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Sorare Review

Is It Worth Trying Sorare? Is it on GamStop?

Sorare is a fantasy football platform based on cryptocurrencies. Through this platform, you will be able to exchange players, participate in tournaments, and compete for mega prizes worth over thousands of euros! Unlike other fantasy platforms, the cards available on Sorare are small. Therefore, players vie to acquire the best football players; Whether to strengthen their teams or sell them afterwards and earn Ether. Before each season, each manager gets ten cards that never expire. Then he can sell or exchange them with other cards. Also, he will be able to enhance his team’s strength by buying new players. Try Here Sorare platform.

Sorare wholly altered the picture of fantasy, as it offers huge prizes to the winners, the ability to make deposits and withdrawals using cryptos, and established many sponsorships with big brands such as ConSensys, Ubisoft and Opta.

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With all these features and more, it is not surprising that this game has received the endorsement of 141 football clubs worldwide, and the number is rising!

Although it was launched in 2019, it has become trendy among bettors in the UK. In addition, it isn’t UKGC licensed and outside GamStop scheme. So, you can easily sign up for it even if your self exclusion period hasn’t elapsed yet.

In this review, we will discuss everything you need to know about Sorare, how to play and score, and which tips you should apply to get the best earnings.

What Is Sorare?

Sorare is the first official fantasy platform to accept blockchain payments. This platform features the most prominent global, regional, and continental football competitions in Europe, Asia, and the USA. All managers can start with a set of 10 players. Then, they can buy, sell, and exchange players’ cards to create their collection and enter the various tournaments. You can set up your account according to the following steps:

  • Create a group of players cards.
  • Participate in tournaments and get prizes which can be Ether awards or more digital players cards.
  • In the transfer season, you can buy, sell, and exchange player cards.
  • The higher the price of the players you own during the season, the more rewards you will get.

Furthermore, you will get more additional features which we will explain later.

Recently, the French, German and Belgian national teams joined Sorare. Moreover, there are many famous football clubs available here, such as Juventus and West Ham. That means that the available players range in Sorare is growing, but it doesn’t complete yet.

How to Play on Sorare?

You can easily start playing on Sorare by applying the following steps:

  • Create your trial team. In the beginning, you will get 10 free cards, and if you want to get more cards, you can buy them from other managers or from the platform itself.
  • Take part in the Rookie League. This league is for newbies. At this stage, try to get familiar with the process and discover its details accurately so that you can enter the next stage professionally.
  • Create your first real team. Managers can create an entire team of only 5 cards.
  • You can involve your team in 4 leagues or play for 4 weeks. Then you will upgrade to the full manager role.
  • You can keep your digital players’ cards or exchange them with other managers.

Sorare offers an educational blog that explains how new players use the platform, buy digital player cards, and best strategies. In addition, you can also follow the Sorare Twitter account, which provides you with valuable and up-to-date info.

How Does the Sorare Work?

Through the Sorare platform, you can easily buy and sell player cards from other users. The process of bidding on players is easy and fun to play. Mainly, it takes place during the transfer season immediately preceding the league. However, you can sell and buy players during the season by activating the bidding mode.

To buy a player, type its name, place your price, and press confirm. The site will ask you to enter the password to confirm the process. After that, you will be informed of the price offered by the seller, and if it matches your price, you can agree to the deal. Also, you can redo the process if you do not find a suitable price.

In the same way, it is very easy to sell a player by selecting the digital player card you want to sell, click on sell my card, and set the price you want to get.

You can place some of your cards on the market. So, other managers can reach your offer. If you intend to sell influential players, try to raise the price as much as possible. It is primarily bidding, and everyone tries to get the best player at the most affordable price! Remember that if your card hasn’t been sold in 2 days, the sell will be canceled. Also, you can cancel the sell if you don’t confirm the buyer’s suggested price.

Does Sorare Hold the UKGC License?

During the previous year, the UKGC had waged war on Sorare; Arguing that it did not have a legal license. However, Sorare responded quickly to allegations of the committee’s suspicions and defended itself, saying that its activity “does not fall within the scope of gambling”.

The committee refused to comment until the end of the investigation. During the investigation, Sorare representatives said their offers couldn’t be categorized ad sports betting or gambling because they were not based on “random results.” Player cards were not created randomly but were created by Sorare. Then, these cards are sold and traded among players. So, we can’t consider it gambling. Therefore, the UKGC has no jurisdiction in supervising and monitoring the platform. Accordingly, whether you are on the GamStop or not, you will be able to enjoy using Sorare freely!

How to Price a Player?

To buy and sell your players, you must first evaluate the market to know the fair price. Also, you should determine the “rarity” factor. For example, if you want to sell a digital player card and the offer is limited, you can raise your card’s price and get a greater profit. Likewise, if you want to buy a player’s card and the offered cards are considerable, you will have the ability to search for the best deal.

For instance, if there are only 2 Mohamed Salah cards available and their prices range between 50 and 100 euros, you can offer your card at no more than 100 but no less than 50 euros. On the other side, if you want to buy Salah, it would be great to have it for 50 euros.

You must rely on these metrics when buying and selling players to get good deals.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Joining Sorare

Keep an Eye on the Cryptos Prices

Sorare platform is built entirely on the Ethereum platform, which means that all the transactions you make are subject to the highly volatile cryptocurrency rates. For example, in the last year, Ethereum went from $300 to $3,000 in one go. Also, so far, it is dropping and rising suddenly. So, although you may not have to understand every detail of cryptocurrencies, you should accept their volatility and watch their prices. 

Not All Clubs Are Available Yet

While the teams and leagues supported now are great, Sorare list is not yet completed. Currently, the platform is working to include more players, clubs, and different leagues. So, every few months you will find more options added. However, don’t expect to find all teams and clubs.

You Must Have an Account on a Crypto Wallet

Sorare only accepts cryptocurrencies. So, to be able to conduct your transactions on the platform, you should have at least one account on a crypto E-Wallet or a crypto exchange platform to perform your transaction. Fortunately, there are a lot of crypto gates nowadays like Coinbase or Bitpanda that you can link to your bank card or bank account to make your deposits and withdrawals.

Final Thoughts

Sorare is an excellent choice for all fantasy football fans who prefer to make their transactions using cryptos. Although it has been around since 2019; It has grown rapidly during the past few years and acquired large player base from all over the world. Since the available players’ cards are small, they are precious, and the bidding process is fascinating. Each player on Sorare wins according to his experience, predictions, and knowledge. Although luck is present, it does not play a significant role.