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“Skin” Gambling Explained to Parents

In most video games today, a player can earn items (typically items used in the game, such as soccer shoes or weapons) or earn money to spend in the game. Some games allow players to exchange these items or currencies with each other without real money.

However, some illegal websites offer to purchase or exchange virtual currencies and items outside of the game. This is an illegal activity that violates the games terms and conditions. This type of activity is detrimental to players' experience (gameplay) and can exclude people who do not engage in this practice.

If you notice your child visiting or participating in these types of websites or practices, explain why it is important for your child to stop these activities immediately.

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What Are the Risks?

  • Players who play on these websites run the risk of falling victim to bad people they don't know. To participate in such exchanges, players are often required to provide information about their gaming accounts, such as passwords and other personal information, which is a particularly risky practice.
  • Exchanging items or currencies outside of games is an illegal activity.
  • The terms of use of video games do not allow external exchanges of virtual objects: your child may be banned from their favorite game for such actions.
  • Locations that host this type of activity are unreliable. Your banking information may be compromised.

What Are Skin Betting & Skin Gambling?

A “skin” is a graphical device used in a game to change the appearance of a character or object. Today “skins” are extremely popular. Just as some kids want to own the latest pair of fashionable shoes, others desperately want to have the newest or coolest “skin”.

In this context, another phenomenon has emerged: skin betting, also known as skin gambling not on gamstop. Skins or other virtual items won in the game can be sold for real money in illegal auctions on equally illegal websites. The same sites also offer the opportunity to bet real money on “skins” or virtual items.

The player faces the same risks as with an external exchange: there is no guarantee that he will receive the money or item he bet on, his gaming account information may be stolen and he may be banned from the game. Most importantly, he engages in illegal activities that are not only a violation of the gaming conditions but also a violation of current gambling legislation. If you see your child doing this type of activity, discuss it with him so that he can stop it, given the risks involved.

Our Tips

We remind you of the importance of talking to your child about their gaming practices in order to warn them about illegal practices or inappropriate behavior and thus better monitor their leisure activities.

  • Also pay attention to the associated costs. Be careful not to provide your child with your bank card or online payment account numbers.
  • Finally, make sure you set up the parental control system that came with the game, computer, or console.