Credible Football Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

Football betting sites not registered with Gamstop? Whether you call it football, foosball, or even soccer, football is the most popular sport in the world, with an estimated global following of 4 billion people (50% of the total global population). This sport connects millions of people from different languages, backgrounds, and cultures from Cambodia to the UK. Football is the most sought after game. People gather behind screens or in the stands to support their favourite teams and celebrate or commiserate!

Credible Football Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

Top Credible Football Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

Your one stop guide to finding the very best non Gamstop Football Betting sites for UK players

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The greatest single sporting event on the earth, the world cup, is the pinnacle of football. This tournament brings together players from all over the world who compete for one goal only: the Gold Cup! The final of the 2014 edition got a peak of 1 billion viewers. Throughout the whole tournament, more than 3.2 billion spectators in 220 regions around the world watched the World Cup matches. Is there a language other than football common in 220 countries?

Of course, the views numbers are translated into money and commercial activities. There are many industries based on football, like sponsorships, paid streaming services, and of course, sports betting.

Although there are other 30 popular sports in the world and many non sports betting fields, the mainstream of the sports betting sites is football. Besides being watched by millions of people around the world, it has thousands of matches in many tournaments every week!

The only obstacle that may be stopping you from all this entertainment is signing up for GamStop. So, if you feel that you have subscribed to this service by mistake, this guide is for you!

Throughout the following chapters, we will introduce the non GamStop betting sites, which are a reasonable alternative for UK bookies. Also, we will give you some tips to enhance your betting strategy and get more profits.

Football Betting in the UK

As everyone knows, football is the most popular sport in the UK. According to the statistics of the UKGC, sports betting controls more than half of the industry. More than 40% of the money players bet are spent on this beautiful game. Therefore, football cannot be ignored when talking about football betting. 

The main reason behind this popularity is the high frequency of matches which allow bettors to place bets on an unlimited range of markets. In addition, there are plenty of bookies that offer competitive chances, special bonuses and many betting features.

In fact, football betting is not strongly linked to gambling addiction like casino games as they do not have the same fast pace, and sports bettors do not bet day and night. Although there are plenty of football tournaments, any soccer team can’t play more than two matches per week, so the loyal sports bettors will only place one or two bets during the week. On the contrary, a casino player can place two bets in one minute! However, GamStop and the UKGC have decided that football betting is an addictive gambling activity. Therefore, players on GamStop will not be able to play on British sports betting sites, so the only way is to play at one of the credible non GamStop sites.

What Are the Non Gamstop Football Betting Sites?

Although offshore football sites, non Gamstop Football Sites, have gained recent popularity as they become the haven for players who have mistakenly excluded themselves by GamStop, they have been around for years. At the beginning of the era of virtual sports betting, regulators were slowly progressing. For example, the UKGC was set up in 2005, with the first sports betting sites launched in the 1990s. On the contrary, football gambling sites not on GamStop started with the dawn of the industry. 

For more than twenty years, these sites have provided virtual punters with football betting services. At the beginning of this century, many sports betting companies established themselves in the offshore islands as their legal environment was open and more flexible. However, they have gradually moved to the mainlands to obtain international operating licenses and a higher regulatory status.

Currently, non GamStop football sites are an excellent choice for non Gamstop bettors from all over the world. The more restrictions the EU regulators imposed on the local bookies, the more popular these sites became.

Football gambling sites not on Gamstop are centred around the idea of ​​”customer comes first”. They don’t provide services to get the satisfaction of the organisers; instead, they offer products and services that cater to the players’ needs and requirements. All non Gamstop football gambling operators provide excellent options for casual and old hand bettors alike. Also, they have smart interfaces that provide a fast learning curve for all novice bettors.

How We Pick and Review Non GamStop Football Sites

Initially, we believe that offshore non GamStop football sites are not breaking any law. They only take advantage of the flexible legal environment of their jurisdiction that allows them to integrate more payment options, offer higher rewards, and feature better odds. Since all countries are required to apply the FTA protocol, British players can easily sign up for any of these sites and enjoy plenty of football betting options. In other words, non GamStop football sites are a legal business, and they are a fair choice for any punter who wants to enjoy placing bets on his favourite teams without restrictions.

With so many sports betting sites available online, it can be difficult for many players to find the right place. Remember that the virtual sports betting industry is profitable and pumps millions of dollars into operators annually! So, operating companies launch more betting sites monthly. As a result, comparing and reviewing non GamStop football sites on your own can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you don't have to do any hard work as our dedicated team of industry experts have done all the job for you. On our site, you will find comprehensive reviews of the best football betting sites ever. You can quickly sign up for these sites through your smartphone or tablet, just as with UK service providers, without any additional steps.

Reliability & Reputation of Non GamStop Football Betting Sites

The UK bettors who have never thought of signing up for one of the non GamStop football sites may think that these sites are not trustworthy! What reinforces this belief is that betting sites are not allowed to sponsor English Premier League teams like local counterparts. In addition, these companies are prohibited from using all advertising media in the British market. So, how can they establish themselves and gain popularity and reliability? Of course, this is hard for them. While British sports betting sites show their ads everywhere; On your phone, football stadiums, metro and TV, non GamStop football sites require you to look for them. In addition, the UK punters' public opinion should be convinced that there is a football betting site that can work from the outside and be reliable and successful at the same time.

To be more clear, in our reviews, we look for a set of key standards and attributes. On top of them is the licensing of well known parties and jurisdictions that hold a well known prestige in the online gambling industry. Furthermore, the site must install sophisticated security protocols to protect players' financial and personal data from hacking. It goes without saying that the site has to offer impeccable support for sports bettors 24/7. If the non GamStop football betting site fulfills these prerequisites, it will be a trusted partner in offshore gambling.

Offering High Betting Odds & Fair Lines

Non GamStop football sites get their licenses from many countries. Since there is no central regulatory authority supervising them all, they have to meet the common standards of competitiveness, integrity, and honesty. 

In general, the main thing that motivates sports bettors to join a new football betting site is to get high odds for football betting. Since Football gambling sites not on GamStop pay smaller taxes and levies, this allows them to offer better odds and settle for lower profit margins, making it easier for them to build a solid reputation and offer competitive options to their mainland counterparts. Bettors can also check the odds of any bet offered by any non GamStop sportsbook by selecting a match and a particular betting market, then compare these odds with any UK bookie. When we conduct our reviews, we double check the betting odds. We look for better odds than the UK betting sites to give the excluded players an added value and retain them after their exclusion period ends.

Bonuses & Promos of Non GamStop Football Betting Sites

Just like anywhere else, sports bettors are always keen to get the best bonuses, whether they are new or old to the bookmaker. Fortunately, non GamStop football sites offer their punters lucrative welcome packages, risk free bets, cashback offers, and many other great rewards. Since bonuses are the first thing sports bettors want to get from any non GamStop football site, we always put the sports betting site bonus as the top section of our bookmakers' reviews.

Although it is not the most important aspect of your experience at non GamStop football sites, it is the most attractive. Furthermore, these bonuses let us identify the bookmaker’s attitude; Does it treat its players generously or is it trying to all take with no give! But in general, football sites with no Gamstop are much more generous than British betting sites.

Sports Selection & Betting Markets

Sports betting preferences vary from person to person and country to country. Therefore, football bookies not on GamStop sites that aim to accept players from all over the world have to offer a wide range of football betting markets. Specifically, football bookies not on GamStop should feature double chances, handicaps, special bets, money lines, totals, and other betting types.

The diversity of sports leagues is also an equally important factor for us. Worthy football sites with no GamStop should cover all sports leagues regardless of whether they are widely popular or not. We expect to find plenty of betting markets for the UEFA Champions League along with the Argentine second division.

Responsible Gaming

Non GamStop football sites must be socially responsible, meaning that they are aware that gambling can turn into an addictive activity for some vulnerable. So, they must offer advice and free self exclusion options like account freezing, deposit cap, time limit. Also, for players afraid of their children being attracted to betting, the trustworthy bookmaker should integrate parental control apps. Fortunately, all the trusted non GamStop football sites committed to applying the responsible gaming protocol as it is a regulatory requirement for all licensing agencies.

Non GamStop Football Sites Vs. UK Betting Sites

In the previous chapters, we briefly mentioned some of the advantages that football sportsbooks not on gamStop sites have over British sites. Now we will discuss these differences in more detail.

  • Bigger rewards. Recently, the UKGC imposed further restrictions on bookmakers to limit bonuses and promos to eliminate “addictive gambling incentives”. Furthermore, the local football betting sites are required to pay a lot of taxes, levies, and overheads. So, they have no sufficient capital to provide big bonuses to players. On the contrary, football sportsbooks not on GamStop do not have similar restrictions. Therefore, they are able to grant their newcomers lavish welcome bonuses and ongoing rewards for regular players. This feature makes them more competitive with other British sites.
  • Less regulatory restrictions. Football bookies not on gamStop deal with flexible regulations that allow them to take crypto payments, accept players from all over the world, cover a wide range of betting markets, and offer VIP players schemes. Unfortunately, British betting sites lack all these features due to the unfair restrictions imposed by the UKGC.
  • Diverse betting options. Football bet sites without GamStop focus mainly on British leagues, ignoring tournaments of other countries. On the contrary, non GamStop football sites cover all global, regional and local championships. In addition, sports bettors will find options for money lines, spreads, totals, and special bets. Football betting sites not on GamStop also get a much lower profit margin. For example, if you bet $100, you can win $110. If you bet on one of the British sites, you may get only 105 dollars.

Best Football Gambling Sites Not On Gamstop

We know that the list of intensely gratifying football betting sites is endless. The operating companies launch more sites every month. Certainly, you don't have enough time to compare them and pick the best one. Therefore, we prepared the following list for the most trusted football gambling sites not on Gamstop. There are no restrictions, no limits, just huge bonuses and enhanced betting odds! There are no deal breakers here; regardless of some minor downsides, you will get a perfect betting experience. There is not much difference between these sites; you can play the guessing game to pick your following football betting site outside GamStop. If you are a bit punctilious, you can navigate the full bookmakers’ reviews from the embedded links.

Chilli Reels

Chilli Reels is an all encompassing gambling site that offers slots games, table games, live games, football betting, and live betting options. So, you don't need to go anywhere else as all options are available in one platform and you can access them with a single account. Although this site was launched in 2021, it quickly drew GamStop players’ attention and gathered momentum in the global gamblers’ community.

Sports bettors will find two separate sections; Sports and cybersport. The first section hosts many sports, but football has the lion’s share of odds and betting markets. The most sought after tournaments are UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Bundesliga, Serie A, & Ligue 1. In addition, the site covers not widely known tournaments like the Iraqi Premier League. In terms of numbers, the site offers more than 1,000 betting markets, including draw no bet, handicaps, totals, and results.

The second section is for the rising digital sports that are gaining more ground among online punters. You can bet on counter strike, Dota2, League of Legends, Warcraft, and FIFA. If you want to know more info about this site, click here!

Fancy Reels 

Fancy Reels is one of the latest additions to the non GamStop football betting sites scene. The site’s name may give an erroneous impression that the site is about slots games only, but that's not even remotely true. Fancy Reels offers everything a modern online gambler would search for. Right after creating a new account, you will have an opportunity to claim a three tier welcome offer with an amount of up to 3,000 EUR. In addition, the returning punters can enjoy a wide range of new deposit bonuses, free wagers, and cashback offers.

Fancy Reels offers football betting sites as well as other 30 global sports. As for the markets, players will find an average of 1,000 betting options on each prominent event. Also, many options are designed to help you place a wise bet, like the profits calculator, live matches simulation, and early cashout. Do you want to know more info about this site? Click here!

Milky Wins

Like the previous sites, Milky Wins is one of the newest non GamStop football betting sites started in 2020. Regardless of its newness, this site can amaze you with its lucrative bonuses and betting options variety. New players will receive 4000 EUR and 125 free spins on slot games. Also, the site retains its currently registered players with a solid set of recurring bonuses and ongoing promos.

The betting section structure is very sleek and responsive. On the left, you will find an inclusive list of sports and championships that you can bet on. While on the centre, the site features the most prominent sports events and the basic bets on (home, away, draw). There are the betting slip, your betting history, and graphical tracking of the live events on the right. If you want to discover more betting options, click on the more tab, which will offer you the full range of football betting markets. Odds at the Milky Wins site are higher than the industry standards, while the house margin ranges from 5% to 10% only. Do you want to know more info about this site? Click here!

Casper Spins

Casper Spins is another multi offering gambling site with everything included. It has a very flexible and easy to use platform on all devices. New players here receive a welcome bonus of 4 tiers, while existing customers can get a wide range of recurring rewards. Furthermore, whale bettors can join the VIP scheme to get permanent decent rewards. As for football bettors, they will get limitless advantages. First of all, the site covers football leagues in 220 countries worldwide. You can place pre match bets and live bets. Players can also compose their multi bets or choose the pre made multi bet offered by the site. If you want to know more info about this site, click here!

Tropic Slots

Tropic Slots is basically an online casino but it is an ideal place for all sports bettors. From an objective point of view, this site is nothing short of well established UK gambling brands. Both new and loyal players get towering cash rewards and premium offers. The site offers a responsive browser-based platform for people who are always on move. Furthermore, mobile players can also download the app and get an instant no deposit bonus once they download and open it. Tropic Slots is one of the best non GamStop football sites. This bookmaker section offers betting markets for football tournaments around the world. However, the UK tournaments grab the most focus in terms of betting markets and offers. If you want to know more info about this site, click here!


All in all, non GamStop football sites are great places for all sports gamblers. They are free of onerous regulation, but they are legal businesses operating under overseas gaming regulators. What is so awesome about these sites is that they are set up for entertainment purposes only. In other words, they fully cater to players' demands and needs without depriving them of any features. Although these sites accept all British players, they represent a perfect choice for GamStop punters.

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FAQ About Non GamStop Football Betting Sites

Are Non GamStop Football Sites Safe?

Yes, football sites with no GamStop are very safe. Offshore licensors regulate these sites. In addition, they have robust protection protocols that prevent players' data from being compromised or hacked. Non GamStop netting sites also offer 24/7 support and you can contact support agents via a many channels and get instant responses.

What Are the Best Football Betting Sites Without GamStop?

Chilli Reels, Fancy Reels, Milky Wins, Casper Spins, and Tropic Slots are the best football betting sites on the scene. To get an idea of ​​what you can get from these sites. We highly recommend reading our reviews that will help you learn about bonuses, free bets, betting markets and other features.

Does Betting on a Football Site With No gamStop Affect My Credit Score?

Of course not! These sites do not share your transaction data with any third party, whether within the UK or abroad.

What Are the Terms of Football Betting Not on GamStop?

The non GamStop football sites apply simple rules that are easy to follow, but you should read them first. In addition, you should never try to cheat either by having multiple accounts or chasing rewards.