Betting on Formula 1 at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Betting on Formula 1 at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Formula 1 is the highest ranking motorsport on which many sports bets are made. It is the world’s number one speed sport in which the most prominent car companies and the most skilled drivers compete, and millions worldwide watch it. This tournament started for the first time in 1950, nearly 75 years ago. During this period, the racing circuits witnessed a huge development in automotive technologies, safety means, and the skills of the drivers as well. A typical Formula 1 season consists of a series of races called the “Grand Prix”. These races are held in different parts of the world on public and circuit roads. Drivers are evaluated on a points system to determine the winners at the end of the series.

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Regarding viewership and popularity, The Hustle reports that F1 viewership in the UK rose by 56 per cent in 2021. However, the real, eye-catching numbers came from social media. For example, on TikTok, amateur-generated short F1 clips have garnered nearly 17 billion views. That’s two-thirds of the MLB numbers and half the number of the NFL. As a result, gambling on Formula 1 is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Currently, you can find Formula 1 served as the main course on most non GamStop sports betting sites.

If you like to gamble on the Formula 1 races, you need a number of things. We have selected these for you; go straight down for the fastest non GamStop Formula 1 bookmakers!

How Many F1 Races Are There in a Single Season?

The number of races per year varies depending on the organizers, sponsors and surrounding conditions. For example, in 2013, there were 13 races, while in 2022, there were 22. You can keep track of the schedule of available and upcoming competitions on any sports betting site.

In one season, the drivers travel all over the world, from the UK to Canada! In addition to the decisive race, there are also test races and qualifying races. All these races are available at non GamStop bookmakers for punters. The test races, in particular, can provide a huge money profit, as sometimes surprising names win. A small surprise can quickly yield twenty times your stake, and then we are talking about the beautiful odds.

F1, as Wikipedia describes it, is the highest form of open wheeled auto racing series. It is the absolute number 1 motorsport in the world because Formula 1 is the highest class there is. Every year there are different competitions on which you can bet online. The FIA makes a list every year of the races that will take place. Also, this year, several races have been and will be held. The following races have already taken place:

  • Australian GP
  • Bahrain GP
  • China GP
  • Russia GP
  • Spain GP

In the coming weeks and months, there will be many more races in Formula 1. There will again be a lot of gambling at the betting offices on the internet. In 2022, for example, a total of 21 races were held. The latest is the Abu Dhabi GP, which usually takes place in November.

What Formula 1 Bets Are Available?

At F1 races, there are a lot of betting options. Below we have put together the 7 most common F1 bets that you can find at all non GamStop bookmakers.

Who Will Win/ Pole Position

Before qualifying has started, you can predict the driver you think will start from pole position. To win this position, an F1 driver must win the qualifying session or on certain races, win a qualifying sprint race and a qualifying session.

Who Will Drive the Fastest Lap of the Race?

You can also place a bet on who will drive the fastest lap during the Grand Prix. 

Top 6 Results

This bet is very simple. All you have to do is predict the drivers’ names that will end up as numbers 1 to 6. If you also predict them in the correct order, you will receive an extra bonus from some non GamStop bookmakers.

Most Races Won in the Season

The driver who has won the most Grand Prix in a season does not necessarily have to be the one who wins the championship at the end. You can bet on which driver you think will win the most championship races. Historically, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel are known to have had the most victories in a single season, as they each claimed 13 titles in the same season. This should come as no surprise, especially for Schumacher fans, as the superb German driver won 13 of the 18 possible races during the 2004 season alone.

Top 3 (Podium Betting)

This bet is as simple as it sounds as it asks you to predict who will appear on stage after the tournament ends. You can predict three contestants in no order. Thus, you win your bet if all three appear on the stage. In addition to that, you can also expect the correct ranking, meaning that you will select the winner and both other named drivers to finish on the podium. So, you can get a better profit. It is worth noting that many non GamStop bookmakers also have the advantage of picking the top two drivers.

Bet on Who Will Win the Race

This bet is by far the easiest on this list. All you have to do here is predict which driver will win a particular Grand Prix. If you choose the preferred racers, you will get lower payouts than, say, a driver with low odds. However, since the disparity between the levels of Formula 1 drivers is not high, the odds are not very different either.

World Constructors’ Championship

You bet on the team that has accumulated the most points at the end of the season. It sometimes also happens that there is a winner at this championship prematurely. The team has already accumulated so many points that it cannot be overtaken in the next Grand Prix. More details on how points are given and distributed in betting on Formula 1.

Point Distribution

F1 uses the points-scoring system to determine the result of the Drivers’ World Championship. It’s like goals in football. There are a number of points to be allocated per race for the first 10 finishers. The winner scores 25 points. The second-place finisher scores 18 points, while the third gets 15 points. Then, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 for the remaining finishers of the top ten. Also, note that if a driver in the top ten scores the fastest lap, then he will get an extra point.

How to Bet on Formula 1?

Do you love speed but are still new to the world of sports betting without GamStop, in fact sports betting is very easy, and anyone can become professional sports betting in just a few days. In the following steps, we will explain to you in detail the concrete steps of how betting on Formula 1 works:

  • Select a bookmaker from our site’s list.
  • Sign up with this bookmaker/ betting site.
  • Make a deposit using one of the safe deposit methods.
  • Find the Grand Prix via the search bar at the bookmaker you want to bet on.
  • Look at the bets and think about which one you want to bet on.
  • Choose the amount you want to bet with.
  • Click confirm, and your F1 bet is live.
  • Wait for the result and collect your winnings.

Live Betting on Formula 1

A particularly fun element when betting on the F1 races is live betting during the race. Create an account with one of the more well-known online bookmakers and start betting on Formula 1 today. A big advantage is that enthusiasts can also place a live bet on the test races, qualifying races and the decisive race. Have a chance to win beautiful cash prizes and also take advantage of a nice welcome bonus.

What Are the Favorites to Win F1?

In recent years, the competition has been almost exclusively between two of the main contenders for the world title in Formula 1. The best, most successful, and most holding on to the title of favourite has been Lewis Hamilton. The British driver has already won several titles with his Mercedes. However, he faces fierce competition from Sebastian Vettel, who has won many titles throughout his career and succeeded in increasing the popularity of the sport tremendously in Germany. Moreover, in the coming seasons, Max Verstappen will also have to be taken into account. The Dutchman has already won some races with Red Bull. No matter when you want to bet on a Formula 1 race, you won’t find a favourite out of these three names.


There are two important things that play a role in betting on Formula 1. Handy to take into account if you want to bet on the winner of the sport. For example, it is important that the driver can drive a race well. In addition, a good car is also of great importance. If there is a top driver in combination with the perfect racing car, then the chance of prizes is greatest.

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