Outsider Bets - Successfully Bet on the Underdogs

Outsider Bets – Successfully Bet on the Underdogs

High profits can be achieved with outsider bets at non GamStop bookmakers. But at what odds is an outsider tip worthwhile, and which portals have the best betting offers? In our guide you will find all the information you need to successfully place underdog bets. We also offer you various strategies that you can incorporate into your betting decisions.

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Why the Underdog Betting Strategy Is So Attractive?

The attractiveness of underdog bets is that the winning odds are much higher than with classic favorite bets. Another plus is the high tension – because outsider victories are rare. If the favored team wins, the joy of winning is even greater. In addition, you don't need a high probability of hitting, as you can make a worthwhile profit with just one bet.

You can almost always find a betting portal that rewards underdog victories with high odds. As a further plus, there are a large number of betting markets that make betting even more interesting.

Advantages of the Outsider Betting Strategy at a Glance

  • Odds higher than favorites
  • More excitement due to less frequent victories for the outsiders
  • High winnings possible with just one successful bet
  • Large selection of underdog bets

At What Odds Is an Outsider Bet Worthwhile?

For successful bets on underdogs, odds are paid that are well above average. However, the odds at which it is worthwhile to bet online on an outsider depend on the individual case. Real underdog bets start at odds of 6:1. Depending on the encounter, the payouts can be 15:1 or even 20:1.

If the outsider plays in their own stadium, the odds are naturally lower. The highest payouts are paid out in away wins by blatant outsiders. It is important to compare the portals' offers carefully in order to get the best possible winning rate.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Betting on Underdogs Compared to the Favorites Strategy

The most important advantage of betting on underdogs is that such bets offer extremely high odds. Even a single winning bet results in a high profit margin. The tipper does not have to successfully place many bets to make a bottom line profit.

When playing bets with average odds of 6.0, only 2 out of 10 bets need to be won to realize a profit. We assume a stake of 10 euros per bet. The total stake of 100 euros (10 x 10 euros) is offset by a profit of 120 euros (2 x 60 euros).

Advantages & Disadvantages

In addition, when betting on underdog teams, you can capitalize on the fact that underdogs are particularly motivated when they compete against top teams. Especially in cup competitions, it can be worthwhile to place underdog sports bets online.

A significant disadvantage of underdog bets is that you lose a relatively large number of bets. Beginners often find it difficult to keep a cool head after a loss. A big mistake is chasing losses and trying to make up for lost money with high stakes. This strategy almost always leads to disaster.

It should also be noted that you must have the necessary sensitivity for successful outsider bets. When making their betting decisions, professional tipsters not only rely on their gut feeling, but above all on fact-based forecasts.

Anyone who is well versed in the respective sport has a better chance of making a successful bet. For example, if the underdog team's top scorer is injured, it is unlikely that his team will leave the pitch as winners.

Bets for a Successful Betting Strategy on the Underdogs

In order to be successful with underdog betting, you need a strategy. Although pure gut feeling can also lead the bettor to success, in the long term it is wise not to just rely on your own luck. Below you will find some strategies and professional betting bets that have proven effective when placing underdog bets.

Underdog Bet on Away or Home games?

Most professional tipsters who bet on underdogs online only do so when the underdog is playing in their own stadium. The reason should be clear: at home, the home team has the majority of fans behind them. The “twelfth man” can whip the team forward and make the difference in the end. Bets on away wins by underdogs are very risky and should only be placed in individual cases.

Just Bet on the Underdog or Also Bet on X or Don't Lose?

A good underdog betting strategy is to protect yourself and choose double the chance, i.e. an underdog win or a draw. As an example, we use a fictional encounter between Borussia Dortmund and Mainz 05.

BetOddsCalculation ExamplePROFIT IN €
Away win214.00 x €10 stake140€
draw6.56.5 x €10 stake65€

With a total stake of 20 euros, the bettor would receive either 65 euros or €140. The double chance offers a fictitious betting odds of 4.7. This means that the bettor receives a profit of 94 euros if his bet is successful. From our point of view, it makes more sense to choose double chance than to split the money between two bets.

Are Handicap Bets better than outsider bets?

A popular way to place underdog sports bets online is so-called handicap bets. The underdog is given a fictitious lead. Experienced tipsters like to use this betting option, as a large goal lead is rarely achieved.

Many favorites start the game offensively, score two or three goals and then slow down. Victory can no longer be taken away from the favorite, so the bettor can forego a cash-out. This underdog strategy works surprisingly well, even though the odds for handicap bets are rather low.

Strategies for Casino & Betting

The key to placing successful underdog bets for Casino & Betting is to analyze the results of the teams in question. The major betting portals offer extensive statistics that show what condition the underdog is currently in.

A direct comparison of the two opponents is also meaningful. It is a well-known fact that almost every team has a fearful opponent against whom they act cautiously or even tensely. Many teams also have specific strengths and weaknesses – for example, a notorious weakness away from home or an unstable defense.

Best Sports for an Underdog Betting Strategy

The vast majority of underdog bets are made in the football markets. There are always surprises here, which is especially true in the cup competitions. Matches in which a defeated team meets a top team at home are also good for underdog bets. It happens again and again that the favorite shows an arrogant style of play and then gets paid for it.

Another popular sport for underdog betting is motorsport (e.g. Formula 1, Formula 2 or motocross). In these classes, race victories are not only achieved based on driving skills: other factors such as tires, weather and the skills of the technicians also affect the final result.

Ski jumping competitions fall into the same category. Even the best jumper cannot fully demonstrate his skills when the wind is unfavorable. Underdog victories are quite common in this sport. Ski jumping is even suitable for long-term underdog bets: the past has shown that the top favorite is not always at the top at the end of the season.


There is no denying that betting on underdogs has great appeal. The higher risk is offset by the unusually high betting winnings that await you if you are successful. Attractive underdog bets are regularly found in football, but also in motorsports, basketball and tennis.

It is important to approach the matter wisely when placing underdog bets and to stay away from combination bets. Basically, tipsters should bet their money with bookmakers that offer the best betting odds on outsider wins (e.g. Spinland and Gorillawins).