Sane Gambling Therapy Charity Review

Sane Gambling Therapy Charity Review

If you have a gambling problem, or know someone who does, Sane may find the solution! Sane is a leading mental health charity working to improve the lives of anyone living with mental illness.

In this review, we will learn more about this authority and what it can do for people affected by the problem of gambling addiction.

What Is Sane?

The Sane Corporation was founded in 1986 by its CEO, Marjorie Wallace. Having presented hundreds of groundbreaking articles on mental illness in The Times that shed light on the way society ignores people with mental illness and the lack of information, treatments, and prevention strategies.

What Are The Goals?

In general, Sane has four goals which are as follows:

  • Raise awareness of all cases of mental illness (including compulsive gambling);
  • Combating the stigma surrounding mental illness;
  • Providing support via hotline, e-mail, ongoing support services, and online forum;
  • Encouraging and hosting research on the causes of mental illness and the effectiveness of various treatments in treating it.

How Does Sane Help Its Patrons?

Sane provides emotional support to anyone with any type of addiction or mental illness, including families, friends, and people associated with or under the influence of addicts.

This organization provides support to its clients through the National Helpline which is available 365 days a year. In addition, the charity's highly trained team provides listening, understanding and support to callers. On top of that, Sane offers ongoing short-term support – a 40-minute call per week with the same support person for a few weeks to find out what's causing the problem and offer a viable solution.

With Textcare you can also get personalized messages for times when you feel lonely and vulnerable like holidays or weekends.

The service also offers you email support for people who like to write things down and people who don't have the privacy to talk. You can email the Sane Support Agents ([email protected]) and you will receive a written response in person.

Furthermore, the online Sane forum provides a peer-to-peer support platform for sharing experiences, information, and tips. So, you can read the experiences of people like you and find out how they managed to overcome their ordeal.

Finally, within the wider Sane community, the charity provides a space for members to share their personal blogs. Thus, you will always be able to get support in the way that suits you best. Post was prepared by

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