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England cricket is a British game par excellence, although some historians argue the origins of football, there is no doubt about the origins of British cricket betting!

This game originated during the eighteenth century or perhaps in the sixteenth century. Thanks to the trade movement and cultural influence, it traveled to the rest of European, Asian countries and America. Today the International Cricket Council is located very far from London in Dubai! This council includes 104 countries interested in this wonderful sport. And it organizes various local, regional, and international tournaments, including the most famous cricket tournaments. Such as: (ICC Cricket World Cup, Ashes Series, ICC Championship Trophy).

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The Most Important Rules of England Cricket

Cricket is a team game takes place on an oval field. Each team aims to score more points (runs) and prevent the opposing team from scoring points.

The England cricket match includes 2 halves called “innings”. In the first inning, there is a “bowling team” that throws the ball to score points and the “batsmen team” that blocks the opponent's balls to prevent them from scoring points. Then, in the next inning they alternate roles. In other words, the cricket inning is in one direction. Therefore, the task of each team is to defence or attack only.

The match begins after the referee throws a coin to determine which team will start as the bowlers and which team will start as the batsmen.

The inning is not timed by a specific period but ends when the bowlers' team balls run out or when 10 out of 11 batsmen fail to hit the ball. Once the batsman fails to hit the ball, he exits the pitch and is replaced by another teammate.

As previously mentioned, the winner of the match is the one who beats his opponent in the number of points scored.

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