Do You Have an Online Casino Complaint? What (Not) to Do

When gambling online, problems with an online casino may occur. These problems can even lead to the need to file a complaint about the casino. Where can you go with your complaints? And what is the right course of action?

Problems with casinos are often very frustrating for online gamblers. The casino often has a kind of position of power (disposal of the player's bankroll)… Are you faced with a situation at an online casino that you as a player are absolutely not satisfied with? Then it is nice to know what the options are. At we therefore inform you in this article about a number of options for complaints about an online casino. What should you pay attention to? Who can you contact? And: how do you prevent problem situations (as much as possible)?

Would you like to share your complaint with the readers of You can post your comment or complaint at the bottom of the reviews of each online casino.

Do You Have an Online Casino Complaint What (Not) to Do

Casino Complaints Occur in Various Areas…

You are gambling online, and you are confronted with certain things that you are not happy with. Problems with online casinos occur in different areas. Below are some examples:

  • The software of an online gambling game suddenly does not work properly, causing you to lose money or not be able to continue in a bonus game you have won.
  • An online casino refuses to pay out due to ‘violation of Terms & Conditions'. Consider the reason why you would have too many accounts.
  • An online casino takes a very long time to accept or execute a withdrawal request.
  • The bonus conditions of an online casino seem extremely unreasonable to you.
  • A casino's responsible gambling policy is problematic for you: for example, they do not apply self-exclusion.

The above list is not exhaustive: complaints about an online casino can come in all shapes and sizes!

The Gaming Authority cannot solve your problem and they cannot mediate personally.

Where Should I Submit My Casino Complaint?

You want to report a complaint about the conduct of an online casino. It is important to know where exactly to start. Below we give you some tips regarding expressing your ‘online casino complaint'.

1. Start the Complaint With the Casino Itself

Initially, it is useful to file the complaint with the online casino itself. This seems a bit strange given the situation that occurs at this casino. However, when you make a clear complaint, it is often the case that the casino looks at it more seriously.

Below are tips regarding filing a complaint with an online casino:

  • Do not submit the complaint via the online chat service (you have probably already used this). Although online chat services are often very useful, they do not provide the best outcome when filing a complaint.
  • What is possible via the chat service: request the exact email address to which complaints can be emailed at the online casino. Sometimes the correct email address for complaints cannot be found (easily); and the online casino can indicate that it has not received the complaint properly. This makes the procedure take longer.
  • Save all communications with the online casino: save emails, take screenshots of the chats.
  • Make sure your complaint is worded perfectly. Provide a structured document that meets the requirements of the casino in question.
  • Make sure all necessary information is included in the complaint: username, email address, if applicable the game you played, date of the incident, the device you played on, the browser you played on and more. Everything that is relevant in the context of the complaint!
  • Always ask for confirmation of receipt.

Please assume that it may take some time before your complaint is substantively dealt with by the casino. Therefore, wait at least 5 to 7 days before contacting us again. It is wise to remain as reasonable as possible in your communications! It is understandable that you may be frustrated, but in order to solve the problem it is still wise to try not to let your emotions take over.

Good to know: does your complaint concern a software problem with one of the gambling games? The online casino is responsible for resolving these issues in these cases. So you don't have to contact the software provider.

2. Report the Complaint to the Gaming Authority

Does the online casino not provide a suitable solution to the complaint you have expressed? Do you believe that the incident is serious and unreasonable? Then report the complaint to the gaming authority, which has granted a license/permit to the casino in question. Some examples of authorities:

  • The UK Gambling Commission.
  • The Malta Gaming Authority (many online casinos illegal in the UK have a license from Malta).
  • In the Netherlands: The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA).
  • The Belgian Gaming Commission (although a limited market, it is still good to know that Belgium also allows certain online games of chance).
  • The Swedish Gaming Authority.

3. The Legal Desk

The legal desk has legal advisors and complaints officers who can assist you personally.

4. Fraud Helpdesk

Do you think this is actually a scam? Then it is best to contact the police Fraud Helpdesk.

5. Making Your Online Casino Complaint Known Online

Complaints that are made public are very annoying for the online casinos in question. Bad ratings and public complaints give the casino a bad name: they want to avoid this at all times. There are various websites online where it is possible to publicly express a complaint, and where the party in question will act as a mediator. Examples are:

  • AskGamblers Online Casino Complaints Procedure
  • Trustpilot

Please try to provide well-founded criticism with these public reviews. A comment like: ‘Bad casino, don't play here!' provides little information to the reader of your review.

Important: make sure you are always aware of online casino conditions!

Naturally, you would prefer to avoid or dodge situations, so that expressing a complaint is not necessary at all. Therefore, always be careful when gambling online. Please note that not all online casinos act fairly and transparently. Before you start gambling, make sure you acquire information about online casinos. How is the online casino known? Does the casino get a good grade in terms of customer service? In addition, it is important to always observe the terms and conditions of a casino. Please read the Terms & Conditions before you deposit money, for example. And especially when depositing large amounts or accepting bonus funds: read the T&C and bonus conditions in advance!

Online Casino Information From

At it is important to inform you as completely as possible about all aspects of online gambling. We inform you about the best slots, free spins; but they also certainly discuss more serious topics (online casino complaints, for example). Want to stay informed about information?

Then, check our News and Blog page regularly! And although we are always committed to providing good information; We do not act as a ‘mediator' with regard to casino complaints. This means that we always advise you to resolve the complaint as we have indicated in this article! Of course, you can email us with questions, but we are not responsible for providing the solution. See also our Disclaimer for more information!

I am not getting my money paid, what can I do?

Payouts can sometimes take a long time, especially when large amounts are involved. 5-7 working days is not exceptional. Always contact the casino first to ask why the money has not yet been paid out. If you cannot reach an agreement with the casino, you can call for outside help.

Where can I go with my casino complaints?

Do you have complaints or problems with your casino account after playing at an online casino? Don't wait too long and always contact the casino first.

Can resolve a complaint for me?

No, to resolve complaints you will have to contact the support department of the relevant online casino or the Gaming Authority.

Where can I go for help or other technical questions?

Do you have any questions or are you unsure about playing online casino games? Please contact your casino customer service.