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What Are the Roles of Auditing Agencies at Non GamStop Casinos?

Many gamblers still prefer traditional casinos to online casinos because they think gambling sites are fraudulent! Although this may be true for some unlicensed sites, it does not apply to the mainstream; due to the simple fact that all of the trusted gaming sites carry licenses issued by well-known gaming committees. Also, they are regularly tested by independent audit agencies which ensures the fairness of every round you bet on! In this article, we will discuss the top online casino test houses in the world.

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Spicy Jackpots400% Bonus2,500xTST
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Why Games Audit Is Necessary for Non GamStop Casinos?

The online gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries at the moment and it is expected to achieve further growth over the next few years.

Therefore, fraudulent parasitic casinos appear from time to time intending to defraud players, capture their money, and then quickly vanish. However, it must be pointed out again that this applies to a very limited group of gambling sites and does not apply to the entire industry. However, the question here is: How can players ensure that they choose the right casino that will offer them a completely fair gaming experience?

In fact, you can not only trust the casino, but you must also ensure that the gambling service provider abides by the rules of a regulatory committee. Furthermore, it will be a plus if the casino games are audited by an independent lab or testing agency and this is further evidence of the integrity of the casino.

Who Are the Independent Audit Bodies?

Audit bodies are independent organizations that are funded by the industry itself under the oversight of licensing committees.

This means that none of these bodies can be biased towards certain casinos to help them market their brands and deceive players. 

These bodies test games produced by game developers as well as games hosted by casinos for randomness, fairness, and authenticity.

Although undergoing the tests of independent auditing bodies is not a condition of the license, it is an additional safety factor that proves that the casino has genuine gaming content.

When the online gambling industry was still in its infancy, Price Waterhouse Coopers was the only auditing agency available.

After the development of the industry, multiple auditors were set up in different countries with the aim of testing games, casino software, and other aspects. Currently, the best auditors in the industry are eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and TST.

Overall, eCOGRA is the most popular of all because it is the oldest since it was founded in 2003 and is also under the supervision of the UKGC. 

There are also plenty of other trustworthy testing houses such as GLI, iTech Labs, and TST. These bodies thoroughly test the results of casino games to ensure they are fair. 

What Do Auditors Check at Online Casinos?

Knowing the roles of auditors helps players understand their importance. Although the scope of work of an audit agency differs from another, the end goal remains the same and that is to maintain the safety of the industry for all players. Next, we will highlight the most prominent specializations of audit.


As you know, of course, there are two types of games available in non GamStop casinos.

The first type is the live casino games which use real playing tools such as physical cards and a tangible roulette wheel and are not interfered with by algorithms or computers at all.

The second type is programmed games that have a graphical interface and an RNG component which is built-in software that determines the outcome of each round. 

It is safe to say that more than 90% of the games of non GamStop casinos fall into this category. So it is really important to make sure the RNG component delivers results that are completely fair and random and cannot be influenced or predicted. 

Since RNGs are advanced algorithms, players cannot check their efficiency using their smartphones or computers and must be tested by very expensive and complicated software. Here comes the role of testing agencies who diligently test every game to ensure that the RNG component within it is unbiased, works optimally and always gives random results.

Protection of Players’ Transactions

Another vital area of ​​testing is the financial means supported by the casino. It may come as a surprise to you but it is a fact: Internet casinos do not handle deposits and withdrawals themselves, but rather rely on third-party financial means providers who integrate a specific set of banking solutions into the casino platform so that customers can make their deposits and withdrawals on the platform.

Testing agencies make sure that the processing of players' deposits/withdrawals is done completely securely so that players can make their deposits and receive their winnings without compromising their safety. The audit also check the bank account that the casino maintains with players' deposits/withdrawals and is separate from other accounts belonging to the operator. Thus, players can always be assured of their balance even if the casino goes bankrupt.


The RTP is an average percentage of winnings that a game pays to winners over the long term. For example, assume that players bet $1,000 over a year on a game and the RTP for that game is 96%. Then, the lucky players will get $960. For players, this percentage is only theoretical until it is confirmed by an independent auditing agency.


Although it is not a requirement to have the certification of an auditing agency, it is an additional security standard for a casino that carries it. These agencies operate independently and therefore it is impossible to be biased towards a particular company or casino. Furthermore, these institutions have the software needed to test the fairness of the games hosted by the casino and verify the protection of players' transactions