Non GamBan Betting Sites

GamBan is a voluntary self-exclusion service set up to help players control their gambling behaviour and keep a safe distance from all forms of virtual betting. Integration of GamBan is not a regulatory requirement for the UKGC, but all gambling sites run by British companies integrate this app out of social responsibility. However, you may find some British non GamBan betting sites on the web.:

non gamban betting sites

List of Non GamBan Betting Sites

Your one stop guide to finding the very best non GamBan betting sites in UK

Gamban Mobile Apps

This service has dedicated apps compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. With one subscription, users can download the GamBan app on all of their devices. Then he can select all casinos and sportsbooks he has accounts on to block himself from accessing them for a period of his choosing.

The idea of ​​GamBan is not new as there are dozens of block apps that work the same way, like Freedom and BlockSite. However, it is a safe and cheap option to get away from online gambling sites and apps that you select.

Also, the GamBan app has many distinctive perks. It is easy to install, activate, and configure. Blocks access to iGaming sites on all devices and browsers. Difficult to bypass and uninstall. Automatically kept up-to-date.

The main issue facing GamStop users also confronts subscribers as many players register to these services without having addictive tendencies. As a result, they seek to solve this issue and bypass the ban to enjoy their favourite games. In this guide, we will learn more about the GamBan service, its objective, and how to get around it if you sign up for it by mistake.

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What is the GamBan app?

GamBan was launched in 2015. Now it is a pillar of responsible gambling in Britain and recognized by the UKGC. GamBan is one of the smartest and most effective apps to tackle problem gambling and help players maintain their decision to stop gambling even if their willpower slips. The great feature of the GamBan app is that it is available to users worldwide and not just in the UK.

This app helps users take the first step in addressing and controlling their gambling behaviour. The team behind it has worked faithfully to make this app as simple and easy to use as possible.

In 2018, the famous charity, BeGambleAware, conducted independent research to assess the British self-exclusion services’ and concluded that GamBan was the most effective. Also, in the same year, the app was awarded the Software Rising Star at the EGR B2B Awards.

However, GamBan was not launched as a standalone solution to put an end the problem of gambling. On the contrary, this service has some downsides. So, players should use it with other tools and options to put as many blocks as possible between them and gambling.

Once the player installs GamBan, he will not be able to access the gambling sites that he has selected. GamBan app can be installed on all computers, smartphones and tablets for the highest degree of coverage and protection. This application works on Mac OS, Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

What is the difference between GamBan and GamStop?

Simply put, GamBan and GamStop serve the same purpose but work differently. GamBan prohibits users from accessing self-selected gambling sites and apps. In other words, the user is responsible for selecting the sites that he gambles on or that he thinks he may participate in. Then, he won’t be able to access these sites again on of his devices that have the app installed.

However, the user can buy a new device, but the service is based on the idea of ​​“creating disincentives”. Buying a new device only for access to betting sites seems like a squandering, but when the user buys a new device to gamble on and then lose, the loss-remorse will urge him to download the app on this device to maintain his self exclusion decision. So, getting around GamBan becomes even more difficult. Thus, the service achieves its goal in the long run despite the loopholes.

GAMSTOP is the UK's national self-exclusion programme. In 2018, the scheme was launched. Then, in 2020, the UKGC recognised it and required all local gambling companies to cooperate with it, making it a regulatory requirement for all gambling sites that hold the UKGC license or seek a license.

GamStop does not need to download any app as it blocks the player’s by his data from accessing any UK gambling site.

For players who suffer from gambling addiction, they need both methods! They need to put as many obstacles as possible between them and virtual gambling.

Access to entertainment options has become more accessible and sleeker in the modern age. Nevertheless, players concerned about their problem gambling have to turn ease of access into hindrances. In fact, both services advise users to add another hurdle: block gambling payments with your bank.

What are non GamBan Casinos?

GamBan is an easy-to-use, secure and affordable self exclusion app. To get the most out of GamBan, you need to install it on every device you use. Then, you will not be able to access any gambling site or app for the period of your subscription.

If GamStop blocks your ID on gambling sites and apps, GamBan takes a layered approach that bans your devices from accessing any gambling site or app for a period of your choosing.

In the modern age, with the advent of so many advanced techs and the ability to get to anything in a matter of seconds, we need a lot of “safety valves” to prevent things from going suddenly slipping from our hands.

GamStop may be effective in removing players from gambling sites irrevocably for a period of their choosing. However, many offshore gambling sites do not deal with GamStop. Here comes the importance of GamBan! This service offers you a downloadable app on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. This app blocks all websites whose domain names contain words related to gambling. For example, casino, poker, roulette, slots, etc.

This app is designed to be easy to install and accessible to everyone. Once you download and install GamBan, it will run in the background. However, anytime you want to access any gambling sites, you will be blocked. So, you can rest assured that you have peace of mind and are always protected. Of course, no tech can replace willpower, but with this app’s strong coverage, the chances of over spending on gambling can be clearly reduced.

What Is the Difference Between GamBan and GamStop?

In terms of the goal, there is no difference between GameBan and GameStop. However, the two programmes differ in the way to achieve this goal.

GamStop works with UK gambling sites to prevent excluded players from resuming play during their exclusion period.

The GamStop scheme gains its strength and efficacy from being irrevocable; A player may not delete his account shorten his subscription. Also, he can’t play at any casino during the exclusion period.

GamBan works in a different way as it is software downloaded on smartphones and computers. The app stops a person's ability to access gambling sites and apps during the period that they have set themselves. If the participant deletes the app, it will remain activated, and the player will not access any of the gambling sites either.

If you have or think you have a gambling addiction, you must sign up for both programmes and any other app that can prevent you from accessing gambling sites.

How to Uninstall Gamban?

GamBan aims to reduce the friction between you and online gambling to the least possible level. It is difficult to remove it unlike other apps. The GamBan team were aware that uninstalling the app from the user's devices kills the intent of their product! Since they aim to offer a high level of care of their customers, they have created a non removable app.

The only way to resume playing again after installing the GamBan app is to use a brand new device that you haven't downloaded GamBan on before. If you have a problem with gambling addiction, this idea will not work for you at all! Since after you buy a new device, you will download GamBan on it again. Then, when you feel the urge to stop playing, you will install this app once again! There is no way to break this vicious circle except through free will.

If you think that you downloaded GamBan by mistake or have recovered from the addiction soon, you can resume betting on casinos not on Gamban, with a new device.

pros for casinos not on gamstop

Pros of Casinos Not On Gamban

There are many great pros that casinos not on Gamban have. Besides giving users too much freedom in accessing their gambling options, they offer plenty of bonuses. Furthermore, players of casinos not on Gamban get many unique benefits such as the ability to use digital currencies and fiat currencies. Also, they can play their favourite games on smartphones or computers freely.

Unlimited Games

The most notable feature of casinos not on Gamban is that they offer a wide range of games. We don’t mean that you will find slots and table games, but you will also discover the internal variants within each kind! For example, if you love roulette, you will find the French and EU versions. In addition, you will find the newly invented variants like Micro Wheel Roulette, Multi wheels roulette, double ball roulette. On average, casinos not on Gamban offers +3000. However, UK casinos offer a small group of games as they are forced to work only with British game vendors.

Wide Range of Banking Methods

Seeking to attract players worldwide, casinos not on Gamban supports a wide range of payment methods, including bank cards, e-wallets and cryptos. These sites also try to offer products suitable for all kinds of players. So, they make the minimum transactions between 10 to 50 euros, while the maximum can reach 5000 euros.

Many Bonuses & Promos

Most of the casinos not on GamBan are new on the scene. So, they are trying to get a big player base by offering lots of incentives, including a huge welcome pack. Also, they aim to retain the current players by offering many reload bonuses, cashback rewards, and VIP schemes.

cons for casinos not on gamstop

Cons of Casinos Not On GamBan

Despite the great benefits of casinos not on GamBan, some drawbacks can affect players prone to gambling addiction. Therefore, before deciding to go around GamBan or use a new device, you must test tendencies again to ensure that you don’t have any lousy urge toward gambling. In addition to this pitfall, there are some other negative points that you should know before playing at a casino not on GamBan:

Non GamBan sites aren’t on any self exclusion programme

Casinos not on GamBan are not on GamStop, GamCare or any other charity intended to help people prone to gambling addiction! However, each site has its internal exclusion scheme that includes maximum deposit limits, game sessions timer, and the ability to suspend or delete the account.

No Possibility of Dispute Resolution

As casinos not on GamBan hold licenses of offshore gambling agencies, it is not possible to resolve disputes with them as these committees do not have jurisdiction to resolve disputes that may arise between British players and casinos.

Has GamBan a free?

No, the GamBan service is paid, but it has a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Whether you want to keep yourself away from gambling for a long time or if you want to freeze your account after suffering from a significant loss, GamBan subscriptions are designed to fit all your needs.

The first subscription plan, the Cool-off plan, is a monthly subscription that costs just £2.49 a month. With this plan, you can block all your devices from accessing gambling sites. This subscription covers an unlimited number of devices, offers a seven-day free trial, access to helpful GamBan resources, and free live help.

If you want to get the GamBan services at a lower cost, choose the annual subscription, which has a yearly payment of £24.99. Thus, you will save 15% on the subscription fee. In addition, you will get a free subscription period of up to 7 days. You can also access all resources and use the live support service.

On the contrary, GamStop is entirely free and available to all British gamblers without exception.

How to use GamBan?

This programme works simply, all you have to do is go to the service website. Then, choose your subscription plan. After that, download the app on your smartphone, tablet, and all your devices. Now, you can select the sites you want to exclude yourself from. You can exclude yourself from all types of gambling sites, including:

GamBan recognises that there are intertwining factors between traditional gambling and emerging investment platforms. Both types have a high potential to cause losses due to exposure to the risks of speculative trading. So, you can also add platforms that provide the following services:

Who are the people who should sign up for GamBan?

Gambling is a great recreational activity, but there are some downsides to it. Getting into debt, compromising your ability to borrow, straining your mental health, or jeopardising your personal relationships.

The percentage of people affected by gambling addiction in the UK ranges from 0.7% to 2.4% of the UK population. According to GamBan's official website, there are 6 main signs of gambling addiction:

  • Placing Bigger, Riskier Bets – The most common characteristic of gambling addicts is that they spend more money than they want to, and they can't stop. 
  • Feeling guilty after gambling session – Apart from the self-regret feelings, people who suffer from gambling addiction suffer from depression and the sense of ‘guilt and shame'.
  • Use of gambling as a distraction from other problems – Just like addictions, gambling addicts may see gambling as an escape mechanism from negative feelings, work stress, and life problems.
  • Hiding gambling habits – Lying is a feature associated with all addictions. The reason for lying stems from a strong sense of guilt.
  • Social isolation – Gambling addiction develops over a long period. During this period, the gambler misses important events and significant occasions in his life. Another common trait among gambling addicts is that they gamble during times designated for other higher-priority activities such as work, bedtime or family time.
  • Feeling a strong need to gamble – Addiction creates a strong need for the addictive activity, regardless of the consequences. Gambling addicts always feel a burning desire to recover their losses by gambling with more money. If he wins a gaming session, he wants to get similar gains again. Therefore, any potential result will urge the addict to gamble repeatedly.

Can I Uninstall GamBan?

Before removing the GamBan app, it is important to identify the reasons that prompted you to remove it. If you still have addictive tendencies and want to remove this app, that would defeat the app’s purpose, and of course, we all don’t want that. However, many users have rationales reasons to break the block and resume gambling before the end of the subscription period, such as:

  • The player feels no longer addicted to gambling.
  • If the player feels that he has registered with GamBan by mistake.
  • If the player has ever subscribed to this programme for reasons unrelated to gambling addiction (e.g., trying to save money to buy a new house or car).

All of these reasons, if true, are good to early-end stop your subscription to GamStop. However, you will not be able to suspend your subscription until your subscription has come to an end. Even if you remove the app from your smartphone or tablet, you can't go back to the gambling sites as all your devices' IP addresses are blocked from accessing the sites you selected.

The only solution here is to sign up for a completely new site that you haven't listed on GamBan. In this case, casinos not on GamStop will be an excellent option. Most of these sites were launched recently. Therefore, you certainly did not subscribe to it before and did not include it on your account.

What are Gambling Sites Not Blocked by GamBan?

Simply put, non-GamBanian gambling sites are the ones that you haven't listed on the app. Thus, you can enter any of these sites and play there freely. In addition, these sites do not incorporate GamStop, GamCare or any other British charity as they aren’t based in the UK.

Besides being free of restrictions, all non Gamban betting have unique features. They accommodate excellent game selections, offer players generous rewards, and have 24/7 support.

These sites are licensed by offshore licensors, primarily the Curaçao Gaming Board. Since legitimate overseas authorities do not place harsh obstacles on gambling companies, players enjoy a freer atmosphere. For instance, these sites do not require the application of KYC terms strictly. In addition, foreign casinos accept all payment methods, including cryptos, bank cards and e-wallets. Furthermore, GamBan-Free bookmakers can deal with all game providers worldwide without any distinction.

Best non GamBan betting sites

Since gambling sites outside of GamBan are many and varied enough to distract players, we have decided to recommend the top five gambling sites that you can quickly sign up with through your smartphone or tablet. When preparing this list, we took into account that we recommend sites that offer players both casino games and sports betting, good incentives, and multiple playing options. We guarantee that every site listed below can satisfy even the most demanding players.

Casi Good

There are many reasons to place this site at the highest position for the non GamBan betting sites. First, this operator doesn’t hold the UKGC license, but it accepts all the UK players even if GamBan or GamStop previously excluded them. So, it offers a rare opportunity for any restricted player to enjoy their preferred games without hindrances. The site’s platform has a radiant and classy design, user-friendly structure. When you open the game library, you will face +3,000 games brought to you by the top-notch studios. Although the slots dominate the casino lobby, the table games buffs will enjoy themselves in the live casino section.

Sports punters have a dedicated section for betting, which features high profile sports alongside the least popular ones. Also, the available betting markets are worth praise as they cover all variables during the match. The payouts average ranges from 94% – 97% according to the sports, betting market, and event. If you want to know more info about this site, click here.

Chilli Reels

Maybe Chilli Reels hasn't flown under your radar before, as it is a newly launched site that debuted into the scene in 2021. However, it has many attractive features that can attract all casino players and sports punters. The site has no association with GamBan and welcomes all players with open arms! The platform has a cool and exotic Mexican theme. Also, it is easy to use on all internet-enabled devices. If this site can beat all its competitors in one aspect, it will be the bonuses and rewards. Newcomers will get a 4-stage welcome offer award up to €4,000 and 125 free spins.

The site doesn’t forget its loyal players as it offers them many tournaments and lotto contests. As for sports bettors, they will find two sections: Sports and eGames. The first section offers all sorts of sports, all leagues from professional leagues to university and amateur leagues. The second section is dedicated to emerging cybergames like CS:GO, Dota2, LOL, FIFA, & Valorant. If you want to know more info about this site, click here.

Fancy Reels

Fancy Reels was first launched in the online gambling arena in late 2021. This site has an impressively designed platform that works flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. As the name suggests, this casino mainly focuses on slots but offers all forms of gambling, including table games, cards and sports betting. Fancy Reels deals with more than 150 international vendors, including famous names such as: (Play’n Go, Booongo, Betsoft, Quickspin). While the live casino games section is a walled garden for Evolution Gaming as it is the most advanced in its sector. Due to the huge amount of games available, the game library has a lot of sections and different rating options, and all players can use the search feature to access their games quickly.

The sports betting section of Fancy Rails Casino contains more than 35 global sports, including football, tennis bets and rugby. There are dozens of betting markets available for every event. Furthermore, the average profit ranges from 93% to 97%, which corresponds to the industry average. If you want to know more info about this site, click here.

Milky Wins

Besides being out of GamStop, GamCare and any other self exclusion services, Milky Wins is one of the best bookies not on GamBan. This site encompasses all the gambling options, giving players everything they may look for. Initially, players will receive a generous 4-part welcome pack that combines cash rewards and free spins. The casino library contains +3,000 games from the highest calibre. See page for non gamcare betting sites.

These games come from top-notch vendors such as NetEnt, Betsoft, and Play ‘N Go. Sports betting buffs will find what they are looking for in three sports betting sections. The first one presents more than 35 sports that they can bet on, while the second section offers virtual sports, and the third section is dedicated to electronic games. The player provides a web-based platform compatible with all mobile devices, and players can download the Android app as well. If you want to know more information about this site, click here!

Casper Spins Casino

Casper Spins has enormous treasures waiting for you to discover. This site has a great eye-pleasing design that is user-friendly and runs seamlessly on all devices. This site has a gaming library containing a great game selection provided by major vendors, including (Boongo, Bitsoft, Ezdan, Golden Race). Despite its modernity, it managed to outperform its competitors thanks to the great features that it offers. Initially, all new players are invited to receive a welcome bonus package on the first four deposits of up to €4,000 and 125 free spins. The main betting section contains all the well-known sports. However, football holds the lion share of coverage and betting markets.

The second section is for virtual sports, which is a good option if you don’t find good real matches to bet on. In the third section, you will find great eGames. Casper Spins takes a wide range of fiat and digital currencies. Also, it accepts a wide range of payment methods. If you want to know more information about this site, click here!

Features of Non GamBan Betting Sites

Although each non GamBan betting site differs from the other in terms of perks, they share some features, namely:

  • Simpler KYC process. Unlike British sportsbooks, bookies outside GamBan do not impose strict procedures to verify their players' personal data. All you have to do is send a copy of your national ID or passport before requesting your first cash out. On the other hand, the UK casinos require players to submit ID documents, residential address proof, and other documents to prove ownership of the financial instrument. Overall, this feature makes gambling less stressful.
  • Accepting a wide range of financial instruments. Bookmakers players can make their payments using credit cards and cryptos. On the contrary, UK sports betting sites do not accept these methods.
  • Generous rewards. Since most betting sites are recent, they tend to be more generous than the firmly established UK sites. Modern sites outside GamBan offer the whole nine yards of bonus and promos, including welcome bonuses, reload offers, cashback bonuses, free bets, and other incentives as well.
  • There are no strict rules. Sports betting sites do not set strict rules on their customers. Independent betting means providing excellent services to players.
  • New and exciting options. All players can discover virtual sports and eGames at non GamBan betting sites. In contrast, UK bookies only cover traditional sports.

Disadvantages of Non GamBan Betting Sites

Despite the unmatched advantages of non GamBan betting sites, there are some disadvantages to these sites as well. If you want to participate in a gambling site outside GamBan, you should know them first.

  • Do not hold the UKGC license. So, from 2005 until now, the UKGC has proven to be the most prominent authority for licensing and controlling gambling sites, thanks to its high standards and its unwavering endeavour to protect the UK players. Although the UKGC is placing more restrictions on operators in order to limit the harms associated with gambling, it also protects players more than any other legitimate authority.
  • They aren’t very famous. All betting sites are new to the scene, and as such, they are not very popular in the online gamer community.

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FAQ About Sports Betting Sites Without GamBan


Is it safe to play at gambling sites outside of GamBan?

Yes, playing at online casinos and sports betting sites outside of GamBan is absolutely secure.

How do I stop the GamBan app?

There is no way to disable your GameBan subscription, but you can play at one of the casinos or sports betting sites that you did not specify in this app.

What is the GamBan Program?

GamBan is an easy-to-use app that allows its users to voluntarily block themselves from all kinds of sites they want to stop using including online casinos, sports betting sites, poker networks, bingo platforms, lottery syndications. GamBan aims to help players with problem gambling support their desire to stop and fight their addiction.

What is the difference between a game pan and a game stop?

The two apps serve the same goal but differ technically in terms of how they work. If you have addictive urges to gamble, it is best to use all the apps to help you stop playing.