Guide to Casinos & Sportsbooks to Avoid

Sites to Avoid 2023’s | Guide to Casinos & Sportsbooks to Avoid

Online gambling is extremely popular and as the number of casinos increases, so does the number of unreliable casinos. It is therefore high time to find out exactly where you can go to take a chance and, perhaps more importantly, which casino you absolutely should not play at. That is why we have drawn up a blocklist and explained why they are on it and how you can avoid them.

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Online Casinos Blocklist 2023 UK

A casino blocklist is nothing more than a collection of casinos that get a lot of complaints. The reason why they are unreliable is very diverse, we will come back to that in detail later.

Unfortunately, there is no official body that maintains a blocklist. So, this blocklist is a list that we have created for you based on reviews and complaints from players.

Why Are Some Casinos Listed on the Blocklist?

There are many reasons for a casino to be on the blocklist. The most common is not paying out winnings, but many other things put a casino on a blocklist. We have listed the most important ones for you below:

Don't Payout

The most common reason for a casino to be on the blocklist is delaying or freezing players’ winnings. When you go to the casino, you naturally want to collect your winnings. After all, that's what you do it all for. Unfortunately, at some online casinos, it happens that the payout of winnings takes a very long time or, in the worst case, does not take place at all.

A casino that is on the blocklist will try to hide this with all kinds of excuses. 

Fake Games

Another way to extort money from players is by using fake casino games or software.

These types of games also do not use Random Number Generator software. This RNG software guarantees that the results of a game are truly random and therefore fair. Without RNG, the games can be cheated so that players only lose bets instead of grabbing a prize here and there.

Casinos that use fake games end up on our blocklist anyway. If you have any doubts about a game or a casino, we recommend that you look up reviews of the game or this casino. When in doubt, never create an account.


If anything is annoying, it's spam. An online casino that causes you to be spammed in any way will also be blocklisted by us. These are often also casinos that do not take the privacy of their members very seriously and sell the data to third parties to rake in more money. Resulting in spam.

You can get spammed and scammed in multiple ways these days. The most well-known form is of course via e-mail, but you can also receive spam in the form of text messages, WhatsApp messages and even telephone calls.

Misleading Advertisements

In the past year, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the advertising campaigns of online casinos. Under no circumstances may advertising be used that could mislead the consumer. The UKGC, therefore, keeps a close eye on advertisements from gambling providers.

However, the UKGC Gaming Authority can only intervene if a UK gambling provider commits a violation. Online, foreign providers can happily go ahead and attract players with misleading advertisements such as free money. We immediately put a casino that carries misleading advertisements on the blocklist.

Bonus Fraud

Finally, we also look at the bonuses and the conditions that are linked to them. If a welcome bonus is too good to be true or the conditions are very vague, the casino will be added to our blocklist. Think too good to be true of a deposit bonus of 400% or even higher. For example, such a bonus comes with 50x wagering conditions within 3 days. That is hugely unrealistic.

Blocklisted Unlicensed Casinos UK

If a casino doesn’t hold a licence of the UKGC then you cannot legally gamble there. A license is a sign that personal data is safe, the games are fair and your safety is of paramount importance. Some online casinos manage to circumvent these rules and licenses and even publish that they have obtained a license.

If you want to be sure that the casino where you want to play is legitimate, check the list above. This way you avoid a lot of problems.

How to Avoid Scam Casinos?

With the help of the tips below you can easily check whether the casino where you want to play is good or not.

1. Check the Casino Licence

If you have a casino in mind, check whether it has a license. Preferably choose a casino that has a license from a famous gaming agency such as Curacao Gaming Control Board (CGCB).

2. Check If There Are Enough Payment Methods

Reliable casinos have many payment methods to choose from. If you end up at a casino where you do not know the payment methods, check whether they are reliable. Unreliable casinos often also have a bad reputation with payment methods.

3. See If the Casino Offers Games From Reputable Studios

Reliable casinos partner with big game providers in the industry. If you come across a casino that hosts unknown games that is an alarm bell! Software providers usually only work with trustworthy casinos to protect their own brand name.

4. Read the reviews

Last but not least: read reviews of online casinos not on gamstop. Our experts research just about every casino available and are happy to let you know if a casino is reliable or not. In our independent online casino reviews, you can also read which games methods you can use to pay and much more.

Where Can You Play Safely?

If you want to know where you can play safely and legally, don't worry, we've thought of that too. Below is a list of safe, reliable and legal casinos.