Telegraph Fantasy Football

Telegraph fantasy football are prediction games in which the player chooses a sport such as football, baseball, handball, or basketball and then forms his virtual team of real players. The player gets points whenever his formation is closer to reality, meaning that the player's goal in telegraph fantasy is to transform statistics and numbers into predictions that come true. The better your team performs the more points you will get as well!

In addition, you will be playing against other managers who are looking to add more outstanding players to their teams to win local and world titles. In other words, telegraph fantasy combines prediction, competitiveness, luck and, of course, real money winnings!

Telegraph Fantasy football

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When Does Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football Start?

Fantasy sports also called “rotisserie” & “roto” are virtual games that give the player the role of a coach who sets the starting line-up, decides the bench, and determines the new deals the team needs. The most popular fantasy sports in the UK at the moment are baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis and American football. In the next section, we will discuss each sport in some detail.

Fantasy Baseball

Baseball is the first fantasy sport because its nature fits perfectly with the principles of the daily telegraph fantasy. The first fantasy baseball game named “All-Star Baseball” and it was invented in 1941. However, many analysts consider that this game was so simple that it could not be the basis for subsequent baseball games. So, they believe that the first version, APBA, invented in 1951 by American businessman Dick Set.

During the sixties, other games appeared called (Strat-o-Matic). These games were sold as tickets like keno or lottery tickets and contain choices that the player must select from; and if he wins, he receives large sums!

In 1980, Rotisserie baseball was created by Dan Okrant and a group of his other friends. The game was so named because they were gathering in a restaurant called “La Rotisserie Francaise! Unlike APBA and earlier versions of the game, Rotisserie baseball was based on internet technology that was in its infancy during this time.

Rotisserie baseball season begins with a draft written by each player and sometimes takes place as an auction. Each team in the league must have 23 – 27 players. Coaching managers can give away weak players and buy higher level players. Throughout the season, the Virtual Managers collect statistics about their teams and the rest of the league until one of the teams wins the title.

In fact, the well-known Telegraph fantasy of today came from Rotisserie baseball. After that, some smart minds used the internet to develop it and offered many additional features, such as the ability to access statistics quickly, make decisions in real-time, adjust the value of the bet. 

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a very fun sport because it allows you to compete against your friends and acquaintances, and turn your previous knowledge, experience and predictions into decisions that give you real money! In other words, if you enjoy watching football matches, you will get double the fun when you bet on the event and feel as if you are in control of your favourite team based on the accurate statistics and info you have collected!

Fantasy Football turns negative knowledge into real decisions. Also, you will enjoy a social experience against your friends and other players online. With every match that you succeed in planning, managing, and predicting its outcome, you will get real money!

Fantasy American Football

Although American football is not as popular all over the world as regular football, fantasy American football was begun in 1962, before the invention of the Internet and before the concept of free sports was even developed!

Bill Winkenbach, the owner of the Oakland Raiders soccer team, gathers with a group of his friends at a New York City hotel and during their meeting, they create a fantasy football league which is later called (GOPPPL). The basic concept of this league was much simpler than that of fantasy baseball where players had to draft their teams and get points based on the teams' real-world results.

The fantasy American Football League Soccer is no different from its real-world counterpart as it consists of 10-12 teams. Each team has a set of weekly competitions that give them 12-16 points. The coach determines the starting lineup and the bench list and can make any adjustments after that at his discretion.

Other Fantasy Sports

As you have noticed, the previously mentioned sports were started offline. However, with the new century beginning and the spread of the Internet, there are a lot of fantasy sports that have also arisen include but are not limited to basketball and ice hockey. In addition to individual sports such as motor racing and golf betting. Although fantasy sports were invented in the United States, they have also spread widely in the UK.

At the moment, the most popular fantasy sport in the UK is football, followed by hockey, horse racing and cricket! While in Australia, they prefer Australian football, tennis, and cricket.

Although fantasy sports are “fiction”, they bring in huge profits over 2 billion dollars per year! It is also the base from which virtual sports are the current trend in the online sports betting industry. In addition, every live streaming and sports media platform has a dedicated fantasy sports section such as ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, and other websites. Virtual sports are a great way to make money and are like sports betting in many ways!

How to Get Profit From Telegraph Fantasy?

Thanks to the sports betting sites, telegraph fantasy has turned into a great and fast way to earn money and enjoy challenging friends! There are a lot of lucky bettors making hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of dollars from telegraph fantasy! In the next part of this guide, we will introduce you to the most important rules that these bettors follow that you can also rely on to get similar winnings! But before we get into how to bet on Telegraph fantasy bookmakers not on GamStop, there are some misconceptions you should avoid before you get started.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Fantasy Sports

With the increasing popularity and recent interest in fantasy sports, many misconceptions have spread among bettors and hinder them from making good profits, which are:

  • Fantasy Sports Doesn't Have to Last an Entire Season

In the distant past, before the internet, and maybe even before you were born! Telegraph fantasy sports used to last for a season in parallel with real sports, but now competitions can be held for a month, a week, or even a day. So, you can enjoy it in your own way and at your own pace.

  • Telegraph Fantasy Sports Aren’t Regulated!

Although telegraph fantasy is not regulated by a major sports federation like FIFA, sports betting sites not on GamStop do the job perfectly! In addition, these bookmakers are licensed by legal authorities and global licensing committees, and thus enjoy complete reliability and transparency!

  • Telegraph Fantasy sports are not just football!

Many beginners think that telegraph fantasy is only football, but this belief is completely incorrect! If these sports were limited to football only, it would be called “fantasy football”! But since football is the most popular sport in history, most fantasy sports fans are interested in fantasy football. However, there are many other interesting sports such as: (basketball, horse racing, MMA, tennis bets not on gamstop, hockey).

Types of Telegraph Fantasy Sports

There are two main types of fantasy sports and they are; Exclusive Private League and Daily Fantasy Open Competition.

  • Exclusive private league

This type is most like real football and you may have tried it before with your friends or on a smartphone app. There are three main characteristics of this form which are:

  • Exclusive Player Transferring – this means that if a participant decides to sell a player to another club, the player will not appear again in the previous team’s squad or on the bench. For example, if Ronaldo moved to Juventus, he could not appear again at Real Madrid! This creates a limited potential for the players and so the pace of competition increases exponentially.
  • Championships Are Private – it means that the competition is between friends or acquaintances. Therefore, participation should be by invitation only. However, this factor limits the number of bets, so the winners don't get high payouts, but the focus here is on fun and social experience.
  • Competition format – Competition format is determined by the participating players, most often a match is held every week or 4 days according to the real fixtures. The participant must win to collect points or advance to the next round.

Practical Example of a Telegraph Fantasy

Some friends gather, have a barbecue, talk about the English Premier League. Then, they disagree about their predictions for the winning teams. So, they decide to sign up for a sports betting site to play telegraph fantasy.

In the beginning, each one selects the starting lineup players as well as bench's players.

After friends complete their virtual roster. They wait for the real matches that will determine the results of their telegraph fantasy league. At the end of the championship, the winner, runner-up, third place, and so on are determined. It is worth noting that during the summer and winter transfer season, participants can exchange players.

  • Daily Fantasy

These competitions differ from Exclusive private leagues in two main points; they are daily, and participants can join their existing teams without any limits.

Daily – The Daily Fantasy championships only take place one day or one week per season. Sometimes it may take longer, but it is generally shorter than Exclusive private leagues. So, you will be able to get bigger profits and earn them much faster.

Open – Participants can choose who they want to be included in their fantasy team. Although there are some limitations, you will be able to get players even if other people include them! Thus, Ronaldo can appear listed as a first-team squad member in Real Madrid while it has been already transferred to Juventus!

Practical Example of a Daily Fantasy

You chose the Daily Telegraph Fantasy because you only want to play for one day or one week and you don't want to wait for the whole season to get your winnings. So, you're going to make a quick lineup and make a temporary roster of substitutes.

You'll win if the team you're managing wins and you'll get the same number of points as the league … that simple! 

How to Bet on Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football?

After we have discussed the history of daily telegraph Fantasy Football, the false beliefs, and the fantasy sports types. Now we can come to the hottest part which is the daily telegraph fantasy betting. In fact, you can bet on your specific team or bet on other players' teams at sportsbooks not on GamStop. Generally speaking, there are 2 types of betting on daily fantasy, namely:

  • Cash Games

Also called “50/50” because half of the participants bet against the other. So, the winner gets his money back plus the value of the competitor's bet minus 5% – 10% which is the betting site's profit margin. If you are going to bet on another player's team it will be easier because you will select the odd and place your bet only, but if you are going to bet on your own team then you should study your competitors to know how they think and choose the players.

  • Championships

Also called “GPP” and “Guaranteed Pool”. However, here you are not going to be battling a single player but all the players participating in the championship at the same time! Therefore, it does not matter here how many points you get, but the important thing is to qualify for the advanced stages and beat competitors. Payments are made whenever you win a match, and of course, as you progress your winnings will also increase!

Advantages of daily telegraph fantasy

  • Shorter Seasons = Faster Payments

Although real sports are fun to watch and follow their news, betting on them means waiting for a long time to get your winnings! However, in daily telegraph fantasy, you will be able to choose a suitable betting season for periods ranging from a day, week, month, to an entire season.

  • You Can Switch Between Teams Easily!

Even if you get a bad squad, you can lower your bet and get out with the least possible losses. Then, you can come back in the next season with a stronger team and get double wins! This feature may be related to Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football which only takes several days only.

  • You could accomplish almost anything!

The most amazing feature of daily telegraph fantasy is that you can accomplish your vision. For example, if you are a fan of the defending team, you may think that they should sign the amazing top scorer of the league. You can include this player in your team and get double profits if this prediction comes true! If not, you can choose another player as long as you can pay his salary!

  • High Odds = Huge Profits

The basic rule of sports betting is “high odds offer low winnings and low odds offer high wins”. However, daily telegraph fantasy offers high winnings at high odds. For example, if you play a fantasy league with 10 people and they each pay a $20 bet, and you win, you and two other players will share a $150 prize! That is, your net profit will be $66 + $20 your bet amount.

  • You Does Not Play Against the House!

As we all know, “the house always wins” this rule applies to casino games and regular forms of sports betting. But in telegraph fantasy football it doesn’t! The sportsbook will get a fixed margin from the winners' profit and they don't care who wins or loses!

Since you’ll bet against other players. So, you can win in the long run if you have enough experience and skills to always choose the winning teams. Although luck plays some role in telegraph fantasy football, the best wins! 

  • Unique Entertainment

Just as many players like to bet on slots or roulette, many like to see the performance of a particular player on their favourite team or to have a cheap and unknown player who later makes a breakthrough in the performance of the team! Lots of people like to brag to their friends and acquaintances that they predicted that X would move to this team or that this player's contract would expire because he didn't perform well! In other words, just as many people like to be players, many people aspire to be technical directors.

Telegraph Fantasy Betting Strategy

Although other types of sports betting depend on luck 90% and skill 10%, the opposite is the case with telegraph fantasy! 

Here you can put all your knowledge, predictions and experience and get a good profit when they come true! Also, you can improve your strategies and analyses overtime to get bigger profits. In addition, there are many tips that you can rely on, which are:

  • Find the Best Value For Money

Everything in commerce is governed by the law of supply and demand, yet tastes differ! While some people prefer expensive things because they give them social prestige, some people prefer cheap things because they give them financial abundance! As for the sports clubs’ managers, they think with a completely different mindset, which is getting the best value for the lowest amount of money! For example, the team that won the Indian League wishes to buy Messi, but he’ll Cost at least $250 Million! And, of course, this team doesn’t have the deal’s value and can’t afford his salary. So, you should put your financial potential as a ceiling for your deals and expectations!

  • Don’t Spend All of Your Budgets on Top Players!

Although top players are the most prominent, they are the most expensive and can drain your entire budget quickly even though you may have a lot of positions that need strengthening! You may be in more trouble if you buy these players and they don't perform as desired. So, it's best to choose the right players at a good price.

  • Absence of Influential Players Means Changing the Entire Formation!

The “Influencer Player” title isn't just about attackers, the defender or goalkeeper may be the influential players also. In general, he is the player with the most Man of the Match! If this player does not miss the starting lineup, the coach will change the entire lineup. For example, if the goalkeeper is the absent influential player, the coach will reinforce the team's attack to reduce pressure on the midfield and defense and accommodate the goalkeeper's absence.

  • Check Out the List of Substitute Players!

Although the starting lineup players get the most attention, it's important to take a look at the substitutes to see how strong and ready they are as well.

  • Bet Only on Your Favorite Sports

In the end, we will give you the usual advice that we always give to all sports bettors! The main way to win in all forms of sports betting is to stick to what you know and not bet on a completely new sport so you don't make obvious mistakes and lose your bets unnecessarily.


Telegraph fantasy is one of the most favourite betting forms at the current time! By which you can choose your team's starting lineup, bench and upcoming deals. Also, you can get 5x or 10x your stake if you chose the right teams and managed them well.


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What Year Was the First Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football League?

The first fantasy sports league came into existence in 2007. Although it was an idea that popped up among a group of friends in a regular session but is now a 2 billion yearly industry.

What Are the Available Sports in Daily Fantasy?

There are many available sports in the daily fantasy, such as: (football, horse racing, hockey, formula 1, basketball, handball).

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You can choose any betting site from this page’s list, then open its platform and download the app on your IOS device.

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