What Is Responsible Gaming Protocol

What Is Responsible Gaming Protocol

Online casinos are commercial companies that operate within a legal framework. Global and domestic laws stipulate that a set of laws that gambling casinos must apply, such as Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering, and Moderate Gaming. Moderate Gaming protocol recommends casinos promote gambling as regular games and not as a substitute for a job or a way to get a quick fortune! Such bad concepts make gamblers wager money that they cannot afford to lose in the hope of hitting the jackpot that will completely change their lives and give them enough money to pay off their debts and realize their dreams. Under this protocol, casinos are required to offer their products within low limits. In general, fairness is the two main principles that must be present in any casino that applies the moderate gambling protocol. At the same time, the casino must respect the players who gamble just for fun only.

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Principles of Moderate Responsible Gaming Protocol

There are three basic principles that any moderate casino must apply, namely; player safety, game fairness, and addiction protections. If these three basic principles are provided in all online casinos, then there will be no online gambling addiction! In addition, moderate casinos should cooperate with non profit bodies to provide support for addicts. In the next part of this guide, we'll take a look at these principles.

1. Players’ Safety

The concept of player safety is intended to provide a completely safe and healthy gaming experience for all players. So, any casino will ask its customers to verify their data to exclude minors or previously excluded players. In addition, the casino must protect the personal and financial data of all players. Also, it must pledge not to share it with other gambling sites, marketing companies, or any third party in general. Furthermore, the casino terms and conditions should be clear and consistent.

2. Games Fairness

Gambling games are as addictive as heroin! Although they do not include physical substances’ consumption, they stimulate the brain to release the hormone dopamine when getting a profit. Therefore, if the casino games are rigged, they can excite players doubly to recover their losses, which is something harmful! So, online casinos not on GamStop offer games from top-notch studios. Also, all casino games are tested by licensing committees to ensure their fairness. If you have any doubts about the fairness of casino games, you can try them in the free mode.

3. Providing Protection Options

While British casinos integrate GamStop service to support addicts, non UK casinos offer self exclusion options. That is, each casino offers its own set of addictive protections and players can check out these options before signing up. In most cases, you will find these methods on all non GamStop casinos: – Deposit limits – Account freezing – Account deleting

4. Protect Players From Gambling Addiction

If you think about any of your regular daily tasks, you will find that some of them can quickly become addictive! For example, work can turn into an addiction that affects your social life. Also, shopping can eat up your savings quickly. However, most people moderately perform their daily tasks. Likewise, most the gamblers are not addicted, but gambling can cause problems for a limited group of them. However, trusted gambling sites take care of these players and offer them a wide range of self exclusion methods. Also, they provide links for non profit bodies that players can contact to obtain support.

5. Minor Players Protection

Under all global laws, online and offline casinos do not welcome players under the legal age (18 years). Therefore, the casino requires players to submit their personal details to verify their dates of birth. As for parents, they should use parental controls options to protect their children from accessing gambling sites.

Self Responsibility Is the Key!

Although non profit bodies and government agencies are working to combat gambling addiction. All these efforts will be meaningless if the addict doesn’t have a sense of awareness! So, if a player feels that he needs a pause, he should not resume playing after a short period! While gamblers who don't have an addiction should set a time for their gaming session. Also, they should set a budget and never exceed it!

What is the Problem Gambling?

Gambling is addictive and it is defined as; “an increased tendency towards gambling, sports betting, or any other form of gambling, despite its personal, social and financial harms”. In fact, gambling addiction severely affects the affected person’s working way, mental health, and family. However, it is difficult for those around the addict to notice this, since gambling does not involve the drugs like other addiction types.

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

There are many symptoms of gambling addiction that a player can notice. In the next part, we will talk about the most important symptoms of gambling addiction; If you have 5 of them, you should require help from any competent body. These symptoms are as follows: 1. The Player thinks about gambling all time. 2. He always doubles the bet. 3. The player quickly returns to gamble no matter how hard he tries to quit. 4. If he cannot access the gambling games, for any reason, he gets angry. 5. He uses gambling to escape from his personal problems. 6. He always tries to recover. 7. The player lies to his family about his gambling manner. 8. He may borrow or steal to keep playing

The Moderate Gambling Rules

In this part, we will explain the most important rules of moderate gambling that you must follow to avoid gambling addiction. – Set a specific time for your play session. – Start playing when you can focus on your bets, so don't play before sleeping. – Place a gaming budget and do not exceed it. – Set a maximum bet value per spin and do not exceed it. – Set a maximum profit/ loss in one session and If you reach any limit, you must stop playing. – Determine how much you can afford to lose before playing. – Do not drink alcohol while playing. – Try to avoid playing completely if you are depressed. – If you need help, contact the support.