List of Non AU Casinos | Get the Best Bonus!

If you are new to non AU Casinos, you should pay close attention to the bonus conditions. Because in a non AU casino with a bonus, most providers give a generous bonus when you make a deposit and many operators also give you a generous bonus when you top up your own customer account. Palm Casino in particular is particularly generous with the casino bonus with deposit.

List of Non AU Casinos

Jason Farrell`s Blog about Non AU Casinos. Last Updated: June 2024

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List of Non AU Casinos

Your one stop guide to finding the very best Non AU Casinos.

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Best Non AU Casinos at a Glance

Anyone who registers in a non AU casino is of course interested in getting the largest possible bonus for their deposit. That's why some casino enthusiasts are constantly scouring the market for the casino online that are currently giving them the most generous gift in the process.

If you are looking for a non AU casino with a deposit bonus, you will quickly notice that the providers almost outdo each other with their offers. However, it is not just the amount of the bonus that matters, but above all that, a casino with a bonus also makes the conditions for redemption very fair. From the abundance of the non AU casinos that offer a casino bonus with a deposit, the following providers in particular are particularly generous and fair.

List of Non AU Casinos

  1. Palm Casino – New players can secure a max of €10,000 distrusted over their first 5 deposits
  2. Samiland Casino – 800% up to €2,500
  3. Seven Casino – Welcome bonus package with a total value of up to €7,500
  4. Spicy Jackpots Casino – €5,000 + 500 free spins
  5. Tropicanza Casino – 450% bonus with an amount of up to €3,000

Non AU Casinos With Best Bonuses in Comparison

Our testers went in search of those non AU casinos that made the best impression when it came to bonuses. The main thing is whether, in addition to the welcome bonus, there is also a reload bonus for existing customers or a cashback campaign. In addition, the fairness of the wagering conditions plays a decisive role in the attractiveness.

  • Palm Casino

Palm Casino has quickly established itself as one of the leading non AU online casinos. The main reason for this? The impressive bonus offer.

A tempting welcome bonus of up to €10,000 awaits new customers. And that's not all. As with any bonus, there are wagering requirements. At Palm Casino, this is 30x, which is quite common in the industry.

Palm Casino not only scores with its bonus. The casino also convinces with a huge selection of games, fast customer support via email and live chat and a non AU website. With a licence from Curacao, playing here is 100% legal.

The payment methods are versatile. A special highlight is the rare providers such as Visa and Binance Pay.

Pros of Palm Casino

  • Stunning bonus offer
  • AU licence
  • Many payment methods
  • Fast customer support

Cons of Palm Casino

  • No VIP programme
  • Samiland

Samiland Casino has been around since 2023 and has a licence from Curacao. 

With their first deposit, new customers receive a bonus of 800% up to €2,500.

Samiland Casino also has its own VIP area with numerous promotions for its best customers, from exclusive trips to top events and sweepstakes.

For existing customers, there are promotions at Samiland Casino such as the “Wheel of Fortune”. Anyone who deposits 20 euros or more and enters the promo code “SPIN” can spin the bonus wheel and win a bonus, free plays and free spins worth up to 100 euros.

Pros of Samiland Casino

  • Online casino with a long tradition and excellent reputation
  • VIP area with numerous promotions and events
  • Daily Jackpots

Cons of Samiland Casino

  • Contact options very hidden on the website
  • There are some country restrictions
  • Seven Casino

The casino is also a non AU casino with a lucrative bonus offer. Seven Casino is very generous with new customers. With a deposit starting from €40, you will get a welcome bonus with a total value of up to €7,500. A 24/7 live chat in AU is available to customers for inquiries.

Pros of Seven Casino

  • Online casino with a Curacao licence
  • Generous bonus even with low sums
  • Extensive payment options

Cons of Seven Casino

  • No special offer for high rollers
  • No live casino
  • Spicy Jackpots Casino

New casino guests get a welcome bonus of up to €5,000 + 500 free spins. Above all, Spicy Jackpots Casino is popular because of its loyalty programme for existing customers. Weekly offers regular surprises and cash back rewards await players here. Depending on your gaming activity, it is even possible to get a personal supervisor at Spicy Jackpots Casino.

Over 1,000 slots from renowned game developers are available on the platform. However, Spicy Jackpots Casino is popular with its customers above all because of the many different deposit methods and the rapid payouts. The duration is given on the website for one to five days.

At first glance, it looks like Spicy Jackpots Casino offers 24/7 live chat. However, behind the symbol in the lower right corner, there is only a nicely designed FAQ area. If you want to get in touch with Spicy Jackpots Casino, you can only do so in writing by e mail.

Pros of Spicy Jackpots Casino

  • Simple and fair welcome bonus
  • Varied loyalty programme for existing customers
  • Own casino app for Android smartphones

Cons of Spicy Jackpots Casino

  • Website a little confusing
  • No 24/7 live chat, only email as a contact option
  • Tropicanza Casino

Tropicanza Casino is another online casino where it is now possible to pay with different cryptocurrencies. The website is operated by Tropicanza Casino NV with a licence from Curacao.

In addition to more than 2,500 slots, there are also table games and a live casino.

As a welcome bonus, Tropicanza Casino offers 100 percent on the first deposit of up to one Bitcoin. This makes the offer particularly interesting for high rollers.

With the level up system, the non AU casino also rewards the loyalty of its existing customers. If you play regularly, you will rise to higher levels and receive corresponding rewards.

Unfortunately, the website is quite confusing. At first glance, it is neither recognizable where to go if you have problems, nor what deposit options are available at Tropicanza Casino.

Pros of Tropicanza Casino

  • Innovative crypto casino
  • Generous bonus especially interesting for high rollers
  • Website available in multiple languages

Cons of Tropicanza Casino

  • No contact options
  • Not very transparent website

Step by step Guide to Sign up at the Best Non AU Casino

Signing up and depositing at Palm Casino is done in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Register at Non AU Casino

First, you have to click on the “Login” button in the upper left area of the page. You then have to enter your own email address, a user name and a password. After that, the required minimum age must be confirmed with a tick and the general terms and conditions must be accepted.

Step 2: Join Casino

Click on the “Register & Play” button.

Step 3: Deposit at Casino

As a result, the current balance appears on the page in the upper left corner. The first deposit can now be made by clicking on the “Pay in” button.

Step 4: Select a Game

Now, you can enjoy any of the games available in the casino lobby.

What Is a Non AU Casino With a Bonus?

When it comes to bonus types, a non AU casino with a deposit bonus distinguishes between two different types, the welcome bonus and the reload bonus:

Welcome Bonus

The main thing for the online casino with a bonus is to stand out from its competitors and to offer new players real added value right from the start. 

Players receive a percentage of their first deposit as a bonus credit. With a good welcome bonus, the value can be at least doubled. Even higher bonuses are possible with the best non AU casinos.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus in the casino is aimed at all those who are already customers of a specific non AU casino. The functionality is the same as with the welcome bonus. However, the percentage and max amount can differ significantly in some cases. In most cases, the reload bonus is slightly lower than the welcome bonus.

More Bonuses

In addition to the welcome bonus and the reload bonus, there is sometimes a cashback bonus or a loyalty bonus in an online casino.

What Distinguishes a Good Non AU Online Casino With a Bonus?

If you are looking for a good non AU casino with a good welcome bonus, you should pay particular attention to the following factors:


As with all other casinos, the trustworthiness of the casino should first of all be taken into account when choosing a casino with a deposit bonus. Especially with a casino without a licence, extreme caution is required and the casino should be subjected to an intensive examination, even if the non AU casino bonuses sound so tempting.

Bonus Amount

One of the most important criteria for a non AU casino bonus is of course its amount. A bonus of 100 percent in this case means that the amount of the deposit is doubled. With a deposit of 100 euros, the player has 200 euros to play with in this case.

Existing Customer Bonus

If you want to play longer in a non AU casino, you should look out for a reload bonus for existing customers and how high it is.

In contrast to the welcome bonus, the reload bonus is not permanently available from many non AU casinos. 

Redemption Conditions

The attractiveness of a casino with a deposit bonus also depends to a large extent on the turnover conditions that have to be met for the redemption. That's why it pays to pay close attention to the fine print.

For example, if it says that the casino requires a 30x turnover on the bonus. This means in practice that the bonus amount has to be wagered 30 times before it can actually be paid out.

For example, if a player deposits EUR 100 and receives a bonus of EUR 100 in return, he must play 3,000 games for EUR 1 or 300 games for EUR 10 before he can withdraw the bonus.

Non AU Casinos Games

When you visit the online casino, you mainly play for fun. But it is of course also nice if you not only lose but also manage to win sometimes. To increase the chance of winning, it is good to know which games have the highest chance of winning. You can base this chance of winning on the Return To Player (RTP). This is the percentage of your bet that you get back per spin over a longer period. By looking at which games have a high RTP, you can increase your chances of winning.

Games With a High RTP

Good to know that your RTP is based on the longer term. If you participate in a non AU casino with an RTP of 95 percent. This means that you will get back an average of 95 percent of your bet in the longer term. If you play 100 rounds with a bet of one euro each, you will have earned back about 95 euros at the end. Of course this is an estimate: you are not guaranteed to win 95 euros. It is not the case that you earn back exactly 95% of every round of a euro that you have bet. The RTP is calculated based on millions of bets. It was therefore not done overnight when determining it.

Incidentally, there are also no games in the online casino where the RTP is 100 percent. There is an important reason for this: this is the house's edge. The non AU casino always has an advantage, because that way money is earned. The online casino also has costs, and as a company will also have a profit goal. You will usually not become a millionaire by playing in an (online) casino, but it can be lucrative. To do that, you have to find out which games have the best chance of success at non AU casinos.


If you look at a game like Blackjack at non AU casinos, you have the best chance of winning. The game of Blackjack is also very simple in design; each card represents a value. The dealer draws the first cards. Then it is up to the player to decide whether to continue or stop. This game aims to get as close to 21 as possible. If you get exactly 21, you have won the game. Are you going over 21? Then, you lost the game. If you get closer to 21 than the dealer, you win the game. That sounds easy, and it is.

This game has an average RTP of around 99.6 percent. This means that you have a relatively good chance of winning in the longer term.

Online Slots

Another great way to increase your chances of winning is to play online slots at non AU casinos. It is important that you pay close attention when choosing the online slot machine. The RTP of a slot machine can even be very low, below 25 percent. In particular, the slots with low volatility have the highest RTP. This means that on average you run less risk of losing your bet, but that you also collect fewer large profits in one go. If you play on an online slot with a lower RTP, but with a high volatility, you often win more in one go. The risk of loss is therefore also greater. For what, hear what, you might say. Some slots have an RTP of up to 99 percent. 


The perhaps lesser-known casino game ‘Baccarat' has an RTP of up to 98 percent. So you also have a great chance of winning something. In this game you play with eight decks of cards. On the baccarat table, there are two boxes on which the dealer places two or three cards. These boxes are called Banker and Player.

The cards all have their own value. If you are Banker or Player, the value can never be higher than 9. If the total is higher than 9, the tens are removed. At 17 points you have 7 points, at 20 points you have 0. The aim of this game is you predict who has the highest score: the Banker or the Player. You can also bet on a tie (Tie). This game is also played under the name ‘Punto Banco', where you are the ‘Banker' with ‘Banco', and the ‘Punto' with the Player.

In general, you have the best chance of winning if you choose Banker, with a 98.94 percent chance of winning. With Tie you have an RTP of 85 percent. It is therefore better to avoid this choice. This game is a good choice if you don't want to have a bad night at the online casino and want to avoid taking a lot of risk.

Payment Methods of Non AU Casinos

In the crypto casino, it is often only possible to top up your credit in corresponding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin. At many crypto casinos, however, you can also pay with real money.

The most common payment methods in online casinos include:

For larger sums, those payment methods that offer the greatest security should be used. These include credit cards. However, crypto payments are also secure.


A non AU casino with a bonus is a wonderful thing to get the most out of a deposit. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the conditions of the respective provider in order not to have to forego the bonus.

There are many reasons that can make the bonus unattractive at non AU casinos.

The right bonus depends above all on the type of player. Classic “casino hoppers” value the highest possible welcome bonus, while loyal customers want to receive a reload bonus for their regular deposits or a cashback bonus for their ongoing activities from a casino.

In any case, the casino bonus with a deposit allows all players to familiarize themselves with a new platform and to try out different slots and games without having to worry that the deposit amount will disappear again after a short time.