Who Are The Casino High Rollers

Who Are The Casino High Rollers

The roulette wheel is an enticing way to try your luck and get huge winnings. Although it is like any other game, many stories and legends have been woven around it over the past ages! Many poor players entered the casino poor and got out of it with great fortunes. There are a lot of players who entered it rich and they got out of it in debt. There is also a third type that was able to apply fraud tricks for decades and was not discovered. All these players are called “high rollers” and “whales”. In this article, we will discover how they are playing? and what is their wealth source?

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Who are the whale players?

The high roller player has a lot of money and he is a prof gambler. This player could be old or young, a man or a woman. That did not matter! The only requirement is to be a prof gambler with a lot of money. Of course, This kind, for traditional casinos and online casinos, is the best! because they pay a lot of money in each spin! Each casino offers a set of games for these players. The betting limits on these games start from € 5,000 to € 50,000 per spin. Also, they provide them with many additional benefits. For example, online casinos offer VIP schemes that offer the following benefits: • Larger deposit and withdrawal limits. • Process transactions faster. • Assigning a dedicated support agent to manage the player's account. • Cashback bonuses, reload bonuses, and other offers. • In-kind rewards sent by mail and tickets to spend vacations and attend sports events. On the other hand, mortar and brick casinos offer high-rollers free meals, discounts, and sometimes they offer cashback bonuses. Although these players are very welcomed in both online and traditional casinos. Whale players are a very big risk to casinos! If the player wins, the casino will lose the payout amount in addition to the advantages and privileges it has provided to him! However, it is not likely that the casino losses will be large in the long run since the odds of all games are ultimately in the favor of the casino. Thus, in the long run, whale players lose. So, they bring very large profits to the casino.

How Do Casinos Know High Roller Players?

A lot of players think that casinos are like any other tourist facility that offers their services to tourists who flock to the resort or city where the casino is located. But this is not true at all! Casinos are integrated commercial enterprises that carry out advertising campaigns to promote their services like any other commercial establishment. One of the most important foundations on which they depend is to define the target audience. Among the most important characteristics of high-rollers are the following: • 80% of them are Asian. • Have a credit level of € 1 million or more. • They prefer to gamble at least 10,000. • Usually, they come with bodyguards and serve with them wherever they go. • Very generous, pay a lot of money and give great tips to distributors and waiters. • They could have a net worth of € 1 billion or more.

Roulette wheel

All players know roulette (The word “roulette” means little wheel in French). The wheel has 37 points (while the American roulette wheel has 38 points). The game begins when the players place their bets on the table. Then the dealer places the ball inside the roulette wheel, which rotates against the rotation of the wheel until it falls on one slot to determine the winning number/colour. Originally the roulette wheel had only 36 slots. But when the Monaco region in France faced financial difficulties, the casino owners told King Charles III of the idea of adding the zero slot to the wheel. Consequently, the casinos ’profits increase and pay taxes to the state. Indeed, this was done and saved the economy of the state of Monaco. Later Monaco became “Monte Carlo” and gambling still plays a major role in its economy to this day.

Roulette wheel and High Rollers

The amazing thing is that there have been so many high-rollers over the ages, here are some examples:

1. Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger is one of the first casino cheaters who use a very simple but very effective trick of his time! He noticed that the roulette wheel in the Monte Carlo casino is slightly tilted. Thus, it will hit a group of numbers in the long run than other numbers (the skew wheel is one of only two loopholes in the roulette game). Thanks to this trick, Mr Jagger won €120,000 (which is equivalent to more than € 6 million today). Monte Carlo Casino soon noticed this loophole. Then adjusted the wheel to give fair and statistically consistent results.

2. Charles Coburn

In 1891 Charles Coburn entered the casino with a very small amount (about € 400). He did not implement any strategy, but luck was on his side to get a prize of 1 million francs (about 500,000 dollars) and “bank broke” the casino (that means that his payout amount pushed the casino to close on that day).

3. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

In 1990 Garcia wanted to take advantage of the bias wheel and he managed to win more than a million euros. The casino discovered the bias wheel and wanted to take legal action against Garcia but the court did not convict the player and ruled that the player was entitled to compensation from the casino to remunerate his counsel!

4. Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell is one of the most reckless players of all time. In 2004, Revell decided to sell his house and all his possessions for a sum of € 135,500. He went into the casino and gave the dealer a €500 as a tip. Then he wagered with € 135,000 on the red roulette wheel for a win of € 270,000.

5. Sultan of Brunei

In an era, this man was the richest in the world. On one occasion, he placed sporadic bets on the roulette table, with a total of € 250,000. But there is no evidence that he won or lost!

6. Fouad Al-Zayat

He is a well-known Syrian businessman and has been considered one of the gambling legends throughout the ages! Zayat is nicknamed the “Fat Man” due to his weight and the number of bets he places on the roulette! During 15 years, Zayat has lost more than € 19 million. But in 1996 he won the same prize again from the Mayfair Casino, according to The Guardian!

7. Jimmy Chagra

He is a big drug dealer and gambler. Chagra managed to get a payout of € 600, 000 from one roulette spin. But what is even more bizarre than that is that he gave this money to a cattle seller!

The Most Important Qualities Of High Rollers Players

Certainly, after you know that a High Roller player has won more than €600,000 in one roulette spin and give this prize to a rancher, you would like to be a high roller! However, you must know that the life of a whale player does not have a midpoint; Everything that happens to him either causes a pleasure peak or utmost pain!

1. Huge wealth

The huge money that whales players possess comes from an economic anomaly that results in substantial flows of funds to a small number of people. If you are a successful entrepreneur or owns an oil well or discover treasure underneath your house or if you are in control of an entire nation's economy then you can be a whale player!

2. The Abundant Time

Besides the financial wealth, you should have plenty of time to pursue your passion for playing. To get huge wins you a long time. At the same time, you must have the skill to stop you should play for losing streak from the start in order not to deplete your fortune!

3. Limited Risk Attention

Whale players have limited risk attention! They can risk every penny they own and then donate the profits to other people! They don’t have any fear of experiencing a loss (despite its intense pain). Some whale players prefer another method which is to get the advantage of the roulette loopholes to get more winning odds.

4. They Don’t Use Any Strategy

Of course, whale players do not play according to plan, do not use strategy, and do not stick to a budget. Although these are very important to rational players that you should be one of them!

5. Their Notion About Money Is Different

Two other qualities that whale players have are generosity and honour. their vision of money differs from the vision of regular people. They believe that money is a pleasure only, and they must enjoy all the feelings that money can provide.