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Tennis Betting at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Tennis is one of the most popular sports around the world. Approximately 87 million people play tennis around the world, which is equivalent to 1.17% of the world’s population. For amateur players, tennis is a very social and fun sport, while for savvy bettors it is a lucrative profession. In the UK it is the third largest online sports betting volume after football and horse racing. With hundreds of players competing in domestic and international tournaments every week, very few sports can match the sheer volume of betting options that Tennis Betting at Non GamStop offers. With the advent of live betting, the popularity of tennis should also skyrocket.

Whether you are an expert in betting on tennis or if you are a beginner, in this guide, you will find everything you need to know about tennis betting, the most important tips and strategies that you must apply to ensure winning your bets, and what are the best sites to bet on and the most important world championships You can bet on it.

List of Best Tennis Betting Sites

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Types of Tennis Betting at Non GamStop

On all non GamStop betting sites you will find a wide range of tennis betting options. Some of these options are suitable for new bettors, while others are more suitable for experienced bettors. It is important to understand each type of bet in order to place the best possible bet. Here are some of the most popular betting markets and how to bet on them: 

Match Betting

This is the simplest tennis bet online and it is a great starting for novice bettors. With this wager, you only choose the player who is likely to win the game not the tournament. Do you think Nadal will win the next match? You can bet on him, and if he wins, you win!

Handicap Bet

Want to bet on a player but feel he might face an unexpected performance from his opponent? Then you should place a handicap bet! Rather than choose a player to win the game, you bet on the margin of the win or loss. 


Over/ under betting on tennis isn’t a bet on players, but on the game itself. With this bet, you predict the sets of each game will take to complete. That is, you don’t have to select the winner and all you have to do is choose the duration of the match only.


One way to make tennis betting more exciting is to try out props bets, which are the equivalent of specials in other sports, including who wins the first match, exact score, over/under, and other odds. In fact, sports betting sites can offer the most exotic betting odds for both big and small leagues.

Live Betting

With the fast changes happening in tennis matches, live betting can be a great advantage. Moreover, live bets provide a lot of interesting opportunities for savvy bettors as they can bet on the winner of the match, the correct score, over/under betting, handicap betting, and many more.

Things You Should Know Before You Start Betting on Tennis Online

Tennis offers more odds and options than almost any other sport. However, if you want to maximize your winnings you need to apply an online tennis betting strategy that combines mathematical principles with a speed of decision-making. Among the most important things that you must adhere to when developing your own strategy:

If the majority of bettors bet on the wrong option, this creates a great chance of getting great profits when placing an opposite bet, and this is a great way to profit from tennis betting!

Focus on a Specific Number of Tournaments

Many tournaments are played throughout the year. So, it's best to focus on matches that you have a lot of knowledge about.

Surface Matters

Like most other sports, tennis players’ skill levels fluctuate from surface to surface. A very limited group of players who are at their best on all types of surfaces.

Make Your Decisions Fast

Although tennis is a physical sport, the mental side is crucial to winning. You have to be on your guard after a major upset or a very satisfying victory.

Fitness First

Tennis is a physically demanding sport. Speed, agility, and endurance are all key factors in playing tennis. So, you need to be aware of the most important factors that affect players' fitness including weather, match duration, injuries and rest time.

Focus on a Few Tournaments

It is impossible to adequately analyze every tennis match (unless you can develop a sophisticated betting model using advanced computer software). So many successful tennis bettors focus on a limited number of tournaments.

You should also focus on the types of bets that you are familiar with. Some bettors focus on handicap bets while other bettors focus on determining the winner of the match.

No matter what tournament you want to bet on and what types of bets you prefer, if you want to win your bet you have to be selective and focus on specific tournaments.

There are 8 world tennis tournaments spread out throughout the year with matches played on almost a daily basis, which gives sports bettors a constant opportunity to bet and win. Among the biggest tennis tournaments around the world are:

Wimbledon Championships

Wimbledon is the most famous tennis tournament in the world. The first edition of it began in 1877 on lawns, and it is still played today on grass courts which is one of the traditions of this tournament! Held over two weeks in late June and early July, the tournament features a long list of the best tennis players from around the world.

US Open

The US Open is the most popular American professional tennis tournament. The first edition of this championship dates back to 1881 as the national championship of the United States. It has a different and unique atmosphere from other tournaments. It's just as vibrant and fun as its host city, New York!

Australian Open

The Australian Open is the largest annual sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere. Unlike the previous two tournaments, it is played indoors on a hard court. It has been dominated by Novak Djokovic in recent years; He's won it eight times since 2008! It is a record that no player has been able to obtain before.

The French Open

The French Open differs from other major tournaments in that it is the only one that is played on a clay court, which makes the movement of players easier. There seem to be plenty of players who excel on clay and the most famous of all is Rafael Nadel, who has won 14 French Championships.


All in all, after we knew everything about tennis betting, it is now time for you to sign up for a non GamStop betting site. These sites offer tons of promotions and bonuses for both new and loyal players. In addition, these sites offer a wide range of sports, including tennis and other sports.

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