Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

Bingo is one of the UKs favourite pastimes. With its roots dating back as early as the 16th century, although it wasn’t called bingo but rather lotto. Like our National Lottery, bingo originates from the Italian Lotto. Going through many names and versions over the years, variations of this game include the lotto, bingo, tombola, beano and keno.

Bingo sites not on gamstop

Top Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

Your one stop guide to finding the very best non gamstop Bingo sites for UK players

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Bingo sites not on gamstop

Ups and Downs

There was a time where there were more than 1200 bingo halls across the UK. With this halving down to 600 around the time of the smoking ban in 2007. Nowadays, there are only around 350 exclusive bingo clubs operating within the UK. Although there are more premises that have a license and can operate bingo games.
This huge decline in popular Bingo halls across the UK saw experts predicting the game will become obsolete. But until today, Bingo is still going strong. Proving just how much we Brits love our Bingo. That’s not even hitting on online bingo. As the state of the UKs bingo halls went into despair, with the future of bingo looking bleak. Online bingo sites came into play sparking UK players to fall in love with the great game all over again.
Online bingo was already popular, and now with the Covid-19 pandemic and many of the UK’s bingo halls closing for lockdowns. Those UK players who still went to landbased bingo halls had no choice but to move their bingo activity online. In this online bingo UK section of Just UK, you will find everything you need to know about playing Bingo online. We will also advise the best places to play bingo online and provide you with the best non gamstop bingo sites for UK players.

What is Bingo?

Before we go into where to find the best non gamstop Bingo sites, let’s first take a look at what is Bingo and how it differs from the usual non gamstop casino games. Bingo is a game of chance and probability. In which players will usually mark off numbers on a card with the numbers being randomly drawn.
According to the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) Bingo is the only form of gambling recognized by the Gambling Act 2005 that does not have a specific statutory definition. Stating that ‘bingo’ simply means any version of that game, irrespective of by what name it is described’. This is down to the considerable innovations and adaptations of this traditional form of gambling. While they do not offer a specific definition of the game, they do offer advise and clarification so that both gambling operators and players alike can understand what constitutes as bingo as how it differs from other forms of gambling.

Bingo as a game

Bingo is essentially a lottery played as a game. Although bingo may not have a set definition, there are a few stipulations that differ bingo from casino gaming. No matter what name it goes by, be it bingo, lotto, keno or tombola, it must be a game of equal chance. This means it does not involve playing or betting against a bank. But rather the chances are equally favourable to all participants.

Each player will receive a set of numbers. These numbers will then be marked off against numbers selected at random and announced by a caller. Or if playing bingo online will be by a random number generator. The first person who has all numbers marked or a particular section, stated before the start of the game, in the set given, is the winner.

Why Play Bingo Online?

With the dramatic decline in operating bingo clubs throughout the UK, many thought bingos were a thing of the past. However, the huge increase in people playing online bingo shows that it is still one of the UKs favourite pastimes. There are a number of reasons UK players opt to play bingo online. And with more and more UK players joining the online bingo community, this further proves the success of bingo in the online gambling industry.
As if there weren’t enough reasons already to play online, this year has given us the biggest reason to opt for online bingo. The 2020 covid-19 pandemic. The lockdowns of many establishments saw all bingo clubs closing throughout the UK. With most UK cities still under some form of restrictions, a majority of these clubs are still not able to reopen. Being 10 months into the pandemic and operating restrictions, many of these clubs will need a miracle to survive. Meaning UK players really have no choice but to play online.
Even before the covid19 breakout, bingo was already moving online. Just like with most industries, be it shopping, banking and even gambling.

Introduction of Online Bingo

Since the introduction of online bingo, UK players have been able to play from the comfort of their own home. Meaning there is no need to travel to visit your local bingo club. Players can play from anywhere at any time. Making it an extremely popular option for UK bingo goers.
With the constant introduction of new online bingo establishments and even online bingo games being added to online casinos. New online bingo clubs need to compete with the already popular ones in order to make it. This means, the promotions, bonuses and features just keep getting better and better. This includes massive welcome bonuses, extra boosts and loyalty rewards. Another great reason why it can be even more beneficial to play online as opposed to a land-based bingo club.

Bingo Halls

Bingo halls in the UK tend to attract many people and has always been a hotspot for groups. For those wishing to avoid the loud, large crowds, playing online bingo is the obvious answer. Yet if you are one that enjoys this aspect of a bingo club. You need not worry about playing online. All the best online bingo sites for UK players and non gamstop bingo sites come with huge communities. Bingo players will always be the most friendly, chatty and communicative, this doesn’t change when moving online. Nothing can stop UK bingo players from creating their own family within any network.

Bingo and Gamstop

Gamstop is a UK independent self-exclusion scheme. The scheme is available for UK residents in order to restrict gambling activities for those who may be dealing with a gambling problem. After registering with gamstop, players will automatically be excluded from playing on any gambling site in the UK. This only includes gambling sites based in the UK, holding a UKGC license.

Just UK Club's view

So where does this fit in with online bingo sites? Well, as gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme for all gambling sites operating within the UK, it includes online bingo sites. Meaning any UK player who is a member of gamstop will be unable to register with any of the great bingo clubs available in the UK.
Gamstop is a great tool to help UK players control their gambling. Many UK players who may struggle to control gambling activities have rightfully joined the gamstop movement. However, this year, an unexpected problem has arisen. There are many UK members of gamstop who originally use the scheme as a way to avoid online casinos. Yet these players will still pop down to their local bingo club in order to enjoy the game and experience at a much lower price. Without getting out of control.
Now with the covid19 pandemic and the local bingo clubs closing, such players have found themselves in the position of not even being able to play bingo online due to the gamstop restrictions. A double blow of restrictions. And at a time where we are all at home, we want a fun, cheap and enjoyable way to pass the time.

Online Bingo Sites Not on Gamstop

This is where non gamstop bingo sites come into play. Just like non gamstop casinos, there are plenty of non gamstop bingo sites out there available to players. This means players who find themselves in such a predicament are still able to go online and enjoy the great game that is bingo. Become a part of the bingo community and reap the benefits of the rewards programmes.
This is not to say that these sites do not encourage responsible gambling, as they do. Each non gamstop bingo site will still have its own self exclusion scheme. The reason for them not being with gamstop is simple as they are outside of the UK and do not hold a UKGC license.
Here at JustUK, just like with non gamstop casinos, we scour the web to bring you nothing but the best non gamstop bingo sites available for UK players.

best bingo sites not on gamstop

Different kinds of Bingo

There are several bingo variations, with the original game seeing considerable innovation over the years. With the many adaptations and the many names, many of these great bingo games are still an option today. Let’s take a look at all the great bingo games you can find at a non gamstop bingo site.

🟢 30 Ball Bingo

30 ball bingo is fun and fast. Players will receive a 3×3 grid card with their numbers on in this non gamstop bingo game. Calling just 30 balls, this means players who are in a rush are still able to enjoy a quick game. Or even multiple games.

🟢 90 Ball Bingo

A common, if not the most common, bingo game available in the UK. This is the bingo game players will find at their local bingo club. Using a 3×5 grid card for the numbers, players will mark off each number as the 90 balls are called.

🟢 75 Ball Bingo

You must be noticing a theme here; this bingo game is a nice balance between the very fast 30 ball bingo and the 90-ball bingo in which many players can find takes too long. 75 ball bingo is the perfect balance.

🟢 Tombola

Tombola is a lottery style game where people pick tickets out of a rolling drum. There are many online RNG tombola style games available at non gamstop bingo sites and even independent casinos.

🟢 Keno

Keno is the most common bingo style game available at non gamstop and independent casinos. It is a lottery like gambling game with many fun variations. You’re more than likely to find a good number of Keno games at non gamstop bingo sites too.

🟢 Slingo

Slingo is a popular online single and multiplayer game that combines the elements of slots and bingo. It is immensely popular amongst bingo and slot players alike. All the best non gamstop bingo sites will have a wide selection of Slingo games available.

🟢 Lottery

We’ve all heard of The National Lottery, more recently known as The Lotto. What players may not realise is the lottery is not the original version and was in fact a game of chance. There are many lotto like casino games available at both independent casinos and non gamstop bingo sites.

Ways to Win Bingo

Bingo is a relatively straight forward game despite all the variations and many win patterns which can make it come across as complex. There are many ways to win playing bingo, yet the concept remains the same. Each player gets a card (or multiple) with numbers on it. Then as each number is announced, it is for the player to cross off or mark said number on their card. Each bingo game will have its own stipulations on how to win that will be clear before the game starts. Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the many ways you can win playing bingo.

Bingo sites not on gamstop

💰 Four corners

The four corners pattern is probably the easiest way to win playing bingo. This simple means, you only need to mark off the numbers in the four corners of your bingo card to win.

💰 Row or Column

For this, players must get all the numbers in a singular row or column (usually row) for the win. It is common for there to be multiple prizes for getting one row, then two rows, three rows and so on until the board or card is complete.

💰 Outer Edge

The outer edge, also known as the frame. This pattern involves getting all the numbers on the outer edge of the card, including the four corners.

💰 Letters

Another popular pattern for a bingo card comes in the shape of a letter. Your bingo card could feature any letter and players will need to mark all numbers within that letter. Popular letters for bingo patterns include E, W, X, Z and L.

💰 Full House

This is the ultimate bingo. Getting a full house usually comes with the biggest prizes, or the jackpot if you will. This simple means getting all the numbers on your card before any other player has.

Bingo sites not on gamstop

How to find the best Bingo site not on gamstop for you?

When looking for the best non gamstop bingo site to play at, there are several factors to take into consideration. And with so many bingo sites or even casino sites offering great bingo games, the choice can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Here at JustUK, we do the hard work, so you don’t have to. Just check out our lists of the best non gamstop and independent sites for UK players to play Bingo. Choosing the right non gamstop bingo site is very similar to choosing the best online casino site in terms of what to look out for. Here are some of the factors we take into consideration when choosing the best non gamstop bingo site for you.

• Welcome Bonus

With more and more independent bingo sites becoming available each day, it is important for the best to stand out from the crowd. One way of doing this is to offer a great bonus to welcome new players. The UKGC have strict rules on offering promotions meaning that the biggest and best welcome bonuses tend to come from non gamstop sites.

• Payment Options

Another extremely important aspect of playing online is cashier. UK players need to be able to deposit easily when playing bingo online. This means bingo operators need to offer a wide range of deposit methods. If you’re looking for a bingo site or casino that accepts PayPal, we’re afraid you won’t get very far. However, the best bingo sites around will offer a number of great PayPal like alternatives.

• Mobile Version

Almost everything is done or at least available on our smartphones these days. As we approach 2021, it is important for all bingo and casino sites to offer a fully optimised mobile and tablet version to keep up with the times. UK players like to be able to play on the go. With a mobile version, UK players can have access to their favourite casino sites at the tip of their fingers.

• Games

Possibly the most important point on the list. The bingo games are the whole reason you may be looking for the best bingo site of 2020 after all. It is essential, in order reach the best bingo site list, that a variety of bingo games are offered. Including different ticket prices, various prizes and enough games for everyone to join without having to wait around too long.

Slingo Sites Outside GamStop

Although the Slingo isn’t as popular as slots or video poker games. It can be the best choice for both newbies and experienced players! Slingo game invented in 1997 by an American developer, who establish a company to sell this game to casinos and malls. Then after 20 years, he sold this company to RealNetworks for $15.6 million!

This game combines the attractive features of bingo and slot games. Also, it offers a very simple gameplay mode, so new players will fall in love with it in no time! Like any game that relies on luck, Slingo has high-quality graphics and immersive sound effects. Although the charming features of this game, the online casinos that offer it aren't so many. Moreover, if you will narrow the search for a Non-GamStop that offer a Slingo game maybe you won't find a lot of great options. Fortunately, you won't have to search for more time! Since we've gathered all the great casinos outside GamStop that offer Slingo game on this page. At these casinos, you will get fabulous bonuses, many offers, unmatched game package, and many banking options. In short, we guarantee you get the game experience that you seek!

Advantages of The Slingo Sites Not on GamStop

Non-GamStop Slingo casinos have many great advantages. Especially for those who want to go around the limitations of the GamStop scheme! As you will be able to play freely, limitlessly, and seamlessly. However, playing at non-GamStop casino doesn’t mean that you will sacrifice the gameplay quality. Quite the opposite, these casinos hold licenses from many gambling committees around the world. Such as:

 Curaçao Gambling Committee
Cyprus Gaming Organization
Gibraltar eGaming Committee

And they secure your data by the strongest encryptions and firewalls to keep them away from any hacker orobtrusive. Also, these casinos have a lot of other advantages as followings.

1. Accept All Banking Methods

A lot of the UK players think that the Non-GamStop casinos don’t accept domestic payment methods, such as the Visa and Mastercard cards issued by the British banks. But this is not true at all! As you can use any banking card, eWallet, crypto gate, and prepaid cards at these casinos.

2. Some Casinos Don’t Require KYC Procedures

Some of the casinos outside GamStop programme will not ask you to send your documents to verify your account. This feature is especially useful for players who don't like to share their data with online casinos and prefer to have a fast-gaming experience without long procedures. However, do note that the casino won’t ask for this action if you deposit limited amounts of money. but when you deposit large funds or make large winnings, the casino will ask you to send your documents for sure.

3. Many Gaming Options

Slingo sites outside GamStop offer games from top-tier gaming providers. Such as: (Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Nolimit City, Push Gaming, 1×2 Gaming, iSoftBet, Endorphina). All the casino games are in HTML5 format. So, they run flexibly on all electronic devices. In addition, you can try them for free on the demo mode before placing real money bets. The Non GameStop casinos made a huge effort to develop an obvious and clear game library. You can browse the game catalogue easily and rapidly using filter options and search function.

4. Not Restricted Operators

Slingo Sites Not on GamStop aren’t restricted within the UK. So, you don’t need to use a VPN service to log on to these sites! All you need to have is an electronic device and a stable internet connection only!

Downsides of The Slingo Sites Not on GamStop

Like any sort of online casinos, Slingo sites not on GamStop have their pros and cons. However, we believe that the downsides will not limit your gaming experience.

1. Don’t Hold the UKGC License

In March 2020. The UKGC issued a declaration stating that all the licensed casinos. And the casinos that want to take the license should partner with the GamStop service. Otherwise, the license will be forfeited! So, the Non-GamStop casinos don’t hold the UKGC license. However, you can play at them freely, Since they hold the licenses of other committees.

The Best Slingo Sites Outside GamStop

After discussing the perks and drawbacks of the Best Slingo Sites Outside GamStop. You should get to know the best casinos that you can play at. In the next section of this guide, we will recommend you the top Slingo casinos and provide an overview of each one. While if you want to know more info about them, we encourage you to read the full review of the casinos.

1. Triumph Casino

You may wonder, why we placed this casino on the top of the best Slingo sites outside GamStop! That’s because it has all the features that you might search for. Triumph Casino offers no deposit bonus for €4, and you can claim this offer just after signing up at the casino. After that, you will be able to get a welcome bonus on your first 3 deposits. Besides, you will participate in the drawing on iPhone 12. Triumph Casino also offers daily jackpot tournaments that give prized ranges from €4,000 and up to €100,000. Slingo lovers, the casino offers games from many developers such as: (Novomatic, NetEnt, Play N Go).

2. Red Lion Casino

Red Lion is an all-inclusive portal for all gambling options! As it offers casino games, virtual games, and sports betting choices. At Red Lion Casino you will get a tremendous welcome bonus package on your first 3 deposits of up to €3,000. Also, you geta 50% bonus on your deposit every Monday. While at weekends you will have a 75% reload bonus. In addition to the 5% daily cashback.

3. Very Well Casino

The name of this casino applies perfectly to its bonuses and offers! As you will get free spins on the slots with each deposit you make. Also, you will enjoy a varied and superb game library.

4. Harry’s Casino

The gaming experience in Harry’s casino will blow your mind. Since you will get an enormous bonus bundle, excellent game package, lightning transactions, and constantly available support service. In addition, you will be able to make deposits/withdrawals using fiat currencies or crypto currencies.

5. Crazy Star Casino

Crazy Star casino drives the manic to the utmost! As it gives the newbies a serial of 3 deposit bonus. In addition to the reload bonuses and cashback dedicated to the loyal players. Also, the casino raises the excitement level to the maximum by offering many gaming options powered by the class A developers. Such as (Booming Games, Wazdan, EvoPlay, ELK studios).


In this guide, we have scrutinized the Slingo sites outside GamStop with an explanation for their pros and cons. As you have noticed in our quick overview of these casinos. They all offer new players a package of welcome bonuses that covers their 3 – 5 first deposits. Also, they offer high-quality games that run smoothly on all electronic device.

FAQ about Slingo Sites Outside GamStop & NonGamstop Bingo sites

What is a non gamstop Bingo site?

A non gamstop bingo site is quite simply a bingo site that is not based in the UK and is not a part of the UK gamstop self-exclusion scheme.

Do non gamstop bingo sites have a license.

Most bingo sites will hold a license of some sort. Being a non gamstop casino means that they do not hold a UKGC license. However, they can hold a license from Curacao, Malta and other licensing bodies.

Are UK players accepted at non gamstop bingo sites?

Most independent non gamstop bingo sites, and all the best sites that feature on JustUK will accept players from around the world. Including UK players.

Is Gala Bingo a non gamstop bingo site?

No, Gala bingo is part of the Gala Group who operate in the UK and hold a UKGC license. This means, Gala Bingo is automatically with gamstop.

Does Slingo a Game of Luck?

Slingo is a name blend of slots and bingo. As the game combines the gameplay of both slots and bingo. So, Slingo is based completely on luck only!

What are the Slingo Game Bonuses?

Most of the time, online casinos set special bonuses for bingo and Slingo games. In addition, you can use cash bonuses to play these games.

What is the share of the Slingo Games in the Wagering Requirements?

The share of Slingo games in the wagering requirements varies from one casino to another. This share ranges between 5% up to 90%.

How can I Learn the Sligo Game Without Risking Money?

In the demo mode, you can familiarize Slingo game, master your strategies, and know the expected payouts. Then, you can start to place real money bets to collect winnings.