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Although online gambling has become a popular industry in all countries, even the least developed, the Netherlands is one of the very few countries that has not yet enacted a law for online gambling! Therefore, for the time being, the Netherlands still prohibits all forms of virtual betting. Although the European Commission has established a framework for legalizing digital gambling (Non KSA Casinos) and urges the Dutch government to apply it and allow citizens to play freely at online casinos and sports betting sites based on the principles of free trade.

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The Dutch online gambling law was scheduled to be applied in September 2021, after which the virtual gambling companies will start obtaining the license and enter the Dutch market officially. However, the Dutch government has postponed the decision from July 2020 to July 2021. For a whole year! When the competent authorities were asked about the reason for this delay, they commented that: “The slow implementation of the online gambling law aims to create a better environment for both players and casinos”.

The legitimate body responsible for regulating gambling in the Netherlands, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), was established in 2012. However, it is based on laws enacted in 1964! So it cannot deal with modern tech and the recent changes. Especially since the current law places many obstacles for gambling companies who want to enter the Dutch market. On the other hand, all online gambling venues in the Netherlands now are unregulated, and no one protects or watches the market.

The most critical challenges facing the committee’s work are protecting weak willed players, ensuring fairness and protection of gambling sites, combating money laundering operations, collecting taxes, and funding non profit organizations that work to reduce the negative aspects of gambling.

What Is the KSA?

(KSA) The Dutch Gaming commission’s missions include licensing gambling websites, protecting weak willed players, and collecting taxes. In addition, the KSA can work on resolving the disputes that might occur between a player and any licensed casino.

Over the past years, this committee has been facing legislative challenges as it relies on an outdated strange law. In addition, its delay in enacting a modern online gambling law made the lawless parallel market spread and grow outside the control of the state and without providing it with the appropriate tax returns as well!

KSA Committee officials have repeatedly stated that the main obstacle to their work at the moment is to apply a “responsible gambling” protocol to prevent players from becoming compulsive gamblers. So the committee reached out to its British cousin – UKGC, and found out about the GameStop program and decided to launch a parallel programme, the CRUKS self exclusion scheme. In addition, it works with its European partners to protect players from exploitation, curb money laundering, and ensure that a fair play policy is applied.

Netherlands Online Gambling Law

The Dutch Online Gambling law was enacted in 2018, approved by the Senate in 2019, after which it came into force in the second half of 2021. On this basis, the commission started receiving requests from online gambling companies. At the time of writing this text, KSA has granted licenses to only ten companies!

Although this number is modest compared to the number of gambling sites that the UKGC has licensed, it has brought legal gambling one step closer to reality in the Netherlands.

In fact, 30 requests were submitted to the Dutch Gaming committee, but 20 of them were rejected, meaning that only one of three requests were approved due to the strict requirements related to the protection of players and the request of the Responsible Gambling Protocol, as confirmed by the same commission on its website.

In addition, the commission has taken decisive steps against casinos that work against the law. It imposed a heavy fine of €531,250 (US$622,000) on Tipico, which refused to pay the players’ winnings.

One of the most essential requirements for gambling portals to obtain the KSA license is registering with the national gambling self exclusion programme, Central Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen (Cruks), which was approved and applied by the end of 2020. Check non UK casino sites here.

Next, we will explain the Cruks scheme, how it works, and what to do if you join it by mistake.

What Is the Cruks Scheme?

Cruks exclusion scheme is linked with the local Dutch DigiD system. This ID management platform is exclusively available for Netherlands citizens. It allows the internet user to identify himself quickly when using banking sites, schools, and universities. In addition to online casinos and offline gambling venues. With your DigiD code, you can easily log in to any licensed site and shortcut the KYC procedure. Also, this system ensures that your personal info is always secured and can’t fall into the wrong hands.

If you want to apply for this service, navigate to this website. Then, fill in your personal info, which will ask for this data:

  • Enter the Person ID Number (BSN)
  • Title
  • Date of birth

After that, you need to set a username and password. It is worth noting that you should keep a copy of your login data because you may forget them afterwards, print two copies of them and keep them in different safe places.

If the user is not a citizen, he must submit another acceptable ID, such as a photo of his valid passport or ID card of an EEA country.

If the player does not have access to DigiD, he can contact customer service in KSA, and they will provide the necessary help.

How Casinos Deal With Excluded Players?

After that, when the player wants to enter any land based or online casino, he will be required to enter his BSN code which can lead to Cruks code if the player excluded himself before. Then, the casino’s algorithms will compare his code with the list of self excluded players, and if it matched. The casino will deny the player from entering!

In case if an excluded player tries to gamble again, the casino must save the player’s Cruks code and delete the BSN code, since the player is already self excluded and prone to gambling addiction.

The Cruks system depends on many advanced data analysis mechanisms to understand the habits of players who are prone to gambling addiction. Currently, these mechanisms are largely dependent on players’ inquiries and their consideration of whether or not to return to gambling again after joining the Cruks scheme.

The European Commission has approved this scheme because it is unbiased and is applied to all gambling casinos without exception, whether they offer their services online or offline. In addition, this programme is necessary to reduce the problem of gambling addiction. Recently, the KSA Committee announced that it would add lotto providers in the Cruks scheme because 40% of the gambling industry goes to lotteries either online or sold in physical stores.

CRUKS vs. GamStop: Similarities and Divergences

There are many similarities and differences between CRUKS and GamStop. Let’s start with the similarities. Both programs aim to help players prone to gambling addiction. Players can self block themselves from all gambling sites with one request only.

If the player suffers trouble because of his gambling behaviour or aims to stop playing but lacks the necessary willpower. Then, he can register with (Non KSA Casino) CRUKS or GamStop to self block himself from all local gambling sites.

Whether in the Netherlands or the UK, all licensees must integrate CRUKS/GamStop.

The legitimate gambling authorities support GamStop and CRUKS. UKGC supports GameStop, while the Dutch Gambling Authority supports the CRUKS. In addition, both services are completely free, web bases allow players to choose varying lengths of self exclusion, and cannot be cancelled afterwards.

For the differences, CRUKS applies to both land based and online gambling avenues. Whilst GamStop is for online gambling sites only. So, if you have an account on GamStop, you will face no obstacles if you go to any land based casino! However, this isn’t a loophole or a downside on GamStop, as the regular UK casinos have their special self exclusion service, which is known as SENSE.

The second point of difference is the subscription method. GamStop features an easy signup process no different than any other website. However, the CRUKS scheme asks for some specific data from players (like the BSN code).

The last divergence point is the max self block period. Max exclusion period on GamStop is five years, while CRUKS offers a lifetime ban from online and regular casinos.

Who Are the Cruks Service Target Players?

As we have indicated, joining the Cruks scheme is optional. So, the programme doesn’t target a special group of players, but it serves any player who wants to get away from gambling for a short or long time

If you do not know whether this program is appropriate for you or you can not look forward to the following questions, if you answer them with yes, you should register in Cruks and ask for help promptly:

  • Are you gambling for too long and thinking about how to get the money to play for more time?
  • Do you gamble more money to get the same level of excitement?
  • Are your attempts to control your gambling activities failing?
  • Do you feel anxious or stressed when you slow down your gambling pace?
  • Do you gamble to escape problems or to relieve feelings of helplessness and depression?
  • Are you trying to get back the money you lost by gambling with more money?
  • Do you hide your gambling activities from family or friends?

What to Do If You Join the Cruks Scheme By Mistake?

If you did not answer any of the above questions with “yes”, but you have already joined the Cruks scheme. Surely, you have made a wrong decision! You will not be able to enter any online or offline casino within the specified period. However, you can enjoy playing at Non KSA Casinos, which aren’t a part of Cruks service!

There’s nothing illegal associated with playing on the offshore online casinos, and you will not sacrifice any advantage. Quite the reverse; You will enjoy a great set of unique features not usually available in KSA casinos.

It is clear that the KSA lags far behind its European counterparts. So, for example, they do not accept crypto payments, while casinos without KSA licenses take them as well as fiat cash transactions in no differences. Also, they cooperate with game studios from all over the world to offer a wide collection of games containing something attractive to each player.

Netherland’s casinos not on cruks enhance the flexibility of the gaming experience that players enjoy by offering a web based platform that you can access from your smartphone browser. In addition, many casinos without a KSA license offer apps that you can download to access your favourite games with just a fingertip on your device.

In terms of bonuses and promos, Dutch casinos without cruks are incomparable! Most of them offer an extensive set of welcome bonus offers that cover your first three or even five deposits. In addition, the returnees can get many bonuses and rewards as long as they play on the ideal casinos not on cruks. For instance, they can reload offers on their next deposits, cashback for their weekly losses, and free spins to play slots for longer.

Niet CRUKS Casinos

As you can figure out from their name, the Non KSA Casinos are the casinos that hold licenses of other countries and can accept global players. The description also includes the stand alone sites that don’t have a specific license and don’t belong to a specific cluster. Although these sites are not licensed under a strict process like which KSA applies, they are safe for your data.

All Non KSA Casinos adopt advanced firewalls, robust SSL encryption protocols, and employ pro software engineers to protect casino systems from hacker attacks. Apart from that, they strictly comply with global data security and privacy protection.

Given that the credible casinos without KSA license target players worldwide, they endeavour to meet all players demands by dealing with top notch software providers from all over the world. It’s not surprising to find more than +3,000 titles in a single casino library! All these games work off HTML5 format. So, run seamlessly on all devices even those with very small screens. Slots games always represent the biggest percentage of the casino lobby, with a share of 70% – 80% of the total supply. However, the table and card games are also available in a large number of variants. In addition, you can try live games that eliminate the differences between virtual gaming and the genuine casino experience.

Payments are also a highlight on ideal casinos not on Cruks (Non KSA Casinos). They accept a wide range of cash and digital currencies. Feature handy and outstanding banking system, including banking cards, E Wallets, and even the outdated bank transfers.

Mobile patrons can enjoy their favourite games wherever they go. The ideal casinos not on cruks offer web based mobile platforms that contain the same abilities as the desktop version.

Are Non Cruks Casinos Legit?

As mentioned before, Non cruks casinos hold licenses of other countries legitimate authorities, such as:

The licensing procedure of these commissions includes testing the casino’s compliance with the following standards:

  1. The responsible gaming protocol.
  2. Introducing an internal self exclusion programme.
  3. Excluding underage players.
  4. Applying Know your customer protocol.
  5. Refuse any funds from an unknown origin.
  6. Hosting fair games with known RTPs

It is worth noting that checking these standards aren’t a one time test. The gambling committees perform regular tests on online casinos and sports betting sites to make sure that they always fulfil the licensing terms.

In addition, ideal casinos not on cruks protect users’ financial data with the most robust protocols, proven to secure players’ sensitive data. Luckily, you can check this standard by yourself to see if the casino URL is prefixed with (HTTPS). In addition to the padlock sign. If you find these signs, you can rest assured that the casino is safe for your credit card data. However, if you don’t like to share your card’s number with internet websites, you can consider an E-Wallet or a digital currency.

How to Find Credible Casinos Without KSA License?

Of course, if you live in the Netherlands, Dutch casinos without Cruks (Non KSA Casinos) will not fly under your radar. In addition, the local reviewing sites will not do the trick as they focus mainly on local KSA casinos. But you are in luck that you are in precisely the right place! On our website, we test and review the best casinos without a KSA license which you can play there freely.

Our candid and unbiased reviews summarise extensive tests conducted by our site experts for several days. At the beginning of each analysis, you will find the most prominent pros of the casino and its welcome offer. Then, you will find extensive info around games, payment methods, support services. Also, at the end of each review, we answer the most common questions about the site.

To quickly compare non Cruks casinos, you can check out the pros and cons of each casino. Then, you can choose the most suitable one in terms of offers, bonuses and games!

In addition, all Dutch casinos without Cruks offer demo versions of all their games. So, you will be able to test all casino functions and try the whole game set before creating an account.

How to Sign Up For Non Cruks casinos & Start Playing There?

You can easily register a new account at Non KSA Casinos by following these steps:

  • Select a worthy casino from our list.
  • Click on the play now link
  • Click on the “join now” or “sign up” button
  • Enter your details and personal data correctly.
  • Tick the agreement box that you are over 18 years old.
  • Create your username and password.
  • Enter your current address and select the account currency.
  • Confirm the form.
  • Once you’ve done these steps, the casino will send a verification message to your mail containing a link that you should click on to activate your account.
  • Now you’re all set! And you can make your first deposit and unlock the welcome offer.

As you can find out, these steps are no different from creating an account on any KSA Casino.

It is worth noting that players must enter correct and updated data because the casino will then ask them to confirm this data before accepting their first withdrawal by requesting the following documents:

  • Valid ID document (it can be your ID, passport, or driving license).
  • Address proof

This procedure aims to verify the data the player has entered and make sure that it belongs to him alone and not someone else’s.

This data is only seen internally by the casino team and is never shared with any third party.

Pros & Cons of (Non KSA) Casinos Not on Cruks

In general, the pros of playing Casinos Without KSA License outweigh all the downsides! If we grant that freedom comes first, then these casinos are the best. Below are the most prominent pros and cons of Casinos Not on Cruks.

Pros of Non KSA Casinos

pros for casinos not on gamstop

Ability to play during the self exclusion period.

Obviously, the most notable feature on the Non Cruks casinos is playing there during the self block period. Of course, you can’t play on any casino that holds the KSA license, but all casinos without a KSA license welcome you with an enticing set of bonuses and alluring game selection.

Flexible transactions limits

On Dutch casinos without Cruks, you can make deposits starting from as low as 10 EUR and up to 5,000 EUR. Indeed, these limits will suit all players, from the silkworm to sharks and whales!

Diversified payment methods

Foreign licensing committees are open to modern transaction methods. You can cash in and out your funds using banking cards, wallets, and digital currencies. The last option, in particular, is one of the unique features of the Netherland’s casinos not on Cruks, which suits many punters who want to depend on a rapid and safe payment method. In addition, the volatile price of digital currencies gives you double profits in the long turn. For instance, you can buy a coin when its price goes down and wager it on one of the Non Cruks casinos. Then, you can withdraw the winning amount and keep them until the coin’s price goes high! 

Pros of Non KSA Casinos justuk
Pros of Non KSA Casinos justuk

Larger game collection

Non KSA Casinos have no constraints to deal with iGaming content providers from all over the world. Thus, you can enjoy a myriad of high quality gaming options, including slots, table games, and live dealer games.

Mobile friendly platforms

All Dutch casinos without Cruks are available on mobile devices through their web based platform. Through the mobile optimized version, you will be able to access the same abilities as the desktop version. Further to this, there are many casinos without a KSA license that offer an app that you can download on your smartphone.

Lavish Bonus Collection

Most of the Dutch casinos without Cruks are new. Thus, they try to draw the potential players attention by offering a multitude of bonuses and offers. Also, they are working hard on retaining the currently registered players by providing them many ongoing rewards.

Cons of Non KSA Casinos

cons for casinos not on gamstop

Can Be a Loophole on Cruks

Non KSA Casinos would be an excellent solution if you joined Cruks scheme by mistake or for any other reasons that don’t relate to gambling addiction. However, if you decided before to keep me away from other forms of gambling. So, you should stick to your decision and do not resume playing, in any case, before the exclusion period ends.

You Will Deal With Different Regulatory Body From KSA

Needless to say, the KSA is the responsible body for organizing gambling activities in the Netherlands. Although some of its rules restrict players’ freedom, the purpose of these laws is to protect punters from the harmful effects of gambling. Further to this, no other committee in the world has the authority to resolve the disputes between Dutch players and offshore casinos, even the foreign gambling committees. So, if you get into any trouble with casinos without a KSA license, you won’t be able to solve it! However, you can avoid this obstacle from the very basis by choosing a worthy offshore casino.

Ideal Non KSA Casinos 

At the moment there are hundreds of Non Cruks casinos that you can play at. Each casino has its own collection of games, special bundle of bonuses, and other features. However, certainly you do not have enough time to review and rate these casinos. So, our experts have recommended the top 5 Casinos not on Cruks.

Kaboom Casino

Started in 2021, Kaboom casino is one of the latest additions to the Dutch casinos without Cruks arena. Although it is a standalone casino, it outperforms many licensed casinos in terms of protection. The casino offers the newbies a set of welcome bonuses with an amount of up to €3,000. In addition, loyal players can join weekly tournaments which offer giant prize pools ranging from 10,000 EUR to 20,000 EUR. If you wish for something bigger, you can join the lotto contests available throughout the year.

The casino game library is full to bursting with games of every kind and theme. This collection is sourced from more than 100 studios. Furthermore, the full range of games is available in the practice mood before creating a new account at the casino. Kaboom casino accepts many payment solutions that you can choose from, including banking cards, wallets, and cryptos.

Despite the fact that the casino doesn’t offer a smartphone app, mobile punters can easily access the web based platform through any browser. If you want to know more info about this casino, click here.

Platinum Club VIP

Platinum Club VIP is one of the most sought after Dutch casinos without Cruks! Although it started recently, it compiled lots of enticing features that make it stand out of the rest. The site offers 7 different gambling options, including casino games, live dealer games, sports betting, eSports betting, keno, and bingo. Due to the many services on the site, it offers two different welcome offers. First one is devoted to crypto users with a percentage of 500% and amounting to €500. The second welcome offer is for sports punters with a share of 100% and up to a max of €100. In addition, all the loyal players’ new deposits will be doubled with a bountiful reload bonus of up to €3,000. And another interesting brand is here.

The casino game lobby is powered by more than 45 studios and showcases more than 2,000 games and counting! Furthermore, the whole casino games are developed in HTML5 format. So, you can enjoy the full games list on the go, whether on the free mode or by real money wagers.

Platinum Club VIP casino offers top notch protection by the SSL and TLS protocols. If you want to know more info about this casino, click here.

Libra Spins Casino

Libra Spins casino is specialized in providing high quality slot games. Although it is a new kid on the block, it ticks all boxes the gambling patrons will be hoping for. Like all Dutch casinos without Cruks, this site is independent and not related to a specific cluster. In terms of protection and fair play, Libra spins apply state of the art encrypts, run on robust software, and feature games with provably tested RTPs.

The site boasts a crisp clear platform design with everything placed on its place perfectly. Also, you will be able to move between pages and sections seamlessly, thanks to the tabs, menus, and buttons. All these functions are available on the mobile based platform.

The game gallery shows +3000 games covering all variants of slots, different table games, live dealer games. In addition to less popular gambling games like keno, bingo, and sic bo.

All newbies have the chance to activate the welcome offer with an amount of up to 3,00 EUR. In addition, registrants can obtain many reload bonuses, cashback offers, and free spins. 

Apart from the casino games, the site dedicates three global sports betting, digital sports, and racing sports sections. If you want to know more info about this casino, click here.

Tropic Slots Casino

Enjoy the taste of rare fruits and the view of beach palms while on the way to your own treasure! Tropic Slot is one of the ideal casinos not on Cruks. Although it is still new on the scene, it has many surprising features that qualify it to stand on par with the older casinos. All new players here will get an ideal start with a welcome offer consisting of six deposits amounting to 5,295 EUR. Also, loyal players can compete to get high rank on the leaderboard and earn the cash bonuses and in kind prizes. Furthermore, the casino offers a prize pool with prizes ranging between 1,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR.

Tropic Slots game library includes +3,000 games divided into several sections. So, you will be able to quickly toggle between slots, table games, and live games.

The casino accepts many payment options and currencies to facilitate transactions for players around the world.

Mobile punters can enjoy their preferred games on the casino through the web based platform or via the mobile app. It is worth noting that if you downloaded the casino app, you will obtain a free deposit bonus of 5 EUR. If you want to know more info about this casino, click here.

Captain Marlin Casino

As big as a whale, fast as a sailfish, and light as marlin fish! Captain Marlin is a new amazing sea casino that joined the gambling arena at the beginning of 2021. However, don’t let the rookie patch fool you, as this casino offers many features beyond your imagination. All new players on the board can get a set of three welcome bonuses worth up to 3,000 EUR. The bonuses party doesn’t end here as the loyal players can always claim many reload offers and cashback rewards. The casino game library hosts a large set of games coming from the top rating iGaming software creators.

Players from the Netherlands or any other country can make their deposits and withdrawals using many payment solutions, including; Visa, Mastercard, and Perfect Money. If you want to know more info about this casino, click here.

How to Exclude Yourself From Casinos Without KSA License?

If you play on one of the casinos without KSA license and face troubles in restricting your online gambling activities; You can use the internal self exclusion options which include:

  • Deposit limit
  • Cooling off period
  • Permanently deleting your account on the casino and any other site run by the same company

To place any of these limits, contact the casino’s support service via email and include the word “self exclusion” in the subject of your message. Then, In the email body, explain the reasons for the option you have chosen.

If you have joined the Cruks program and have difficulty controlling your gambling activity in Casinos Without KSA License, this should raise the alarm for you! We advise you to contact charities that offer counselling, support and advice for problem gamblers. These services are free, confidential, and easy to use. Also, you can get the support service through phone, online, and face to face.


In outline, although the online gambling industry has been around since the end of the 1990s. The Netherlands is one of the newest countries to legalize it! At the same time that the KSA drew up the online gambling law, it approved the CRUKS self exclusion scheme. Integration of this programme is a primary element to obtain the KSA license. Just like the UKGC which requires all licensees to sign up for GamStop and doesn't accept any self block player. It is clear that the standards of KSA are very high, as it accepts one of each three casinos licensing requests. Thus, an increasing number of players turn to Non KSA Casinos.

FAQs About Netherlands’ casinos not on Cruks

Are There Any Good Non KSA Casinos?

Kaboom is one of the best non KSA casinos. This site offers the new players a massive welcome offer with an amount of up to 3,000 EUR. The casino lobby offers an inclusive game collection that includes more than 2,000 titles covering all variants of gambling games. In addition, the casino supports many banking options that are available to all players around the world.

Do Banks in the Netherlands Check If You Gamble?

No, your credit score isn’t linked to your online gambling behaviour. In addition, the banks have a legal duty to protect customers’ info and transactions! However, if your credit score is low and you pay off debts late, banks can see your transactions with the casinos as a factor to decrease your credit score.

What Are the Advantages of Non Cruks casinos?

These sites offer you larger bonuses, a broad game collection, accept fiat and digital currencies, and work seamlessly on all smartphones.

How to Check if the Offshore Casino Legit?

Many factors prove the credibility of Netherland’s casinos not on Cruks. The license, protection protocols, offering games from well known studios, and providing 24/7 support service.

Are There Any Risk Factors of Casinos Without KSA License?

No, there is no risk of playing in casinos without a KSA license! These sites are entirely legal and offer an excellent gaming experience.