Rapyd Non GamStop Casinos

With a market size of $54 billion in 2019 and a compound annual growth rate of 11.5%, the non GamStop casino industry is expanding rapidly. With this expansion there is an increasing demand for more rapyd payment gateways that support more payment methods and process payments quickly and without errors.

Rapyd Non GamStop Casinos

List of Rapyd Non GamStop Casinos

Your one stop guide to finding the very best Rapyd Non GamStop Casinos.

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Rapyd is an advanced payment gateway that helps small, medium and large businesses integrate as many payment methods as possible into their platforms. Hence, they can thrive in both domestic and global markets as well.

The business reality is very clear as every business has a growing need to expand the use of tech to get more convergences and attract more customers. As for non GamStop casinos, they do not have the time to do all these operations. The business model for gambling sites is very simple. They employ small teams to ensure the max amount of earnings. Furthermore, casinos purchase gaming content from renowned studios. As for the payment methods, gambling sites do not bring them themselves but contract with payment service gateways such as One Page Pay, Stripe and Authorize.Net to provide them with payment methods.

These services are “one for all payment solution”. They bring all the payment methods, including bank cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and cryptos, in one platform. Thus, the last user can choose the most suitable payment method for him from the cashier page to make his deposit or withdraw his profits easily.

In this guide, we will give you all the info you need to know about Rapyd casinos not on GamStop, and what distinguishes this payment gateway from other payment gateways on the online gambling scene. In addition, we will give you an overview of the payment method that Rapyd payment gateway also integrates.

What Is Rapyd?

Rapyd is one of the payment gateways that non GamStop casinos can use. Rapyd is a payment gateway that connects both merchants with customers. Thus, companies can accept transactions from their customers in different countries using varied currencies without any complexity or hassle. To illustrate, let us give you the following example:

When a player opens a new account at one of the Rapyd casinos without GamStop, the casino will take it to the payment page. This page, with all its services, is provided by Rapyd! After the player fills out the form and executes the transaction, the payment gateway transfers the funds directly to the operator’s bank account. Likewise, when a player earns some winnings and wants to withdraw his winnings, it is the payment gateway that processes the transaction.

From the previous view, you can see how important a payment service provider is for both non GamStop casinos and players. An occasional issue that only lasts for a few minutes can cause a lot of players to crash their deposits, thus causing losses to the casino. On the other hand, winning players will not be able to withdraw their winnings which means that players’ trust in the casino will be shaken or possibly collapse.

Therefore, non GamStop casinos need to easily integrate payment methods as many as possible to process both deposits and withdrawals in any local currency.

Rapyd also offers card issuance, e-wallet expansion, KYC and compliance management, all without having to worry about local regulatory issues.

What Is “Fintech As a Service”?

Since transactions are vital to both the customer and the business and are linked to many regulatory requirements, Rapyd launched this service to transcend the era of payments consolidation by providing a full suite of integrated payments, trade and financial services that can be embedded in any website and any app on a single request.

How Did Rapyd Start?

Rapyd was launched as a payments company that specializes in processing mobile transactions. However, in 2016 the company found that there is a very big problem to be solved which is that the end user is finding it difficult to conduct their transactions which is holding them back from buying goods or services online.

To solve this problem, the company has created a web wallet that allows the user to withdraw his money from ATMs in any country, even without the need to have a bank account. Subsequently, Rapyd expanded into an inclusive payment gateway that supports both bank cards, e-wallets, and cryptos. This service started in just one country but expanded to seven different local systems and services. In addition to financial services, this company performs the functions of managing licensing and fulfilling regulatory requirements, which were not scalable globally. As trade becomes increasingly cross-border and at the same time, more local, this has proven to be a real barrier to innovation.

Solutions of Non GamStop Rapyd Casinos

Rapyd helps businesses create great local commerce experiences anywhere. This company strives to build tech that removes the complexities surrounding cross-border trade while providing a seamless payment experience for the end user.

The solutions of Rapyd are used by various e-commerce companies, tech companies, marketplaces, and banks as well.

To seamlessly embed fintech, the company launched the Rapyd Global Payments Network.

This service gives businesses access to the world’s largest local payment network with 900 locally preferred payment methods, including bank cards, e-wallets and cryptos in 100 countries around the world.

Why Is It So Hard for Non GamStop Casinos to Find a Payment Gateway?

Due to geographical barriers, differing laws, and the high risk nature of the industry, non GamStop casinos often encounter increased difficulties when trying to open merchant accounts with regular payment gateway solutions. Alternatively, casinos without GamStop can apply for merchant accounts at payment gateways dedicated to gambling sites that accept companies operating in high-risk industries.

What is meant here by “high risk” is that casinos may be exposed to many things that affect their financial position. For example, an error in the implementation of an advertising scheme can result in heavy fines for a company that operates casinos. In addition, there are cybersecurity issues, the possibility of being spied on or hacked, and other things. This means that the risks that gambling sites can face are much more than any player can face.

However, casinos not on GamStop try to overcome these challenges by charging extra fees. In addition, casinos can also hold clients’ funds for a period of time to be invested in the bank before transferring it to winners. Fortunately, there is a third option that is useful to both players and casinos alike, and that is dealing with payment gateways.

Due to advanced protection features, anti fraud and cybercrime measures, and stringent verification processes, financial services such as Rapyd can accept online casino and gaming solutions as licensed merchants and comply with laws in the countries in which they do business.

What Should Casinos Consider When Choosing a Payment Gateway?

In order for a casino to choose the best payment gateway, it is necessary to consider the following factors:


The first and most important factor that non GamStop casinos should consider when choosing a payment gateway is regulatory compliance. Before a casino applies for a merchant account, it must ensure that it holds the necessary licenses to accept payments. It is also important to check whether the financial service provider supports all the countries in which the users live.

Fast Processing Times

Of course, casino players do not want to pay high fees for their deposits or withdrawals or wait for a long time to get their money. Therefore, it is important that the payment gateway fees be rational. So, the casino can bear it and not pass it on to the players.

Payment Methods

Some players prefer to conduct their transactions using bank cards. Others like to use other means (such as bank transfers, e-wallets and cryptos) to make their deposits and withdrawals. In order for the casino to suit the needs of the largest possible base of players, it is necessary to offer a wide range of payment methods. This way, players can use the financial method they prefer.


It is imperative that non GamStop casinos find a payment gateway that keeps their clients’ money as safe as possible. There are a lot of risks linked to payments; since chargebacks are such a big problem for players in the industry, it is also important to choose a provider that offers anti fraud measures.

Pros of Rapyd

In industries with high cash flow like online gambling, iGaming companies have great difficulty choosing the best payment processor. On the one hand, old solutions refuse to integrate with casinos, while high risk payment gateways are known for their high costs and slow transfers. For this reason, there are quite a few payment gateways that gambling sites can integrate with. Rapyd is mainly concerned with online gambling sites. With Rapyd, casinos can take benefit from the following benefits:

Advanced Anti Fraud Features

Rapyd casinos without GamStop can get the highest tier of protection. Players’ funds are stored in separate accounts, with the casino/ user having uninterrupted access to it. In this way, users can be secure in their deposits/ withdrawals even if the casino goes into imminent bankruptcy.

Perform Checks

If the casino does not have the competent teams to implement Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks, it can leave this task to the payment service provider to do it instead. In this way, the casino can be protected from fraud, and the players’ money can be protected.

Ease of Opening a Merchant Account

Any licensed casino, inside or outside the EU, can easily get the services of Rapyd. All a casino owner has to do is submit an official request to Rapyd, and they will respond within 24 hours to 7 working days.

Offer Lots of Payment Methods

There are plenty of payment methods supported by Rapyd in over 100 countries, including Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay China casinos, and local and bank transfers. Furthermore, the payment platform also supports cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Fast Transfers

Rapyd supports fast and efficient transfers even in the strictest gambling countries such as the Philippines, Japan, China and South Korea. Furthermore, Rapyd claims that it will support more countries soon.

Worldwide Coverage

Rapyd supports over 190 countries and accepts 100 currencies.

Mobile Friendly Platform

On the user end, it is easy to access the Rapyd system via a browser or using any app. The platform supports both Android and iOS devices as well.

24/7 Active Support

In addition to the casino’s customer service that responds to players’ inquiries about the account and games, Rapyd’s customer service can be included to respond to players’ inquiries regarding deposits and withdrawals. 24/7 customer service works to respond to merchant and customer inquiries quickly.

How Can Non GamStop Casinos Integrate Rapyd Into Their Platforms?

The first step to integrating Rapyd as a payment gateway for casinos without GamStop is to create a merchant account. Next, the head of the company must send the necessary KYC and AML documents to Rapyd, which will be verified by the company’s customer success team. Upon successful verification, casino companies can set up Rapyd as a payment gateway on their platforms using their own merchant and an open API connection to integrate the e-wallet service.

As a trading company, Rapyd strives to do business with as many companies as possible around the world. However, iGaming business owners are required to read the terms and conditions of the service. If the company has any more questions, they can read the FAQ or send their inquiries via email or live chat.

What Standards Does Rapyd Adhere to?

Among the most important principles that Rapyd adheres to are customer protection, smart transaction processing, and AI-powered fraud prevention. This means that both players and non GamStop casinos will be completely safe from industry risks.

Since this service supports more than 100 payment methods, the president of the company operating the casinos without GamStop can choose between reaching more clients within his country or expanding into foreign markets.

This service is very quick and easy, from the first moment you order it all the way to integrating it and making it accessible to your users. Furthermore, Rapyd doesn’t require high fees. Thus, it is easy to bring buyers to your site. Customers can make their deposits and withdrawals using both bank cards, e-wallets and digital currencies. Start collecting your earnings fast today and convert more shoppers using their preferred payment methods.

Rapyd Payment Methods

Rapyd supports a wide range of payment methods. Non GamStop casinos can choose from or support them all depending on their desire to expand and the markets they focus on. In the next section, we will focus on the most important payment methods of Rapyd that all players can use freely.

Credit/ Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are still the most widely used method of payment worldwide. These cards are issued not only by offline and online banks.

At the current time, there are up to 22.8 billion bank cards around the world, which is a huge number given that the world’s population is only 8 billion people. The two most famous brands in the field of issuing bank cards. Visa and Mastercard both offer extremely similar benefits, and choosing one over the other won’t make a substantial difference. However, your bank can offer you more rewards and benefits on either card at its own discretion.

There are endless benefits of credit and debit cards as these payment methods offer zero-fee transactions, they are easy to use, completely secure, and you can get them within two to five business days as well. Even if your bank card is charged with a local currency, you can transfer your money to the casino easily. On the downside, bank cards require a long time to process transfers. In addition, MasterCard does not accept withdrawals either.


E-wallets operate with a prepaid credit system and are an excellent option for making deposit and withdrawal transactions in non GamStop casinos. There are a lot of examples of e-wallets that you can use on gambling sites without GamStop, such as:

It is easy to create an account on any of these e-wallets, whether through the website or the app. Although a password is a primary standard for protecting your account, players can also use biometrics to increase protection while making a payment or transferring money online.

Non GamStop casino players prefer this method because it is easy to use, fast, and does not require any extra fees. Furthermore, players do not need to enter their credit/ debit card details every time they make a payment. Thus, the process is faster and easier.


Slowly but surely, cryptos are advancing in the online gambling industry. Although Bitcoin and its digital cousins ​​haven’t been able to create mainstream use up to now, they are one of the most prominent and widely used digital currencies in the regular gambling industry. There are a lot of e-wallets that support cryptos, such as:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Samsung Pay

However, crypto wallets like Exodus, Coinbase, and Bitpay are always the best choice for users. Although it is still not widely accepted in casinos without GamStop yet, many experts believe that crypto is the next step for the growth of e-commerce. Cryptos have a lot of great features, including speed, convenience and low fees. Furthermore, the costs of data storage and processing and, finally, the high level of protection.

Cons of Rapyd

Rapyd doesn’t have a lot of flaws, and since it’s a B2B company from the ground up, these flaws aren’t forwarded to players. However, it is important to know these drawbacks before you use this system to conduct your transactions at a non GamStop casino.

Not Widely Accessible in Non GamStop Casinos

Gaming companies use different payment gateways depending on their needs. It is clear that most offshore casinos do not find many features in Rapyd, so they rely on other systems.

Still a Small Company

As already mentioned, Rapyd launched as a mobile wallet. By 2016 it became an integrated web wallet. Later it transformed into a payment gateway. Therefore, it is safe to say that the company has not been able to achieve a solid footprint in any of the three areas. Furthermore, this company is licensed by only seven EU countries, which means that it cannot expand into many markets yet. This means that the company team has to make an urgent plan to expand, integrate with more gaming companies, and integrate more payment methods as well.

Doesn’t Offer British Payment Methods 

There are many British payment methods not yet included at Rapyd (cash, bank transfer and e-vouchers). This means that Rapyd casinos without GamStop will only have a handful of payment solutions, including bank cards, e-wallets, and cryptos.

KYC Processes Can Take a Long Time

All too often, Rapyd’s support teams are under pressure, causing delays in accessing clients’ personal data. Thus, KYC processes can take a long time which means that your profits will remain frozen for a long period. 

How Does Rapyd Payment Protect Users’ Transactions & Data?

Handling sensitive data, compliance and protection are always a top priority for casinos without GamStop and payment gateways. Tech today is a double-edged sword. While the use of tech has enabled a digital revolution in global commerce, it has enabled many of the tactics used by hackers to defraud both merchants and customers alike. But what are the protection standards that payment gateways must adhere to? This is what we will discover in the next part of this article.

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS is a widely accepted set of policies and procedures that aim to improve the protection of online transactions and protect bank cardholders from misuse of their personal info online. The protection standard for the digital payments industry is also known as PCI DSS. You can find the distinctive logo of this standard in the bottom margin of all casinos and trusted sports betting sites. Compliance with this protocol ensures that the site is completely safe.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is the main method payment gateways use to secure sensitive transaction data. When you enter your card details at checkout, the payment gateway will convert your bank card numbers into a long form of codes and numbers. Thus, even if this code falls into the wrong hands, the hacker will not be able to decrypt it. The only party that can decrypt this code is the casino’s server. Doing so greatly reduces the possibility of data falling into the wrong hands.


Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a protection tech that creates a secure connection between both a payment service and the user’s web browser. Any data sent via this encryption is fully protected and secure. To make sure this protocol exists, look at the address bar of your browser and make sure the padlock is there. If this lock is not present or has a red mark on it, it is best to avoid this site and not sign up for it because it is not secure. SSL is a key thing at Rapyd casinos without GamStop that we recommend to you on this platform.

Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)

The SET system is one of the latest protection protocols that have joined the Rapyd casino industry without GamStop. Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) is a system that encrypts bank card payment data. This protocol was designed jointly by VISA and Mastercard and hid all personal details on your bank card. Blocking prevents fraudsters from accessing the info. SET also prevents merchants from seeing that personal data.


Tokenization is the process of converting a card holder’s sensitive data into code. There is no key, algorithm, or app that can be used to derive the original data for it. The token includes hash, cypher, and secret keys. Since banks prevent online service providers from storing card numbers unless they are fully compliant with PCI DSS guidelines, a payment gateway that uses tokenization is possible for protection because sensitive info is sent only once, and once the code is generated, It is used for future payment requests.

3D Secure

3D Secure is an extra layer of protection for bank cards. This protocol works when the bank suspects that the site for which the customer is requesting payment is suspicious and then redirects it to the 3DS page to complete the verification step. This protocol is a one-time password that is sent to the player on their smartphone or email.

When the customer completes this step, Rapyd will save his data, and the customer will not have to enter it again. This protocol provides another layer of protection against chargebacks and fraud while facilitating a seamless payment experience.

Top Five Rapyd Casinos Without GamStop

The online gambling industry is one of the most profitable in the world. Therefore, at the moment, there are an infinite number of Rapyd casinos without GamStop. Each site offers its players an attractive selection of games, a special bundle of bonuses, offers and promos. Furthermore, each site tries to stand out from its rivals by offering tournaments and sweepstakes.

Our main casino menu contains 60 Rapyd casinos without GamStop. Of course, no body has enough time to read all these reviews. So, in the next section, we have recommended to you the top five Rapyd casinos without GamStop that support a wide range of payment methods. Without further ado, we will present to you directly the top 5 Rapyd casinos without a GamStop.

Richy Fish Casino

Even though Richy Fish Casino is still a kid on the block, it is packed with a huge set of great features which are hard for players to get in any British casino. This casino holds a Curaçao Gaming Control Board license and protects players’ data with all known encryption methods.

The multitude of games is one of Richy Fish’s best and most important assets. These great games are provided by more than 20 software creators. They are as different and diverse as possible. In terms of games, there are more than 3,000 top caliber titles covering all major sections. In addition, Richy Fish casino offers great customer service, which is active 24/7. New players can get a triple welcome bonus up to a maximum value of €3,000. Besides casino games, the site also has a sports betting section.

Some of the best games at Richy Fish casino are:

  • Roulette with Track High
  • Gold Roulette
  • 15 Golden Eggs
  • Nights Of Egypt
  • Naughty Santa
  • Super sevens
  • Chili Quest
  • Joker Strike
  • Volcano Riches
  • Midas Golden Touch
  • Gold Lab
  • The Grand
  • Jump!
  • Divine Dreams
  • Wicked Witch
  • Napoleon
  • Eye Of Horus
  • Spectra
  • Extra Wild
  • Hot Zone
  • King Kong Cash
  • Not Enough Kittens

Winner Casino

Exactly as the name indicates, Winner Casino’s primary mission is to create winning players. This great site came to the gambling scene in 2009. Since then, this casino has expanded greatly and is offering more services to its players. Besides casino games, it also offers sports betting. Although the casino game package has a modest selection of games, it is likely that all players will find something that works for them in them. Once signed up, new casino players can get a special 100% welcome bonus of up to $200 and 20 free spins. For payment methods, this casino supports both bank cards and e-wallets as well.

Some of the best games at Winner casino are:

  • Book of Dead
  • Legacy of Dead
  • Jhon Hunter and the Book of Tut
  • Starburst
  • Inferno Joker
  • Big Bass Bonanza
  • Reactoonz
  • Rise of Merlin
  • Gates of Olympus
  • The Enforcer
  • Aztec Gems
  • Haunted Hospital
  • Jumping Fruits
  • Lucky 81
  • Corrida Romance Wazdan
  • Dragons Kingdom
  • Super Lucky Frog
  • Rome Rise of an Empire
  • Lucky 8 Fortune Cat
  • Knockout Football
  • Bison Trail
  • Colossus Kingdom

Slottio Casino

Since Slottio Casino was first launched on the scene in 2022, it has become the preferred place for many slots. However, the casino also offers a balanced selection of table games, cards and live casino games as well. This casino is friendly to British players as it accepts everyone, even if they are GamStop members.

New casino players can get €3,500. After the welcome offer, players can get a lot of other offers, including new deposit bonuses, free spins, and exciting cashback offers. Besides casino games, players can also enjoy betting on sports games as well which is a feature that has become very much sought after by GamStop players in the current period.

Some of the best titles at this casino are:

  • More Fresh Fruits
  • Lucky Streak 3
  • The King
  • Sushi
  • Route777
  • Phoenix Sun
  • Chi
  • In Jazz
  • Gems & Stones
  • Magic Fruits 4
  • Jinse Dao Dragon
  • Ultra Seven
  • 20 Super Hot
  • Hot Fruits 40
  • Colin the Cat
  • Flaming Dice
  • Crazy Cars
  • Fruit Fiesta
  • Swipe & Roll
  • Wild Tome of the Woods
  • Lemur Does Vegas
  • Journey of the Gods
  • Monkey King vs Bull Devil
  • Rich Castle
  • Fruitastic
  • Lucky Lands
  • Golden Buffalo
  • Return Of Kong Megaways
  • Lucky Money

Jimmy Winner Casino

The multi use gambling site Jimmy Winner started in 2022. Despite its shortcomings, it has already managed to attract a large number of players. Here, you can enjoy betting on both casino games and live casino games. In addition, players can enjoy betting on the lotto and participate in various tournaments. New players at this casino can receive a welcome bonus of up to €3,000. Also, after getting this bonus, players can benefit a lot from the almost endless offers. On the downside, this casino does not offer an app you can download. Some of the best titles at this casino are:

  • Koi Princess
  • Lost Relics
  • Pimped
  • Diamond Cats
  • Circus Brilliant
  • Dragon Kingdom
  • Aloha! Cluster Pays
  • Jungle Jim – El Dorado
  • Rise of Merlin
  • Eye of Ra
  • Frog Story
  • Monkey Warrior
  • Hollywood Pets
  • Toki Time
  • Primal Megaways
  • Turning Totems

Damslots Casino

Subscribing to Damslots Casino means that the player will have access to a unique selection of games. This casino started in the middle of 2022. However, it is able to impress its players with its various features. Once you sign up at the casino, new casino players can get an excellent welcome bonus of up to €3,000. After taking advantage of this bonus, casino players can get more bonuses and excellent offers. For payment methods, players can use bank cards, e-wallets and cryptos. Some of the best titles at this casino are:

  • Peeking Banker Bull-Bull
  • Thai HILO
  • Blackjack
  • Thai Pok Deng
  • Dice And Roll Egt
  • Royal Secrets
  • Casino Mania
  • Egypt Sky
  • Joker 27
  • Sparkling Fresh
  • Multi Wild
  • Wish Upon A Jackpot
  • Hit it Big
  • Sunset Delight
  • Kaiju
  • Genie’s Touch
  • Dragon Shrine
  • Arcane Elements
  • Cake Valley
  • Book Of Tattoo
  • Frozen Queen

Papaya Wins Casino

Papaya Wins Casino has a huge range of features that make it the number one choice for GamStop players. This casino offers its new customers a huge welcome bonus that covers the first three deposits and has a maximum value of €3,000. In addition, after getting this awesome welcome bonus, players can get tons of offers that are almost non-stop. The casino games library has a huge collection of games sourced from top global studios. Besides casino games, players can also enjoy betting on sports and virtual sports. Some of the best games this casino has to offer:

  • El Torero
  • Presto!
  • Lucky Pharaoh
  • Tales of Alvara
  • Femme Pirate
  • Monster Mash Cash
  • Rhino Mania
  • Dwarfs Gone Wild
  • Wild Antics
  • Wild Jack
  • Taco Brothers
  • Tiger Rush
  • Blazing Star
  • Fruit Strike: 20 Multi Win
  • Crystal Sevens
  • Triple Joker
  • Jewels World
  • Ancient Secrets
  • Jewel Twist
  • Ruffled Up
  • Gifts of Ostara
  • Lucky Dolphin
  • Magic Queens
  • Golden Lamp
  • The Rise of AI


Rapyd is a payment gateway software that connects merchants with customers. This system is the fastest way to make both local payments anywhere in the world, giving non GamStop casinos the ability to access a wide range of markets much faster than ever before. Also, this platform consolidates over 900 payment methods in 100 countries, all in one place! Among the major investors in this service are Stripe and Oak FT.

How do I know if the casino accepts Rapyd?

Since Rapyd is a B2B service, players will most likely not know what casinos they support. However, it is possible to see the company name on your bank statement or your account on an e-wallet.


What is the minimum deposit at Rapyd casinos without GamStop?

The minimum amount you can deposit at Rapyd casinos without GamStop is €25.

What games can I play at Rapyd casinos without GamStop?

Rapyd casino players without GamStop can enjoy playing slots, table and card games, and live casino games. Furthermore, many casinos also offer sports betting section.