smaller islands. This archipelago is a remnant of the Duchy of Normandy. Although it is independent and self governing, the UK is responsible for the defence and international relations of these islands.

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List of the non gamstop Jersey Casinos

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Each island has its own laws, elections, and legislative bodies. Therefore, any joint institution between any two or more islands is an exception rather than the rule.

Like the other Channel Islands, this island’s economy is based primarily on financial services, taxation, and innovative areas such as licensing remote gambling companies and e-commerce businesses. These activities provide more than 40% of the island’s total income, and the rest of the island’s income comes from betting, trade, tourism, and other activities.

Both British and French cultures dominate this island. For example, the primary language in Jersey is English, and the British pound is the currency. Other similarities with British culture include driving on the left and fondness for British sports such as football and cricket. On the other hand, there are many streets and squares with French names, and the Norman language is common in France.

Although this island has an area of ​​119.5 km² and is difficult to locate on a map, it holds a high position in the virtual gambling industry. Also, the Jersey Gambling Commission can be more developed in many respects than the UKGC. On this page, we will give you all the info you need to know about the best casinos in Jersey and how you can choose the right one.

How Does Jersey’s Economy Work?

Thanks to its small area and small population, income levels are very high in Jersey. In addition, the islanders are interested in high return economic activities such as licensing and regulation of e-commerce and remote gambling. Therefore, Jersey has a strong economy that can parallel the economies of developed countries.

In 2009 the GDP per capita was around £40,000 per year per head. In 2019, that number jumped to £45,320. Despite this impressive growth in Jersey’s economy, the purchasing power of the islanders is much lower than that of London and other British cities.

Jersey is well known for being one of the most prominent licensing centres for internet casinos and sports betting sites. One of the main sources of rentier income on this island is the license fee and cash transfer inflows to players.

Land based casinos are also licensed and legal on this island. However, they do not generate huge returns as tourism is very seasonal in Jersey.

History of Gambling in Jersey

Like the rest of the Crown, Jersey has a rich gambling history. The first form of gambling was introduced in 1966, the Jersey Lotto. However, due to poor participation, this lottery was merged within a short time with the other island lotteries to form the Common Channel Islands Lotto in 1975.

In 2012, the Jersey only lottery was re-launched under the name “National Lotto”. In this lotto, a single ticket sold for £2 and the grand prize was set to be £1 million and £300,000 split into smaller prizes. However, because not all tickets were sold out, the jackpot was cut in half, after which the lottery was cancelled entirely in 2013.

As for online gambling, Jersey has an ideal virtual gambling legislative environment, and it was also one of the first islands to recognize virtual gambling and its huge potential. So, it hosts the official headquarters of many of the powerful brands in the online gambling business. Indeed, the past years have proven that online casinos are an excellent choice for startups that can withstand economic downturns and other social struggles that hit businesses hard.

Jersey Gambling Law

The law regulating all forms of virtual gambling was passed in 2012, and the Jersey Gambling Commission (JGC) was created, which is the body responsible for licensing casinos, supervising them, regulating gambling activities in the state and, if necessary, imposing fines on casinos. This authority issues five types of licenses:

  • Casinos and bookmakers
  • Hosting service providers
  • Software developing
  • Test committees
  • Platform providers

In general, any company wishing to run their business from Jersey must apply for a license. After that, the company can open business bank accounts, transact with other companies operating in the industry, and host tested and trusted game content.

In addition, the company will also be able to expand its business, operations and target markets. This means that licensing is indispensable to the company in order to be able to establish itself and run its business out of Jersey.

If a company offers several services at the same time, such as web hosting and software design, it is important that you obtain two or more licenses depending on the number of services you offer.

Some that the Jersey Non GamStop Casino will be able to:

  • Work in many countries legally.
  • Have low tax rates (much less than the taxes imposed by the UKGC).
  • Establishing relationships with payment service providers, game providers, and other companies working in the iGaming field.
  • Opening commercial accounts in Jersey banks to process players’ deposits/ withdrawals.
  • Get the best games and software for non GamStop Jersey casinos.
  • Easily publish casino apps on Google Play or App Store.

What Is the Legal Status of Gambling in Jersey?

Because Jersey is independent, it has different laws and different legal and judicial bodies. While the UK has the UKGC, Jersey has the Jersey Gambling Commission. In other words, the license terms are different.

For example, while the UKGC requires casinos to integrate with GamStop to obtain or maintain a license, the Jersey Gambling Commission does not set this requirement. In addition, the agency does not require the cancellation of VIP Player Programmes. Also, it does not place any restrictions on players. So we believe that Jersey casinos are the best.

What Is the Current Legal Status of Non GamStop Casinos?

First of all, it should be noted that gambling is legal throughout the UK. Between 2009 and 2010, 4% of adults gambled regularly at Jersey online casinos. From 2010 to 2011, online gambling regulated by the Jersey Gaming Commission generated £660.74 million in winnings.

In Jersey, as in the other Channel Islands, online gambling is regulated for the common good and to protect all its participants from the negative aspects of gambling. The primary objective of the laws established by the Jersey Gaming Commission is to protect both customers and casinos alike from fraud, money laundering, and other crimes associated with online gambling.

However, Jersey Gambling Commission does not place many restrictions that hinder development and innovation as everyone can enjoy their favourite games on their smartphones or tablets as well. In other words, the Jersey Gaming Commission creates an excellent balance between protecting players and allowing the industry to grow.

Any non GamStop casino that holds at least one license from one of the legal agencies is allowed. If the casino does not have any license at all, then this is a risk to its existence and the reputation of the company operating it. Furthermore, the casino will encounter the following issues:

  • Damage to the reputation of the operating company and the industry as a whole.
  • Inability to open bank accounts to process players’ deposits and withdrawals.
  • At risk of license revocation or possibly blacklisting. Therefore, you will not be able to obtain a license from any other legal committee in the future.
  • For users, the lack of a casino license means that it is an untrustworthy site.
  • Failure to comply with licensing requirements leads to severe consequences, including reputational damage and heavy fines.

Jersey Safety and Licensing Bodies

Legal gambling commissions can’t do everything on their own. So, there are plenty of independent bodies and charities involved in protecting vulnerable players, testing games for fairness, and helping licensing commissions do their work properly. Therefore, it is best to sign up for casinos that are backed by independent commissions such as Be Gamble Aware, Gambling Therapy, and others.

In addition, players can also exclude themselves from all Non GamStop Jersey casinos with ease. All you have to do is go to the License Committee website and then click on the self exclusion option, fill out the signup form, and select the cool off period during which you want to stop playing. After that, all your accounts at Non GamStop Jersey casinos will be removed.

Where to Start: How to Choose the Best Non GamStop Jersey Casino?

Choosing a reliable platform is a difficult task not only for beginners but also for professionals. This is due to a large number of best non GamStop Jersey casinos on the scene at the current time. Each casino does its best to offer the most varied game selection and the biggest bonus package. Here are a few things to check before registering at a non GamStop casino:

  • The website should have a convenient and modern impressive interface designs interface with fast loading. Complex sites with tons of advertising banners are not something you should focus on.
  • The Cashier section should provide varied payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals.
  • Non GamStop casinos must offer their customers 24/7 customer service. In addition, it is important for players to be able to get in touch with support agents via live chat, e-mail, and phone call.
  • It is important for a casino to provide its players with a reliable data protection system, and the relevant protocols must confirm this. You also need to make sure that the site is licensed by the country in which you are betting.
  • If the casino offers demo versions of the games they offer, feel free to test them. This allows you to evaluate your odds and choose the game that offers you the highest possible returns.

There are a lot of trusted review sites interested in evaluating non GamStop casinos from which you can choose a gambling site that is suitable for your requirements.

Consider Your Needs

The first consideration is your needs and what you want to get from the non GamStop Jersey casino.

Online casinos offer different features, various benefits, and the role of the player here is to sign up for the casino that perfectly suits his requirements and needs.

Some players say that choosing a good casino is like choosing a car. For example, the Ferrari 458 will not offer the same experience as the Toyota Auris.

Non GamStop casinos are similar, too; Each is good on a different level. However, not everything may be right for your needs! It is important to think about the following:

  • The type of games that are right for you. Some games are better than others, while others are less important to other players. That is why it is important that you decide what type of games are right for you and look for them at the casino you want to sign up for.
  • Bonuses and offers in a casino without GamStop. Each player has a preference. So, the player must choose the casino that offers his players the most suitable package of bonuses.
  • Your own playing methods. Players like to play from time to time, while other players like to play regularly. Therefore, it is important that you decide what style of play is right for you and how much you will benefit from the casino.

These are the basics of gambling, and they are factors that you must discover on your own. With so many Jersey casinos without GamStop, you should not settle for anything less than the best.

Determine Your Goal

The first step you should take into account when trying to choose a non GamStop Jersey casino is to know what you want to get. In other words, it is important to define your expectations for the casino experience you want to have. Are you looking for a live casino game with real dealers? Do you prefer to play blackjack and use strategy? Or do you love poker and want to compete with other players?

When you answer these questions, you can choose the most suitable casino. For example, if you know that you want to play poker in addition to placing sports betting, non GamStop casinos that offer these two types of services will be right for you.

Important tip: If your goal is to find a surefire way to make money with little effort, then an online casino without a GamStop will not be a good choice. All casino games have a house edge that provides net profits for the casino in the long run. Sometimes you can win, but if you play too long, you won’t win. Unfortunately, the truth is that you lose a little more than you win at non GamStop Jersey casinos.

The rules of the game can increase or decrease the house edge. For example, if a player implements the basic blackjack strategy, he will reduce the casino advantage to a minimum.

Now that you know that it is almost impossible to beat an online casino, you can use the above tips to make sure that you end up at the right casino for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Search Well

Here’s how most players think: they choose the first casino that appears on their search results page. However, this can be a dangerous approach given the large number of casinos without GamStop on the scene at the moment. Therefore, we advise players to search for the site that suits their interests. As we mentioned before, each site has its pros and cons, and you will only discover this through a deep search.

It is important that you base your research on the experience you will have as a casino player. Some players may prefer to play through the browser, but other players prefer to play through the app. Security and privacy are among the factors that make a casino without GamStop excellent.

Payment Methods

If you succeed in choosing a Jersey casino without GamStop then you are on the way to creating a new account and making your first deposit.

This means that you must choose the appropriate payment method that guarantees you to conduct your transactions quickly, with low fees or no fees at all.

It is also important that the use of the banking solutions does not conflict with the rules for obtaining bonuses at the relevant casino. To verify this, you should review the terms and conditions of the bonus to verify that the deposit you make with the selected payment method qualifies for the bonus. As a rule, non GamStop Jersey casinos support the most common payment methods such as:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Ukash
  • ecoPayz
  • Revolut

Another thing that you should consider is the possibility of withdrawing your winnings using the same payment method that you used to make your previous deposit.

As one of the legal requirements that are licensing commissions place on non GamStop Jersey casinos, they are required to direct players’ winnings to the same payment method they used to make a previous deposit.

If the deposit method does not support withdrawals, the player must receive his winnings through bank transfer.

Of course, you want to see your winnings right away in your bank account. The fun of playing is not complete until the money appears in your account. So, if it takes three days for the money to reach your account, then the fun is almost gone. That is why it is important that you choose a casino that processes your deposits and withdrawals quickly. In addition, it is important for the player to also choose a payment method that processes transactions quickly and securely.

Make Sure the Non GamStop Jersey Casino Is Safe

Since playing at Jersey non GamStop casinos involves depositing and withdrawing real money, it is very important to make sure that you are using a completely reliable and secure site. It is important that you choose a casino without GamStop that fully guarantees the safety and privacy of your personal and financial data.

When choosing a non GamStop casino, this site must be SSL protected. Having this protocol means that your personal info is completely safe and secure when using this particular website. In addition, the online casino site must also verify the ID of the user upon signup to ensure that they are of legal gambling age. This means that Jersey casino without GamStop is completely safe for all players.

Choose a Casino That Offers a Good Welcome Bonus

Before signing up for a non GamStop Jersey casino, it is important that you check the welcome bonus they are offering to players, as well as the bonuses allocated to loyal players.

It is important that you choose a jersey casino without a GamStop that offers its players the biggest welcome bonus for new players.

This will help you to start enjoying your favourite games by spending little money.

There are some non GamStop Jersey casinos that offer their players a welcome bonus on the first deposit.

Some other casinos offer welcome packages that include the first three or five deposits. You can also get free spins along with deposit bonuses. However, keep in mind that you should always read and understand the terms and conditions before you sign up for the Jersey Casino and get the bonus they offer.

One of the most important items to consider when evaluating the welcome bonus is the wagering requirements which should not be too high, or else it will prevent you from converting your winnings from the bonus into withdrawable winnings.

Choose a Casino With a Broad Selection of Games

Games are the number one product in non GamStop Jersey casinos. Players participate at gambling sites with the aim of enjoying the games they offer in the first place. Hence, you should choose a jersey casino without a GamStop that offers you as many games as possible that have been fetched from multiple creators to ensure the quality of the gaming experience you will get. Most of the time, gamblers will have favourite games. Therefore, it is always important that you check the games that the casino offers before creating a new account. Fortunately, Jersey casinos without GamStop offer free versions of all the games they offer. Through these versions, you can learn about the basic rules of games, layout, how to bet, features, and other things as well.

This will help you decide which non GamStop casino is ideal for your gambling preferences.

Customer Service

Although players think that customer service is not an important criterion when evaluating and reviewing Jersey casinos without GamStop, quite the contrary, customer service is one of the most important aspects that you should consider before signing up for a casino.

Sometimes you may forget your password or username. Other times, you may lose your internet connection while playing. Therefore, it is important that you sign up for a non GamStop casino that offers support that you can easily access and via multiple channels to have your concerns answered right away.

Try to find an online casino where you can reach the customer support team in different ways, such as:

  • Live chat
  • E-mail
  • Phone call

In addition to the availability of the support team, it is also important that you check the quality of the service they provide. We recommend that you ask them a random question at first and see if they will answer you quickly and whether the answer they gave is helpful.

These are things you should consider when choosing a Jersey casino without a GamStop. It is important to be wise when choosing an online casino as this will have a huge impact on the gaming experience that you will get. Therefore, we advise you to take your time to evaluate the casinos so that you can choose the one that is worth your time and money. We hope that these tips will help you in finding the perfect online casino site that meets your preferences.

Reputation & History

As mentioned before, you will find a large selection of non GamStop casinos that you can easily sign up for. However, there are a handful of casinos that are worth your time and money. You can easily judge how reliable the casino is from what players say about it in the various review forums. Having a good reputation in the online casino world means that other players have a good gaming experience at this site.

A lot of non GamStop Jersey casinos have been around long enough to handle whatever comes their way. Indeed, many of these casinos have resolved all the kinks to offer players a flawless gaming experience. This does not mean that the newer sites are not reliable. However, they have to stay in the arena for a while to prove their reliability to the players.

User Interface & Design

If you look at a non GamStop Jersey casino and it seems hopelessly confusing. Then, you should look for another casino. For us, a Jersey casino without GamStop should have a clear, clean look and be easy to navigate wherever you want to. In addition, these sites are also intuitive so that you can easily browse through their pages and sections even if you are not tech savvy.

The other main element is the website interface and its compatibility with smartphones and tablets. The best Jersey non GamStop casinos use premium software companies that have proven their effectiveness in the field of online gambling. As a result, you never have to worry about bugs or crashes in your game. Certainly, you will not lose your money even if you make a mistake while playing.

Smartphone Compatibility

Compatibility with smartphones and tablets is a must for any online business these days, and casinos are no exception.

Many players feel comfortable playing on their smartphones or tablet.

This means that casinos and sports betting sites that are not compatible with smartphones are hopelessly behind. In addition, all the features on the desktop platform must be on the casino’s mobile platform.

Some Jersey non GamStop casinos offer their clients downloadable apps that you can use to quickly access your favourite options.

Sometimes, casinos keep their customers downloading apps by offering no deposit bonuses to their customers.

What Are the Types of Jersey Non GamStop Casinos?

There are several ways you can enjoy your Jersey casino experience without a GamStop.

Certainly, by knowing the differences between these types, you will be able to play in the way that suits you and get the gaming experience you desire.

In the next section, you can take a look at your different options.

Real Money Casino Apps

Non GamStop Jersey casino apps can be easily downloaded through the official website of the casino or from the relevant app store. So, you can access it at any time. The advantage of Jersey casino apps without GamStop is that you will be able to play easily as long as you have space and data on your device.

The great advantage of real money casino apps is that you will get a no deposit bonus when you use this app for the first time.

Browser Based Casinos

All non GamStop Jersey casinos offer standard websites that you can access using your detailed browser on your PC or laptop.

Casino games run in HTML5 formats. So, they probably don’t require any app to be downloaded to run.

Mobile Casino Sites

Non GamStop Jersey casinos do not require any downloads and will have everything found on the larger site. However, these sites are scaled to fit the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Thus, you can enjoy your favourite games at any time and from anywhere easily and without any sacrifices.

Responsible gambling

Jersey non GamStop casinos today offer their players a large number of games and incentives, and while this is fun and convenient for most of the players, gambling may pose a threat to their inner peace. Therefore, Jersey casinos without GamStop offer their players a lot of tools that can be used to control gambling behaviour which includes setting a time frame for playing, capping deposits/ withdrawals, and even complete self exclusion.

Top 5 Jersey Casinos Without GamStop

Although the homepage of our site has nominations for the top ten Jersey non GamStop casinos, many players may feel a bit lost when trying to determine the best site. So, in the next section, we have decided to recommend the top five Jersey casinos without a GamStop for you.

All of these sites have the licenses of legal committees. Also, they protect their customer’s data with encryption protocols. Furthermore, Jersey casinos without GamStop offer games from top notch studios. Players can easily manage their accounts using various payment methods. Customer service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can get in touch with them via live chat, e-mail, and phone call. Since all of these casinos offer free versions of their games, you can try them out before signing up.

Jimmy Winner Casino

Jimmy Winner Casino started on the scene in 2022. Although it is still new to the scene, it has already managed to attract a large base of players to it due to the multiple options it offers. Players of this casino can enjoy a full range of slot games, table and card games, and live casino games. Furthermore, players can enjoy sports betting and participate in various lotteries and tournaments. Once you sign up at the casino, you will get a four stage welcome bonus with a max value of €3,000.

The casino library includes more than 3000 great titles sourced from top global studios such as NetEnt, NextGen, Play’nGo, and more. The casino platform is compatible with all internet connected devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs.

This means that the casino will be accessible to a wide base of potential players. However, on the downside, the casino does not offer an app for download, and also, the wagering requirements are quite high. Some of the best games at this casino are:

  • Hidden
  • Electric Sam
  • Volcano Riches
  • Joker Strike
  • Ultra Fresh
  • Baccarat
  • Volcano Riches
  • Joker Strike
  • Ultra Fresh
  • Baccarat
  • Money Standard
  • Crazy Pug
  • Goldheads
  • Timelines
  • Fighting Girls
  • Wild Moon Saloon
  • Born Wild
  • Yakuza
  • Gangster Gold

Winner Casino

Winner’s web casino was launched in 2009. During its long time on the web, this casino has been able to attract hundreds of players from different countries, including the UK, of course.

This casino claims that it is number one job is to create winners, and the bonus package it offers proves beyond a reasonable doubt.

Upon signing up for Winner Casino, the new player will receive a welcome bonus series of up to €10,000.

The casino library contains over 300 high quality games coming from top tier studios such as NetEnt, NextGen, and Play ‘n Go.

This casino has the license of Curaçao and protects its players’ financial and personal data with security protocols.

If you encounter any problem when playing at the casino, you can contact our 24/7 customer service. This casino also accepts a large number of financial instruments and supports a wide range of currencies as well. Some of the best games at this casino are:

  • Fire Strike
  • Master Joker
  • Great Rhino
  • Wolf Gold
  • Classic Blackjack
  • French Roulette
  • Gold Train
  • Pirate Gold
  • Gongo Cash
  • Great Rhino
  • Power of Thor
  • Bigger Bass
  • Spartan King
  • 5 Lions Gold
  • Wild Wild Riches

Papaya Wins Casino

Papaya Wins Casino is one of the newest non GamStop on the scene at the moment.

This casino holds the license of Curaçao and protects users’ financial and personal data.

The library of this casino contains hundreds of high quality games presented by the best games creators. This casino’s library includes everything from slots, and table games, to live casino games. In addition, players can enjoy sports betting and virtual sports.

New players get an impressive triple welcome bonus that can be worth up to €3,000. Sports bettors and fans of virtual sports can also get great welcome bonuses. Some of the best games at this casino are:

  • Wild Crowns
  • Star Dragon
  • Aztec Century
  • Eggs of Gold
  • Lotus Charm
  • Andar Bahar
  • Sic Bo
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Book of Sun
  • Book of Ra
  • Bonanza Billion
  • Lucky Dama Muerta
  • The Money game
  • Deep Sea
  • Coba
  • Rainbow Lands

Damslots Casino

Damslots Casino has a lot of great attractions that promise players an excellent gaming experience. The casino library contains hundreds of games of exceptional quality that you can enjoy in free mode or even real money bets.

All new players here can choose between two great welcome offers.

After that, they can benefit a lot from the awesome weekly rewards.

The casino games library includes hundreds of great games spread across sections of slots, table games, and live games. Players can make their deposits and withdrawals using a lot of payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Some of the best games at this casino are:

  • Rise of Merlin
  • Samba Carnival
  • Diamond Cats
  • Monkey Warrior
  • Aloha! Cluster Pays
  • Jungle Jim
  • Narcos
  • Blood Suckers
  • Dark Queen
  • Book of Aztec
  • Bic Bass
  • Chilli Heat
  • Big Win Cat
  • Dead Alive
  • Boogle Monsters

Jammy Jack Casino

Jammy Jack Casino first started in 2022 and holds the license of the Curaçao Gaming Commission. The players of this casino can choose between two welcome offers, the biggest of all is the bonus for casino players, which amounts to €3,000.

There are also plenty of daily offers and great weekly bonuses. Customer service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The casino library contains thousands of great games that can number up to 5,000 great and high quality titles, such as Bitsoft, Playtech, Fizzy and GameArt. The games are divided into multiple sections, including slots, table and card games, and live casino games. Some of the best games at this casino are:

  • Buffalo 50
  • Red Cap
  • Wild Toro II
  • Gold Rush
  • Rainbow Lands
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Punto Banco
  • Book of Sun
  • Demi Gods 3
  • Stunning Hot
  • Story Herclues


In this guide, we have given you all the info you need to know about Non GamStop Jersey Casinos and how you can choose the right location that meets your requirements and needs. On this page, we have also recommended the best casinos without GamStop where you can have an excellent experience.


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FAQ About Non GamStop Jersey Casinos

If you are about to start your adventure at Non GamStop Jersey casinos you will have some questions about bonuses, games, casinos services, or other features as well. In the following questions, we have tried to give you brief answers to all FAQ about Non GamStop Jersey casinos.

What distinguishes non GamStop Jersey casinos from other gambling sites?

Non GamStop Jersey Casinos players can get a larger selection of offers and you will also find a better selection of games. Customers of Non GamStop Jersey Casinos will have the freedom to choose among the many payment methods. As for customer service, it is always active 24/7 and via multiple channels including live chat, email, and phone call.

Are there land based casinos in Jersey?

Although gambling is completely legal on the island of Jersey, there are no land based casinos there due to the small number of residents on the island and this has discouraged any company from directing their investment to this island. However, the Jersey Gambling Commission (JGC) licenses online casinos and players can enjoy playing in them freely.

Is gambling illegal in Jersey?

Yes, gambling is completely legal in Jersey. As long as the casino has a license, it can provide its services to all players in Jersey.