The Best Vacation Destinations Where Gambling Is Banned

The Best Vacation Destinations Where Gambling Is Banned

If you go on holiday while trying to get rid of your gambling addiction, it can be very difficult to resist the temptation to gamble at your destination. Some people go on a gambling vacation to destinations like Las Vegas, Palm Springs. And Atlantic City, but you want to find a place where you can relax without having to suppress your urges.

Many countries have strict laws against gambling, such as a maximum amount that you can bet. Casinos not on gamstop that close early, or a limited presence of casinos, but there are also countries where gambling is not allowed at all.

By vacationing there, you don't have to worry about finding yourself back in a casino before you realize it. We have listed the best holiday destinations for you,

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Holiday Destinations in the Middle East

Most of the Middle East has Islamic laws, which means that gambling of any kind is not allowed.

There are a few places where horse racing betting is allowed, but in general, gambling in these countries is best avoided altogether. If you are caught, you risk a fine and a prison sentence of up to two years. The countries in which the rules of gambling and the penalties associated with them are known are Bangladesh, Brunei, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. In these countries, it is not difficult not to gamble, so these are ideal holiday destinations for gambling addicts.

Saudi Arabia

We start the list with the Saudi Kingdom, where all kinds of bets, whether physical or over the Internet, are completely illegal because it is a country whose laws depend on Sharia (Muslim law).

Although there is no known case where the authorities have persecuted online players, it is known that they are in charge of reviewing and checking businesses, monitoring that these activities are not carried out.

Punishments for gamblers, and especially those who run these games, can range from six months in prison to more severe penalties, such as being severely beaten.


The Lebanese case is quite particular, because, although gambling is prohibited, the government allows it to be carried out only if it is in a particular casino called Casino du Liban located in the city of Joünié.

However, there are ships that offer the service of taking Lebanese citizens to international waters so that they can bet outside Lebanese territory.

United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, the situation is similar to that of Saudi Arabia, because here gambling is completely criminalized and those who are discovered in some of these activities can be sentenced to up to two years in prison, as established in article 414 of its penal code.

Regarding online betting, the Government rigorously regulates the internet preventing access to these online services.


Another Islamic country where betting is illegal and is considered to be the strictest in terms of its prohibitions.

In Qatar, any type of activity that combines gambling and gambling is prohibited, be it betting, casinos, or even lotteries.

However, precisely because of these severe prohibitions, there are great fans of gambling, who must do so clandestinely.

They also use online bookmakers, which the government is always trying to shut down, or they just use a VPN so they can do it secretly.

Holiday Destinations in Asia

Asian countries each have their own regulations when it comes to gambling, so it is best to check per country what is and what is not allowed.

For example, Thailand is a good gambling-free destination to the extreme, as it is even illegal to own even a pack of cards there.

Some forms of gambling are allowed in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, but they are very heavily regulated and most forms of gambling are still illegal.

In Korea, it is illegal for any person to engage in any form of gambling, wherever you are.

Gambling is also illegal in Vietnam, and the punishment you get for doing so depends on the amount of money won or lost.

Prison sentences can be up to seven years, so it is better to avoid gambling altogether in this country.

Malaysia and Singapore each have one or two casinos where gambling is legal. And doing it outside of them is punishable by a fine and possibly six months in prison.

So, if you don't sit near these casinos, you can go on holiday to these countries.

The penalties you get for gambling at these holiday destinations may sound harsh. Remember that you can enjoy your holiday more when you are not physically able to gamble.


Now, traveling further north of the Asian continent we find Japan. Until recently, any type of betting activity was prohibited in the Japanese country. However, certain exceptions were made, as was the case with Pachinko. A peculiar Japanese game of chance that was allowed due to its cultural heritage.

Currently, some gambling is permitted if it takes place in some permitted hotels, conference rooms, or casinos. However, online gambling continues to be completely illegal in the nation.


Now it is the turn of another country with a severe Muslim law. And it is the State of Brunei, an absolutist monarchy.

Gambling in this Malay-speaking country is completely illegal. Citizens who have placed online bets which, while not specified as being illegal in the country, are also de facto prohibited and penalized.

North Korea

North Korea is known worldwide for its harsh secrecy laws and policies. So it's not surprising that it made our list.

Interestingly, citizens of the communist country are effectively prohibited from participating in these activities. But tourists can legally do so if they are accompanied on some of the tours promoted by the country.

Currently there is only one casino in the country and it is located in the capital Pyongyang.


A case similar to that of North Korea is the one we find in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Here citizens are totally prohibited from gambling, either in physical casinos or over the Internet. Cambodians can play the lottery if they are one of the five that are promoted by the government.

However, although it is illegal for citizens, there are several casinos in the country. Since tourists are allowed to play in Cambodian territory.