High Stakes Betting Sites | How to Get VIP Rewards?

Getting a VIP bonus always sounds like a great thing at first glance. And is often a particularly attractive feature, especially in high stakes betting sites. Also for bookmakers, who can thus stand out from their competition. The offers are designed very differently and also include different requirements. In the following, we would like to explain to you in more detail which is considered the best loyalty program.

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What is the High Stakes Betting Sites VIP Programme?

High stakes betting sites are always interested in retaining their customers for as long as possible. Regular players are regular sources of income, that's how you can imagine it. In order to retain punters, most high stakes betting sites now offer a sports betting bonus, mostly in the form of a welcome bonus. An example: You deposit 50 euros with your first deposit and then get another 50 euros from the provider; simply that way.

Of course, there are always turnover conditions, which means that you can only have the money paid out if you have used it at least once. So only when you have played bets of a certain value with the provider can you start having your winnings paid out.

It usually works similarly with VIP programmes, just over the long run. A loyalty program to reward long membership. As the name suggests, the main aim is to treat the players in the VIP programme preferentially, just like a “very important person”. With high stakes betting sites, this works via various rewards that players can receive in the VIP programme. Such a program is often characterized by the fact that only a select few are included in it and it is therefore also profitable for the high stakes betting site to offer high-quality features.

A bookmaker’s loyalty program, on the other hand, often has slightly different features than regular sports betting bonuses. Some VIP programmes are not so easy to get into, we'll get into that later.

Top 5 Non GamStop Betting Sites that Offer VIP Programmes

Sports betting site Welcome bonus VIP programme Sports betting Casino games Customer care Overall rating
Seven Casino €7,500 + 10% return  5/5 4.8/5 4.7/5 4.8/5 4.8/5
Gxmble Casino €2,500 4.2/5 5/5 4.5/5 5/5 4.7/5
Royal Lama Casino 150% first deposit bonus  4.1/5 3.8/5 4.1/5 3.8/5 4.6/5
Spicy Jackpots Casino 1,000% welcome pack  4/5 3.7/5 4/5 3.7/5 4.5/5
iwild casino 260% up to €3,500 + 270 FS  3.9/5 3/5 3.7/5 3/5 3.2/5


Sports Betting Sites VIP Schemes for Vs. Traditional Betting Shops VIP Programmes 

Although sports betting shops are outdated, more and more bettors are still visiting them due to the VIP programme they offer. In the following table, we will discuss the most prominent differences and similarities between each of the VIP schemes in both sports betting sites and traditional betting shops.


Sports Betting Sites VIP Schemes Traditional Betting Shops VIP Programmes
Cash bonuses, free bets, and cashback offers Complimentary food and drinks
Points redemption system Free stays at the hotel associated with the casino or the betting shop
Personal account manager Special rooms or tables
Invites to matches and special events Modest cashback bonus at a rate of 0.2%
Draw for special prizes Free transportation


What Features High Stakes Betting Sites Offer?

The question could also be: Which features are not available? The sports betting market is now so huge and reaping such huge profits that high stakes betting sites are more than willing to reward their loyal customers. And that goes in many ways. Some bookmakers have or had some kind of VIP club, a loyalty program for selected members who collect points for this club and exchange them for winnings there.

As far as we know, the type of winnings ranges from gifts to vouchers for all sorts of things, to betting-specific winnings, i.e. betting vouchers or the like.

But even the bookies that don't have a VIP club can convince with good offers. The larger high stakes betting sites in particular offer their players vouchers almost every week, which usually include a free bet or a no-deposit betting bonus. In this way, they create incentives to place new bets and no gambler can miss out on a €5 or €10 free bet.

With high stakes betting sites programmes, of course, there are other incentives. Free games are often given out there, with which casino gamblers can then go to the machines or tables. But free credit, which is then often linked to wagering requirements is often given out with pleasure.

Which High Stakes Betting Sites Have Interesting VIP Schemes?

A high level of customer orientation is important to the popular bookies not on GamStop. Therefore, almost all high stakes betting sites have some form of reward, even if they are only small free bets. However, some high stakes betting sites stand out from this crowd because they have set up simply lucrative loyalty programmes that reward loyal players.

Unfortunately, in the last few months and years, good programmes in particular have disappeared from the scene before it could be considered the best loyalty program. They were mainly replaced by ever larger bonuses for new customers, which are often very attractive but cannot be compared to a loyalty program.

Why You Should Compare High Stakes Betting Sites With the Best Loyalty Programme?

A betting provider comparison with the best programme brings the reader many advantages. The player gets an overview where all the offers on the market are clearly and understandably shown. Especially beginners should compare the different offers.

In this way, sports betting enthusiasts can find out which loyalty program is particularly worthwhile for them. With just a few clicks you can find out, for example, which betting provider offers the highest bonus or which providers work a lot with gamification.

We will not only look at the bonus terms, but also the wagering requirements and deposits. We also show tips and tricks on how best to convert the bonus into real money.

When Do I Fall Under the VIP Category at the High Stakes Betting Sites?

Each bookie answers this question differently! However, there is a trend that makes it possible to conclude. Larger high stakes betting sites usually require their players to make deposits in the range of £20,000. At smaller bookmakers, you already slip into the category of high-rollers if you have turned over 5,000-10,000 euros in one month.

The disadvantages of VIP programmes are less obvious and more hidden. Because if you ask yourself why you are invited to a VIP programme, then in the betting business it has to do with the fact that you are valuable to the bookie. And when are you valuable for a bookie? Obviously, if you deposit a lot of money there.

Pros of High Stakes Betting Sites

  • One of the biggest advantages is that as an existing player, you often get your customer service agent. This means you can always rely on having a serious contact that you can ask almost anything.
  • Another advantage is that you have more attractive bonuses in a VIP programme, which we have already listed for you above.
  • Some VIP clubs, especially in the past, also give away gifts such as wine, champagne, chocolate, shopping vouchers, electronic devices, trips and much more to their existing customers. However, this practice is very rare and not as common as it was in the past, but is only used by a few non GamStop gambling sites.

We know that existing customers are rewarded with faster payouts and have their own customer service agents.

Cons of High Stakes Betting Sites

In most cases, you have to deposit a lot of money with a bookie over a longer period of time in order to have a chance to join the VIP programme.

  • It is often unclear who will be accepted into the loyalty program and when, mostly it is simply: wait and hope.
  • There are fewer and fewer classic loyalty programmes, many offers have been abolished in recent months and years.

Is a VIP programme at High Stakes Betting Sites Bonuses worth it?

As the advantages/disadvantages list already shows, VIP programmes can be a great gift for you – if you have been playing with the high stakes betting sites for a long time anyway and such a loyalty program is available there.

It is largely undisputed that betting bonuses are generally worthwhile. Most betting providers reward new customers with a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to 100 euros. This means that deposits are doubled up to a maximum of 100 euros. This is a strong starting point for any betting fanatic.

In addition to the deposit bonus, a VIP programme is the chance for you to receive regular bonuses and is always worthwhile if you want to bind yourself to the bookmaker for a longer period. In this way, you can diligently collect points and then exchange them for real money after a while. Once you have bagged the welcome bonus, you are introduced to the wide world of regular promotions.

Crucial, however, are the wagering conditions, which are linked to the offer. Of course, the wagering conditions should be customer-friendly so that players can collect withdrawable winnings from the bonus. You often have to look at the fine print here, particularly the wagering requirements.

How to Join the VIP Programme at the High Stake Bet Site?

Before you even get to that point, it's important to realize that you can't just drop into a loyalty programme on a whim, especially if you're new to the high stakes betting site.

As we have already pointed out in this report, a VIP programme has many advantages for those who are accepted into the program. Exactly for this reason every player can't get into such a program so easily.

A high stakes betting site only invites a user if he has met certain conditions. The best loyalty programme can be a year-long membership, for example. But this can also be the collection of a certain number of points.

However, you still have to earn the status of a VIP player. Once you've done that, you can count on being rewarded with special promotions that are only reserved for existing customers.


All in all, one can say that it can really be worthwhile to actively participate in a VIP programme. The benefits are immense. Not only do you benefit from better = bonuses. The treatment is better too. You get your own support agent and benefit from a higher level of appreciation. Free bets, vouchers, etc. are also among the advantages.

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So there are enough reasons to contribute here. However, one must not forget that it is not so easy to be included in a VIP programme. There are several conditions to be met. Furthermore, the admission takes place personally or via an invitation. The biggest problem. However, unfortunately, there are less mature loyalty programmes at non GamStop bookmakers.

What is a high stakes betting sites loyalty programme?

A loyalty or VIP programme is an offer from the bookie to reward long-standing members. Through exclusive bonuses and vouchers or other incentives.

What are the perks of bookmakers VIP?

The VIP Players programme offers its members a lot of great features including customized bonuses, high deposit/withdrawal limits, exclusive customer care, and free tickets for casino lottery and contests.

How do you get into the VIP programme?

The VIP Players programme offers its members a lot of great features including customized bonuses, high deposit/withdrawal limits, exclusive customer care, and free tickets for casino lottery and contests.