Snooker Betting Sites Not on GamStop – How to Bet on Snooker?

Snooker is not one of the most popular sports in The UK. The fact is, however, that snooker betting sites not on GamStop are also becoming increasingly popular in the betting scene in this country. The sports channel attends a large number of snooker tournaments. We have compiled the most relevant and worth-knowing key facts for you below. We go into the specific snooker betting markets and odds.

Snooker Betting Sites Not on GamStop

Jason Farrell`s Blog about Snooker Betting Sites. Last Updated: June 2024

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List of non gamstop Snooker Betting Sites

Your one stop guide to finding the very best Snooker Betting Sites Not on GamStop.

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Top 3 Snooker Betting Sites Not on GamStop

Currently, there are dozens of non GamStop snooker betting sites available on the scene. Every non GamStop snooker bookmaker tries to impress its customers by offering a wide range of additional features. However, it can be difficult for new players to easily discover the right platform for them. Therefore, below we will recommend the best links for sites that offer snooker betting to their visitors.

  • Seven Casino: The best snooker betting site is not on GamStop
  • Gxmble Casino: A fun snooker betting site with excellent promotions
  • Royal Lama Casino: The best betting site that offers a wide range of betting options

Reviews of the Top 3 snooker Betting Sites Are Not on GamStop

In fact, there are different needs and priorities for every sports bettor, so that we can understand them more deeply, we have prepared mini reviews for each of the brands that we previously recommended, which are as follows:

Seven Casino: Best snooker betting site not on GamStop

Overall, Seven Casino is the best brand for all players who want to enjoy snooker betting. Although this site started a very short time ago, it outperforms its competitors in many different aspects. Seven Casino offers its patrons fast payouts, competitive odds, plenty of betting markets, and a racebook. The site offers its visitors competitive odds and has a special set of bonuses and promotions.

Gxmble Casino: A fun snooker betting site with excellent promotions

Gxmble Casino is a popular sports betting site with a well-known reputation. This site holds the license of the Curaçao Gaming Control Board and is completely safe for all users. This site offers its visitors an excellent betting experience, especially as it gives them a lot of great bonuses and attractive promotions. Moreover, the provider offers particularly high odds on snooker matches. New players here receive a great welcome bonus, benefit from a highly competitive programme, and can participate in a variety of lucrative tournaments and sweepstakes.

Royal Lama Casino: The best betting site that offers a wide range of betting options

Royal Lama Casino is a high quality sports betting site for all bettors. This site offers its customers a lot of attractive options that include generous bonuses, various betting options, and wide coverage of sports. Moreover, the website has a simple, user-friendly and fun interface. Pages load quickly at Royal Lama Casino and the platform runs smoothly on smartphones and tablets.

How Snooker Betting Works?

In terms of betting, snooker bets are no different from other sports. You receive betting odds from the snooker betting site not on GamStop for a scheduled snooker match. You can use or ignore the bookmaker's offer. If you are of the opinion that the outcome probability has a chance of success, then place your stake on the provided betting odds. In practice, snooker bets can be a solo game, combination or system bet. Snooker matches can also be combined with other sports in combination bets.

In the following, we will go into more detail about the special features of the snooker betting markets at non GamStop betting sites, the strategies and detailed tournament offers.

Snooker Odds Explained

Let's start with the snooker odds. The bookmakers determine the odds for a snooker game according to the probability of occurrence of a result. The snooker betting sites not on GamStop analyze the matches and use them to calculate their betting odds, which then include the margin. In practice, there is no discernible difference between billiards and mainstream sports.

The situation is different when it comes to betting odds. The sales volume for snooker bets is small from the point of view of the snooker betting markets at non GamStop. Snooker cannot be in a comparison with football, tennis or ice hockey. It follows that the odds key, i.e. ultimately the odds offered, are significantly lower.

Normally, the snooker betting odds are around 92 to 92.5 percent. In the case of important events, for example, the Snooker World Championships, it may be that the odds key increases a little, but never in top areas. The sports betting providers in snooker must never fall below the seriousness line of 90 percent.

The Main Snooker Betting Markets

There are of course different markets and options when it comes to snooker betting. We now want to introduce you to the most important snooker betting opportunities in more detail.

Winner Bet – Moneyline

The typical bet on a snooker match is the win bet. Two players face each other at the table. A pro will win the game. There is no draw in snooker. It follows that the snooker main bet is a typical 2-way win or lose market. Snooker bets are comparable to tennis bets, for example.

Handicap Betting

Let's stay straight with tennis and the comparison. Snooker is not played in sets but in frames. Depending on the tournament and its progress, a different number of frames will be completed. Variants go up to “Best of 35 Frames” in the World Championship Finals. This means that a player must get 18 frames to win the game. This results in different possible outcomes, for example, 18:10, 18:11 etc. up to 18:17.

The handicap bets are formed from these result variants. You can bet on the players with a plus or minus handicap, including +/-2.5 frames. Top players will receive a minus handicap according to their role as favourites, while the underdog of the game has a fictitious lead.

Totals – Over/Under Markets

Snooker Over/Under bets are offered on frames, meaning the total number of rounds played. In our experience, the actual betting offers are quite different. If you want to place a corresponding bet, you should always familiarize yourself with the tournament rules in advance. What is the maximum number of frames the match will be played on?

Session Winner

A snooker match consists not only of frames but also of sessions. The big finals go over four sessions, afternoon, and evening and the following day again in the afternoon, and evening. However, two or three sessions are sufficient for the majority of the snooker games.

Each session consists of a fixed number of frames, usually 8 or 9. You can place your snooker bets on exactly this intermediate result. If there is an even number of frames, there is even a snooker tie bet at this point.

Frame Winner

The explanation for this snooker betting opportunity is already in the name. You bet on the frame of a game and its winner. Most games are played in Best of Seven modes, which means that if a player wins four frames, they win.

Highest Break

In snooker, one player starts with a certain advantage, similar to serving in tennis. If the opponent finally wins the frame, it is a break. You can now bet on the highest break of a game in a frame or the whole game. Die-hard fans will know, the maximum break in snooker is 147. However, a break of 147 is only possible if the player pocketed all red balls in combination with the highest value black ball (7 pts).

Some snooker betting sites not on GamStop also offer tips over/under on the number of breaks in a snooker game, eg a century break, which corresponds to 100 points.

Outrights – Tournament Winners

Of course, the long-term bets should not be missing in snooker. The top snooker betting sites not on GamStop have so-called outrights, i.e. long-term bets, on the screen for all major tournaments. You bet on the winner of the tournament. Each participant has his betting odds, which change round by round.

At the Snooker World Championship, there are usually a few specials on top of that. You can bet on the final game, getting into the semi-finals or the nationality of the winner. We've already touched on the long-term bet for the highest break in the entire tournament.

You can find other betting not on gamstop information on this pages:

📈 What is the average payout percentage of snooker bets?

Since snooker is not one of the absolute mainstream sports, the payout rates are relatively low. Our tests have shown that the average odds key of snooker betting sites not on GamStop is around 92 percent.

💰 Can I clear my welcome bonus with Snooker bets?

Yes. In our tests of the snooker betting sites not on GamStop, we did not come across a single bookmaker who excludes the sports in their bonus rules.

🏆 What is the best bet for snooker?

At the top, of course, is the win bet. Who wins the match? In supposedly tight games between two top professionals, it is advisable to bet on the number of frames in the game.