Weekly News - March

Weekly News – March

UKGC actions against (In Touch Games)

Many players think that the role of the UKGC is to monitor online casinos and then licensing them only. However, this is not true at all! The UKGC continues to monitor the licensed casinos from time to time.

For example, the UKGC cancelled its license for 1xBet. Because it was offering live games presented by topless Dealers!

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The commission found that this would attract gamblers to play more than required. Which is contrary to the terms of the license. So the UKGC cancelled the license and 1xBet has not yet got it back! Also, the UKGC warned all premier league clubs from promoting this site. This means that 1xbet lost the UK market and all the investments there!

One of the most important reasons for cancelling the British Gambling Authority license is the failure of social duties. The existence of suspicion of money laundering, or marketing campaigns contrary to the conditions of the commission.

Recently, the Commission revoked its license for (In Touch Games Limited).

What happened?!

This company received an official warning from the UKGC. Also, the commission sat a fine of £3.4 million due to its failure to implement the licensing standards. Which are as follows:

● The Commission's report states that the company's websites announce bonuses for players after submitting their documents! As you know, this procedure is a standard for the by (KYC) protocol. And the protocol does not provide for the provision of rewards for players who perform this action!

● There are proofs that the company’s websites have not helped its customers who have addictive tendencies towards gambling. And there are also no compulsory or optional restrictions on players ’accounts.

● The company didn’t use the UKGC directives when conducting ads campaigns. In other words, the company has used its methods to conduct ads and this is dangerous!

Failure to Implement the anti-money laundering protocol

● The company's websites accept deposits and withdrawals using a platform that acts as crypto exchanges. As you know, crypto currencies are completely unknown and not subject to any control. And therefore money can easily launder any amount of money through them.

● The company's sites neglected to take suitable decisions to provide the required care to players and customers.

● The casino doesn’t review the sources of deposits.

Flaws in fair and transparent practice

● The company doesn’t stipulate the minimum and maximum limits for each of the deposits and withdrawals.

● Also, the site does not provide info about the timeframe for the bonuses.

What do In Touch Games need to do?

To obtain a new license from the UKGC. It will have to carry out several steps at its own expense.

The first one of these actions is to follow the instructions of the UKGC report. Then it must go to one of the known companies in the UK. This company will conduct an audit that according to the Commission's licensing requirements and codes of practice.

“We are actively working day and night to implement all standards that protect players. We will continue our work to raise the standards of the online gambling industry and cancel the license for the failed sites“. Said Richard Watson, The Director of the UKGC.