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What is TalkBanStop?

The UK is the largest market for the online gambling industry. While this industry contributes to the growth of other industries such as sports, ad, and virtual sports. This places more duties on regulators to combat the problem of gambling: TalkBanStop. Specially since the main advantage of online casinos is the ease of access any time and anywhere! Whereas brick and mortar casinos require the player to go to them. Then he should wait in a long line until reaching his favourite game! Although these processes were awkward for players. They reduce the attraction of gambling and reduce the problem of addiction gambling too.

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British Committees that Tackle Problem Gambling

There are a lot of commissions, not for profit, that works to reduce the gambling addiction problem; GamCare, GamBan and GamStop. These services aim to integrate with British casinos, reduce the problem of gambling addiction, and provide appropriate support to players. Although these committees were trying to achieve their goals in different ways, they collaborated to jointly produce TalkBanStop.

The GamCare Committee was the first to announce this programme through a statement on its official website. Saying: “Although the general closure has been a disturbing time for many people. Some tried to escape from boredom by online gambling … Due to many reasons they now feel addictive tendencies towards gambling. So, we launch a new campaign, TalkBanStop, to encourage players who have this problem to get appropriate support”.

Although GamCare, GamBan and GamStop have been operating separately since their inception. They are now united to provide a single umbrella with a unified methodology! So, they created TalkBanStop.

What Is Talk Ban Stop or TalkBanStop?

You can access the TalkBanStop platform and learn about all the services they offer to protect players from gambling addiction and provide appropriate support to addicts. It is worth noting that this platform is supported by the UKGC.

On the other hand, the GameCare Committee said on its website; “This integration is important to protect anyone who is awkward with their gambling behaviour”.

In the past, each committee tried to solve a part of the problem. For example, the GameStop programme was helping players not to sign up for any British casino. GamBan allowed the player to block his device from accessing the gambling sites of his selection. While GamCare provides advice and guidance to gamers.

Since some players may feel that subscribing to one of these services is sufficient. Or that it may be difficult for them to subscribe to these three services at once. This program came to unite the efforts of the three parties to help gamblers who suffer from addiction.

In other words, TalkBanStop does not offer a new service. They unite the services of GamCare, GamBan and GamStop with a single account.

Treatment Journey

Talk to a Therapist

Most of the time, the treatment journey begins with the player talking to a GamCare support agent. This committee has a team of trained advisors who can determine the appropriate treatment method for each player.

Players differ in their motives for gambling. So, each player should be dealt with separately by an expert. For example, one player may fall into the addiction trap because he thinks gambling is an alternative for the job! While another player may get addicted because he was chasing a jackpot prize!

GamCare consultants know these motives and can determine the appropriate treatment modality for each personality.

Addicted gamblers can communicate with GamCare experts at any time of the day via live chat or phone call.

This service also offers a group dialogue service that allows users to interact with each other and exchange insights and ideas about the treatment. This gives the recovering person confidence and hope in the treatment he receives. Specially when he listens to people who were like him or worse and now living their lives normally.

Select the Sites You Want to Block Your Access To

The Gamban Committee offers players the possibility to block thousands of gambling sites on 15 or more devices.

Exclude Yourself From British Casinos

GAMSTOP is one of Britain's most popular self exclusion schemes. It is managed by The National Online Self-Excheme Scheme Limited. This not-for-profit programme aims to help British gamblers who wish to exclude themselves from British gambling sites (which hold the UKGC license). Durations of self exclusion range from 6 months to 5 years depending on the player's choice. The subscription cannot be cancelled, the duration reduced, nor the player's account on GamStop can be suspended.

In addition, Gam-Stop has recently introduced another service which is to prevent online casinos from sending marketing materials to the player.

However there are a lot of players who go around this scheme by playing at casinos not in the GameStop. This might not be all that bad! Specially since there are a lot of players who sign up for this service without being addicted in the first place!

Once you sign up for TalkBanStop, GamStop will send you an email detailing the options you can use to stop yourself from playing at British gambling sites.

More Support at TalkBanStop

In addition to the services, we mentioned earlier. TalkBanStop offers many other options that are useful to most gamblers who suffer from the problem of gambling addiction. For example, you can listen to the podcast by Chris Gilham and ex footballer Michael Chopra. Talking about their experiences with gambling addiction and how they managed to get rid of this problem.

You can also read materials explaining how to use the option to block financial transactions on gambling sites through your bank. Furthermore, you can learn about the most important tips and strategies. That you can use to manage your money away from gambling if your primary goal is to make wealth.

If you feel that you have addiction tendencies but are not willing to get in touch with someone about the problem. The GamCare Committee offers you alternative solutions. For example, you can use a self assessment test to determine the depth of your gambling problem. Also, from this assessment you can find out the most appropriate treatment. You can also check out the stories of other players who got treatment from GamCare.

Besides the internet, players can also call the GamCare service via the hotline: (0808 8020 133). Whether you are calling from a landline or your mobile phone the call will be free and will not appear on your smartphone or landline bill.