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The use of VPN has become more and more common in recent years. In fact, the global VPN market was predicted to grow 12% each year and be worth a massive $70 billion by 2026 according to experts. Then came the Covid-19 outbreak which saw millions of people around the world spending a majority of time at home. This led to a global increase in VPN demand of 41% in March 2020 alone.

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VPN for Netflix

When online, be it shopping, streaming your favourite shows, watching Netflix or playing at an online casino. Almost all of us have found ourselves without access to certain content due to location restrictions. It can be very frustrating, knowing what you’re looking for is out there but not being able to access it. This is why many people are turning to VPNs to access more content. Whether it be for Netflix, playing online or if you simply prefer privacy when browsing.

Online Casinos and VPN

When it comes to online casinos, it is not just the site itself that can be restricted. This is the lesser of the problems when it comes to location restrictions when playing online. Many of the best independent online casinos that accept UK players will work with a great number of game providers. But that’s not to say that all of the game providers content is available in the UK. Leaving many UK players signing up to a particular non gamstop casino only to find certain content disappear once being a member.

At Just UK we have a simple work around for this. Enter the VPN. In this guide, we will explain what a VPN is, how it works and all you need to know about using a VPN for online casinos. As well as providing a list of the best casino and Netflix VPNs.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network to use its full name, is a software which creates a private network from an internet connection. It will mask your IP address protecting your location as well as adding an extra degree of security. This enables people to overcome location restrictions when online. VPNs connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to another server location around the world. Making it appear as if your online activity is coming from that location. Therefore, when players of an online casino want to access blocked content, they can simply connect to a VPN from a location that is not restricted.

Secure your outbound emails and more

Just by going on the internet, all online activities are automatically exposed. It is no different when watching Netflix or playing at an online casino. That is why it is important to use a one of the best casino VPNs. A VPN uses a high level of encryption and anonymity to hide your online transactions. UK players can sign up for a great casino VPN or Netflix VPN online and install it to their device. Some services come free but the best VPN services will usually be available with the choice of a monthly or annual subscription.

How to find the best VPN

With hundreds of VPN software providers out there, all promising to be the best. It can be difficult to choose the right VPN for online casinos for you. At Just UK, we are here to help. We rate and review all the best VPNs out there to help you find the right choice for you. No matter if you’re looking for a Netflix VPN, casino VPN or tips on VPNs for other devices. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing your next VPN service provider. We take all of this into account when compiling our recommendations of the best online casino VPNs. Let’s take a closer look into the key factors of assessing the best VPNs.

Prime things to consider with VPN

• Privacy – The best VPNs will protect your privacy without tracking or logging any online activities.
• Speed – Some VPNs can be known for slowing down your internet connection. We make sure all the VPNs for online casinos we mention run at a high speed.
• Server Locations – All the best casino VPNs have many servers located around the world. Allowing UK players access to content from a number of places. Meaning even when not playing online, can stream their favourite Netflix content for example.
• Data Limits – Some VPN services set data limits. This is especially common amongst free VPN services. We make sure our best casino VPNs don’t have data limits. Making sure you won’t get cut off in the middle of your gameplay.

Easy to use

All the best VPNs for Netflix and new non gamstop casinos mentioned at Just UK are easy to install, use and connect to various servers.
• Device Usage – People switch devices constantly throughout their day to day activities. This is no different when playing at an online casino. All the best VPNs are available on a number of devices. This includes your laptop or pc, mobiles, tablets, options for Smart TVs and even household devices.
• Price – Last on the list but by fat the least important. Price is an important variable for any consumer with any product. We make sure all the VPNs for online casinos provide a great service at a reasonable price.

Tips for using VPNs on your devices

Using a VPN is generally straight forward. Especially with all the best VPNs in this guide. However, using a VPN on certain devices such as your Smart TV or Playstation 4. Things can get a little trickier. Here we will offer some tips on using a VIP on these devices. For our new users of VPNs for online casino, we will also include a brief guide on how to use them once signed up for a VPN service.

PC or Laptop

Installing the VPN software to a PC or laptop may have been a hassle when VPNs were first introduced all those years ago. However, these days, installing a VPN on a PC or laptop couldn’t be easier. It is simply a matter of downloading the VPN software to your computer desktop. When opening the VPN, the best casino and Netflix VPNs will have a number of server locations available at the click of a button.

Mobile and Tablet

All the best VPNs available for independent casinos will have a mobile version or app to support your VPN service. Meaning players can also connect to a VPN from all locations from their mobile too. The apps come extremely easy to navigate, again just select the server and go.

VPN for Playstation 4

Using a VPN for playstation 4 is different to using a VPN on your computer or mobile. With them it is a simple as the click of a button. With a Playstation4 VPN, you will need to manually configure the DNS server IP. But don’t worry we will explain how to do it. First, the VPN service provider will require you to register your IP address on their website. Then go to their Playstation4 VPN setup page. Here you will find the DNS services addresses for your Playstation 4.

DNS for PS

Then you just need to configure the DNS servers on your PS4. To do this, simply follow a few easy steps. Open Settings, select Network, select Set Up Internet Connection and confirm your Wi-Fi connection. Here you will be able to manually input your DNS server IP. When changing the DNS service IP for Playstation 4, you will need to restart it for changes to take effect.

VPN for Xbox

To set up your VPN on an Xbox360 or Xbox One, you will also need to configure your DNS server IP in your Xbox. The DNS server IP configuration for Xbox is a similar process to that of a Playstation 4. Again, you will need to register your IP address and obtain the DNS server IP addresses.
Once on your Xbox, go to Settings and Network and select to Manually input your DNS server IP. Enter the addresses you have and you will be set to use your VPN to play the best online casino or stream your favourite show with a Netflix VPN.

VPN for Samsung Smart TV

Players can easily access their online casino accounts on a Smart TV, including Samsung Smart TVs with a VPN. Just like with the game consoles, access on a Smart TV also involves manually setting your DNS server settings on your Smart TV. To configure DNS settings on your Samsung Smart TV is clear and simple. Just go into your Network Settings and select to manually input your DNS server IP settings. If it says you are connected to the internet once inputting the new address, then it was changed successfully. And you’re ready to try out all the content now available to you now thanks to your Samsung Smart TV VPN.

Hola VPN

Hola VPN are leading the way in the VPN industry with their services with 200 million people using their VPN services. It may be a stretch to say all these people are actively using it, but it’s safe to say that it is the most popular VPN around. Hola VPN gives users access to any site on the internet. Meaning UK players can unlock all their favourite game providers’ content. It runs a community-powered VPN. In fact, Hola is the first VPN provider to use a community-powered or peer to peer VPN. This means that all users will contribute to the VPN traffic. The resources from each user will go to a pool of residential IDs and in return get an unrestricted browsing experience.

Hola VPN Features

There is a free version of Hola VPN available, but it is very basic like most free VPNs out there. Upgrade to Premium at a low cost to unlock all of Hola VPNs great features.
• Unlimited Data – There are no limits on data when using Hola VPN. For the low subscription price, users can enjoy unlimited data when browsing online. So, you won’t get cut off in the middle of a show using Hola VPN for Netflix.
• 100% Safe – Hola VPN is 100% safe to use. Users don’t need to worry about infecting their computer or any future comeback when installing Hola VPN.
• Fast VPN – Hola VPN is one of, if not the fastest VPN on the market. We have tested it and didn’t find any noticeable difference in internet connection speed when using Hola VPN.
• Access to 1000 servers – With Hola VPN, you will have access to a great number of servers located around the world. Allowing users to unlock content from anywhere in the world with one click.

Log protection

• No Logs Policy Not only do Hola VPN protect your privacy and anonymity to any prying eyes. But they do not track or log your activity in any way either. Meaning you are 100% safe in terms of privacy when using Hola VPN for online casinos.
• Multiple Devices – With Hola VPN you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. This means you can watch Netflix VPN on one device and use Hola VPN for unlocking and playing casino games on another.
• 24/7 Support – Hola VPN also provides a great support network. The service team work 24/7 to provide users with help to any questions or assistance they need. Players can expect fast and effective answers in a friendly and helpful manner.
• Ad Remover – The Hola VPN chrome extension removes all malware ads. Putting a stop to those pesky pop ups every 5 minutes.

Hola VPN Price

You may be thinking this all sounds great, but how much does Hola VPN cost? That’s the best part. Hola VPN is available for such a low cost, it is completely reasonable and affordable. You can sign up for Hola VPN with the choice of a 1-month, 1-year or 3-year subscription. With the longer you sign up for rewarding the biggest savings.

1 Month Plan
1 Year Plan
3 Year Plan
$14.99 /month -billed once a month
$7.69 /month -billed $92.28 yearly
$2.99 /month -billed $107.64 every 3 years
Daily data Unlim
Daily data unlimited
Unlimited daily data
Refundable within 30 days
Fully refundable within 30 days
Money back within 30 days

As you can see from the Hola VIP price table. There are some serious savings to be made when signing up for the 3-year plan. For just one payment of $107.64, users can enjoy unlimited unlocked whenever they like. And not need to worry about it again for another 3 years.
Pros: • Multiple Devices • Best Value for Money • No Log Policy • Fast Speed
Cons: • Support only by email • Smart DNS only available in the Ultra Plan

Pure VPN

Pure VPN also claim to be the best VPN network around. They currently have around 6500 servers available in more than 140 countries making for an extremely impressive VPN network. All this does come at a price though, while still very reasonable. The Pure VPN cost is one the pricier ones on the list of the best VPNs that work with Netflix and online casinos. Pure VPN operate a self-managed global VPN network. And with the vast number of servers available, users can unlock online content from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking to stream, download, play casinos or avoid hackers. Pure VPN will have a plan to suit you.

Pure VPN Features

• Easy to Use – Using the Pure VPN apps for online casinos is as easy it gets. With servers and locations available at just the push of a button.
• Access Thousands of Servers – While we haven’t counted. Pure VPN say they have 6500 servers located in 140 different locations around the world. This vast amount allows users to watch their favourite content from anywhere in the world. A Netflix VPN to look out for.
• Unlimited Bandwidth – Pure VPN, like Hola VPN offer unlimited bandwidth when using their plan. This means you don’t need to worry about being cut off mid online activity.

Support at Pure VPN

The customer support at Pure VPN is available 24/7 for both members and visitors to the site. The constant support is through a live chat service making it super easy and convenient to connect with an agent.
• Split Tunneling – With Pure VPN for online casinos, players are able to choose which data to send through a VPN and which will go through your ISP.
• Privacy and Speed – Pure VPN gives users the freedom to browse the web with complete anonymity at an ultra-fast speed. You will be completely protected without slowing down your internet speed.

Pure VPN Price

Pure VPN usually offer VPN service packages through either 1-month, 6-month or 1-year subscriptions. However, if you act fast, they currently have a great early bird Black Friday Sale offering a 5-year plan at a massively reduced rate. If you are seeing this after the Black Friday VPN sale is over. Not to worry, Pure VPN offer great packages like this at many events throughout the year.

1 Month Plan
 6 Month Plan
 1 Year Plan
Special Black Friday Deal 5 Year Plan
$10.95 /month – billed once a month
$8.33 /month – billed $49.98 /6months
$4.16 /month – billed $49.92 yearly
$1.45 /month – billed $87 every 5 years
Access all servers
Unlimited Data
Access all servers
Unlimited Data
Access all servers
Unlimited Data
Access all servers
Unlimited Data
Fully for 30 days
 Refundable for 30 days
Full refund for 30 days
 Refund for 30 days

As you can see Pure VPN for casinos is slightly more expensive than Hola VPN. However, saying that, when they have these great flash sales, such as the Black Friday VPN deal. With an 86% discount, Pure VPN also becomes great value for money.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: • Safe and Secure • Supports Multiple Devices • 6500 servers • 140 locations • Fantastic Sales
Cons: • More expensive • Sales come sporadically

nord vpn 2021

Nord VPN

Nord VPN may be one of the oldest, more established VPN providers on our list of top VPNs for online casinos. Whether you’re just travelling abroad often or simply prefer content from other locations. Nord VPN will have you covered for your casino and Netflix VPN needs. Nord VPN is another viable VPN option for your online activities. They focus on a selection of great security features as well as providers a vast network of servers. Allowing users and our UK readers to access the web and appear to be in any corner of the globe.

Nord VPN Features

You can see on the Nord VPN website that a number of familiar, trustworthy companies are vouching for Nord VPN. Let’s take a closer look at the Nord VPN features to see why that is. And why they have made our list of top VPNs.
• 100% Privacy – Users can browse the web without a trace as Nord VPN give you complete privacy. It is nobody’s business what you do online. That is why Nord VPN promise not to track, collect or share any private data.
• Access Thousands of Servers – Nord VPN is another on our best casino VPN list that has a great number of servers available. With over 5500 VPN servers spread around the world, Nord VPN is marking every corner.

Multi devices at Nord

• Multiple Devices – With Nord VPN, users are able to connect up to 6 devices at a time. While it is still an impressive number, it is quite as many as some of its competitors.
• Unlimited Bandwidth – For instance, the VPN service providers on our list of best Netflix VPNs, Nord VPN comes with unlimited bandwidth. No data limits are important as it means you won’t be unnecessarily interrupted.

Nord VPN Price

While NordVPN still offers a reasonable price for an exceptional service, it isn’t as cheap as some of the great competition for the best casino VPN. There are 3 kinds of subscriptions available, all offering the full package but for a different length of time. These come as monthly, yearly and two-yearly subscriptions.

1 Month Plan
1 Year Plan
2 Year Plan
$11.95 /month Billed monthly
$4.92 /month Billed $59.04 annually
$3.71 /month Billed $89.04 every 2 years
Access all servers
Unlimited Data
Access all servers
Unlimited Data
Access all servers
Unlimited Data
 Refundable for 30 days
Fully for 30 days
Refund for 30 days

Pure VPN aren’t the only ones offering a special Black Friday VPN deal. NordVPN also have a great Black Friday VPN Special. When you purchase the 2-year plan, you will receive an extra 3 months service at no extra cost!
Pros: • Fast and secure • No tracking logs • 100% Privacy guaranteed • Many servers available
Cons: • Only up to 6 devices • High monthly cost

hide me VPN 2021

Hide Me VPN didn’t make it to number one on our list, but they may be the best gaming VPN. Well at least they promise to be anyway. And we do find them to be an exceptional casino VPN. They have a whole section on Gaming VPNs on the hide me site which makes for a helpful, interesting read. Hide Me VPN uses thousands of servers from a number of locations to provide users with the highest level of security, privacy and freedom when online. Like Nord VPN, Hide Me VPN has been around slightly longer than the others and has developed into a trusted, well known brand.

Hide Me VPN Features

It is the many top features that has put Hide Me VPN in the running as one of the best Netflix and casino VPNs. Like HolaVPN, there is a free version. But in order to unlock all of the great features, any of the low cost paid subscriptions is necessary.
• Advanced Security – Hide Me VPN encrypt your data in order to protect your internet connection. This allows users to browse the web freely no matter where you are.
• Digital Privacy – Users of Hide Me VPN can surf the web with a hidden IP so you can play your favourite casino content without prying eyes. There is complete anonymity with Hide Me VPN.
• No Logs Policy – Not only do Hide Me VPN keep you anonymous from outside eyes. They also promise not to track, log or share any of your private data.

Liberty of VPN

With Hide Me VPN, you can access any website, app, Netflix or online casino without limitations. Users can avoid annoying censorships while using Hide Me VPN for online casinos too.
• Servers Around the World – Hide Me VPN use nearly 2000 servers from over 72 locations. This allows you to browse the web safely throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.
• Multiple Devices Available – It is a must for all the best casino VPNs to have accessibility from a number of devices. It is 2020 after all and modern technology is booming. HideMe VPN is available on a number of platforms allows you access anywhere.

Hide Me VPN Price

Hide Me VPN, although offers a top-notch service, it is the most expensive on the list of best VPNs. Saying that, there is a free version available but of course the many features will have limitations.

Free Plan
1 Month Plan
1 Year Plan
2 Year Plan
$12.95 /month Billed monthly
$8.32 /month Billed $99.84 annually
$4.99 /month Billed $119.76 every 2years
10GB per month
5 Locations
1 connection
Unlimited Data
All Servers
Up to 10 devices
Unlimited Data
All Servers
Up to 10 devices
Unlimited Data
All Servers
Up to 10 devices
Fully for 30 days
 Refundable for 30 days
Refund for 30 days

Pros: • Great gaming VPN • Many devices available • Privacy Guaranteed • Always adding new features
Cons: • High cost

Final word on VPN for Netflix and Casino

The number of online restrictions is growing every day. And each new device, as fantastic as they are with new technology, they making it increasingly difficult to access content. Meaning the need for a trusty VPN is greater than ever. That’s not to mention all the tech savvy hackers out there. A VPN will keep you safe from any criminal activity.

VPNs have been around for some years now, so there are many solid VPN service providers for use on computers. Nowadays however, we are not limiting our online time to just our PC or laptops. Day to day activities bring a number of devices to our fingertips. It is important for the best casino VPN to provide access from all our devices. Otherwise it stops being convenient.

Gamban VPN 2021

Firstly, the best VPNs that work on Netflix and gamban will allow users access on their computers, mobiles and tablets. As well as providing solutions for great Playstation 4, Xbox and Smart TV VPNs. Offering DNS server IPs for users to change the NS server IP settings manually on their Samsung Smart TV or PS4. You can set up a VPN to pretty much any household device giving you maximum security at all times.

Just UK's list of VPNs

The VPNs we mention on Just UK all have the most important qualities of what makes the best casino VPN. The older VPNs we feature are well-established well-known names and are classed in high regard. However, they can be stuck in old time pricing, pushing them lower down on the list. The new VPN service providers like Hola VPN, offer all the same features at a lower cost.

Finally, the possibilities are endless when using a top VPN service. If you find yourself with restricted access when playing at an online casino. Or that half of the content disappears after registering. Then a great gaming VPN is definitely the option for you. Enjoy unlimited access to all your favourite games and software providers when playing with a great casino VPN.