Safecharge Casino Sites in 2024

Safecharge Casino Sites in 2024

In online casinos you can increasingly find various deposit methods that make transfers easier. Various options are in demand, especially in the gambling sector. Today we would like to introduce you to SafeCharge. This term is often used in connection with non GamStop online casinos. However, this is not a classic method that you can choose, but rather a system that combines several payment options. SafeCharge customers are not the casino players, but the casinos themselves, who integrate this system on their site.

In today's world, it is necessary to offer different methods to stand out from the competition. This is where modern SafeCharge casinos come into play. The technology connects the casinos with around 300 different options, both nationally and internationally. The providers themselves don't have to worry about anything and the end customers are presented with a large selection. It feels like new methods are coming onto the market every day that want to be discovered. Most customers choose payment providers that they are already familiar with. This may vary by region and country. That's why SafeCharge is ideal for everyone. The offer is large and is gladly accepted.

Best Safecharge Gambling Sites

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Secure Transactions at SafeCharge Casinos 

Safecharge is not a payment method per se, but combines some of the most important ones. That's why it's difficult to name suitable providers here. The technology runs in the background. You can see which payment options are offered. Such as Neteller, Skrill, credit cards, etc. That's why we recommend you choose a casino that has your preferred provider in its program. Some people like to use credit cards, others prefer bank transfers. Accordingly, you should look for suitable casino providers. Our casino list gives you a brief overview so you don't have to search for long.

Tip: If you want to look for a casino yourself, you should always pay attention to the security guidelines. Take a look at the website and find out whether it is SSL encrypted, has valid privacy information and terms and conditions. These points are extremely important so that you can play safely and seriously.

SafeCharge Casino – This Is How It Works?

To use Safecharge, you don't need an extra account because it depends on the respective payment method. If you would like to deposit via credit card, you will of course need your credit card details. If you choose Neteller or Skrill, you must register with the eWallet in advance. SafeCharge acts as a kind of bridge between the system. So that the casinos can even offer the payment methods.

Depending on how many options the casino provider chooses, there are around 300 available to you. Skrill, ecoPayz, Neteller, giropay, Mastercard, Trustlyand many more are among them. SafeCharge also supports more than 150 currencies.

SafeCharge can not only be used on the computer, you can also benefit from the technology on the move. At this point you as the end customer will not notice anything. As mentioned before, it is an interface that the online casino can integrate. There are various methods you can choose from, in this case also mobile on your cell phone. If the online casino offers its own app, you can also use that.

Depositing With SafeCharge: Simple & Uncomplicated 

If you want to deposit with SafeCharge, there is only one way to get there. You have to decide on your desired method. Of course, you also need a suitable account or access data. Example: You choose Skrill as your method. In this case, you must open a Skrill account in advance and note down your login details. You will need this later for the deposit. Let's assume you choose Skrill.

  1. Choose a suitable online casino, which we present to you on our list. Then click on the link. You will be automatically redirected to the casino page.
  2. Now navigate to the deposit area and select your desired payment method there. If you have a Skrill account, it is best to use Skrill.
  3. Now enter the email address with which you are registered with Skrill. You also now have to decide on a deposit amount.
  4. Confirm the deposit and the money will be credited to the casino account immediately.

You Should Keep This in Mind When Making Deposits in SafeCharge Casinos

It doesn't matter which method you choose with SafeCharge. There are a few points to note, these apply to all payment methods.

Deposits are always made immediately. The money is deducted from the account and credited as credit in the casino. That's why you should think carefully in advance about how much money you can save.

Also pay attention to the casino's deposit limit. This is usually between 10 euros and 25 euros. That's why you should top up your Skrill account or eWallet in advance so that you can make the deposit successfully.

In some cases you will not receive a bonus if you choose certain methods. In some casinos it is also the other way around. Sometimes you get a bonus if you choose exactly a certain option. As always, read the bonus terms and conditions so you're in the know.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Making Withdrawals in SafeCharge Casinos?

The SafeCharge technology also allows withdrawals. It depends on the respective method. It has to be an option where withdrawals are generally possible. Regardless of which option you choose, there are a few important points to consider so that you can receive a transfer.

Bonus Conditions

Anyone who takes advantage of a bonus in the casino usually has to clear it. You can find out how high the respective turnover requirement is in the bonus conditions. Please note that as long as the sum has not been wagered, you will not receive a payout.

Payout Duration

The duration of the withdrawal depends on the respective online casino and the method. Most verify withdrawal requests within 48 hours. The money will then be paid out immediately. Depending on your account, it may take another few days. Transfers to eWallets are the fastest.


In order to be able to make withdrawals, you must have an ID check carried out at most online casinos. Either you do this via the customer account or you will be asked to send in certain documents. To speed up the process, you can also write to customer service.

Withdrawal Limits

An important point is the withdrawal limits. These vary depending on the casino. Here too, the limits are usually between 10 euros and 25 euros. If payments are only made from 50 euros, this is already called a high-roller casino. You decide whether you want to play in such a casino or not.

How Does the Payout Work in Detail?

Navigate to the cashier area and click Payout. There you can see which methods are available. Depending on which account you used to deposit, you should use the same thing to withdraw. If this is not possible, alternatives are available. Select the appropriate method and submit the request.

Our Experiences With SafeCharge Casinos

Since SafeCharge is not a direct method, we can't say much about it. The fact is that we have already tested many different options that are offered in online casinos. Including Neteller, Skrill, credit cards, and others.

All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. It would go beyond the scope if we went into each one individually. We recommend that you read test sections for the individual methods. This way you are well informed and can decide on an option neutrally.


The company SafeCharge was founded in 2006 by Teddy Sagi and David Avgi. Sagi was already known in advance as the founder of Playtech.

SafeCharge has been part of the e-payment company Nuvei since 2019. The company now employs over 400 people and has branches in Singapore, Austria, Cyprus and many other countries. The headquarters are still in Montreal.

SafeCharge does not want to deviate from the gambling market at the moment. Online poker sites and bookmakers come first. Since the method is connected to over 300 payment methods, the end customer can choose a suitable option. If 300 aren't enough for you, new ones are always being added.

What we like about Safecharge Casinos is that they have a simple interface so that casino customers can deposit even faster and more securely. Those providers who work with this offer the end customer even more advantages that we like. For example, deposits can be split. If you don't have enough money in your account, simply use a different method. Test the SafeCharge Casinos yourself and see for yourself. Much joy.

FAQ About Safecharge Casinos

Are Safecharge Casinos Legal and Safe?

Yes, the method adheres to all security guidelines. All transactions are SSL encrypted and the company has an EU license.

Is there a free app for Safecharge?

There is no direct app from Safecharge. If it is a casino app, it is of course free. Real money is only necessary if you want to play with it.

Can I deposit elsewhere with Safecharge?

Safecharge is offered as an interface in many online casinos. Use our casino list and find your favorite method even faster.

Can I withdraw winnings earned with Safecharge?

Yes, withdrawals are also possible. However, it depends on the respective method.