Taking Control of Your Gambling with Monzo Gambling Block

Taking Control of Your Gambling with Monzo Gambling Block

In order to curb the risk of gambling addiction among their customers, two banks in Great Britain have developed a function that allows users to block payments to gambling providers. In the mobile apps of financial institutions, customers can activate this function with just a few clicks. The first step was Monzo Bank and Starling Bank, which announced the introduction of a corresponding blocker in mid-June. Customers then have the opportunity to block payments to gambling providers in the mobile app of the online financial institution. At the same time, information appears at Starling Bank that customers can contact the National Gambling Helpline at a telephone number provided there if they fear that they are addicted to gambling.

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Easy to Deactivate Payments Via Smartphone

As long as this function is activated, all transactions to the relevant operators will not be carried out. If customers wish to deactivate this function, a message will appear informing them of the dangers of gambling. In this way, users are encouraged to think again about their plans. Anne Boden, managing director of Starling Bank, explains her institution's approach:

“We don’t tell our customers not to play. The aim is to raise awareness of the risk of gambling addiction among people with problematic gambling behavior. That's why we're using this simple yet effective feature to help these people regain control of their finances. Starling Bank was founded on the premise of optimizing our customers' financial situation and making banking easier for them. The new customization is exactly the feature that allows us to achieve this.”

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of the Monzo Gambling Block is its ease of use.

Users can effortlessly enable or disable the block through the user-friendly Monzo mobile app.

This accessibility and flexibility give users the power to manage their gambling-related spending according to their personal preferences and financial goals.

With just a few taps, users can activate or deactivate the service, providing them with a convenient way to control their non gamstop gambling activities.

Benefits and Protection

The Monzo Gambling Block offers a range of benefits for users seeking to manage their gambling habits responsibly.

By enabling the block, individuals create a protective barrier between themselves and gambling-related transactions.

This barrier acts as a moment of reflection, allowing users to reconsider their decision before engaging in gambling activities.

This pause can be instrumental in curbing impulsive behavior and promoting more conscious choices regarding gambling-related spending.

Moreover, the Monzo Gambling Block provides significant protection against excessive gambling and potential financial harm.

It serves as a safeguard for individuals who struggle with gambling addiction, offering an additional layer of support and control. By blocking transactions with recognized gambling merchants, Monzo helps users avoid impulsive spending and reduce the risk of falling into a cycle of unmanageable gambling-related debts.

The value of the Gambling Block extends beyond addiction prevention. It caters to individuals who simply want to exercise more control over their gambling activities or reduce their overall gambling-related spending. By utilizing this feature, users can establish healthier financial habits and prioritize responsible gambling behavior.


While the Monzo Gambling Block offers substantial benefits, it's essential to acknowledge its limitations. The block primarily focuses on recognized gambling merchants, which may create potential gaps in blocking other forms of gambling. It's important for users to be aware of these limitations and understand that the block may not cover all gambling-related transactions. For comprehensive help with gambling addiction, users are encouraged to seek additional support and resources tailored specifically to address their needs.

Overall Value

Despite its limitations, the Monzo Gambling Block holds significant value in promoting responsible gambling behavior. By empowering users to control their gambling-related spending, it aligns with Monzo's commitment to customer well-being and responsible financial practices. It acts as a supportive tool for individuals seeking to curb their gambling habits or exercise more control over their spending, encouraging healthier financial habits and responsible gambling practices.

Additionally, the Gambling Block serves as a visible commitment from Monzo to address the issue of problem gambling and support its users in making informed decisions about their finances. By incorporating this feature into their banking platform, Monzo demonstrates its dedication to customer welfare and responsible financial practices.

Monzo's Gambling Block Sees Surge in Demand as Customers Seek Support

Monzo has experienced a significant increase in demand for its gambling block tool, with 50,000 customers using it for the first time in the past six months, a third more than the previous six-month period.

The tool blocks transactions to betting companies, aiding individuals in overcoming gambling addiction. Monzo reported a 20% rise in blocked transactions, and over half a million of its nearly seven million customers have utilized the gambling block since its launch.

The bank's commitment to supporting vulnerable customers and providing essential tools like the gambling block is highlighted amid the current cost-of-living crisis.

Other major banks have implemented similar features on their mobile apps. Concerns have been raised by UK charity GambleAware regarding potential increases in gambling behavior, particularly among women, driven by economic pressures and the holiday season.


The Monzo Gambling Block offers a user-friendly and effective means for individuals to take charge of their gambling-related spending. While it has limitations in terms of coverage and scope, it serves as a valuable tool within a broader framework of support for responsible gambling. By providing a moment of reflection, it assists users in making informed decisions and promotes a healthier relationship with gambling and finances.

To maximize the benefits of the Gambling Block, users should consider seeking additional support and resources tailored to address gambling addiction comprehensively. By combining the Monzo Gambling Block with professional help, counseling, and support networks, individuals can leverage its value. Regain control over their gambling-related spending and promote responsible gambling habits. Monzo's commitment to customer well-being and responsible financial practices is evident through the introduction of the Gambling Block, emphasizing their dedication to empowering users and fostering a healthier approach to gambling.